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July 12 2004 Hot links of the last few day of July so far jennifer baretta
Chez Es Saada


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Say hi to Julie...hMmmmmm


July 16 2004 Friday

About (Thurs Night) A little pratice with the guys...

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The Darkness
I believe in a thing called love.

Maybe I was in denial of this part but I did not realize people looked at me like someone who does not lose…well hate to break the news to ya boys and girls… but everybody loses now and then… you have too… you need to take a step back after a few forward… even when it is critical time; what ever time that may be. Some times I play not to win but to learn something… I don’t know what I am trying to learn though. I have said before, it crappie rolling over games for people you like or what ever, but if I choice to do this for other reasons other than simple mercy then does this make me wrong? I don’t have to win all the time just to look like I know what I am doing. I am still learning.
“ Seeing ourselves clearly is initially UN comfortable and
Embarrassing. As we train in clarity and steadfastness, we
See things we’d prefer to deny-judgmental ness, pettiness, arrogance, these Are not sins but temporary and workable habits of the mind. The more we get to know them, the more they lose their power.”
I need to get to know mine… I have been like a freight train for the last two seasons and it is time to pull in the station for maintenance (steps back). After ward I hope to be ready to start a new level of pool and enter real tournaments( steps forward).
Part of my motivation for development was to set the example of development in your game. This is no longer my motivation, so now what…get ready for your schooling...again
I dont have to justify myself to anyone i just simply am...


July 14/15 2004 Wed/Thurs....

Wed: Ate with George. It’s about 2:30 am in the morning and I am in the east village wondering around like a weirdo. And George speaks… and speaks. And talks and talks. He sees angles; so he says. God is talking to him; so he says. Music is colors and colors is music; so he says. George is going back to his old ways of extreme drinking till incoherent-ness sets in. Why George? Why? If you think for a second Victoria and Rachel are going to tolerate this behavior form you next season, think again buddy.
Spencer says…why make position on the table? Huh? Why Spencer? Why? Who am I to judge…I appreciate the push and ability I have even more now then ever before. Why make position? How the hell do you plan on "making a ball" if the other guy makes position to prevent you from making the ball? What if the other guy knows how to make a ball as well as you or any other good shot maker along with position at the same time? Making position is not one-way of shooting, it’s an additive to your skill not just a decided way of playing, this is why there are skill levels assigned to players. By sanctioned pool administrators. 2 thru 7 on the APA. 3 thru 9 on the BCA. Pro, Open, A+, A, B, C, D, D- on the Tri States. Levels of Players indicate the ability and skill of the player; Stop the ball, follow the ball draw, left, right, kick, whatever. Imagine, No such thing of position play, “just make the ball,” everybody would be the same. Personally I don’t subscribe to levels anyway. I am not measured by a numbers on a piece of paper or a biased judge. especially since I apply principles of another craft to the table. How the hell do you level someone then?


Tuesday July 13 2004

from the book The Hustler
"The little voice in my head tells me to take it easy"…

Fast Eddie Felson

A time to Breathe…
I have been criticizing and judging myself and what’s around me a little too much these last couple of weeks and it is affecting my game and my life. I mention already in my last entry that I will not do what I did again. Yesterday I shot my game with some one I think very fondly of. I have watched her progress into a formidable player of the game of pool over the years. Yesterday the captain of the team I am on wanted me to play kim on the table in a way I am not capable of. I only realized this after the match was over. I am feeling very used. He admires that I have advanced over the years a little more than most he knows and I am flattered by it but now he is vicariously using me to get back at others he has resentment for relevant to pool. I did not want to play Kim we already know what our status is and our quality and proving it on the table is irrelevant. But I did learn I need to do something I haven’t been doing.
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Quieting the mind…Julie
Julie has made my all time top favorite people list…Her movements “visually” yesterday on the table is exactly what the doctor ordered in terms of how I like it to be done; how it should be done. She was like calm ocean waves, smooth movements and ceaseless motions. We spoke after her match was over and we have a lot more in common than I realized. It was enlightening, and I don’t feel alone anymore. I wonder why I did not see it before?

The Essence of bravery is being with out self-deception.
However it’s not so easy to take a straight look at what we do. Seeing ourselves clearly is initially UN comfortable and
Embarrassing. As we train in clarity and steadfastness, we
See things we’d prefer to deny-judgmental ness, pettiness, arrogance, these Are not sins but temporary and workable habits of the mind.
The more we get to know them, the more they lose their power.

