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December 31 2004 Happy Birthday Douglas!!!!!

About last night (Thursday)

Some thing's I did these last few days before the year ending. I have a lot to say but I will say later. But it’s been a real transiending. So right now I will leave it on this. Love and Hate: I learned, a desperate mind with no more ideas on how to handle any situation will resort to the most primitive emotions and actions. And that is as I wrote before, Love, Hate. These last three months have been raw with me, how’s that for paint on a Zen pallet? Happy new year….

Captain Victoria Viscusi (Tuesday's) And Captain William Fuentes (Monday's) Play then eat
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December 30 2004

It’s funny yesterday morning I felt something was coming in, something closing in, some drawing near, I could not tell what it was. It was in my stomach it was in my head I woke up with it from my bed. It started Tuesday night and carried through Wednesday morning and all day yesterday. I already had thrown in the towel with my team and with the way my life had been spent this whole year. I had no idea what was next so In the evening I got shit faced at the bar and spoke to somebody there who gave me a little enlightenment about my character and it’s substance. To make a this long day story short. I went home and fell asleep. Then about 5:30 am this morning I get jarred out of my sleep from a ring ring sound coming from my cell phone right over my head on my bed. Julie Text messages me.
We got the wild card in the Drawing….wow....
Girlfreind Julie also gave me some stratagic tips in the text message on who to play and how to do it for the win...Did I menetion I love Julie...



December 29 2004 11:00am
Shhhh... ya hear's drawing near.....get ready
The nothing


December 28 2004
I finally was able to catch up some of last weeks events

Click here December 21 ebarparty | Here is an index of the Images or scroll down to December 212004 "last Tuesday" and see the images one-at-a-time.

Too make an officail enetry for today dec28 2004.


December 27 2004 About sunday night....

I got a headache now.... So I shaved...Still have a headache. It's about three in the morning. Why do I have a headache? I got gossip about the APA in Arizona from Brian who now lives there...Did you know that they have guy level two's in the APA bar leauge in Arizona!!! Imagine that, a Guy rated a level two!!! So the level APA rating can vary from state to state. Hmmmm. I see issues here. Good and bad.

Click "rosters" then select a division

Dont worry ladies ...three days, it will grow back, I just needed to cut something with an intense result...

This morning

I have heard this since I was a child. Read it in comic books and gum rappers. Being quoted in movies and plays. Said to me by Teachers, Professors, Parents, friends, and family and so on in my life. This has been said to me time and time again but I have never truly experienced it like I have this morning lying on my back with a swollen heart and an aching spinal cord on this cold winter day. “Never judge a book by its cover.” Maybe I will add a little something to these words of wisdom. “Never judge a book by its cover or its Author.”

Image taken on Decemeber 27 2004 11:00am
Today was the last day and I didnt even decide it would be... It kinda just happened unexpected...


December 26 2004 snowing today


Sorry about the delay in updates, Ive been very tanked with booze these last holiday-days. But I will update very shortly with lots of pics and little tit-bites of drama, romance, and danger, along with of course some happy times. Merry Christmas and a happy rest of the year...


Merry Christmas..

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December 24 2004 about a few days ago

The Engagement

Sometime a few weeks ago
So last night I almost did a drunk dial... but if it wasn’t for John and his atomic wings (Chicken.) I would have called this chick and said all kind of thing under the influence; he filled my belly full of sanity. So I didn’t make the call. But thanks to technology I text messaged instead. Oh well, maybe I should had more wings. I got a little plastered last night Met Viscusi at Satellite, wanted to see Tim’s new pool table. Al’s team from Bar 81 will be playing out of there soon.
6:45am this morning. I get a fuck you, you bitch on my Cell phone… Then later I turned into a Dentist and started to pull teeth just to get a Fucken Merry Christmas. Then I started calling bluffs. Jezz, the things an orphaned man has to do just to get some attention form his little darling.
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December 23 2004


RumbleFish Victoria Viscusi And William Fuentes



December 22 2004 The last day the first day
Today is the anniversary of my stolen child....12 months ago today
I got into it again with the “again” I have been this whole year. It is sad; I suspect it will never get any better then what it has been so far. Who am to think I can manipulate anyone into a new character with slogans and Philosophy of life; my life. Personality will never bend over for the logical and the experienced and sometime often the too loving. I am not a good person for trying to engineer social order within my realm. It backfired. And now I am sad, again… I’ll live, again. Another Christmas will go with my gift returned. And ill have another one sitting down in a dark corner, never to be opened. I just want it to be all over and disappear form my thoughts. When this year is over so will the remains of a lost dream.
...So I’m off till January 10th 2005, I will still be updating…


December 22 2004 about last Tuesday night the Fantastic Four
Team Stick It In's Fantastic Four
Sorry for the delay on the images I have been taking these last couple of days I have literately hundreds to edit so it will take time for me to catch up, between shopping and working it has been a little crazy so bare with me please...


