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NOV Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
22nd #AMC Loews Kips Bay
2016 Tuesday Late Movie Nights
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
Dan Fogler Fantastic Beasts 570 2nd Ave, New York, NY 10016




NOV #GlennsHead
20TH #EzekielsHead




13TH #TheBeatlesLEGO
2016 all you need is love
WEST WORLD S1 E7 Lego The Beatles Yellow Submarine




NOV #DrStrange
12TH #StrangerThings
2016 AMC Loews Kips Bay
Dr Strange. Got his Powers from studying hard and reading books AMC Loews Kips Bay




NOV #RandomNights
11TH #TWDSeason7
2016 #Election2016




NOV #WalkingDeadBAR
TWD #Season7
2016 #BarsWatching
Bars in NYC Watching The Walking Dead. Hosted by William Fuentes
Great Walking Dead Viewing Event




NOV #SomeThrowBack
3RD #SomeFlashBack
2016 #ItsAllGood
shooting 10 ball




NOV #PoolTeam
3RD #Coaching
2016 #TeamWin
A Pool Team




NOV #SomeThrowBack
3RD #SomeFlashBack
2016 #ItsAllGood




PRO #ShaneVanBoening #Rodney Morris #MikaImmonen #RajHundal #SeanCMorgan
9BALL #amsterdambilliardsAndBar
2016 #PlayingPoolwitthePros
Rodney Mika Sean Raj at Amsterdam Billiards and Bar




OCT #Team9
2016 #DewarsTasting





2016 #TWDS7Premier


Bars Watching





William Fuentes OCTOBER 2016

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