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July 12th 2004 Monday 4:55pm

Bacalao...Monday….its wet its rainy and nasty outside…William and Victoria don’t feel like shooting but we did anyway and then we ate Bacaloa…just like our games were…one big Bacaloa…night...
Shot like cat butt…yup…I didn’t feel like shooting but I had too, so I shot. So if you shoot without thinking shouldn’t you shoot great? Go back to your whole original mind-Zen-thing? I mean this is what all the books say. So I shot, and I wasn’t on my normal stroke, I think my attitude was a big factor here, like Rachel was so reminding me over and over, she is right. I blamed everything around me but I t was wrong to do this I am responsible for my own actions. My awareness was numb so I shot dumb and arrogant and expecting to win; real stupid Fuentes. I had a bad attitude about the whole thing. I gave up even before I began. I shouldn’t have attitude at all in accordance with my practices of non-judgmental self. I was annoyed. If I didn’t feel like shooting for my self and for the appreciation of the game then I should have at least done it for my team. I will not let it happen again.
Leme-gets-soma-dat-poke. Whats-dat-black-stuff? Liva?


Did you know that the center of the cue ball on a standard size pool table should meet and be parallel with the blade of the rail on the pool table, there are variation of rail height’s so the center of the cue ball can be a few centimeters below the rail which is fine provided the pockets are two balls width. But if the cue balls center is more that 25% lower then the blade of the rail then you will get a faster carom or a slower of the rail. If you want to play with snooker size cue balls on a pool table go two SoHo Billiards.

Diagram drawn by William Fuentes

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2. Pocket Billiard Diagrams

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July 10th 2004: sat night



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My buddy was asking me last night during my boring door man job why some people would go to great lengths for something they want and then pretend they don’t want it when they think they got it. Why ask for it just to act like you don’t need it? Why do some people try to get attention only to ignore it after they get it? What the fuck kind of degenerate behavior is that? Are they just seeing if they can get it? Is this some kind of way to get off the human ego? Why do some women and men pretend to think they are ugly before or after they put on and take off that form fitting shirt tight pair of jeans or skirt and passionate aroma? Wearing attention and pretending your not wanting it is juvenile and selfish and mostly transparent. Why pretend? Why do this act of self-ego-nourishing? I did not know what to tell him but I could be wrong as I am quit often these days when I told him. I did this when I was young and now it might come back to me one day in some bizarre form; come back to me in full circle. I’m lying when I say I don’t understand because I do understand a little, I am a little arrogant my self. I am really; this is not the first time I am admitting it. But it is the first time I am writing about it. I have done the same thing before. Why did I do it? Why test other people and see how far is that person going to put me on the pedestal. How long was she going to bake until she snaps and yells at me about my mysterious but passive aggressive conceded behavior? Yes that was years ago. I know I was inclined, I know she was digging my outside but she didn’t want to see my inside; she too was arrogant but that is another story. It made me feel special, valuable, above every body else in our little perfect circle. I was a dumb, ignorant, arrogant, a spoiled little shit with alcoholic parents and a fucked education yet still with to many safety nets. I always had my grandmother and her sisters along with my little brother for me so if no one liked me then I could always go to them for love and support. For having this, I took advantaged and I treated my over burden girl friend like shit, this was years ago of course. Back then I did not consider Karma to be a factor in my life. One day it will come back to me so now and I am paying for it with a willingness I cant figure out and control behind it. Its like I am punishing myself for being such a bad little boy in the past so I try to find apparent invectives and seek respect from people I would not even think about keeping as company on a normal basis. All that, Just to make up for my rude little bad boy behavior when I was a teenager. I am so apologetic I did what I did. I just did not know any better and I am not afraid to admit it.