December 21 2004

E-bar XXXmas party 2004 Thumbnails and Pics will be up in a few days...In the mean time here is a movie or---

Click here | The movie size is 2.9mb so give it some time to load | Here is an index of the Images or click a thumb to see them one at a time...

4:20pm I got some sass...

5:38pm She hangs up on me....Things are not cool again. Masha said to me yesterday if you let someone getaway with something once, the'll do it again. I know this O so well. I need to stop being a Frodo. And I also need to learn too-dont give anything away and expect to recieve. To do this is get nothing in return but headache and heartache.
5:55pm My Buddie Surprises me with a cup of Hot coco in my time of headache.


December 20th 2004 going to work...

Dude i tell-ya-Alexa really-am-a-smart guy she got some real good marble in da brains

Follow the leader? Your doing exactly what you want to do...Maybe its ok. But then again to do something just to do it means you might need something. Inspiration comes from the dam nest places. If things get cold just stay warm.

3:45pm yet again I got the weather talk thing...Just for the record. It really annoys the shit out of me to talk about the weather on an obvious climate day. If its raining a lot or hard or what ever and ya-say, "wet enough for ya?" or on a cold day say "Cold enough for ya?" I’m going to ignore you. And if you persist to get an answer from me, I will persist on ignoring you even harder. Until I just wont say anything to you.
Im ready...The cold, the rain, the quiet, the betrayel, the love, the hate, the stupidity, the good the bad the ugly, the everything, I hope like Frodo form Lord of the rings. Frodo always giving Golem a chance even though Sam Wise was right. you can still hope even though you know the truth. It still hurts but you wont die from it. You can though. Mad at Gravity-Burn

Another entry I wrote on January 7 2004

One of my not so good days

The Ice king

Today weather: Suny, dry and cold 12 degrees. Full moon.

January –07-2004 1:29pm
Jack Frost had a little sister.

Mother nature always told me before I went out side to play, stay away from Jack, he’s trouble. Jack whom? I ask Mother Nature as she bundles my coat on. Jack Frost she said. So for many season, I only played with Fall, Spring and Summer; Winter was always alone on the monkey bars. Fall became my best friend. Fall always listen to me and had the coolest colors, but I always felt death with fall, it never bothered me much, but still, that feeling of dying always lead to winter and I was never allowed to play with winter; Always skip it, always felt warm. Summer is were I learned all my emotion and Spring is-well-you-know, that time for the birds and the fleas. My adult life came around yet-still Mother Nature still bundles me up before going outside to play. I was warned every winter till my adult life by Mother Nature stay away from jack, and of course this time I did the exact opposite and played, with Jack. Mother stopped warning after I did that. She departed, I never saw her again; welcome to adult hood. Jack was an all right guy, nothing to be careful about. So at least I thought. So he became a regular in my playtime for many winters after that. Then one winter when I had a meeting to play with Jack he bought along someone. Her skin was like snow; her hair was colored with the darkest earth tones. Her eyes were like fire and she smelled like a peach. In contrast to the white snow she was nocturnal all over; Dark. Jack Frost had a little sister. I adored her. And that’s when I felt the cold for the first time.


December 19 2004 An entry I wrote on January 7 2004

January –07-2004 12:53am
Last day of school.

Today I graduated. Since the beginning of 2003 till January 6 2004 I have been taking lessons in the art of pettiness immaturity, bitterness, hate, lying and last but not least cold. An ice king I am now capable of becoming at will. With this new added power I am ready to tackle the world with better knowledge and understanding of its rules. For about a year I have been studying hard for similar test that I have taken many times before and failed. This element, opposite of the dragons breath was the final, and I past. I dove head into the abyss of the icy tundra all-ready knowing what was in stored. It was the same result occurring on the coming end of the chill. But this time it was different on my receiving end. I still kept my head up and braved the frozen wind. For the first time, I prevented it from dosing my flame from within. I now know how to be one with ice. My chameleon like state saved me from falling down and being stampeded by a winter of mixed up words and ill-persuasive suggestions leading me into the kitchen of Jack Frost and becoming a warm dinner for his little sister. It feels good to be cold, being cold numbs the summer in you, and let’s “self” take over the spring. Self is the preservation of survival. I’ve have had strong influences of the cold for the last couple of months and been shown how this disdain-wintry-storm works. With this new wisdom of “self’ I am xxxtorious over all that is-of-pettiness immaturity, bitterness, hate, lying and last but not least cold.

