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Team Stick it In Rocks!!!
We won the play off's 9/14/04, now to the triannuals...
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WED October 29 2004

...September 28 2004
A little about last Sat night...

Stuff I did that night...

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Monday September 27 2004 about Last Friday night
Looks like it'sgona be the boys again...P00l Thugs On A Stoop
Looks like it's another

You lose give me my Coffee Beotch

Douglas thinks..."Maybe next time I'll ask for a swiss double-mocha-docha-kabocha-super-duper-supreeem-cream $22 a bean Coffee"

Afterward the Lovley evening inspired us to visit lovley comarad

After we left Mash at her boring ass job at Bowlmor, we bumped into AJ at his new Job.

Window washing

We much desired to further enhance or quest for a good time so we went to the place of ill repute and Sin
Oh yeah...There gona remember this moment...

1. The bar was Nuts

2. I was not

3. Douglas and Geroge stood on the table for about 2 and half hours.

4. And I just stared at the moon


Are you happy at your new Job AJ?


September 26 2004 Sunday 11:00pm just getting home...
I have been busy since Friday Afternoon. I will post up shortly lots of Picks and events and silly stuff. In the mean time here are some links to recent events in my weekend.


September 24 2004 4:45 pm Stuff before I get

Dream Dictionary
The Dream Dictionary helps interpret dreams by providing detailed explanations of various dream subjects. You may search the dream dictionary by using the search box above or you can browse the dream topics by their letter of the alphabet in the list below:
A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | M | N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | V | W | X | Y | Z -------------------------------------------- Sex Dictionary The Body Vibes Sex Dictionary
The Body Vibes Sex Dictionary is available for you to browse. Covering everything from medical terms and contemporary sex slang to (of course) adult toys, the Sex Dictionary is intended as a reference guide. Look up the definition of a word that's been eluding you for years, find a definition for a word you've recently heard for the first time, or just have fun browsing. How you use the Sex Dictionary is up to you.
Our Dictionary of sexual terms is a work in progress,
Current number of definitions: 1,133
-------------------------------------------- Don quijote love Te quiero. Te amo
English: I love you
Português: Eu gosto de você. Eu amo você
Français: Je t'aime
Deutsch: Ich liebe Dich


September 24 Friday 3:00pm about last night 9/23/04

I did not know I had a Mexican on RumbleFish Watch out Div#5


Thursday night
September 23 2004


Sept 23 04 all clean in the morning time (Click or DbleClick any image to enlarge)

I feel better. Like I got rid of an old Vice. I wonder why I grew it in the first place. Duh… I just said it was a xxxxxe. Why did I get a Vice hmmm, I just noticed take away the “e” in xxxxxe and you got Vic. Anyway Vic likes my goatee she said it suites me, I think it suites her more. And so does Alexa. Alexa says I look too intense without my goatee. Like a serial Killer, clean cut and helps little old ladies across the street.

My game these days is like doodling. I doodle a lot before a big painting or drawing. After I do big series of painting or drawing and make the sales I tend to go back to doodling before new ideas arise. My pool game I think is going through the same metaphor. My game is doodling before the big strokes for the coming season.

The cool cat in front of building is cool. Its is the color of the concrete so I know it was on the street. It comes to me and plays for a while and then says before I go, “Nice Steve Madden’s. ” I think ill name it Steve Madden.
Cin and Sam of the Ebar Rule



New hair cut




September 22 2004 Wed
4:45pm I just randomly bumped into my old best friend. Wow it been almost 8 years since we last saw each other. She’s got a baby and a business. Wow that’s balls and amazing. And me without my camera.

2:00pm. I’m sick with a cold. I played with a bleeding cold yesterday night, runny nose, watery-eyes, head ringing, with my neckline itchy and scratchy. And in the bottom of this sickly pit, Ronnie was my coach. I swallowed a bunch of Beneadrill caps with some Amstel light; I think I found a new high. I won with impunity.

Anyway I got some pool stuff for some off ya interested in things I learned from some of the best players I know.

