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The Shoshin Samuria William Fuentes strokes with no jugdement but instead with impunity
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Friday May 28 2004

Well, the Memorial Day weekend is here and I will enjoy the rest. So if you are still interested in my life go to the next month
June 1 2004. Good-bye May 2004 it has been real and maybe I will see you again in the next life but ill probly see you a minute ago once again. Karma go figure...

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May 27 Thursday 7:pm

Victoria Viscusi

Practice day for the new Rumble-chick

Vic Makes the shot
Douglas Observes Vics Form
What is the meaning of this?
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Wednesday May 26th 2004

Trophie Day for RumbleFish

The winners
We got our trophies…YaY!!!
Very satisfying. Douglas, and were there and then Aaron showed up. We all ate food and played pool. Now I think it is safe to say those seasons are finally past us now.
When I finally joined the APA I dreamt of putting a plak on the wall of E bar. Well now I did it. Things are different now.
Will and Aaron
At home
Rumblefish 2003/2004
My team Rocks





Even if I tried to repeat the past I don’t think it is possible.
Some people seek to hold on to things that have little matter any more.
I learn from my mistakes and move forward.
Sometimes decision’s are very hard to make and seemingly are costly.
I am not one to repeat a mistake to many times.
Some people hold on to a past that is pointless to hold on too.
I like to move forward, like my art, my game and my life.
Sometimes you need to take a step back for a giant leap forward.
That step back can sometimes be very hurtful.


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Wednesday Night

Adreanna, William and Eric

If your angry about something turn to your friends don’t turn on your friends.
I have done this before, take out my personal frustrations on someone else; some times a friend. I am fortunate enough to have the kind of friends that can see when I am upset or angry about something but not about them. I have learned not to take things to personal from friends or family who seemingly have personal issues to deal with and they take it out on me by snapping at me or trying to pick a fight.
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Wednesday Night

Ronnie Camacho


A very happy Ronnie
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Tuesday May 25 2004

Its all About Tom And Jerry

Tuesday Night SEX

I really didn’t feel like playing yesterday. But I played anyway. It was funny. I forgot what it was like to shoot without wanting to shoot. It was like your girl friend wanting to have sex with you and you don’t feel like it, but because you’re a guy, she will assume you always want to have sex, then when your having sex with her. You are not performing up to your regular standards; what ever your-or-they are. Sure you make the ball, get it in the hole and all that other no-pun-intended-stuff, but it just doesn’t feel as good as acutely being hungry for it; like sex.

I was not hungry for the game.

I won anyway; peter was just a little too hungry for the game; like my girl friend wanting to have sex. He was whacking the balls so hard he looked like an 18 year old trying to get it on with a grown woman; all the right equipment but was just a little to premature in his stroke. Don’t get me wrong Peter has got game; he has kicked my ass plenty of times. But he just seemed a little too anxious.

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Tuesday Night

Say hello to Rachel

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Tuesday Night

Say hello to Angelo #5

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If you see a big Cue ball say something...
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Monday May 24 2004

A Samuria a Warrior

I got my new Manager today. Yay!!! She looks great and kinda hot. Cybele was right, she would work out, I gota call her soon mabe we will play pool this week.
Rumble Fish now seven.
Yay!!! We won. Rumble Fish had a slow start but now the cue ball is rolling. We started with a new Player named “Victoria” coincidentally having the same name as my already new strong hearted Victoria Viscusi who is a lefty is a great shot
We got are trophies today. Hooray!!! We’ll have a party on Wednesday. I am so happy. I feel a great weight lifted off my shoulders. We are truly now a “new team”.
Say hello to Rumble Fish
William Fuentes, Douglas Mulkerns, Rachel Cosper, Kimba Granlund, Victoria Viscusi, Masha, and maybe MeEaYAaAaA
My Karma caught up to me today. I must learn to not be judgmental when things around me are a little disorganized, I must learn not to talk smack or rudely criticize other people’s games when it’s chaotic around or near the table. That smack came back to whack me in the ass during my match. Even though I won the match, during the match I was still sweating and breathing hard all the way till the end, I also noticed I hit the ball a few times with a little anger and frustration; Very UN Samurai like.