the Fall
Jim or someone else will take over. I will leave him with 8 countrymen on the roster. I will no longer be a captain. I will now be a king. I will appoint a leader to rule and move to different countries and live different adventures.


the king has spoken

I require lots of space…. Don’t crowd me.
I like to hold a grudge it helps me be angry and hate people more.
I like dorks, there amusing and entertaining.
I lie alot. it makes things better all the time.



December 18 2004

Did stuff.....Xmass...Tree...MnM's

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December 17 2004
.oh well.
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December 16 2004 About Wed and Thursday

So Julie and I went to Rachel’s office party on Wed night. It was fun we drank a lot. One of my colleges was there at the party as well, small world. Afterward we went to shoot at Joes. Bill never showed up with his crack head friend with the hooker. That would have been good if he brought them along to Rachel’s Office, they might have eaten all the cheese, like Julie and I did. Julie ate all the cheese, Julie is a cheese eater. Cheese eating Julie. Julieese, chjulieese.

I’m sitting at the bar and some of the regulars are calling me ugly boy Will. Later in the evening Serafina walks in with Adrian and Serfins say to me “ Our Team needs cute guys William” She was joking of course. She was mocking an entry I wrote a few days ago about how the guys on my team are not so cute. I told her my feelings were a little hurt about some things but not in the way most people think. I like the way I look, even if I say I don’t like the way I look, it’s hard to believe it when I have over 500 or more pics of myself on the Internet. “That’s all the world needs, more Pics of William” Douglas Mulkerns, another not so cute boy of Rumblefish. Anyway she tells me (Serafina) that cute boys don’t play pool to well. I almost agree. She says “ I don’t think anybody meant to hurt your feelings William, sometimes people already assume you’re a secure person, you give off this fending for yourself persona. I have been told this before and because of it I get a little kicked around assuming I can take the beating. I’m gona be 50 years old and I barely look thirty some days, it’s a genetic disposition that runs in my family, we are like turtles, we age every 18 months or so not 12 like most, it might be the Sicilian in me. Anyway, I never noticed before. but there are hardly any young people in the APA. I never really noticed until I got slapped in the face with the reality of ugly man-boy will day. Vic, Vic, Serfina and Aaron are; I think one, of maybe just a few more in our division that are barley legal to play. 21 and over please. Wow, my eagerness’ for killer players blinded me to this. I didn’t notice my kids are acting hungry for closer to age colleagues. Colleagues are over rated anyway. Oh well. Right now I’m-gona-go to another office party and get sassy.


December 15 2004 about last Tuesday night

The five of us was a wee bite merry
Julie Rocks out the table and points me to a Rock hard Muffin
Rog gets real happy
Ghost girl

Right off a plane from a week in New Mexico Michelle come strait to the bar to play her match for the team, wearing big nap sack, luggage and all. I want Michelle on my team....

I played...I won...I drank...And I ate a rock hard muffin with shots

Julie Loves Me....I love Julie...I love Michelle... Michelle loves me...We all love each other...Well Hell if things keep up like this I think ill take my D!*&% and stick in the mash potatoes yeehaawww!!!!



December 14 2004
About late last Monday night and this afternoon...soup ala lucy in the sky with dimonds

After the big was time to drink....and drink....and drink
Feel Sad William?
Have a Rice Crispe


December 13 2004
Ugly boy loser
What kind of a person is entertained by another person imperfections?

