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About last Monday

March 31 2004 Wed

Final word for the last day of the month

The Reason
What are-ya-gona-do. A test of metal is always scary, but ya-gota-do-it if your going to see if it’s real. Its iniquity; this that I write. As well as a little hypocritical. I don’t think I have the balls to live by this rule myself, being I am single for the last ten years; I enjoy being this way. Unless I was a woman, then it would be harder. If you can accept certain things about you’re loved one, the drinking, smoking, flirting, little whites lies and hanging out with other people who would sleep with you in a second if they new they would get away with it. Then I think a relationship with a lion or lioness might be little easier to have. A lion? What the fuck is William talking about? If you enter or create a relationship with an independent person, “lion or lioness”, then I might think trying to tame the lion or lioness will be a tuff lifetime job of cracking the whip for the relationship. Just ask Siegfried or Roy; poor Roy I guess it wasn’t love after all. “A balance must be made between the two”; so says the great Ray Miranda pool player extraordinaire. Trust is key; a chair and a whip can go but so far in a relationship before the lion leaps over to bite you in the ass. The hand has four fingers and a thumb, I like the thumb it’s the strongest finger. People tend to love a challenge; people want what they can’t have. I think I have written this before. I know from my own experience, when I know I can get it, I don’t want it; unless I need it for some personal reason I keep lying about.
There is a middle ground that must be made clear or the battle will lead to both losing in the end so sayeth the great Ray Miranda. I might be a chicken shit for writing all this. Stay true to your self and try not to lie. Lying only makes things worse in the end; or the beginning.
My single self admires the beautiful with out hesitation. I don’t hate you or think you are always wrong; in fact your honesty is what makes you taste so great and smell so yummy. Appreciate my honesty. Don’t lose that, don’t sit in a cage too long, and don’t move when the whip starts to crack. Don’t fall for the question that came from suspicion of and answer that does not matter. Don’t take me to seriously some times. Separations breeds’ togetherness. Its time to let it rest and go to the one you haven’t seen. It will all work out in the end. Remember when you think you will be alone I will always be there floating by your side whiffing your aroma. I am not perfect, imperfection makes it perfect; but we are; perfect.
Edge bar is sexy…
It’s got Oscar award winners walking in.


Ps: go smoke your fucken cig...

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March 30 2004 Tuesday


About Monday

I showed up late for my Monday match, and the team did well…..hmmmmmm.
Brian won his match. 3 zip
Then Aaron won his match.
Then Marcus, 4 zip
Then Douglas. (Broke and ran the last game). Then finally-

William. (Broke and ran on his last game). Rumble-Fish is way macho…
5 Zip we took yesterday, after the pressure of the recent triannuals, the Monday match was a no pressure situation. We lost the Triannuals, yes I know but. For some reason my team feels a little stronger know. Aaron said something to me yesterday that is going to force me to make a hard decision. It’s just as well. But I think Aaron might be my co-captain next season or maybe the other player I might put on next season. She already has experience she already knows the key players on my team; and they get a long very well. Plus all the guys think she’s hot.

    Geroge wants to start a team with Xxx. Intresting
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March 29 2004


Well I am on my way to the Triannuals. A few things happened in the last week or so. Don’t know were to begin. Aaron does something; a lot. I spoke to Xxx. She learned a few things during her absence from William; and so did I. Alex has a cool pad, along with 16308 Mp3s for his -iTunes. Life goes on. I am on a new sever now; thank goodness. I haven’t updated in a week. Molly forgot to submit my sheet on Wednesday and Rumble fish might be docked two points; this might coast us the season if the operator doesn’t show mercy. We have to win the triannuals now. Before it was 50/50, if we lose we still had one more chance. But now that we will not be in the top three its now or never.
Don’t show mercy William. I have been on that mercy trip again. Is mercy a form of judging? Anyway, I will not do it today or take anyone for granted ether. I will put up xxxxxxxx on the table today. I don’t know about her incentive though. It seems she is for Rumble fish. Ether way she is going to be played today; twice.
I hope Marcus and Oliver shows up.
We lost the triannuals. But I still played Xxx. No more xxxxxxxx bashing.
I am feeling so bummed right now, I just want to lay down and cry. Instead I went to edge bar and drank a few bloody-maries as Douglas watched bummed out about his own personal problems as well. We won the first round lovely. We cleaned up, swept, executed the other team. I played xxxxxxxx first. She played that guy like he was the Sunday morning laundry. He was all washed up. She tells me here captain doesn’t want her going up to a four? If she does, she will be off his team or she suspects; too bad. We won three in a row. Then we waited till 4:30 for the second round. I played Xxx again; first.