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Jennifer Barretta —
Jennifer is CAT's Player of the Year, not only because she attained the tour's point leader status, but because she supported CAT by attending every single tournament. A polished and remarkable young woman, she carries herself with exemplary professionalism and is a role model for women pool players everywhere.
Crazy about snowboarding, Jennifer began playing pool just over four years ago. Of her passion for pool, she quips, "I don't have to break any bones and I can be good at it." She hopes one day to marry her two passions by opening a billiard club near her vacation home in the Killington area of Vermont. Originally a King of Prussia, Pennsylvania native, Jennifer now divides her time between her billiard aspirations and her duties as co-owner of Duomo Gym in Manhattan. Under the mentorship of Stu Mattana, she hopes this year to earn enough points to qualify as a Touring Pro.
Youve come a long way baby I remember when she was just a level 3/ APA bar leauge


July 9th 2004: Friday

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12:22 am

I think I’ll start this month with writing about something a little personal a little sexy and little…well you make the call. I touched myself today, to see if it’s working correctly. Then I watched a movie yesterday afternoon on cable. Un-faithful-the movie is called. It got me hot; then it scared me. I related to the young guy in the movie, but when he was murdered. This movie portraying the extremities of love and faithfulness and what it can do to a person is spooky. When somebody is unfaithful to there partner loved one or whatever, there is no control anymore, even when you think you are in control.

Your not driving and you don’t know what can happen. Have I been in control these last couple of months? If I haven’t, who cares. This is me now.

Chez Es Saada

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July 9th 2004 Friday

10:00Am Sun

I have to be carefull when I go out on sunny days...

Sometimes I forget to put my self away and becuse of my carlessness people can see a little of me in my 10:00 clock shadow... it only last a minute but really, I dont want to give the wrong impression that I am evil or something...

More later....

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July 9th 2004 Friday

Shooting yesterday with my buddie. We practiced for hours.


July 8 2004 Thursday about the WED Night Nine Ball Extravaganza!!!
George-#7 --- vs --- Michelle-#5
George Vs Michelle it was a pretty good match. The big boy match, two heavy weights of E bar duking it out for 120 shmamoolies!!!! Michelle is way rad she always makes me feel better when she is around. George wants her to join the team next season but dare I put another five on the roster? Stuart want me stay in it. Michelle used to be a captain for a year I think she has the skills. I know she is not playing with her new team too much. Spencer wants to join too, whats with these people? Where were they when I needed em? Now that I have a full roster every body wants to jump in, even Ronnie!!!! I guess its like the old wives tale, When your single nobody wants to date ya but when ya get married everybody wants to sleep with you.

Michelle wins the lag. I think Spencer is opting for Michelle to win. a lot of beer is ridding on this one. Michelle shoots like a champ, she is a level five on the APA. But like a real pool player she cant really be rated or judged as any level. You can call her what level ya want or think she is but on the pool tabel like a few people I know on the APA if you think you are going to out class her according to what the blue APA paper says you are deadly wrong...
July 8th 2004 big pimpin Will
LOL-“I don’t remember” I’m broke, something came up and I couldn’t make it, what’s the big deal? It’s just a birthday/holiday/special once a year event-thing-thing is so dreary already. I hate that part time shit. I keep going against my own word and usually pay for it with my way of behaving, but not this time there was know real price this was more like a reminder, thank goodness no one was around, maybe that is why I did it. The truth is no one will admit it, that’s ok; the good thing about me is time. Maybe one day it will be appreciate for what it was and what it used to feel. Let go with out saying what needed to be said. And now let all of it go. Ha Ha Ha… not going to answer? Gee a wonder? Why no answer? Fear? Selfishness? Who cares anymore…this is partially my fault anyway; I think. The first time it happened I let go; the second time again I let it go, the 20th time? Well… maybe gluttony is the culprit. Some one has gotten use to it already and I think to pay any-price for stubbornness is stupid; I am starting to get the hang of it. Controlling the stupid ness. This is one of many things why I got into Zen. Zen can douse fire if you let it. It’s a free country, nobody has to answer…I don’t have to answer ether…and I don’t have to say why ether. Afterward I remembered my dignity, before the artificial colors and the watery eyes. I already made a decision and then went against it out of pity…. Pity can hurt you more than anything. Could be onions from the garbage can; who knows. I was under the impression that there was actually authentic feeling of despair with loving sincerity. I think I was wrong. It was probably a last word thing, how spoiled child like. Boy I am a dick head, but that’s ok I didn’t really lose anything anyway and I don’t think anybody gives a shit anyway the potential displayed died years ago, no more glow you know after a while it just looks sad. I really gave it a shot though, I had too. If I didn’t I might have been thinking about the woulda coulda shoulda’s those three guys can be a pain in the butt. Too bad. What kind of a person compromises family, friend or other for pride? What the fuck is that all about? Were does that come from, what ever. I am not a shrink and I do not have to try and figure it out. I’m just gona play pool and keep getting closer. Closer to something most won’t ever.
“ Calmness does not mean lack of concern; it means the ability to separate the real from the unreal and thereby to take sensible action.”

