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I won my Tuesday match
Team Stick it in
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October 30 2004 Happy Halloween

I stood home and I slept....I dont feel good....lungs are beating me up. nasty cough, hak hak hak...cant breath. Today is Halloween and yet again I am sick during great events. Why william why? what ever, its probly a blessing in disguse. Good bye October 2004, until we meet my new cell phone sucks, and so does the serxxxxxe.

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7:00pm working on Halloween eve....
I worked...

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October 29 2004
William is now with Cell

Standard Features
Display - Full-Color Internal and External Displays
Integrated 2.mPX camera with 65k color TFT display, 4x zoom, and brightness control
Multimedia Messaging Serxxxxxe (MMS) capable
Mobile Instant Messaging using AOLĘ Instant Messenger
Camera includes color effects, image size adjustment, and multi-shot capability
Downloadable ringtones, including Polyphonic and Super Tones
Downloadable ringtones, graphics, and games
Customizable wallpapers and color schemes
FastForward Capable
Phone Book Capacity - 255 alphanumeric phone book entries
Photo Caller ID
Voice Activated Dailing
Personal Organizer: - Calendar, calculator, alarm clock, and voice recorder
Wireless Internet Express Capable
Battery Type - Li-Ion
Talk Time - Up to 580 Minutes
StandBy Time - Up to 416 Hours
Weight - 2.35 Ounces
Technology - Operates on 850/1900 MHz GSM/GPRS networks mac osx sever 10.3 or above
Text Messaging Capable
Dimensions - 3.5 x 1.9 x 1.0 inches
8-Way Navigation Key
Data Connect capable
Macintosh Ready
Free phone sex all weekend
Pool team is now going to get more of me
Higher phone bill
Ignore people with no excuse now
More shit to carry
Douglas asking to borrow my phone to call George
I can be reached at 1 212 247 2460
Call me
Any time day or night

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October 28 2004 Wana bye a Hat? Stitch Bitch Mitch Hats website coming soon

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Last Night the Strange Moon the Wishing tree and Hats

Watch me catch the Moon

Well tonight the moon will be on the other side, and this would be a full moon normally because the moon is up here, above the plane between the earth and the sun, or below it. Tonight it's going to be just right so that the moon comes into the earth's shadow. This will be the full moon which would also be an eclipse tonight....I feel something inside of me Changing. Something inside of me is gone with something new in its place. i am scared and excited at the same time. time to make a wish. Hunters used to stalk prey by the pale light of the October full moon, giving it the name "hunter's moon" and "blood moon." When the full moon appears tonight, those names will seem appropriate: the full lunar eclipse could turn the moon brilliant shades of red, rust and orange.

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October 13 2004 Wed-about last night
Team Stick it in plays at Raven
I dont want to play
I dont want to play with the Giant Cue ball
I Lost my Match...weeeeeeeeee
Michelle waits to play
Michelle plays
Michelle wins her Match...weeeeeeee
Julie And William dont feel it today
Michelle Rocks every day

I took it as a sign.
I was making a mistake…again. I repeat, there for I am. This morning I had another sign. Howard stern of all people. He made it very clear. Its all about you William. My memories are not what it used to be. Denial is something I have been writing about all year. Acceptance is the key to opening the doors of your denial. If I just accept the way things are in my life with out judgment then I wont be angry or sad or wild. I am not paying attention to the things that need my attention. This is my Zen to pay attention to the things that are important. Not for petty desire. I feel so much better.
Wishes come true but not in the way you think. Today I made a wish from a wish flower against the fall wind. I hurt myself this past Monday. Having wishes that just hurt people in the long run. I am angry about things I can’t accept. I need to accept the truth to Aleve this headache I keep causing my self for selfish needs.
I think I am an internet diary exhibitionist. Or maybe I am just calling attention to myself. Some people like attention no matter the cost, my last bit of attention was 25 cents.

The Raven game
I called Ron and told him I didn’t want to play today. I feel a little ill with this nasty cough and I played yesterday and beat an APA level six player. So what does Ron do? He plays me first he leaves and then I lose. I played like I was having sex without a hard on, all the motion with no stick or desire. Julie did not want to play ether, she played Sunday and Monday so she was pooled out on Tuesday. Ronnie had to play the last match. So Puru called him to come back to raven and play the last match. Ron snaps at me during his match about me loosing to fish. He was being hard headed about me not wanting to play, Michelle was listening to his bitch and moan about my game to me and Michelle steps the convo and told him to back the fuck off on William. There was nasty dialog going on between the two and then it stopped when it got a little heated.
William “ I have been playing all season Ron I don’t feel like it today”
Ron “ why did you lose to fish William!?!”
Michelle “ Hey Ron William said he don’t feel like shooting what the fuck is your problem”
Ron” Am I talking to you?”
Michelle “ Am I part of this team?”
Ron “He’s not suppose to lose”
Michelle “ He don’t want to play”
William “ its all right guys , go ahead Ron take your shot”

We got two games at least, were still way in first place anyway our season so far has been 4-3-3 5-5-2.