Before I get into details about the second round. I just want to add a few things for the sake of-so-far-writing my life on the Internet and for those who were and are still interested in the days of the Will/Xxx drama that transpired four months ago. Yes I was crushed when she left and yes I knew the team she was joining was only interested in her number not her game, but I am glade she had the experience of being on another team. The things she was telling me about her new team and how they operate along with knowing how some captains need a number more than a player. This has given her the awareness’ of how unique Rumble fish was to her. Mind you this does not mean Rumble Fish is better then the rest now; but, then again we did have xxxxxxxx Xxxxx playing for us once.

Once a Rumble Fish always a Rumble Fish. Xxx is way-way under-rated. The APA is going to turn her into a level four sooner or later. As far as I am concerned it does not matter what level she is, she's a shooter not a level; this is what I look for in players; the numbers come second not the person. Good luck finding a new team-Rumble Fish xxxxxxxx.
The League Operator tells me my team is like no other he has ever come across. I was so stoked when he said that to me before my match. He said I have some sort of spiritual approach. I new my team was different from the rest. But we still lost. The captain of the other team tells me I shoot like a six, I said thanks I thought to my self I am not an anything, but I felt like saying I don’t judge and rate anybody’s game according to numbers.

Xxx won the first match and Douglas lost the second, Aaron lost the third and William won the forth; it was all up it Vinny; Vinny lost. I dont know what to feel.

Now I fear William, xxxxxxxx, and Douglas will have their handicap jacked up or shifted around for naught. Oh well. Stuart looked at me like “what happened will” After he praised my captain-ship. I feel so god-dam stupid right now. I feel like a loser. I feel like a failed; again.

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March 24 2004


March 24 Wed
I don’t want Cybele to leave. It’s been on my mind all afternoon. My pool match paid for it. Cybele got a better offer some were else. I love Cybele. At least she will still be in the city.
What I learned recently.
When you have things in your life to deal with and it needs to get resolved, fixed or what ever to smooth it out you will bring it to the surface when a critical shot needs to be made. I have a fear; in my endeavor to repair this human behavior while I am shooting it might make me a cold and hard person. I don’t think confidence is a problem here though it might seem the problem; it’s a little deeper than that. I don’t know what is going on right now but it is defiantly not boring. I am developing in some way I don’t have a clue of what it is.
Emotional landscapes
I am in a state of emergency and no one knows this. I am dealing with it the best way I can. I believe in my ability to over come any obstacle I am presented with in a manner of conservative approach and serene etiquette. This is what I will do in the next few days, if not, fuck everyone here comes Piranha.
2:30 am There was a guy jerking off in front of me on the train Tuesday night as I was sit here writing on the subway car. It’s like I am not even here. This is disgusting.
11:59am. I put the Fairy back were I found it. I just did not like my day yesterday after I found the fairy by the tree. I felt no control of anything at all. I put her back well hidden, but just enough to be seen by the wind and taken away.
I cant rate my players bye there ranking, number, level; whatever. I was talking to Spence and it seems he is having a ruff time with his new team. He beat Big Al on Monday but he seems to not be too happy, Spencer is turning into a captain. He was saying to me about the levels of his players and I advised him not to see his players as levels but more like pool players. Try and take notice of the style and quality of their game first not the number- level they are first.

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News-----APA Triannual------News

Good afternoon,
Attached is the schedule for the triannual next Sunday. Times, locations and
matchups are listed. There will be four winners who will advance to the city
championship. Please have your team at the site a half hour early.
Good luck to all.

May I have your ATTENTION PLEASE….
Rumble fish is playing at Paddy McGuire’s on March 28 Sunday at twelve o clock noon. This message is for those who are interested in showing up for whatever appropriate or inappropriate reason they have.

Stuart Scheer

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March 23 Tuesday You know when I found this Fairy on the ground this morning on the way to work I thought I was going to get good luck.


