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The Shoshin Samuria William Fuentes strokes with no jugdement but instead with impunity
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May 14 2004 Friday Afternoon

I wrote something but I will post it later

Timing is everything

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May 13 2004 WEDNESDAY Night

WWE Smack down Drama

My stop off had a little drama on wed night.
It was a strange vibe at the stop off. I walked in and the tension was thick, especially around the pool table. I will not mention names out of respect for my buddies but I feel somewhat responsible for this. I can see the foul here. I mean, adopting players from other teams should always be exercised with caution and consideration. There is a person who is joining my team next season and her old captain let her know how he felt about it. It ended with lots of yelling and f#@k you’s. I kept asking my self did I look like that when my buddy left my team for another? Did we look like that? Am I turning into the other guy who did that to me? The circumstances are a little different but the idea is the same I think, Karma. More detail later...

Did you know? That it is illegal to take any kind of Photograph or use any kind of image capturing dexxxxxe in the New York City Subway System. This has been the law since 911. Do you know how I found out about this? When I decided to take a shot of myself on 125th street platform subway station. A police officer walked up to me and asks, “What are you doing?”
When I said I was just taking a pic of myself for my web site he ask me for my I.D. He was cool, it almost seemed like he new what I was doing was no real foul, but he had to anyway. He could have taken all my stuff, but gave me a warning in stead, whew. Close one William. Come to think of it, yes I can see how it would look sketchy if some one had all this computer equipment in the subway system 2:00am in the morning and started with the image capturing and putting it in a transmitting dexxxxxe; like a computer. But what about cell phones? Is this a problem? I have somewhat of a problem with it, especially when I am not looking and then some one emails me a shot of myself on a day I don’t even remember.

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In the dark 2:pm Thursday
May 13 2004 Thursday afternoon

Power-outage Thursday
Alone in the dark Thursday


May 11th 2004 Tuesday Late Night

Alex Is going to Iraq

for a year and a half

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Click to en-large

Brandon, my old co-captain has a bussiness

And he has time to play pool !!!!!

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May 11 2004 Tuesday at night

The Sex Kittens
Smell my finger

Click to enlarge image

Cin and lin

Gene Simmons

had a littel sister
I love lindsy
And Lindsy loves me
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May 11 Tuesday

William Fuentes

Holding on to a champion Pool player

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May 10th 2004 Monday

Play off match

The Winner Team Los Macho's

Three years in the making

Alex and his team have been trying to get a Triannual spot.. now they got... are you ready for the next level?

Evrybody shot well except for...

The Law of Karma

When you talk smack...

your game gets wack..

So your game gets lame

Then bow your head down in shame...

Just kidding.... AJ Has Got game...Maybe he was just hungry.

E Bar is Macho. It has 32 trophies coming it way. Two seasons for Rumble Fish, one season for Team Stick it in and another season for Los Macho's. We are going to need a U-haul truck for all those trophies. E-bar has been winning for the last year. This is definitely the place to play or at least the bar to play out of.

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Good News

Time for the Extremly good looking Captains William And Spencer to start over there sexy teams again


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May 9 2004 Sunday
Turtle Power
On the phone with a freind
My little Girl April O Neil "15 years"
So I reply after she tells me this sad little story
So why are you even taking to him?
Is there something you have that he needs? Or does he have something you need? Well, what ever it is get it resolved or quit trying to progress your part time little friendship all for the sake of both of you being entertained at your boring jobs. Why the hell would anybody date anyone who is going to choose who is safe, non-threatening and wont influence their relationship with ideas of independence and socializing.
So there’s this girl, she was telling me a something she called
It’s a part time thing…
My guy friend will not hang with me on the weekends because I’m not cool.
There is this guy, I know, he has a girl friend, blond, tall, real pretty; what ever; he will be friends and communicate all week (Mon thru Thurs) on the phone with me at work, right up until the point (Fri, sat, Sun) were we can to get together after a long work week and actually see each other physically and actually start interacting with each other. God forbid that might happen, other people might see. That’s when we step over the limits. Once a week during some lunch date on Tuesday is good enough; twice a week? Out of the question Twice a week might indicate we are actually good friends. Twice a week might indicate to your spouse you have a social life out side of your relationship. So to make her feel secure you act like a little bite of a jerk with me at the very last day of the week seconds before I might suggests we hang out for drinks or something, you figure that tiny bite of jerky-ness (just a little) is enough to not really get me angry enough to not speak to for a weeks and weeks on end at a time, instead hopefully only for a weekend. Then you’ll call me on Monday or Tuesday and act like everything is all right. How pathetic I am, your are, we are. It just occurred to me right now. A simple fact in our stupid none productive friend-ship. You and I have no obligations to each other. So why am I beating myself up talking to you, and why are you talking to me?