In the dugout when the player is up too bat, please pay attention, support and respect your fellow teammate swinging. Its ok to spit and yell while this is happening, but most importantly please be a cute boy.....
I’m not good looking enough to be observed while I’m up to bat. “Put cute boys on the team William.” I then think to myself after I here this a few hundred times for the last couple of weeks “Why? Is it going to improve your game? For what, so you can get bord with him after the 4th week and then start complaing about him on the fifth? So you can play while he is watching and then when you lose get angry and embarressed? I guess I’m not good looking enough, Old and ugly Will” Talk about a slap in the face. I Guess Karma is making its final rounds from a time when I said and succeeded in accomplishing the mission of putting cute girls on my team. After the insults the game begins. I respected and paid close attention to my “seeking cute boy” players games when they were up. It didn’t occur to me until I was shooting that I am not good looking enough to get in return that same attention and respect from my “seeking for cute boy” players. Too bad, now I’m going to put more girls on the team. I’ll make sure they’re real short fat and ugly and like to sleep around maybe some with facile hairs as well; this is so I can feel prettier.
I am looking to put together a winning team. Not a cute losing team. ” I know this guy, he shoots real well but he’s only 20 years old.” Is your game going to get better if i put him on? Telling me you want to put some minor on the team tells me a lot more about you than only just you wanting to put a minor on the team. I think the APA has a teenager league. Me? I like to stick to legal and adult. All I heard was Yap Yap Yap while I was shooting; I hate that shit, not the yap yap yap but the fact that it was coming from my team while I was shooting during a critical match, amazing. It’s a bar, yeah, ok, to converse and be a little merry is normal, people have been doing it for centuries, but during a critical match? Not good. A little support please. I’m here to Fucken win, if want to be social, ill do it any other day of the week. Then again I did write in an early entry on how a close team can hurt the team it self as well. Example: My Tuesday team is in first place, were so far In first, we can forfeit the last two weeks and still stay in first, but this teams well put together team work bought everybody up a level, this is just as bad as the fragmentation team work of the “ugly boys with girls who want cute boys on the team-team.” So what do you do? Why even play anymore William? Your Dammed if you win your Dammed if you lose but two things are for sure. One: When you have players who are more concerned about how the guys look on the team as apposed to how there game looks for the team then its time to really start to consider how to clean up the team. And two, I’m ugly. My team is out of it for the season now, we had a chance but I blew it, why? Cause I’m not a good-looking loser.

Person one tells me they don’t like person two for a long time, person two seems too perfect and has given person one an impression of stability in character, personality along with a healthy productive life style. Then of course, first impressions are gone with time, person two doesn’t seem so perfect anymore too person one, now person one likes person two after hearing some stories of imperfect events in the life of person two. Why? Security? Don’t feel alone anymore? Entertained maybe? Arrogance? Lets see what my guru has to say…

The Formidable and Wise Alexa says:
If one person takes pleasure in the sufferings of another, then he is not a good person. If he is reveling in the imperfections and
misfortunes of the other person, he is probably insecure and taking comfort in the negative experiences endured by another....
Then again, if a person sees imperfections in another's life as an indication that the other person is suddenly human, approachable, reachable, loveable, then maybe that's not such a bad thing. But it still probably means that the person is insecure.
Happy Birthday Shotman!!!!

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December 12 2004

An Entry from March 4 2004 Thursday

That’s it. I need a new pair of shoes. Kenneth Cole. I want that cologne Black. It smell’s good. I want pool to be new to me. I drew today and it was almost like I never left. I had a big tuna sandwich today. The moon is almost full. My battery is almost dead in my I book.
I saw Elise with two hot guys on the way home today. Sometimes I wish I had her energy. She is like a force of nature sometimes, she ether work with the weather or she doesn’t. I saw Nichole today at the bar. We spoke. She in a situation I have been in before. That was comforting, knowing that shit didn’t only happen to me. It takes a long time to get over it.

Almost random 1
Cynthia is on a detoxify gig right now. No cigs. No booze. No caffeine. Nothing bad for the body. Maybe that is a sign to do the same thing. It’s March. It’s a great time to start with the beauty treatments. Sam is drunk at the bar. Sam bit my stomach. Sam belched. Sam is dressed nice. Sam is hot. I take that back. Sam is deadly hot. Her best friend as there; at the bar. Her best friend told me Sam farts. That’s ok. So do I. Sleep to dream. ...more?
Almost random 2
I was a little bored today at the bar. Even though it had nice ladies hanging around I just felt irritated. The days are moving bye to quickly. I was taking my shooting for granted again and didn’t shoot up to standards. I have a million things to do and I don’t know were to begin. I will make a list of things to do and must accomplish. I will eat no junk food on Thursday. Well maybe an oatmeal cookie or two. There is a crazy lady who live up stairs from the bar complaining about the load music. The police came last night and asked what is going on.
I gave Michelle an iguana. I need to go to the pool hall and do drills. I need to up date my website. I need to shave. I need to get more ram for my i-book. I need to get a new pair of shoes. I need to cut the ends of my hair. I need to fix my teeth. I need to be converged in a way were I know I am not alone. I am indebt up to my ears. I need

Bush's Gay Marriage Ban
by Laura Conaway
I'd Leave the Country, but My Wife Won't Let Me
Bush Takes Aim at My American Family
March 3 - 9, 2004

"I've fantasized about leaving this country since I was 12 years old, but never more desperately than last Tuesday, when the president announced that my gay family should be banned by the U.S. Constitution". ...more?