I noticed a few things during my game.

When I needed to hit the ball with top (12:00) and settled on doing it. The second I stop thinking about it my natural stroke completely took over and I hit with (8:00) draw.
I need to be a little more disciplined during my practice. Drills, Drills, Drills.

Samuria a Warrior
Good Luck

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Monday May 24 2004 Will's new team summer 2004


Saturday night Sunday Morning May 22/23 2004

Brandon and his wife are soooo happy they won...soo soo happy

So Stuart drops of the sheets and has big boxes in the back of his Volkes Wagon. Trophies!!!! Yhay!!!! But where is Rumble Fishes? (all 24-of-em). He will bring them in the second round trip this coming Monday Or Wednesday.

So I went to the tri annuals to see my buddies perform there pool magic on each other. Brandon my old co captain was there and his lovely wife the secret level 7 pool player. There very happy together. It was a pretty good match. But I new in the end it was going to be Xena and George doing battle. George kinda got me mad. He preformed very well and had and uncanny way of moving the ball around. In the end George won. He played with the kind of game I wish he did when he was on my team. Why George why? I guess this was his last chance team. He finally learned how to be a team player. Wow. Now I can put him back on the team.

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The Religion of William

Saturday May 22 2004

Here is my rational on getting the Leverage of business and-or home.

I know all about leverage. If there is one thing about Williams’s character, it’s about his people engineering methods on giving, taking and dealing with leverage. I grew up with and unhappily was inflicted with this thing called getting the leverage.

It’s all about the Leverage baby.
I’ll break it to ya-simple.

When you ask the leader, the head, the gypsy king, the grocery store owner, the man of the house or what ever makes him the person in charge or captain of the boat, to come into his abode, his ship, his team or what ever. Then you must do as you are told; this is his leverage over you, Because “you asked him” to come in, you need him for what ever reason, you want him and except him and his ways, rules, perception of you. Along with accepting your opinions and say-soo’s being judged, laugh at, ignored or and not taken seriously.

If you are asked to come in, then you can almost do as you wish and speak your mind without judgment from the one who asked you to come in, you were asked; meaning, you are wanted, you are needed, your opinions have meaning with real consideration coming from the asker, you will be heeded, you are excepted and appreciated as you are, what he’s sees is what he gets; and what he wants. This is your leverage over him, over the captain, the leader, the head of the house hold. It is only your character, courtesy and respects that control’s the advantages you have or he has been bequeathed with.

If somebody asks you “are you staying in? Are you staying with us?” This means you have accepted the why it has previously been. If you are asked after you leave your home “shouldn’t you want to come back? Or shouldn’t you want to stay?” Then you might be being maneuvered, influenced or manipulated into thinking you need to be home when in fact the home needs you or need’s something you have or think you are. If you are told you will be missed. Then there is no need to follow up with anything but a good bye. If you are ask to come back? Then you are accepting the old ways and the ways things have been in that home, were is your home? What do you want as your home? That is up to you and you only.














