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Below is the month of July 16 thru 29 2004


July 2004 Hot links of the last few day of July so far jennifer baretta
Chez Es Saada


That Rocking 80’s band July 29 Thursday

Track Song list titles are

-Ball in hand
-You’re not a three!!
-Can’t touch the cue ball after you miss the eight!!
-Your cue doesn’t hold chalk!
-Mark your pocket
-I don’t need your Fucken coach
-She’s gona quit the team….. again?
-I hate to pay when I lose
-Why should I pay after I won?
- I’m gona be late...again?
-Floating in when ever you feel like it
-Stinks like not so team spirit
-My balls are frozen
-The tables got a roll
-Leaving early cause I work in the mourning
-My neck/back/shoulder or whatever hurts
-I don’t feel like shooting
-George drinks to much!!!

“Rumble Fish” makes it triumphant return at the E-Bar Table room with there new album titled

“Get the fuck off my team”


July about the last Monday William shoots..William feels he can do better another day...

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John Smith one of the best players in NYC

Stay down Douglas. (He made the eight anyway)


My Tuesday team 7 27 04

It’s funny
It’s funny
Even though some people realize they make mistakes about other people’s personalities they don’t seem to grow from it or change their attitude. One would think you grow from the experience of making mistakes in your life. This is called maturity; I think, to see your self. Habits are a bitch. It very scary that a person is capable of not growing wiser from knowledge. It’s almost Zen like, except being a dumb ass instead. A numb ass Zen practice. Lately I have been repeating the same mistake over and over in fact I have been doing it for months now it is starting to sink in. Realizing before just made me sad and scared now it just wants to make me move forward. Every time I let go I step back and grab it again I really need to stop; what am I afraid of?

I won my match on Tuesday...what ever
I got patted on the back for winning and the pool folks looked at me like I was kind of champion…I am nothing. I am not a champion I shot like I just didn’t want it this is how I feel but for some reason the community around me sees differently. They saw something there I am not feeling. At least I gave Ronnie the point. But as far as I am concerned I don’t have much game in me any more these days.


Tuesday late Night July 27 2004 it got a little wacky by the table...just a little.


Rachel Cosper

Rumble Fish in Vegas


7 26 04 Monday nights shots will be up laterI left my camera at home oops...
Monica Webb
“ A true player first has to lose every possible way he or she is capable of before becoming a true champion of the game of pool.”


What its gona be William?

Monday 7 26 04

It starts with one...One thing, I don’t know why, It doesn’t even matter how hard you try, Keep that in mind, I designed this time, To explain in due time, All I know, Time is a valuable thing, Watch it fly by as the pendulum swings, Watch it count down ‘till the end of the day, The clock ticks life away, It’s so unreal, You didn’t look out below, Watch the time go right out the window, Trying to hold on, Didn’t even know, I wasted it all, Just to watch you go, you kept everything inside, And even know I tried, you all fell apart, What it meant to be, Will eventually be, A memory of a time, when , I tried so hard and got so far, But in the end, It doesn’t even matter, I had to fall, To lose it all, But in the end, It doesn’t even matter, One thing, i don’t know why, It doesn’t even matter how hard you try, Keep that in mind, I designed this time, To remind myself How I tried so hard...In spite the way you were mocking me, Acting like i was part of your possessions, Remembering all the times you fought with me, I’m surprised it got so far, Things aren’t the way they were before, You wouldn’t even recognize me anymore, Not that you knew me back then, But it all comes back to me, In the end...You kept everything inside, And even know i tried it all fell apart, What it meant to me, will, Eventually, be a memory of a time when, I tried so hard and got so far, But in the end, It doesn’t even matter, I had to fall, To lose it all, But in the end, It doesn’t even matter, I’ve put my trust in you, Pushed as far as I can go, For all this, There’s only one thing you should know, I’ve put my trust in you, Pushed as far as i can go, For all this, There’s only one thing you should know...I tried so hard and got so far, But in the end, It doesn’t even matter, I had to fall, To lose it all, But in the end, It doesn’t even matter.



Sunday July 25 2004

JIM is in town!!!


He is coming tommrow to see

Rumblefish in action..

We did shots we got drunk...or maybe I got a little more than he...hes a pro drinker...Jim looks good, I am glad heis back in town a lot of people are. Jim is has come back into with a new name he is now called Danger Man


Friday July 23 2004

The Big Wishes

My i-book is seemingly working again.
Its Friday, of course my instinct told me that it would end up that way again…and I was right. Good for you William. My stomach is turning; the meal is always the same every Friday.
Self-Value is the Key i- luuuUUuuuuuUoooOOoooOoUUUUuuuVe myself
Self-respect is related to your self worth and your value. Building self-respect is a first step towards your ease and a better days. Self-esteem increases your confidence. If you have confidence you will respect yourself. If you respect yourself you can respect others, improve your relationships, your achievements and your contentment....Low self esteem causes melancholy, discontent, insecurity and poor self-assurance. Other's desires may take preference over yours. Inner criticism, that nagging voice of disapproval inside you, causes you to stumble at every challenge and challenges seem impossible. Forget your failures - learn from them. Avoid making the same mistakes again but don't limit yourself by assuming you failed before so you can't succeed this time. Try again; you're wiser and stronger. Don't be trapped in the past! Don't be trapped in the past! Don't be trapped in the past!
Some people just don’t change.
“ Image is to do with how people perceive you and this will affect how they relate to you. It will affect your relationships either positively or negatively”. I saw it coming and I let it happen according to Zen you must get to know your faults to make them weaker. The more you get to know them the less power they have over you. Sometime I set myself up just to see what my reaction is going to be. Take up challenges positively and surprise yourself!