Bush's Gay Marriage Ban by Laura Conaway

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December 11 2004
Punk rock…the Devil pat

At what point is he going to take responsibility for his actions? He walks the streets of NYC gets arrested for drunk and disorderly conduct one too many times and gets put on probation by the man. One more arrest and he goes to jail and from jail the judge decides if he goes back to his country. This is his lively-hood-life. In his other life, Pool, he again gets into many fights and gets many complaints about his conduct and personality so now the man puts him on probation in his recreational life. That was his pool life. Some of his friends laugh at the fact that he is on probation, like probation is a joke. Like the ones who put him on probation are a joke. These jokers wearing colorful smoking jackets with water flowers filled with probation sap are going to joke him out of the APA and then joke him out of the country. I yell at him for hurting himself so much, but I’m the only one doing it, Yo-William! He’s a grown man; he can do what he wants. He seems to have friends that like to take a seat back and watch him slowly go into a downward spiral. Only the devil pats you on the back for doing what you want in a place were doing what you want scratches and rubs people the wrong way around you. Disguising this behavior with terms, chimes and questions like, “isn’t this a free country?” and “don’t I have rights to do and say what I want?” Yeah sure, this old school-boring-ass-punk-rock-like-attitude is ok; I guess, provide doing and saying what you want doesn’t take away or hurt somebody else. I have seen this before, when I was a kid people told me it’s none of your business William, if she wants to drink let her. Its not your body its not your life, it’s a free country and she can do what she wants. That was 20 years ago. 20 years later she is exactly what I was predicting after I let it go, the living dead. People have a right in this country to be assholes, people have a right to hurt themselve’s; Dr Covorkean’s running ramped. I don’t feel bad. I know I tried.
Maybe the car swerving out of the way of the asshole lying in the street and landing in a ditch killing everybody is maybe the real reason why you want to help him. Lets back track a little. My buddy is lying down in the middle of the street and a car is coming, I attempt to move him out of the way and he say’s “hey don’t touch me I have a right to lay here.” Do you leave him lying there because he’s your buddy? Do you want to assume responsibility for your buddy who doesn’t want to take responsibility for his action? You see the consequence a mile away. What do you do? Do you let your buddy hurt himself real bad because he asked you too? Or do you take responsibility and deal with the consequence?
What if…
I moved inside a little but that’s ok… I got feeling-ya-know. I was so barmy almost in rage but it was only for a split second not even that, it was more like I thought I should of been, then I was calm then vacant then I was back to normal. I don’t know if it was logic that tamed the beast or just another of the year ending thing. It doesn’t move like it used too. I don’t know why? Inside was like fire, I find it hotter now than ever before but it’s not burning me like it use too; Johnny Blaze. I almost wanted it to burn me just to see if can feel. It was defiantly real but I just didn’t burn. Dare I say I miss the burn? Naaa, I’m just getting tired of it or maybe the fire is getting on. Oh that’s scary. The fire will never get old, it’ll just move through the brush burning different leaves. Animals run. Smoke gets thick; when I get her alone I will give her my trick. Mamma that’s yummy. I feel sick it’s my dick Tracy getting racy.
My heart is heavy right now but I have the strength to carry the weight; some how. I think time is spotting me; one more push feel the burn Fuentes. I’m not even trying, I’m scared. Oh she so hot, and I’m getting so cold all I think about is what if? Mmmmm every time I think about it my stomach growls. And my mouth waters. Bad taste good. I’ll never get a bite, I think. Maybe I don’t want one, It’ll give me the runs. Like a wild animal from a brush fire. I’ll never submit. I’m too proud. It gets loud and we start all over again. U suck.
I’m trying to think…
How do really feel about it, positioning the rook and watching her slip away. Why o why do go in pursuit of the erroneous from the inside. No one sees the rush of my blood. It’s a lonely stage; being stared at and watching every one laugh at your outside. I did it to myself. I question were I’m am standing these years, not in a good place not in a bad place just a place I’d rather not be anymore. My desires can’t be bought home. I have to leave them some were else. That sucks.