News----Im am Going to lose Cybele :(

I am very sad that I am going to lose the best co worker I have ever worked with in my life :(

It's depressing having your website down for a week.

I dont ask for much. some people wish they were rich somepeople want dimonds and pearls. all i want is a cookie. And i cant even get that right now.

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March 22 Monday


Sorry for the last couple of days, but my web server was down…
May I have your ATTENTION PLEASE….
Rumble fish is playing at Paddy McGuire’s on March 28 Sunday at twelve o clock noon. For those who are interested in showing up for whatever appropriate or inappropriate reason he or she have.

Thanks the stars
Cops and Robbers …
Well Rumble Fish received the bracket for the triennials. Looks like we play a would be team of cops; or least that is what I was told. Doug-da-thug, Vin the chin and Will the thrill will have to be on good behavior or else it’s the big house for the three of us. We had a strange night; this Monday night. I have seen his before. It seemed karmatic. We lost horrid. But when that happens it usually means the next game is a win. Douglas missed a few shot and he laugh. I tickled me pink to see him miss a shot he has gotten hundred times over. What ever. He won anyway. Vinny looked real good he was making two balls at a time; because he felt like it, he is ready to eat someone for lunch on Sunday as well as Aaron and myself. I hope things work out well for Rumble fish.
Ronnie won his match against George.
He called me right away after the win. Ronnie is an official Dragon Slayer on his Monday team. He looked very happy. And George? Well…I asked what happened? His answer. “I get drunk to keep sober because when I’m not drunk; I’m high the dots on the sidewalk are like angles and I like big tities”. Huh?. What does it all mean George? What does it all mean?
I went to bar 81 and Spencer was playing Big Al’s team. Good luck Spence.
Fatal attraction.
You know that shot that you love to make, you make it 99% of the time and it feels good to do it. When you are presented with that same 99% shot during a match an you know if you don’t make it they other guy is going to win the match, it just doesn’t feel as good as it should. This is what you call a fatal attraction shot or a rabbit trap. This happen to me today. And it was fatal. Oh well at least I got to blow my load…
2:25 am on the subway.
There is a little Indian man chanting a song in front of me right now on the subway; I am scared.

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March 21 2004 Sunday/Monday

The server hosting my website is down. It’s been like that for about w week already. Sorry about that folks.

It’s bleeding cold outside.

And my back is killing me. The water puddles in the street are iced up at the edges. One week left for the triannuals. I went to bull’s head tavern to check out the table. If Rumble fish does not get a hold of a short cue by Sunday. We will have a disadvantage. Didn’t do too much on Sunday but deal with my lower spinal cord problem. Maybe I should sue the state of Ohio; this is terrible.

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March 20 Sat


Its Sat morning and I’m going to work….
Silly me. I should’ve got some sleep instead all I did was take a nap. I dreamt though. At least I got some REM. Man; there are a lot of people on the train.
Lisa’s Birthday….
Happy Birthday Lisa. The cake was good and everybody was great. P.s Carolyn looked hot. NnnNNOooOOOOoOoOOo!!!! What am I saying!!! P.s Emi wants an i-book. I’m tired.
E-bar had a lot people in it yesterday.
Lots of women and lots of people hanging around the pool table. Lindsey was there doing behind the back shots on the pool table. Lindsey is Hot. YyYYEeeeEEeessSSsss!!!! That’s what I’m saying!!! P.s Val is going to cause a traffic accident if she keeps on being beautiful.


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Congrats Douglas
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March 19 2004 Friday


2:50 am Thurs/Fri. I was so cranky yesterday…. But I felt better when I shot with Michelle at BBC. She is good. She is twice better on a real pool table than a crappie bar table. Dynamics are different. We went to visit Stephanie at her new job after some good shot making on the pool table at BBC; we ate the yummiest meals. Later, I shot at the bar table and felt very stiff in the stroke and had no confidence in the cue I was using. I should now better than to try and shoot with charge after a pool exercise; ya-just cant make-a-ball. I started analyzing with out judgment when I missed. It’s a good thing I did. Because I learned why I was missing as appose to letting anger cloud my judgment; No anger no judgment will lead to no clouds to begin with.
My buddy Rob (shot-man) and I have similar ways in life. I will always be independent, even if I am committed to some one. The conversation we were having made me a little mushy inside, that’s ok, I need to feel a little drama at least once a month. We spoke on how many times did we ever truly love? I told him once, but I was lying it was more than once, maybe twice. Each one different. Each one I hate living without. It’s just-meant to be this way.
Michelle has a headache. Today while I was hanging with Mitch, she said too me something late in the evening I was thinking exactly early that morning. Being one out of ten most of the time is irritating, exasperating, frustrating and in the end lonely. I tried to give her a positive out look on it being I suffer the same thing most of the time. “ You are not the majority. Be happy and grateful you aren’t that witch gives you a headache, Let the infliction of ignorance by others remind you that you have something special not too many people have’ and also. Try to avoid being or getting your self in a situation were you are dependent of a moron”. Ignorance is bliss, to bad that bliss can give others a headache sometimes.