My little boy Michael Angelo "24 years I had this guy already"


May 8 2004


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Top: Val and Nell

Bottom: Roy Al Rumble and the "Dragon" Diana

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MAY 8TH SAT 2004

Bye Nell, E-Bar will miss you...

and so will I

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May 7 2004 Friday

Real Late Night


Crissy Ladd
Joe And Maria enjoying the good stuff

Captain William And soon to be a Daddy Captain Adam...

Wavy D #4

He's got a great Smile

You aint-getten pass me...
I beat up Chuck Norris once....

How much was that sweater Douglas?


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May 7 2004 Friday

Wana join my team Molly

The good catch Mollyknight

Friday May 7 2004

about last night

At Broadway watching the always diligently practicing Craig playing Captain Heath.

Craig is the one guy I sense in the future will be the man to play, beat and try to get on your pool team for that point during the critical match. I remember when that boy couldn’t even hold the stick. Now it looks like he will be shooting like Earl the Pearl.

They refelted the table with new bumpers and slate...When they took the table apart to do this....
Wow all this Chalk was inside the table.... This is years pool game story telling. Every cube has a tale...

Dont leave my team William,

here... have a cookie

Ronnie has given me incentive to stay on his Tuesday team.


Previews for this Monday’s coming match.

Mike and Ronnie had the table re-felted, the bumpers and marble changed and updated, it’s a whole new table at E-bar; WeeEeeee. Why couldn’t it have been done when my team was in the rankings for a playoff spot? Speaking of witch. I was talking to Spencer about our team match-ups on Monday and why the outcome was as it was

Alex wants it so bad he can taste it

Douglas went to six and I went to a five. When you have guys like Vinny or Douglas on your team, guys who play games race to 9 or even sometimes race to 14. Having to win three or four matches on an amateur Bar league don’t mean jack squat. These guys play open to professional level players for years, do-ya really think a 20 year veteran of the game pool is going to feel pressure from guys like us Spence?

Are you ready for Alex?

If you can beat Rumble Fish you are a team to be reckoned with

Dont take him lightly or he will smack you around; your wondering who I am refering too? Both of you's.

Aaron has got the kind of game were being a level five is a joke.He could be a level eight and still win.

My guys didn’t win because they didn’t really want to win; were was the incentive? We got cheated twice. I have run out of incentives to keep my players on the ball of taking APA bar games seriously.

The APA owes the E-bar 24 trophies, 16 of witch go why back to the summer of 2003. All the time and money spent was pretty much taken away from us when we lost the tri-annuals empty handed; twice. Even if we get our well-earned trophies now it would be coming from a time no one gives a shit about anymore.