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December 10 2004
I just got this shit...It got muddled up when I got on the internet to get something. Now I'm back to the old fashion gota check my machine at home thing again...I will be getting a new one shortly...Dam...
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December 9 2004


December 8 2004

Cue-motions waved hard core yesterday with my Tuesday team. It seems winning big is losing big here in the NYC APA. The one thing I wish I had accomplished on Monday which was accomplished on Tuesday maybe wasn’t such a good wish after all. I might have forgotten the good qualities of having Captainship of the Outsiders appropriately named Rumble fish. The fall season is coming to a close and our 50-odd-something Point first place spot with a 9piont lead over the second place team would seems to be a good thing. This sensation happening on Tuesday night at the E-bar didn’t come free, its has a fee; a big fee. The City finals doesn’t happen until the summer of 2005 my Tuesday team would seem so far the best candidates in our division to get there. But it won’t happen if we have five level 5’s one level 7 and two 4’s. This is what happens when you win too much; you lose way too much. Our perfectly balanced team of unified thinking, skill full cue ball manipulation, pleasant harmonies sociological interaction, and plane simple respect for each other is being victimized bye the an imperfect system created by imperfect people. The rules applied for the objective prevents you from reaching the objective if your team wins to early, but if you try not to win too early doesn’t that mean your sandbagging?
One of the keys to the success of the American Poolplayers Association is The Equalizer®, the unique handicapping and scoring system that makes it possible for players of different playing abilities -- especially novices and beginners -- to compete on an equal basis, much like they do in golf and bowling. The Equalizer® uses a formula that measures a player's ability. The result is a handicap of how many games a player must win to capture a match in 8-Ball or the number of points a player must earn to win a match in the 9-Ball format.

HOW HANDICAPS ARE DETERMINED – Your Local League Office calculates and reports skill levels to the teams on a regular basis. Your skill level determines how many games you have to earn to win your match. Skill
levels are maintained, calculated and updated by the Local League Office. The process includes a number of factors including the application of specific mathematical formulas to the data on the weekly scoresheets, win/loss records, Higher Level Tournament performance, qualitative judgment by Handicap Advisory Committees, and other considerations. You are asked to refrain from attempting to keep your own records as it is generally a disruptive practice. The APA appreciates your cooperation with this policy.

ONCE SKILL LEVELS ARE ESTABLISHED – Now you can look at how your skill level and the skill levels of the other players interact to create the highly competitive atmosphere that has made this League so successful. Remember you are going to give or get games in 8-Ball. During regular weekly League play, simply refer to the “Games Must Win” chart shown below. This chart is printed on the scoresheets for your convenience.

Don’t Face the BIG DQ
by Elizabeth Wikoff

In any sport that uses a handicap system, there are always people who try to cheat the system and ruin the meaning of amateur sports. It is important to keep in mind that the APA was designed for the AMATEUR player and offers amateur players a fun and fair organized League system.
The Security and Accuracy of The Equalizer® Handicap System is in Your Hands!
The Importance of Proper Scorekeeping
Our Official Team Manual defines Defensive Shots: A defensive shot is a shot where the shooter deliberately misses so as to pass his turn at the table on to his opponent. A safety is a defensive shot because the shooter had no intention of making a ball of his category. Intention is the key word. Sometimes intent can be a matter of opinion and judgment, but the scorekeeper’s judgment must be accepted by the opposing player. Remember that defensive means deliberately missed. Players with integrity call all safeties and intentionally missed shots. The failure to mark defensive shots allows players and teams to advance with inaccurate skill levels.
It is important to mark defensive shots correctly during regular weekly League play and during National Tournaments. If scores are properly marked from day one of the session until the National Tournaments, disqualification would not be an issue. Marking defensive shots does not hurt the honest player. Be leery of players who argue against marking defensive shots!
Most importantly, you must score the game as YOU see it. Sandbagging is the unethical practice of keeping one’s skill level lower than it should be by missing balls or even by losing on purpose. If all deliberate misses (defensive shots) were marked, there would not be successful sandbagging. It is usually quite obvious when a player is sandbagging. Occasionally, a coach can be heard telling his player to miss a few times to run the innings up. It is important to report this type of behavior. In order for sandbagging to take place, BOTH players/teams must fail to follow the rules. The shooter must deliberately cheat, and his/her opponent must fail to mark the deliberate misses on the scoresheet.

SANDBAGGING: Sandbagging, in any handicapped sport, is the unethical practice of playing well below your ability in order to alter your handicap so it doesn't reflect your true ability. There are a number of anti-sandbagging measures in this League system. You can help by properly marking defensive shots (see DEFENSIVE SHOTS in these Definitions) during regular weekly play.



December 7 2004
Here is something I wrote on Febuary 15/ 18 2004 (Boy I wonder who inspired this?)