Michelle, Julie And William are Goth without the corny Balck

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October 26 2004 About last night
Yesterday was a little more difficult than I expected but we won 3 too 2 Rumblefish


October 25 2004 Monday At the Desk


Back to the basics
No matter were you stand, who you stand with, or even if make a new place to stand, there you are. Ya-cant-escape your personality or your character; which grows with were you go and what you do with your life. Who you are is not a place; it’s who you are. Forcing yourself to be something your not is like some kind of concealed torture underneath the skin of your character. If you can’t be who you are then what’s the point of being? I was like this once, until I learned to not be so judgmental. Lately I have been very judgmental, I am now slowing down. When I am angry I tend to project it else were other than were it needs to be. Sometimes I don’t know were that need to be is, so I just spew it every were and on every one. I am having trouble at home and my recreation life is 50/50. My place of work is ok but it can be better. My Monday pool team is almost in dead last place and my Tuesday team is in first place. This is bugging me. Were I am living doesn’t feel like home. I am there and feeling sick about it. I have been looking for a new place to live and I think I found one.



At Home, on the web.

Congrats Ga Young Kim for winning the 2004 WPBA US Open 9-Ball Championship - Sandia Casino - Albuquerque, NM - October 20-24, 2004 Tournament.


Ga Young Kim

22 years old and she beat Alison Fisher in the Final; Wow; wish she was on my team.




October 23 2004 THE BREAK...

Another day another 50cents


October 23 2004 just work
About last night


October 15 2004 Today

The Tuesday Team Trophy has been put back....Hmmmmm?


October 15 2004 about yesterday night

The Tuesday Team Trophy plack is missing from the E-bar wall. That trophy is for the year my Tuesday team went to play at Tar Bar for the Triannual’s. With My team Rumble fish on the next table. Team “Stick it in” lost that one; Ronnie lost his match to Heather. That was back in 2003
Any way, yesterday after a little shooting at BBC I went to the Ebar for a game of Killer. Before we began, I and got on the table and played with Eric who was there already for a little practice. As the evening went on with beer, drinks and pool table, we got into a discussion about Zen and why my game have been roller coasting the last couple of seasons. We got into things about filtering your emotions and the Fire and Ice of it and blab blab blab. To make a long story short, I was pointing out the Wins my teams have had in the last 15 months and that’s when I noticed one of my plack’s missing. Now before I go further, the first season I was asked to join Team “Stick it in,” we won and got into the Triannulas, which means we get a Plack-Trophy. We got the Plack Trophy one season later but we got it, along with Rumble fishes. When Team “Stick it ins” Trophy was hung up on the E Bar wall, In a Dark way upper right hand corner of a wall were no one could see it anyway. There is different one in its place now; and old one. Now when I asked Ronnie, later that evening “were is our Trophy?”
Ronnie” What Trophy?”
William“ our Trophy (you Jack ass- I think to my self)”
Ronnie “Were getting it now, we won”
William “ no, not that one, the one form the last Triannulas”
Ronnie” there five on the wall”
William “So what does that mean? I’m gona make pretend one of em is mine? What did you do with the plack Ronnie?”
When he said that ” there five on the wall” saying that along with his body language I know he know he knows what happened to it. So he’s being evasive with acting stupid and not looking me in the eye.
William” Ronnie, its not there”
Ronnie” you mean somebody stole it”
William “nobody stole it and replaced it with a older one, some one is trying to hide it”
At this point I was so angry. My name was taken off the wall, my efforts are being suppressed and not recorded along with the efforts of my team mates. That was pissing me the fuck off. Three time we got to the winners spot and three times I did not play; one Triannual one play off and another Triannual. That’s already bad but I always took comfort in the fact that at least I was part of team and my name was there. As small as that was, now that is taken away as well. Over what I suspect is pettiness.




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October 21 2004 About last night...BBQ
The Big Pumkins
We Strait Pooled, that got on my nerve, then we played with two big Pumkins then..


October 13 2004 Wed-about last night
Team Stick it in gets a 5 zip win... Again

Team Stick it in | 4.4mb mpeg
Angelic Rachel

I won my Match...weeeeeeeeee

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October 19
Click or Dble Click to see the" I fell down " - 1.7mb movie




October 18 2004 Monday...its just not happening yet....
5 zip !!!!???!!! Whats going on with Rumblefish???



We lost our Triannuals, Douglas and Serafina was there for support and George won for his team. And Ronnie? He didnt play me....again.


October 16 2004

It was quiet before the strom kind of day....a Triannula storm...I practiced with Perkash for hours at BBC then we ate Sushi...a lot of it. Got a little drunk, then I went to work for a little while, There was a Birthday party at Rons new place, I didnt stay for long, my nind was heavy with thoughts. Mostly about Home Work and xxxxx....

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