In the mean time.. I'll just enjoy the view

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May 6 2004 Thursday Morning
Still feeling Monday
Dbl-Click Image to en-large
Karma is a bitch….
I distinctly remember writing “Giving the circumstances in witch he adopted her, nothing good can come out of this” a few months ago in one of my entries; this is about pool again. Well, I was right we all got the shaft. Except I didn’t figure it would have ended with me getting in the exact situation it started in. I did not see that one coming Life has it lessons; this one took a long time.
I ate Mexican
Yup…. it happened. My confidence was a little shattered. It showed in my stroke when I went to BBC with D, C, andI have not shot like all season, up until now. As I was on the table shooting with Doug felt like I was going to stay that way for a long time. But it didn’t. I started going back to my regular stroke again. I need to get it out of my system; that icky feeling of no one believing you can shoot and letting it bother you. I gota play some more. I felt a little better before I left the pool hall. This is awful. I feel yesterday was the end of long journey. And I failed in my endeavor relevant to that journey. Captains who are captains for a long time should not do mistakes like that.

Aaron is now Happy MM & DD of Rumblefish are longer fighting

Wow!!! Karma is a bitch. I stole from her, then he stole from me so I got robed, then he got robed so she got robed. After that was over, I got robbed. We all lost. Who would of thought Ronnie would have been part of the end equation.


Sleep Late
Sleep Late
Sleep Late

Sam Lindsy Val and Michelle

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May 6 2004 Thursday Afternoon THE 12 LAWS OF KARMA

As you sow, so shall you reap.
This is also known as the Law of Cause and Effect.
Whatever we put out in the Universe›
is what comes back to us.
If what we want is Happiness, Peace, Friendship, Love...
Then we should BE Happy, Peaceful, Loving, a Friend.

Life doesn't just HAPPEN, it requires our participation.
We are one with the Universe both inside and out.
Whatever surrounds us gives us clues to our inner state.
BE and DO yourself...
what you what to have in your Life.

What you refuse to accept, will continue for you.
If what we see is an enemy, or someone with a character trait that we find to be negative,
›then we ourselves are not focused on a higher level of existence.

Wherever you go, there you are.
For us to GROW in Spirit it is we who must change and not the people, places or things around us.
The only given we have in our lives is OURSELVES›
and that is the only factor we have control over.
When we change who and what we are within our heart
our life changes too.

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Whenever there is something wrong,›
there is something wrong in me.
We mirror what surrounds us›
and what surrounds us mirrors us
We must take responsibility what is in our life.

Even if something we do seems inconsequential,
it is very important that it gets done
as everything in the Universe is connected.
Each step leads to the next step and so forth and so on.
Someone must do the initial work to get a job done.
Neither the first step nor the last
are of greater significance
They were both needed to accomplish the task.
Past, Present, Future
They are all connected...

Pic of Sam from

You can't think of two things at the same time.
When our focus is on Spiritual Values it is impossible for us to have lower thoughts such as greed or anger.

If you believe something to be true,
then sometime in your life
you will be called upon to demonstrate that truth.
Here is where we put what we SAY
that we have learned

Looking back to examine what was,
prevents us from being totally in the HERE AND NOW.
Old thoughts, old patterns of behavior, old dreams...
Prevent us from having new ones.

History repeats itself until
we learn the lessons that we need
to change our path.

Time for a shave William

All Rewards require initial toil.
Rewards of lasting value
require patient and persistent toil.
True Joy follows doing what we're suppose to be doing and waiting for the Reward to come in it's on time.

You get back from something whatever
you've put into it
The Value of something is a direct result of
the energy and intent that is put into it.
Every personal contribution
is also a contribution to the Whole
Lack luster Contributions have no impact on the Whole
or work to diminish it.
Loving Contributions Life Up and Inspire the Whole

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Say hello to George # 7

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May 5 2004 WEDNESDAY about Tuseday night

It was almost girls night Michelle won Rachael won but no else pulled it off. Why didnt Ronnie play me? I feel so hollow inside. Is this what Vic was going through when I didnt play her at the first Triannuals RumbleFish went to.



