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I won my Tuesday match
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October 2004 page 2 - 15th thru 31st Holloween


October 15 2004 a little about friday night.

Mia and Matt pay the E-bar visit form the Mid west...

Another day another 50cents

I practiced a little at BBC

And then went home for Triannul practice...



October 15 2004
A Grimm Fairytale

October 2004 page 2 - 15th thru 31st Holloween

October 14 2004 Thursday Crissy And Henretta YAY!!!!!
Rumblefish Crissy and Henretta Show up for the Prize

October 2004 page 2 - 15th thru 31st Holloween

October 13 2004 Wed

Stuff I did on Wed

Yuko And William Play Darts

October 2004 page 2 - 15th thru 31st Holloween

Stick It In Swept 5 zip!!!
October 12 2004 Tuesday

HOT Stuff
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October 2004 page 2 - 15th thru 31st Holloween



Makes The

Village Voice!!!!



October 12 Tuesday Just catching up.... with Life

Before I go any further with imputing the last couple of days….I just wanted to add a little “reality” that has been called to my attention.
The Formidable and Wise Alexa says:
Many of us are self-created drama junkies. If you find yourself repeating a certain pattern in your life, despite that it makes you unhappy, you are probably addicted to your own damaging behavior. If you continuously find yourself in situations of comparable psychological pain, it’s because on some emotional level you crave it. Everyone wants to be at the center of their own universe, so they seek out attention in different ways. Some of us can only be satiated by the attention that sticking our toes in a dangerous situation will create. We are in love with the excitement of getting away with something forbidden. But when we get caught, we despair. It is only during those prime moments, when we are consumed by the drama and titillation of breaking the rules, that we truly enjoy ourselves. All moments following the collapse of the precarious circumstances are hellish and filled with regret.


October 11 2004 Monday APA Match.

7:00pm First the team Match...Things did not go as I hoped. I am Im not...I know what I have to do and it bums me out...
1:00am Went to Satillite for a drink...Dispite the obvious going on next to me I was very Unhappy with tonight results...
Accommodating personal convince or accommodating personal preference? What about the team? My Tuesday team is in first place and my Monday team is in….well… not in first place. This is hurting me. Yesterday I let it happen again…oh well. My Monday team lost yesterday, again. I see why we lost and I also see that there is nothing I can do about it but accept the loss. There is going to be more losses as long as I keep doing what I am doing. Masha stood till the end of all the matches. I should have played Masha at some point during the match. Sometimes match up don’t mean who is the better mechanically skilled but who would be the more appropriate at the moment. Stylization is key with some teams. I don’t like Douglas playing some other opponent that is going to conflict with his sense of repore. I tried to avoid throwing him out blindly, taking a gamble with his handicap. I lost the gamble all for the sake of accommodating another teammate.


October 09 Satrarararar RaRarARaRARARAR RARA


October 09 Satrarararar RaRarARaRARARAR RARA


October 8 2004 The Night


October 2004 page 2 - 15th thru 31st Holloween

October 8 2004 About yesterday night... Adam is a Dad yay!!!!

News Flash
Adam is Dad!!!! A Girl 7 Pounds…she has a Mohawk.
My back is killing me!!!!
I like Sangria, better than Wine….
Michelle comes to a new realization about herself!!!
Minimum wages in New York State are going up!!!