I had Some faggy feelings between Wednesday night and Thursday morning. It might have been the b-12 vitamins or maybe the Aleve. But this song moved me

Poem for her…
You know what I miss… I miss "saying" how beautiful she was, I felt alive revealing to her these things I see when she walks across room. I can never make up those things I used to say. I have to see and smell and witness to feel those loving things I used to say. I feel like I’m missing the sunset now, I feel like I am missing the pleasure of staring at the moon. She; “who-is” that witch inspired me. To feel beauty and the pleaser of telling, and then stepping back an admiring from a far and watch it like a sun set just to experience the anticipation to do it all over again on the

I hear... a voice say "Don't be so blind"... 
it's telling me all these things... 
that you would probably hide... 
am I... your one and only desire... 
am I the reason you breath... 
or am I the reason you cry... 
Always... always... always... always... always... always... always... 
I just can't live without you... 
I love you... 
I hate you... 
I can't live without you... 
I breathe you... 
I taste you... 
I can't live without you... 
I just can't take anymore... 
this life of solitude... 
I guess that I'm out the door... 
and now I'm done with you...

An entry from (Feb 15 Sunday) 2004 We opened our eyes at the same time facing each other and stared...
This mourning she told me she was married
Female Animal

I didn’t make a move, I stood perfectly still; after she said she was married. She turned around and started crying. I leaned over slowly to kiss her shoulder, and she elbowed me in the chest and said "and I’m not whore'! I said ouch, but I wasn’t really hurt. She turned around and said sorry, then leaned closer to me and started crying. As she lay on me I laid back and stroked her hair slowly as I feel her tears trickling down my chest. I asked if she was hungry. “You have to leave, my husband will be home soon,” she answers. I knew she was lying. There was no indication of any man living in her home. Not in the bathroom, not in the living room, not in the bedroom, In fact she barely had anything in her home, she did not even have a plant. Looks like she just moved in. I waited till she got up off of me so I can get up and get dressed. She is touching me in a way she used to touch the other man as she still cries. She finally got up 45 minutes later and went to the bathroom, I put on all my cloths but I threw my tee shirt with a logo on it that said “No Fear” under her bed. I went to the kitchen to rinse and wash up then I looked in her fridge, no food. I was starving, and my head was pounding; still got a little cold. I waited for her in the living room by the front door. She came out different, like she was on guard, ready to do battle; ready to tell me to fuck off if I thought she was some cheap lay. Both her arms were too her side's; she showed no fear. I walk up to her slowly and slide my hand through her arm and waist toward the small of her back and slide my other hand behind her neck. Her hands were still too her sides as I lean in too whisper gently in her ear. When I finished telling her what she needed to hear. We kissed gently. She asks me if I was interested in having dinner with her tonight. Before I answered, she lifted both or her arms and laid them on my shoulders and wrapped around my neck and kissed me lovingly.

No I will not have dinner with her, I will probably never see her again, but I know I helped her let go of that other man.

10:34pm I just showered…Showered so long my whole body is wrinkled. Washed off the whole last 4 days not including today. Haven’t had a cig since Wed.

I can breath deeper now. Oliver called, he’s gona play tomorrow, so is Vinny and Ana. I feel sexy. I learned that I am not thinking like a young man anymore, boy was I stupid. I continue twice longer in bed with woman now that I did when I was 23.

I love women. A woman is like a country. And the exploration is the pleasurable part. Even if it’s dangerous sometimes.