Friday night

May 21 2004

Why the hell would I throw a match during practice?
Once upon a time, when I played pool with people I like or had too much respect for or simply felt their game was not up to a basic fundamental understanding at the moment, I would un-consciously or deliberately throw the match; meaning I would give you the game. Incentive also plays a big part in my urgency to win. I am still doing it once in a blue, but not as often as I used to; my ego has minimized over the time I have spent over the table. If you’re my buddy, and I see you want the win more than I do for whatever reason, I sometimes give up the effort to try and win and do stupid things to cause my lose. The look I get from some people some times when they win a match off of me is sometimes much more complimenting than actually beating the guy. Throwing a match is bad karma. I have paid the price for this arrogant behavior. Now a day I opt for not having bad karma as oppose to being nice or showing mercy.
I played pool on Friday night with some of my buddies and I was trying a shot that would give me the position on the next ball to win the game. Of course being I was in “practice mode” and still trying to hone my-mad-dope-funky-fresh-pool-skills, I missed the shot; it was horrendous I missed so bad it looked like I was dilebritly throwing the match. I was not trying to dilebritly miss the shot or throw the match I, as just trying to develop a new critical shot in my pool game arsenal. I just simply made a bad shot.
I did not consider how it would look on the other end of that place my co-captain dwelled for a whole season despondently. I just wanted her back and she came back. It was like she never left, her presence was with the team even when she wasn’t with the team. She fit very comfortably. I mean, she left my team because she was angry with me. Didn’t what’s his face know this? Of course he did, when I tried to tell him he didn’t want to hear it. That’s when all of our karma stared to stir, and in small circles I might add. How arrogant can one be to think they can get away with doing this with out paying a price? We all paid for it. Now it looks like he is trying to start a new one again. I do not want to be involved with this one. I am going to be as opened minded and as honest as possible with out any evil intention of hurting anyone, even though what’s his face is starting to fuck around with my buddy by attacking her other half or trying to manipulate her into asking what’s his face if she can come back.







Thursday Night May 20 2004

Henryetta & Chrissy are getting married; not to each other...sorry dudes, its always the goods ones isnt it.

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May 19 2004 Wed Night

Just a Day

Carla is good........

E bar has got an offical Stuff Gilr Now

Wednesday May 19 2004. Just a day.
Lately I have been feeling…. I don’t. Know, careless maybe? No. I can’t see the future anymore? Maybe. Molly is politely ignoring me. Ronnie was asking me I need a woman. A nice one. What does this mean? Why do I need a nice woman? Did he see me humping the fire hydrant in front of the bar today?

Will and Eric

I thought nobody was looking. I know how to cook. I know how to sew. I know how to do laundry. I know how to love without falling in love. If I need to get laid, I call the professional widow or look in the back of the voice for the Russian Playmate. I think this is key to a mete out recoil. Forlorn has it pros and cons. I am not lonely. I am an uninhabited person.

I don’t like people but I love groups. An independent, yes I am. A rebel without a coin to phrase. I like pool but I hate playing people I like. Or feel bad for. Thought the game is meant for too to tango I dance alone. Ronnie ask me what about children? Don’t you want little ones?

I said I already have little ones. And the one in the middle leans to the left a little. I am a right-handed artist.

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Wednesday May 19 2004

Cybele comes to visit me at work.

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Tuesday May 18 2004

The Tuesday team that I am on is short a player or two. This is a ruff season. I played my match, I played a three. The match was ten minutes. I won. During the whole match all I was thinking about was my team Rumble fish and were the hell are all those people who wanted to join my team? They all seemed to have suddenly vanished.

Say hello to Julie....

Shes Been to Vegas OoOoooooooooooo...

The Amazing Peter Cheng

One of the or maybe from just a hand full of the best APA pool players in NYC

Clip boards make me happy.....
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This guy freaks me out, Every day I go to work I see him doing the macarena with a doll....Why?

I wonder what he does with this doll at night

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May 17th 2004 Monday

First day of the rest of the APA


click Image to en-large

Here is a little tiny something in a book I read that I feel cleared up a few things on my approach and attitude on dealing with pressure during my matches.
From the book Zen Mind Beginners Mind By Shunryu Suzuki
In Japan we have the phrase “Shoshin”, which means “beginners mind”. The goal of practice is always to keep our beginners mind.
Suppose you recite the Prajna Paramita Sutra only once. It might be a very good recitation. But what would happen to you if you recited it twice, three times or more? You might easily lose your original attitude towards it.

The same thing will happen in your other Zen practices. For a while you will keep your beginners mind, but if continue to practice one, two, three years or more, although you may improve some, you are liable to lose the limitless meaning of the original mind.