About Tuesday night 7:00pm till 1:00pm its over and we lost, I lost…again…
Since the summer of two thousand and three one year after I finally put together my supposedly get along well team. I have invested lots of time, money, sweat and tears trying to get us to the finals for and-too-Las Vegas. With the amount of money I have paid for the couple of years on the APA, like Bilbo Bagans I could have been there and back again. Of course winning the trip is much more rewarding than just flying out there with a team to take on the Minnie tournaments that happen. I have fought, cried, kicked people off put people on and had people quit on and about me and my team; I even smashed a pack of oatmeal cookies-there was so much drama happening. The window of opportunity is now gone for 2004. The next big win is one is for 2005. Can I wait that long? Can I invest the energy for team management? I just don’t know. Once before I have complained about the hazards of captainship to point were I was going to quit the league all together. I tried to take a break one season but I didn’t want to lose my spot at the bar. This season was the season I pretty much blew my load and it was almost for naught. Oh well; lets just take it one step at a time William. It’s a long road ahead maybe there is a big picture I haven’t step back far enough to see.

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"SuedeHead" - The Best Of Morrissey

Victoria's Music Vic Pic of the day is SuedeHead

"Now you know how it feels William"



The Ex-Captain Michelle is leaving Team "Stick it in"

I wonder If Ronnie realized he had Three Captains on his team? you would think with that kind of fire power we should have been in vagas a long time ago.

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Tuesday May 4th 2004

About Monday Night

The Winner....... Anatomia. Anatomia vs Bar81 Monday match Division#5
The Coach
Jennifer and Ed
Till Next Week

Big AL, "What-ya-gonado"

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Bye-Bye.. Ghost-Dog-Marcus

Rumble Fish Hates to see you leave

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Good Luck Captain Spencer. if there is one team I wish to go all the way other than mine it would be yours...

Monday May 3rd 2004
5:45pm A Quarter to 8????
A quarter too 8? I see you and your team-are-as-one. Good luck if M is smart he would play you first or third. As far as I am concerned you got game, even though sometimes I hear doubt and question about your shooting, I see a champion waiting to pounce on all that oppose you. Any insecurity you have about how you stroke can be remedied for with very little effort. Just practice baby just practice.
* after I hung up with a dummy
Our conversation today’s tells me you might be having some uncertainty about your ability for enhancement. It seemed more like an argument than a conversation; were both grown ups, whatever. Not that I am trying to start another Will-vs. -Vic battle royal but. From the way it seemed you were trying to double talk me and loop the facts about a few weeks ago, not that I am saying you were, but I see you might be having some difficulty raising your game. Its already there baby, I see it, I smell it, and I can almost taste it. But what do I know.
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7:00pm Good luck Tonight Alex
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May 3rd 2004 Monday at the lab

Last day of school


She needs help.....

Db-Click to enlarge the I need help girl
She'll be back....