Shape English
Ideally this is what I try and shoot most of my shots with when addressing the cue ball.   This allows me to shoot more through the center of the cue ball thus keeping my shots straighter to their true execution shot line and still move the cue ball easily.  With just a touch of Shape English you can easily move your cue ball all over the table.   I often see people having a hard time (missing shots) because they are using more Clock English (as seen below) than shape english.
Center English
If your a beginner, you should probably shoot Center English ONLY for the first 1-3 months.   You will realize that you can get to most positions neccessary with proper leave using only center english.    If your a struggling intermediate, you should probably start practicing running ball in hand 9 Ball racks using just center english.    You will increase your game immensely with comprehension of position using Center English.    If you ever feel nervous in play it is very easy to fall back to the basics knowing you most likely won't compromise your shot using Center English
Wide English
When your out of line (or left with a hard shot) and trying to get your cue ball back in a "Easy Shot Line Position" - wide english is another option of play.    You want to be careful to not compensate your shot to much for lack of position with a more extreme Wide English shot.     Your stroke comes more into play now in a Wide English shot.  The Cue Ball area you contact and the speed that you deliver your stroke before impacting the cue ball can make quite a difference.    Varying stroke speeds can cause the cue ball or shot (or future position) to have different outcomes due to spin/speed/rails impacted during shot using Wide English
My favorite is the Clock English....Why? Cuase I dont have to tell you were to hit the ball by getting up off of my seat and pointing at the spot with my finger like some arogent dope who thinks they can shoot better than you while giving a coach. Thats why. If ya cant tell time, then maybe ya want to invest your recreation time on learning how to tell time and not playing pool.
Clock English
I also refer to Clock English as Extreme English.  It is essentially hitting the cue ball on the outermost edge to create an extreme angle of spin (generally) after hitting the rail or object ball.  Knowledge and proper execution of this english is very key for those extremely difficult position recovery shots.   I generally only use clock english when I'm so far out of line or been left with a difficult shot and I want to recover my easy run out path.   Ideally when I'm playing well, I will not use Clock English at all because my game will be basic using only shape english.

A Clock English Joke three people in a pool hall.

Person 1 "Can somebody give me a coach"

Person 2 "Ok, I will"

Person 1 "Were should i hit the ball?"

Person 2 "Hit it at three o clock..."

Person 1 "ok"

hit happens..hit is wrong...bad shot

Person 3 "I think maybe you hit it at 3:30..."

Only a dumb ass would laugh at this one

Cue ball control using english
Inside and outside english can be used to control the speed of the cue ball after making contact with the object ball. This is illustrated below.

You can control the position of the cue ball even without it bouncing off the cushion as illustrated above. This is more relevant to shots with smaller angles like the one shown above (although it is still applicable to shots with more angle).
After the cue ball makes contact with the object ball when executing inside english on the cue ball (left english in this case), the clockwise spin on the cue ball acts as a natural braking system which prevents it from rolling too far from the point of contact. The clockwise spin is against the direction of the cue ball therefore these conflicting forces slows the cue ball down to a halt.
On the other hand, after the cue ball makes contact with the object ball when executing outside english on the cue ball (right english in this case), the counter-clockwise spin on the cue ball accelerates the cue ball driving it farther from the point of contact. The counter-clockwise spin is in sync with the direction of the cue ball therefore it rolls smoothly forward and farther than normal.
Keep in mind that these example uses the same speed of stroke for both inside and outside english. Naturally, you can position the cue ball farther away even if you are using inside english simply by giving it more speed.


September 21 Tuesday About yesterday night Monday APA Fall season game 1

Rumble Fish Masha Brings in the first Win of the Season!!! Yeah baby Masha Rocks.
Then Rumble Fish got two more Winning games after that ending with Douglas giving the old cop-de-grase to Ron. Looks like Team “Los Machos” turned into “Lost Macho” giving Rumble Fish a winning four games out of five. Good start for Rumble Fish.

I like my new team. Peacefull, with no angry people...I am going to keep it that way.
Douglas won his match with my new Cue. Did a big action shot Douglas, Did-ja?


September 20 2004 Monday - A little about yesterday Afternoon (Sunday)
Went to the city on a lovley sunday Afternoon by myself. Couldnt figure out what I wanted to do so I decided I wanted to visted some freinds. So went to see Masha and she made me Bloody Maries. My rateing, 3/2 out of 4 stars. The Glass could have been bigger, then again im am a gluton for the Red hot Marys. I went to the fare then went to go see...