Wide open space
I'm in a wide open space, I'm standing
I'm all alone and staring into space
It's always quiet thru' my ceiling
The roof comes in and crashes in a daze
I'm in a wide open space, it's freezing
You'll never get to heaven with a smile on your face from me
I'm in a wide open space, I'm staring
There's something quite bizarre I cannot see
I'm on the top of a hill, I'm only
There's someone here to shout to miles away
I could be back in my house, for I care
They do not hear me, it's the same old case


Friday July 23 2004

Morgan Webb

Trust within two people devoted to each other is the most fundamental ingredient necessary for two people to live together with assurance and commitment. Just as trust is the foundation of your relationship with your statue (your self), you must also have trust for the person that you are committed to in your whatsoever life. When trust has been violated in a relationship, you begin to question the basis of your partner’s commitment and their promises to you on every level. Without a dramatic change in this trend the entire relationship is in jeopardy.

There are many behaviors that can destroy trust in a friendship, boy friend, girl friend or whatever relationship. A breach of trust can result from being caught in a lie or a series of deceptive actions, by breaking commitments, flirting with another person, or from engaging in a seemingly/ pre meditated adulterous relationship. If any of these offenses have occurred in your marriage the confidence between you and your spouse will be shattered.
If your relationship with your special other is to survive, trust must be restored, and a new relationship must be established. But you may be wondering, is this realistically possible?

Honest Admission. Restoring trust I like to think would be an honest confession by the offending other half, concerning the displeasure that has occurred. Truthfulness is always the first step in all reconciliation. Don’t talk shit be honest or else.
Only when a person becomes completely honest about the facts of an offense will the declaration of guilt and bad behavior be treated as sincere. An honest answer is like a gift or an offering. However, continued deceit is like slapping your other in the face.
If you tell half-truths or doctor information to make yourself appear innocent, and your other finds out later that you’ve lied, it will be as if you had done the same shit all over again.

Modesty. Your attitude when you come clean is just as important. If you try and justify yourself and shift the blame to your other, you will set up an immediate roadblock to reconciliation. You need a healthy dose of humbleness if you ever expect to receive your others forgiveness. You must understand that your arrogance is one of the fundamental reasons your relationship has deteriorated in the first place. Begin by being honest.
Be submissive to one another without looking like a punk, and be clothed with an unassuming nature, because people ether resists or embrace the conceited ether way it’s trouble.


Thursday July 22 2004
Cut the line
After a while the fish gets wise to the bait and hook thing so the fish goes out and buys a pair of scissors or grows teeth sharp enough to cut through fishing wire. He see the bait so just seconds before he bites he cuts the line then he eats the bait. Now the fisherman has to do ether two things. One, he would have to try again with bigger bait and hopefully find new fish to catch or two, go to another pond.
I took down a champ last Tuesday…yhea baby!!!
Last Tuesday after my team match was over I went over to BBC and played pool with some of my team mates till 2:30 in the mourning wow; we-am-crazy-we crazy people-weamcrazy!!!!! Julie and the magician shot well. Julie went up to a level five. That’s what happens when you win twenty games I a row Julie, congrats! Are ya-ready for the Jack and Jill doubles?
Cheap sex…err…I mean pool.
Sometimes pool with me is like trying to have sex with out a hard on. Sometimes-I-just can’t get my game up. I am fondling (or stroking) without desire so I do this lame poking of the balls on the table to quickly with no consideration, I am shooting blanks and missing my target and making a mess. No eye hand coordination, I’m drooling on the places i should not be, my game is just lame. This is the times I don’t feel like shooting. So why am shooting without feeling like shooting? Because some days when I am feeling angry inside with myself I am like a mannequin in a window display. Like most guys (or pool players) for some reason they think they need it all the time, but they don’t-ya-know. But because of masculine (game) ego, they have to pretend they want it all the time or they might seem gay (scared) to the other male (pool player) groups. So they shoot and end up being lame in bed…err… I mean on the pool table. Its ok guys you don’t have to get it up every day, your game I mean. Read a book and just snuggle with your stick.
Almost Death to the ibook
My I book almost died the other day…


Mary Shoots likes a Level five but she is rated a level two on the APA bar league..Her stance (form) alone should give indication she has some game as stated in the images...Dont judge a book by its cover I always say. But then again, how much do you need too read to see what this story is all about...Dont you love the APA

Nineballer mary is just a level two on the APA
Mary lags



Nice Rack




July 19 Monday
Kimba sits and waits...


July 19 Monday Masha Shoots...Masha Scores...

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Say hi to Molly


July 17/18 Sat/Sun Shoping, Pool, BBQ, Door at the Ebar, Druken behaviours...

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July 16/17 2004 Friday

Stacy on the rocks rocks the table


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Say hi to Julie...hMmmmmm


Samuria a Warrior
Good Luck

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