October 7 2004 Just Thinking

Writin on 10/06/04
I am not feeling to good these days…though I give this appearance that everything is hunky-dory In my life and well being; it is not. That’s ok… I just need too not be a coward anymore. It wont be so bad William. Just take it one day at a time. I crashed at Eric and Michelle’s place on Tuesday night. I got a little drunk after I won my Tuesday pool match on my team “Stick It In”… So did Mitch; get a little drunk. Mitch graduated today from her skydiving club; she’s a class “A” jumper now; woo whoo!! Eric is way cool, so is Mitch, I love those guys. They look out. I am having some trouble at home but I know the only way it can truly be resolved is unless I just leave. I am scared to do this. But I am not sure whom I am scared for. Me? My family? Or both. I will have to live one day at a time…yet again with the lone wolf life style. Any way I shot pool after work, Douglas And xxx was there. I wanted to say something to xx but I was just to annoyed at her to know how too. We had wine the other night then had a little falling out afterward; It happened last Friday night and it has not been the same since; whatever. I know her way to well and I know both of us were just being a little immature with each other influenced by wine. I like xxxx to death but she has things about her that gets on my nerve. I am sure the feeling is mutual. I could be obvious and transparent sometimes but if you new what I saw you could not blame for my lame effort’s to breath on and water the gothic flower. It’s not going to be the same anymore. That’s ok; its never the same even when things don’t ever change to begin with anyway. I think I need to deal with whom I am a little better and accept where I come from and try not to change it so drastically and quickly with logic and reason. Just work with what I got.
I have been a little crazy lately…buying Armani sweaters expensive colognes and drinking like a fish. I have been drunk since last Thursday. The alcohol is still in my system right now.
1:06am10/07/04 on the train with my new ibook…Writing this shit in my head and dreading going home. I am unhappy. My game is paying for it, my social life is paying for it, but thank goodness my job is not paying for it because that would mean my life would be 100x worse than it is now.
1:32am. Today the bench in front of E-bar broke. And I officially started to look for a new place to live. I feel better already. Just a little. I wonder if this is what you call (according to my Zen practices) “re-finding your self again?” I know I am a little more judgmental now than I have been all summer. I have more negative feelings now than I did 5 months ago. I was supremely numb and void of feeling back then and I think because of that, that is the reason why my pool game was up. I got two MVP’s that summer because of my cold like character. I loved it and hated it at the same time.
I bought Sam an iPod today. There are a few things I need for my self.


1. Summary
The healthy drink of Suze.
This cocktail is collected with the safe combination.
I thinks that you can drink it without minding a thing during or before meal. Enjoy feeling of peculiar bitterness.
Grenadine is optional.
2. Recipe
1oz. Suze
1/2oz. Orange Curacao
1teaspoonful Grenadine
Use 8oz. tumbler. Fill up orange juice and stir. Decorate with slices of fluit in season.

Yellow Cab

Served on 2st and 1ave

please mix with Whine for strange and bizzar behaviour

like dumping your buddie in the middle of the street for no reason



October 6 2004 Wed
About last night Tuesday SII vs MB

I won my match
I am Happy and Sad at the same time...
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About last night - RF vs PSL
October 5 2004 Tuesday



October 4 2004 Monday...waking up to reality...again...

9:30am-Stupid drama this morning at's never long as I stay here. But my mom told me something I never heard before, it made me cry. It was a good thing if your wondering what she said.

12:00pm-My back hurts.

These green jumpers signify confusion and complexities ahead. Issues hanging in the balance will require very careful handling. Don't try to cope alone; get all the competent adxxxxxe you can muster from friends and associates.-Today, when I went out for lunch, a grass hopper landed in front of me, it hit the sidewalk hard, but landed on its feet. I took a pic of it. It was staring at the camera. Then it stared at me. I looked back at it then I walked away. This means something. A message from above.

Today we Parkside lounge.


October 3 2004 Happy Birthday Alex rararararararar rara rarararar RaRa!!!!


October, 3 2004 a little about last night....Pool Stuff

If you can make the Cue ball go down a straight line going as close too the horizon on the cue ball as possible say (two or three o clock or what ever you want to call the strike point) without scratching, that’s called extreme English. This is a drill I have been practicing for about a year or two now. George showed me this along-long time ago and Tony showed me this in a demonstration on Cue ball Clock face drills. It works, it make my shot shots look fancy-shmancy, as Douglas would say. Mechanics are a big factor here, steady bridge right stance and so on. The trials and errors I have come across are things like the object ball getting extremely thrown, and the shape of your cue tip as well, this is a big factor for trick shot artist, they have specific preferences for there cue tips, the kind they put there, soft tip hard tip and its shape, Dime, Nickel whatever your liking. If you know were the spinning cue ball is going to throw the object ball then you’re in business. This is something you must learn through trail and error.

Isn't that right Dempsey?