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December 6 2004
Seraphim says " Hey will can ya take that shit down ya wrote about me, ya make me sound mean" And I say " You Didn’t say anything I haven’t heard before, your not mean don’t worry." Stuart told me once at a triannul match Rumble fish was dominating one season. "William your team is the most unorthodoxy team I have ever seen, your captain-ship is like no one else’s." my point? I don’t know. Anyway I love Julie, I love Julie I love Julie I love Julie I love Julie I love Julie I love Julie I love Julie I love Julie I love Julie I love Julie I love Julie I love Julie I love Julie I love Julie I love Julie I love Julie I love Julie I love Julie I love Julie I love Julie I love Julie I love Julie I love Julie I love Julie I love Julie I love Julie I love Julie I love Julie I love Julie I love Julie I love Julie I love Julie I love Julie I love Julie I love Julie I love Julie I love Julie I love Julie I love Julie I love Julie I love Julie I love Julie I love Julie I love Julie I love Julie I love Julie I love Julie I love Julie I love Julie I love Julie I love Julie I love Julie I love Julie I love Julie I love Julie I love Julie I love Julie I love Julie I love Julie I love Julie I love Julie I love Julie I love Julie I love Julie I love Julie I love Julie I love Julie I love Julie I love Julie I love Julie I love Julie I love Julie I love Julie I love Julie I love Julie I love Julie I love Julie I love Julie I love Julie I love Julie I love Julie I love Julie I love Julie I love Julie I love Julie I love Julie I love Julie I love Julie I love Julie I love Julie I love Julie I love Julie I love Julie I love Julie I love Julie I love Julie I love Julie I love Julie I love Julie I love Julie I love Julie I love Julie I love Julie I love Julie I love Julie I love Julie I love Julie I love Julie I love Julie I love Julie I love Julie I love Julie I love Julie I love Julie I love Julie
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December 5 2004
I was having a good day right up until Seraphim say I’m not too happy with the Monday team William. “ It’s a nice team but I can’t help but feel it has this almost off-putting feeling about it”. I stood quite when she said that, because I know exactly what she means. “Don’t leave my team Seraphim,” I say to her. I try to sell her the “stay-on” reasons but it was weak. 5-playoffs, 2-plack’s 3-MVP’s and 34 trophies in just a little over 12 months was not enough to convince her to stay. “The team is not too-together Will.” Following those words from Seraphim, Donald comes in sarcastically with “maybe we all should sit together and get along real well like that team we played last time, ya-know, that team that sat together and spoke to each other and got along, Donald starts laughing at the thought of that team that got along so well, Donald starts to make fun of the get-along-with-each-other-team. “Cant we all just get along?” He described compared and made fun of them in all kinds of whimsical ways. Making it a gag that they simply respected each other and got along. Donald fond there togetherness a comic story that day, it can be of course, like anything else, but the fact that they were all pissed drunk that night and happily bumbled around the table with there forth placed score, didn’t fight with each other or anyone near bye and got along with each other kind of slapped me in the face. That team never worked like that before. Perhaps it could be their negative element is no longer present? I just couldn’t see what was so funny about it. Negativity can be disused in many ways. Some times the obvious is not what it seems. I tried so hard to put together a good team; and the team is good but just about everybody on my Monday team is an independent person in one-way or another. A totem pole of the unconstrained. Orphan, black sheep, single, a stranger in a stranger land. A crowd lover but a people hater. It might be this fierce independence slash regulators that’s keeping my team fragmented and together at the same time. This is a terrible imbalance, being your own worse enemy. I have to renovate this matter or we will be doomed to reiterate it again.
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December 4 2004 About Friday
If you can do something no one can believe you can do, is this an insult or a compliment?

Have youeself an eggroll, we got everything here from diddly doe to damed if i no...

The Boggie down and I


December 3 2004 the Fingers..will be updated shortly

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here is an entry I wrote on the last day of December 2003 write befor the new year began. Did I follow my resolutions?
Writin on Wed 1:00pm | 03

The last day of the year, or least in America. This final day started with me taking a shower for about an hour; washing off 2003. Checking my email only to discover that it has been cancelled. is no-more. It is now, what ever. Spoke to my gothic flower, She is more Gothic now than ever before. Of course I am much appreciated of that. I think I shaved a little today.
Resolutions suck…
But if have to make any, here they go
Top 10 Resolutions 2004.

1. Stop smoking for 11 months…
2. “No mercy on the pool table, its just not professional kid” Paul Newman The Color of Money. I will show no mercy on the pool table ….I did not enjoy beating people I got along with or liked in the past, even though they like beating me. Self-esteem problem is now fixed. Fuck-hem, deal with the woopin your Gona get from me now. Of course I wont be judgmental about it. Your now gona see the principles of fine-art brought to the pool table.

3. Keep a cool head under pressure.
4. Don’t over-compliment other pool players. People sometimes look like condescending pricks when they do that. I don’t want to look that.
5. Get a new apartment. Or buy a truck wich ever comes first.
6. Go to the gym, get my boyish figure back, bricks, butt all that good stuff.
7. Take a break from the APA at some point.
8. Drink more, date more, and keep my head up more.
9. Don’t upsess with anything other than my art.
10. Get a new hair do.
There ya go. Ill be taking off soon. Gona hang out get my groove-on. How ever I do it.
Ps: no vomiting out of a cab. This year.

Any comments? Dec 31 2003/2004



December 2 2004
I will update later...I need a long break


December 1 2004
I will update later...I need a break


November 30th Stick it in is too top heavy..........



November 29 Monday Masha--8-ball on the break......

Rumblefish Vs Ace

Monday was the end of things and new beginings
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