George was telling me about next season. I told him a girl named “Oh-Ya” wants to join the team. He was saying to me “we need to win this time.” Win what? I said if your trying to win you already lost…I was saying to George. After a while of getting and learning the fundamentals of pool there comes appoint in your game were character determines the ways of your development. He was saying next season he was going to train some of the team and I said, “I think they need to reshuffle some of their character-first-to except certain facts about development”. Not that I am speaking about anyone specific, maybe but no one, and I mean no one plays pool or plays and practices any craft weather it be art or music for so long-a-time and doesn’t grow in anyway from it with out there character and attitude getting in the way or being a main factor in there development. A lot of people I know just take a lot of side steps in there craft hobbie or practices. But they don’t move forward much. Douglas is starting to move forward and very few others I know, but some people in the APA ( Not meaning or speaking of my team) have been playing for five, ten, twelve, years and just don’t grow…I don’t like to judge people but it is a fact. I have a hard time excepting the serially about people and their development in their craft or game or both. Every body can get good; I hope I think. I think this is one of the reasons why I keep putting my guard down and become a victim of stupid assholes. Communication is key to others and to your self, if you do this poorly then you will shoot poorly. I believe in a lot of people and I always hope and wish them well but doing this sometimes makes me sad. Today was my fire day. I like my fire, but today I was burning a little to bright today, I have no regrets though, I like myself.

I have to practice my Zen again I am feeling too much Fire and Ice these last few weeks. I am torn between the way of the monk and the way of the Monkey. Monk-monkey-year of the monkey. My year, must remember this. I kiss is just a kiss; a sigh is just a sigh and a monk is just a monkey


Tim Gallwey
Tim Gallwey attended Harvard University where he majored in English Literature and captained the tennis team. He served as an officer in the US Navy and was one of the founders of a liberal arts college in the Midwest. Starting in the mid 1970's Tim Gallwey produced a series of best selling books, which set forth a new methodology for the development of personal and professional excellence in a variety of fields.


For the last twenty years Gallwey has been introducing the Inner Game approach to corporations looking for better ways to manage change. Through lectures, consulting, and seminars, his focus has been directed at three targets, 1) helping all individuals in a company learn how to learn, and think for themselves, 2) helping managers learn how to coach, 3) helping leaders learn to create "learning organizations." His long-term clients have included AT&T, IBM, Arco, Anheuser Busch, Apple Computer, and The Coca-Cola Company. His newest professional interest is helping people who work in teams to learn how to work together more effectively.

Douglas hates PIBB soda... What the fuck is Pibb???

The author, an Irishman now based in New York, has written a fierce and gripping story set amongst junkies in Dublin. This first novel, Dirty Old Town , peels away the veneer of new Ireland's material success to reveal a world of lost youth surviving by on crime and gallows humour. The authenticity is unquestionable - the authors spent five years in recovery since escaping that world - and the book should attract considerable media attention. To be submitted to UK publishers in Autumn 2004.
Douglas Mulkearns featured in the short story anthology Shenanigans (Hodder & Stoughton 1999), which showcased the best in contemporary Irish fiction and his story was consistently singled out for praise by reviewers.


Army Alex

Pays a quick visit

before returning to the base

July 7th 2004: WED

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I miss Brian…
I feel bad he went away; maybe he should off given it a little more time. But he is a single guy with himself as the only obligation to take care of. Is it so bad to live in a ruff little place for a little while? That’s what I am going to be doing soon being my I am getting they are taxing the shit out of me for being single. I hope Arizona is making him happy. If not he can always give NYC a second try. Vic maybe should have told him how she felt and I think he (Brian) might have had things to say to her as well but nether one wanted to get all mushy and emotional about it. I know he admired her game she did thing he wish he can do and he had qualities she admired as well. If you had put there game together they probably would have been formidable for any the competition they came across if. Its not over, one day Rumble fish will be complete again. I wish I could have given him the kind of assistance he needed. Me I am a little rugged, a little sloppy a little used to loudness in the hood, I grew up in the boogie down. I really need to leave it though. I out grew it, and it time to make a family while I am reasonably young.
I haven’t had a cig in three days, I feel good, my skin looks better and I can breath normal again.