October 1 , 2 2004 Friday and Satruday Night random stuff... more later
Random: Michelle worked Friday night at the E-bar, and Masha worked the other bar as well, Michelle has the same army bag I have as well. It was Wavy D's Birthday. There was a hot booty chick at the bar. I got really drunk on Sat. I drank a lot and still worked, who gets paid to drink? We do. I went to work Friday Sat night early, I hate doing that.


October 2 2004 About last night...Only time will tell
There are various ways of hanging out with some one and then there are various ways of hanging around some one and there is a little of both. Yes the ten-foot pole has exposed it self, I have yet again been on the receiving end of my own inner child tapestry. Which is not so pretty. These last couple of months I have been coming to conclusions about my own character, personality and preferences for Dumb-ass-holes in my life and how they slightly reflects my child hood unpleasantries. Why a bar William? And why the desire for degenerates that you keep having around your life? Its not that hard for me to just tell-em to Fuck off or just walk away, its not like I am going to lose anything of real substance. I am a child that comes from a not so perfect family tree and background. Things are pretty burned and old now in my family and issues are dead along with opportunities to rectified-em. The aftermath has left the soil a little sour for a healthy growth. I’m not that young any more, guys my age have families and homes and kids and are balding and have a special chair’s for the end of the day. Today I have lived a fantasy again. Fantasies are safe, easy. Reality is a lot tougher to live in. Your not tuff and ballsy catching attitude with some one who sees you with little subtle words in there speaking to you. Anger is not tuff, It’s weak. Lying is not tuff, it’s denial. Lately I have not been too tuff but I have been a little angry and settling. Dying demons I think, fighting to resurface. I really need to let go my chasing laughable ideas for safe haven-reasons. Reality is tuff; you need a strong heart for it. I smoke, so I weez when I run and my heart beats a little too hard. I need to stop smoking. Today some one told me I was smoldering looking on my website. What a shifty time I had trying to chase the escape, today it started out lovely then the coin turned. Fucken ass hole. If I ignore this one and put it in the fantasy file its just going to happen again. My memory is a little shot. I forget key things that can help me end this stupid charade. If I go back in my web logs about this past year and read the consistent ass-hole-ish-behaviors then I would not have let that ten-foot pole poke me in the ribs again. Fucken dumb ass. I does not matter how much you twist it, there will always be in that center of that tornado which is untouched by the designed coil; truth.


Armani Exchange


October 1 2004.... about Last Wed night till Thursday morning
Bored at work then Dinner at Orologio
The new Place
An old Gay/Goth now the New ???Bar
Everybody is happy
The first real Customer of ???Bar
The first DJ battle of ???Bar
A Disco Ball?!!? but no Pool Table...Hmmmmm
Ron And Mike Opened a new Bar...It was first a Gay bar then it went Goth now it its gona be the Ron/Mike Bar place thing to Drink and meet lots of Hot people to get drunk and have a good time with...Sorry Goth people...The darkness is now going to be shiny and happy. There is going to be light at the end of the tunnel. Sunshine is now the new motif of the bar. Doom and gloom is no more. The 80's want his jacket back. No red or black number one hair dyed hair allowed. No images of the crow on the wall allowed. No crying in front of the bar allowed. No 35-year-old still living with your mom Goth guys allowed. No angry at your working parents Goth girls allowed. No Pale face black lipstick blue hair tips toung stud neck stud lip stud or whatever stud allowed. No sitting at the Bar and not drinking allowed. No big shoes allowed. No latex allowed. Just kidding, everybody is allowed because we live in America. Goth Bars Location link 1 | Goth Bars Location link 2 | |
There is no pool table at the new place But the Bar next Door does, and its Free!!! upon playing pool Masha Discovers a painting I posed for near by, she looks at it long and hard and she thinks the color is just a bit too much.


September 30 2004 Thursday a little about last Sun, Mon, Tues...

A Tuesday night dream - In the basement of the house there was water coming through the ground and the house was starting to flood. Tuesday night I had a dream there was a ship buried underneath a house that same house that was flooding. The ship was trying to sail through the ground up through the basement of the house. As I was trying to get everybody out of the house, I found myself not running throught the halls but swimming through the halls in the air like I was in water that was not there. My heart was racing I couldnt breath and I was in a panic to get people out of the house. The water was rising and I was swimming over the water knowing the ship was about to break through the ground underneath the house.


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