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May 2nd 2004 Sunday

Went to the fair and had a corn-dog

I love you. I have always loved you. I think of you even before I open my eyes in the morning. My life is now all about you. Yeah right. Do you know when the last time I felt like that for someone, a long-long time. I noticed lots of couples today out in the street. Whatever. It was a nice day today. Yet I still walked around with this empty feeling, like I failed at something. Could it be because we didn’t make the play offs because of stupid reasons? We should have made it and we didn’t. I feel like a Dumb Ass.
Here is and entry I wrote the day after Rumble fish lost the play off spot.
I didn’t post it up because I didn’t want to jump the gun and assume anything to the world yet.
Oh well…Marcus played and won his match lovely, 4 to 1; the other guy thought it must have been pallid boy day; (True Romance). Now Spencer put up, he put up himself up. Captain Spencer’s team was up against the ropes, and like a good captain he put himself up to reset the tone for his seemingly failing team, then I put Vinny, 20-year veteran of the game of pool. Talks like a grand champ of pool, on some occasions of his game playing he would look up to the sky and ask his poor dead pappy what should I do know father? What should I do? Brian is always making pretext for Vinny, he loves Vinny, he never slams Vinny he thinks Vinny is one of the best pool players ever. Too bad Vinny does not think the same way about Brian’s game, but Brian does not mind that Vinny sees him as a “needs a lot help” pool player. Maybe Vinny and Brian can one day put together there own Earl Stricklinesk kind of team. Vinny lost to Spencer. 4 to1. Then he left right after he lost. Yup, Vinny loses his match then he leaves. Vinny played Spencer and then he loses to Spencer then he leaves. Vinny leaves right after he loses as if the lost is going to disappear or something. As if the game had no consequence as if this is what you do when you lose. Why do players do that? Why do they leave after they lose a match? Don’t you know you are on a team? Don’t you know that if you leave you weaken the team some more after you cost them a point? What if you have to coach or help your following teammate on the table? Don’t you know when you lose the team loses as well. don’t you know when you win the team wins. So you leave, I hate that. I really really, really hate that, I hate that so much; I also hate hating. The numbers are going too be to high on the team now as I am likely to go up to a five. I am going to have to make changes on the team. Douglas has good ideas about how to handle the team. Bring back Victoria get a two and tell some of the players to take a season off. Not a bad idea. Any way, after Vinny got schooled by Captain Spencer, after Spencer put him back in the fish bowl after the Captain of Team Anatomia Took my champion and showed him what it means to play “the amazing Spencer-Man”. I put myself up. I prevailed, 3 zip; the game was like exhibition. There was about 20 people watching execute this poor guy who had no idea of the rage sitting inside me about our obvious loss for the season. Molly was their watching and rooting me on. My attitude for the match was like “let me show you what an angry captain does when his team is down for the season”. There was one inning in the first game two innings for the second game and then I broke and ran the last game. I think there were 3 innings for the whole match. Whatever. It was a futile win. But I considered necessary to preserve the Name Rumble Fish. Then I wanted to put up Aaron, but at the last second Brian said put me up, he had his peculiar logic as usual so I did; I should of put up Aaron oh well. At least I will still have Douglas for next season. I will talk to Aaron and Marcus for some ideas on how to handle the team for next season. But that was the last time I am going to tolerate what happened. Rumble fish will not have dead fish floating on the top or bottom of its lake.

Incentive, this is the power of drive….
This thing called incentive can influence any out come in the game of pool. Incentive is what I am lacking for my failing team.
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May 1 Saturday Night

Molly Knight William Fuentes

I tossed out a junkie, then I watched him do his Junkie dance on the corner all night in front of my bar...


May 1 2004 Saturday Night

She cannot be conquered


I'll will enter something later....

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May 1 2004 Friday


April 30 May 1 2004.
It was a busy day for me at work. I was very beat. Aaron called to hang. So later we met up at the pool hall. I walked in and saw Vic standing there, so I instinctively said was-up. I was happy to see her but at the same time a little uneasy. im so bored with fighting with this girl already, there no need anymore she lives some what of a difficult life already why make it more difficult for her William.

I ended the month with having dinner with Aaron Vic and Claudio. Claudio almost fell down on the train. It would have been a wipe out if I didn’t catch him. After dinner, it got a little mopey it might have been the food or maybe there was still a sorness from the previous weeks, what ever. As we were deciding what are next move was we saw what seemingly was a dead body on the street, Vic Says "he dont look so good Will, should we check?". I was freaked out i know Vic has a good sense for these things, and that made me even more nervous. An ambulance came and we watched to see if the dude was dead. After that we all went our separate ways. I was going to go home but before I did I had to make a drop off at the E-bar.
I made my delivery and to my astonishment Jason Cane was there. I played him. It was a good game. Off course Jason won and then won about eight more matches after that with other APA walk-ins.

Except for Stacy. She walked like Dudly Moor, drunk as a skunk, holding a Vodka Stolie in one hand and wearing stelletto heels and a tight mini she beat Jason after his millon man defeat. Mind you Jason was a bit on the Drunk side as well. Not that I am making an excuse for Jason, but then again Jason is an open player and stacy is just a hoty walkin who like to play pool at E bar, taking down a grand champion of New York City does make you think about how pool can work sometimes. Stacy has got game, she really needs to be a Rumblefish.

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If you see a big Cue ball say something...
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