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Doug & Susan Music Pic of the week

Mullet Pop Music Stars of the 80s





Muzik Pic of the week

Mullet Pop Music Stars of the 80s

Vanity 6



July 6th 2004: Tues 4:44pm


No APA match today
Oh well…Gona play a little then go to the movies with some buddies from work and the hood. I need to gather my wits. I have to make a proposal for the-moe-moola at that labor place cause my bling-bling is not making me sing-sing. Don’t mess with me cause I am one bad moe-foe, I had to pop a cop cause he wasn’t given me props up-in-oke-town. What’s the snizzel my nizzle.
This website thing is starting to feel like a job.
I think I am a little tired of writing and speaking. I have been writing a lot these last few months (6 at least) and now it is time to take more action and less word, do more stuff and talk less stuff. But it does not hurt to say a few thing once in while. I don’t feel much like talking about doing something and then not making it happen. If ya-make planes with me or make plans in general then follow thru with-em please and don’t non chalunty blow me off with words like what’s the big deal? flaking out is just going to put me off. It will put off anybody. If I make planes with some one and then cancel out at the last second I wouldn’t expect that person to consider me on there gota have around-top-ten-list for the next time of the-do-something–or-anything-social-later-thing. It’s stinks. I am not much into talking about a whole lot of nothing ether. It’s boring and it promotes my ego, which I am so not into. I write about myself enough on the web so I really don’t have that much incentive to yap about my self over the headset, table, cell or ear just to entertain. I couldn’t see myself trying to entertain myself with talking about my self like some people I used to know. I once hung out with this girl back in my Atlantic records days that loved to talk about herself all the time. She loved entertaining me with her mouth. She never once ask me anything about my self though, but she loved to yap on and on about her self and her past drama’s. When ever I found a hole in her barricade of herself and attempted to jump in talk a little about my self, she would cut me off with something about her self, that slowly made our relationship pale, not that she was noticing under all her yapping. After about six months of her verbal neglect we stopped hanging, pretty much stopped being friends, primarily because there was nothing left to talk about but current events. I am so glade I am not like her. I mean how much can one talk about them selves before it sounds like…well. Just a lot of talk? Im gona go to the movies now, later...

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Sunday July 4th 2004

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July 4th 2004
Somewhere deep down inside I knew it was going to be this way; but one can always hope. One cold and crisp winter afternoon, a little 8-year boy wanted to shovel the snow of the drive way with his dad. His dad said ok, so the little boy puts on his coat and waits for his dad to bring the shovel. At the last second his dad changed his mind and opt to go out with his girl friend to a near by mall instead, so he can buy her a something, leaving his son at home to play video games alone. That was an opportunity to make a new design in the fabric (or blue print) of the developing Childs character. That was a precious moment lost between father and son, that was a memory lost, a memory that might have been a vital element for a decision or decision’s that had or have to made in the child’s grown up future. Moments like that facilitate the adult you will grow up to be. Father figure they call, like father like son. Children are like clay, clay gets hard and dry fast so ya-better make a nice sculpture or shape before it dries. As you get older and you realize this thing about your character and why you are who you are and the desire you have sometimes. I desire to be the opposite of my dad, my dad neglected his loved ones for his self-indulgence. So now I chisel away at the hard marble like clay creating a new shape. Sometimes I give a little too much attention to people I consider important in my life. Sometimes when opportunity arises for moments to remember, I select those I consider close to me and want to spend time with them. But if they don’t want to spend it with me? What do you do? Maybe my dad had something there with personal preference. Maybe spending with people who aren’t so close to you has a meaning I am not so aware of. Mine, some times are moments I did not have as a child. Today is my dads Birthday. My birthday was June 20th and he did not call me to say happy birthday, today I will not call him to say happy birthday. If I did, does that make me better? No it doesn’t, if I did call him, my motive would be just to run a guilt trip on him, that’s if he even feels one. I think it is best if I just stay quiet on the whole B-day thing and just spend time with my acquaintances on this 4th of July
Today I learned how independent I am. How independent I should be. I have dependency on certain thing during certain times for certain moments.
Roof Top Rock and Roll
Three roof parties going on... lots of up and down steps