Jack Black...He came to the Ebar to do a a Photo Shoot on the Rumblefish pool Table. His band was there too, T-D. Too bad he never showed up. People were pissed. The Fans there were pissed. I dont Blam him. on a day like yesterday who the fuck wants to work let alone do a phot shoot naked on a pool table. Maybe I would.

9:00pm Sunday Sushi park. Lindsy spills the Asashi beer...oopps...Anyway we ate.
Sweatshop free Clothing. Meet the happy makers
I have a few things to say about how I have been feeling these last few months. but I will write about it later...But today is the first day of the new APA season. I hope it will be a smooth season later.


September 19 Sunday 1:10:26 am in the morning....Just Thinking
I was doing reserch and reading stuff on the web relevent to things.

Children Of Alcoholics
Alcoholism in the home has long-lasting effects. Children of alcoholics often learn to cope with an unhappy childhood in ways that cause problems for them later in life. Learning about how alcoholism affected your past can help you build a better future.

Children of alcoholics often act in one of the following ways
* Become super-responsible, like a miniature adult
* Become a trouble-maker
* Become able to adjust to any change, without noise or fuss
* Become a family clown or peacemaker, smoothing over troubles
Children of alcoholics often believe they are all alone, that no other families have these problems or that it is up to them to cure the parent. A child may take the blame for a parent’s alcoholism – or the parent may blame the child. As a result, many children of alcoholics not only feel unloved, but unlovable. Some of them suffer physical or sexual abuse, which reinforces this feeling. And because life at home is full of disappointments, broken promises and lies, the child learns not to trust, not to get too close to anyone and not to communicate in healthy ways.

Adult children of alcoholics often retain their childhood patterns. The super-responsible child may grow into an adult who demands perfectionism. The child who is the family’s scapegoat may have legal or financial troubles throughout life. The child who used to adjust to anything may be passive and withdrawn as an adult. And the family clown may group up to be entertaining, but irresponsible.
An adult child of an alcoholic may be anxious, may try to control events and relationships, may have trouble being intimate, may be chronically depressed or have stress-related health problems. Tragically, many children of alcoholics either become chemically dependent themselves or marry alcoholics.


Is this why I am in a Bar league? Hmmmmm? Thank god for my grandmother who pretty much gave me an awareness and the abilty to stop and take notice of myself once in a while.
Coa | Coa2 |


Sat September 18 2004 About yesterday night

The Big Akcion Effectoe Shot-O

Refereed bythe Next door table Toshi.

Toshi had nothig to say about our match.

Race to Five winner takes all!!! Williams on the big Shot......missed
Douglas VS William. The Grand Prize is?
StarBucks Coffee...Beans!!!!
Douglas was not havin it. We are not going to pay for just Deli Coffee, we will play for real Coffe STARBUCKS!!!!, Oh Shit Im in Trouble. Race to Five, I got wooped. Off to Star Bucks for some Beans...The Loser gets some chick with dislocated neck...

Later that Evening Army Alex Pays a Visted To the E-baR as Douglas beat up some more people on the pool table there. Not for beans but for the sake of avoidness of an old past to slow to keep up. In the mean time im am still stuck with the dislocated neck girl...


September 18 2004 Sat  

That Phatest Movie sound track of the month Golden Eye: by Eric Serra. If I had to make a sound track for a movie based on my life, so far I would pick Eric Serra as the composer at least for now. Im sure Douglas would probably find some one simular.


The professional is pretty good as well | Listen to a demo Sample Sound - 1 | 2 | 4 |


September 17 2004 about yesterday night I Picked up a new Cue!!!!

Just picked up a new Cue!!!! Thanks for robbing me spanish Eddie....

Its xxxxxn slash Chinese and a little art Deco...
Ill have to give it a name Hmmmmmm?


September 17 2004
What a healthy Birthday's it is


September 16 2004 Thursday.... Another APA Blogger...Tuesday Div Team Player


September 16 2004 Thursday....found Another APA Blogger...Tuesday Div Team Captain | RumblefishTeam Schedual Fall 2004 | Spencers APA Standings | Guest Book


Thursday Sept 16 2004

An Entry From June 28 2004: Monday 2:44pm

Back Then- Song of the day :Tears for Fears
What was it all about: The weeping willow
The images below are from yesterday (wed night)

Trust within two people devoted to each other is the most fundamental ingredient necessary for two people to live together with assurance and commitment. Just as trust is the foundation of your relationship with your statue (your self), you must also have trust for the person that you are committed to in your whatsoever life. When trust has been violated in a relationship, you begin to question the basis of your partner’s commitment and their promises to you on every level. Without a dramatic change in this trend the entire relationship is in jeopardy.