There are ways of practicing so you would never lose that newness feeling you had when you first started playing pool. I found at least.

My wish came true


Ok…so Rumble Fish played the first match of the almost pointless try to win season, almost but not quiet…five zero, was the score involved with our match too the opposing team. But I wont write who got the five and who got the zero. Rumble Fish has developed a new first week of the season ritual for our Karma, losing for the first week of the season means a winning season. It always a fact we lose to teams we should not be loosing too but it not unheard of for it to happen. It was like donation day at the Jerry Lewis telethon.

Kimba and Rachael. Lets see how this works out for this season. The incentive for this seasons win is…err…hmm…. huh? You know something? I don’t know what it is. The next window for Vegas is the summer of 2005, so what do you get for winning this 2004 summer season? I know you don’t get trophies, I heard you are suppose too get one and in Rumble Fishes case two trophies for every player and in my case three, but I have yet to see any. The trophy thing is probably a myth. How long can you keep a team together for the next trip? How long can you keep their handicap on a level that matches their APA assumed skill? I try and get players were-ins there handicap is irrelevant to their skill level. But it looks like the Infection of the APA skill level judgment-this-is-what-you-are-system-thing got into the minds of some players. Treat your opponent seriously and keep an open mind to new things. Eight ball is a safety game, a patient game, a game that needs to practice and awareness on everything around you.

Kimba And Rchel Rock

E Bar is Macho. It has 32 trophies coming it way. Two seasons for Rumble Fish, one season for Team Stick it in and another season for Los Macho's. We are going to need a U-haul truck for all those trophies. E-bar has been winning for the last year. This is definitely the place to play or at least the bar to play out of.

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Bye Salon, E-Bar will miss you...and so will I... a lot

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Can it be?
There was quite a number of things I wrote in the past 3 weeks vis-à-vis on recent events I did not post up for this months entries for fear I might have been a little premature in my assumptions about certain issues concerning pool life, work life and everything else in-between. For right now, I will just exclaim; I’ll believe it when I see it, play it and write it down as a game. Along with that hopefully the number 812 turning into 1112 so my 455 can be 673 to finally pay the 495 with out headache and living on a 6/10 daily for 12/15 out of a 30/32; whew!!! In other words, “I-needs-Moe-money”.
Saturday afternoon, on the phone.
Still looking at the Russian Playmate for some playtime Hmm?
About Friday
I yet again got into a little attenuation with dummy on the phone about certain matters; this always happens on Friday. We took our sassy snaps to an angry place and slowly pulled back with sincerity and honesty; the tit for tat thing on the phone got a little personal. Anyway, I might of said something to her disliking then she said a little imprudent thing to me and then I followed with a little unrealistic thing to her and we both broke even in the end. When I said she is not too much or team player it had a double meaning. I have had many players if not every single player being on all my teams over the years coming on as black sheep slash Wolverine. I have written this before.

My players are wild animals. Lions and Tigers and bears not like most other teams on the APA witch is loaded with the kind of domestic animals you find in a pet shop; gold fish poodles, kittens and hamsters. I hunt and snare my player strait from the jungle, the forest, the desert the ocean the sky and sometimes from a place were the only thing visible is the moon during any period of time and space, like most of the other creatures of the night I have had run loose on the island of Dr. William is defiantly a wild animal; a Wolverine? Maybe a lioness; What ever it is it’s definitely something with sharp tooth claw and a deep growls. Douglas? Bird Man; Eagle. Or maybe a shark. Aaron? Turtle or maybe a Chameleon? Definitely reptilian like his captain, like me. I might be a Triceratops or a Raptor with wings or maybe an Alligator Turtle with flight, like Gammera or I might be a Monkey with wings like from the land of OZ, I like wings and a good follow through. Mercury is my god symbol.

May 15/16 2004 Sat/Sun Night/Morning

Shaolns Last Day at the E bar




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