Eric looking very Second Gen Metallica

Me, missing something and wishing something and getting nothing but drunk

My goodness Patrick arent we the popular fellow!!! the roof was going to cave in

Ron makes his own fire works

Michelle and her new toy from Europe

"3D Val " You can see things no one else can see when you were the magic glasses William"

Rock and Roll Shot man

Vals Cherry Cake

Hot Wings, Cheez, and Watermelon on the roof top of Josh

Lazer Viewers -3D Fireworks Glasses - specially treated holographic lenses break light into the spectrum...3-D Fireworks Glasses are an exciting addition to fireworks displays, laser light shows and holiday celebrations everywhere. Millions of people around the world have been dazzled by 3D Fireworks Glasses and the amazing effects that bring fireworks and the rainbow spectrum excitingly alive...
On July 4, 1776, we claimed our independence from England and Democracy was born. Every day thousands leave their homeland to come to the "land of the free and the home of the brave" so they can begin their American Dream.
Each year on July 4, Americans celebrate that freedom and independence with barbecues, picnics, and family gatherings with there loved ones. Well la de freaking da.


July 4th 2004

Congratulations Douglas!!!!

Seven years of suckyness...

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Friday July 2 2004

Today is Brian’s last day in the New York City. What can ya-say about it? I just don’t know. None of us want to see him go. He'll always be a Rumble Fish, a Rumble Fish swimming In the desert now, sand shark Brian.

About Brian | click or dbl click image to enlarge

Brian plays his last game of pool in new york city

Good bye NYC


WED July 1 2004

Nine Ball
There's a new killer in town...and his name is Adam

The boys!!!!

George is on a computer!!!!

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From Point the Way By The Monk
Chapter Five
Practice and Training

 "Here is an exercise for keeping the cue ball in the center of the table.
During your practice sessions, master these types of shots.  It is vitally important for you to develop speed.  This exercise will help you a great deal.  It takes time so be patient and keep at it.
During your practice sessions, pay attention to yourself.  You must know who you are training.  Find your weaknesses and understand your strength.  Build on your strength and allow your weakness to fade into oblivion.  It is important to find your tempo and you can do this through personal observation.  Shooting pool requires rhythm.  You must have natural pace.  You must find it." ...
Shoot the ball into corner pocket with one-quarter cue to english right center.  Use a follow stroke to hit the #2 diamond.  Cue ball will end up center table.
Practice or else
Shoot object ball into corner pocket with one-quarter cue tip english right.  Use a punch stroke to bring cue ball back to the center of the table.
Shoot the object ball into the side pocket.  Use follow stroke to return the cue ball to the center of the table.
Shot #1 ball in corner with 1/4 tip right english using soft follow stroke.  Shoot #2 ball into side with 1/4 strike.  Shoot #3 ball in corner with one cue tip left, soft follow strike.  Cue ball will end up inside the circle in each shot.

Nice exercise!  I want to buy this Book.


June 30th 2004: WED 2:44pm


Click image to enlarge

3:00pm wed talking about Tuesday...So we played today. We won. Weeeeeeeee. I just didn’t feel like shooting, but I did shoot. Anton was there; he watched run a table, which was cool. I was on my “B” game. What ever. Julie played good. She always plays good. She’s sweltering, delectable.
But enough about Tuesday. Today I learned about the ten-foot poll. The ten-foot poll will always be poking me in the rib. It’s annoying. It sometimes hurts. The ten-foot poll only becomes 1 foot when it doesn’t matter. The ten-foot poll will appear when the opportunity comes up to turn it 5 foot or maybe one foot. I have always had this ten-foot poll poking at me from the most unlikely places. That’s ok. That’s the way it is in my life. I have had this ten-foot poll since I was a child. So, if ya-cant get rid of the ten-foot poll then make it 20-foot poll I always say. When ya make it 20 foot ya-got room to move more and make room for others but sometimes those others come with there own ten foot polls, egad! When does it all end baby. Oh well…Maybe I will learn something new, maybe not. Don’t put your guard down William, I must write this down on a piece of paper a thousand times. Maybe I am lazy. I do this with every thing, my game my life etc. be sharp Will, don’t get dull. A little Zen not too much, a little fire not too much. This is the way I will go for the coming month starting today.

June went bye so fast. I laid on my back for most of the month 3 weeks of spinal pain and head drama. What a month. My back is much better. Maybe even for a Reggie party. Gota keep away from the extreme sport of mail box jumping.

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Samuria a Warrior
Good Luck

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