There are many behaviors that can destroy trust in a friendship, boy friend, girl friend or whatever relationship. A breach of trust can result from being caught in a lie or a series of deceptive actions, by breaking commitments, flirting with another person, or from engaging in a seemingly/ pre meditated adulterous relationship. If any of these offenses have occurred in your marriage the confidence between you and your spouse will be shattered.
If your relationship with your special other is to survive, trust must be restored, and a new relationship must be established. But you may be wondering, is this realistically possible?

Honest Admission. Restoring trust I like to think would be an honest confession by the offending other half, concerning the displeasure that has occurred. Truthfulness is always the first step in all reconciliation. Don’t talk shit be honest or else.
Only when a person becomes completely honest about the facts of an offense will the declaration of guilt and bad behavior be treated as sincere. An honest answer is like a gift or an offering. However, continued deceit is like slapping your other in the face.
If you tell half-truths or doctor information to make yourself appear innocent, and your other finds out later that you’ve lied, it will be as if you had done the same shit all over again.

Modesty. Your attitude when you come clean is just as important. If you try and justify yourself and shift the blame to your other, you will set up an immediate roadblock to reconciliation. You need a healthy dose of humbleness if you ever expect to receive your others forgiveness. You must understand that your arrogance is one of the fundamental reasons your relationship has deteriorated in the first place. Begin by being honest.
Be submissive to one another without looking like a punk, and be clothed with an unassuming nature, because people ether resists or embrace the conceited ether way it’s trouble.

Frank : "Anything? Well, uh I guess I, deep down, am feeling a little confused. I mean, suddenly, you get married, and you're supposed to be this entirely different guy. I don't feel different. I mean, take yesterday for example. We were out at the Olive Garden for dinner, which was lovely. And uh, I happen to look over at a certain point during the meal and see a waitress taking an order, and I found myself wondering what color her underpants might be. Her panties. Uh, odds are they are probably basic white, cotton, underpants. But I sort of think well maybe they're silk panties, maybe it's a thong. Maybe it's something really cool that I don't even know about. You know, and uh, and I started feeling... what? what I thought we were in the trust tree in the nest, were we not?"

I here you Frank... I hear-ya



WED September 15 2004 about last night...The Big Win for Tuesday
Click or Dble Click any image to see much bigger
The Toast Between Teams 3:00am in the morning what a battle....Everybody is all good...
I guess the roomers were true. We did get MVP's. William Fuentes & Douglas Mulkerns Undefeated in two Divisions Spring 2004
Ronnie Brings in the big win for the Team Stick it In Yeah baby... a new face for the captain.

I lost my match...dont bother clicking me. Their was a little birthday party during the match...I played to spanish reggie...I hate spanish reggie, why didnt they play real reggie and not the fake wanabee stuff? Dry hump music is just not the tone for pool.

Read the Comentary at Icebrrrg

Rachel is A champion. Wana dance some spanish reggie baby?
Champion Team Rachel Julie and Peter
The happy Trio William Julie Amd Rogger...Rogge kicked my ass. Did I tell you I got A MVP Roge? Some how your beating watered it down a little...

The Ladies of Stick It In Oh yeah baby get darker...

More of the Ladies...ya cant get enough.
Thank Goodness for Puru He started the Big Win for the team Set a new Tone. We were down two games and he came back with a smack down.
Peter Steps up the Pace for the team.
Kimba Battles for his tuesday team. Kimba Wins his match.
Stuart is handsome
I cant believe I got a MVP I never realy set out to get one. That makes it all the more sweeter.
Yuko is happy....and Drunk. So am I.


The Birthday Girl September 15 2004 Tuesday...


September 14 Tuesday 4:00pm
Today is my APA Play off match part two...lets see what magic is going to happen today....


September 13 | 04 Monday Pool with my Nizzle who has a little Snizzle with her whizzle
Oh whatever Masha,Just rack it....
Sushi, gang signs, pool and beer....there was a fly in my beer...Masha's got game...
Masha's da-bomb. Shes got Mad Art skills, Lover men Stalkers, A portfolio and Game

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