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March 18 2004 Thursday

Hung Over day




4am. Going back to my place from E-bar. Wed night / Thurs morning
I am sitting on the train right now typing on m y ibook and yup… I am drunk. Saint patties day. It’s like Christmas for the alcoholics. I was at the bar, drinks all night. And I closed it. Lots of booze hot wings and friendly women. What more can a guy ask for. A good catch? Molly? I played pool and I gave Ronnie lots of tunes. There was a bag piper there. Weeeeeee. I thought bag piping was a Scottish instrument? Cindy worked hard so did Molly as well. Sui was there; he was drunk when he walked in and then fell asleep on the couch, woke up later then started playing pool. He wants to join my team. He’s good. Michelle was beating everybody up on the table. AJ likes to talk smack during his game. I’m crazy. I have to be at work in the morning and im leaving the bar 4am. Sandra came to visit. Weeeee. Nichole wants to join my team. Boy, Rumble Fish is getting popular. And I was going to quit.
I am tired. My eyes are baggy and my skin is green from the stoggs. I need sleep. It’s 4:33 in the morning and I am on the subway going home only to get up in a few hours to go to work; Whata-ya-gona-do.
8am. Thursday morning.
Well here I am back on the train again going to work 4 hours later. Still drunk. I am going to work drunk. Better get a cup of coffee.
Ok, now I’m cranky.
There is a guy sitting next to me not minding his business and reading my book over my shoulder. I hate that shit. Mind your business. He is still looking at my book and me. Now he is reading my book. I’ll give him a dirty look. I know I write so people can read it but I still find it annoying while I’m writing somebody is reading it. I had a slice of pizza for breakfast, it is now digesting badly as I sit on the train to work. There is a woman in front of me wearing 350 dead animals. This made me sick.
Cybele made my day.
Cybele got me some play doe. The smell of play doe brings me back to when I was being creative a s a child. And so does Crayola crayons. When ever I get stuck on coming up with an idea for my art I turn to all my senses an play doe does the trick.

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March 17 2004

Happy Saint Patties Day

Talkin about yesterday.....

I wipe out Ronnie’s iPodOopps. All I did was plug it in to my iBook. Then bam, empty iPod. I new what I did, but like Chris Farley in the Movie Tommy Boy, when Ronnie asked me “Where’s my Music?” I looked at him said, “oh my God what did you do?” Oh well, he will put it back later, I got about 4000 mp3s. Any way, I won my Tuesday match. And yet again I got the hard-core critique during before and after my game. I broke Rachel’s cue tip in the middle of my game…. oopps. Today is destroy things that don’t belong to me day for William. Val made me a few bloody Maries and I had a few beers. Then the breaking stuff that is not mine began. I broke a bottle too…oops. I am now 11 and 1 from Monday and Tuesday.
I saw Molly today; she reminded me of Monday; warm and sunny. So I was able to deal with Tuesday; cold and nasty. The air did strange thing to my Chi. Monday it was 70 and Tuesday it was 40, like a full moon, this kind of behavior from Mother Nature will affect the human tide.
Ya-know that feeling you get in your gut when you need to shoot ball in pocket. It is terrible when you have to shoot with out having that feeling; no desire to hear the drop, the strike, the stroke and the follow. Today’s win did not blow my load. It’s like trying to get a hard-on with out being horny. It’s like Tim on the “L word” doing it to his lying bitch X-girl friend, working on muscle memory; ugly. I won my match today but it was like having a fake orgasm and pretending you were satisfied after ward while he rolls over and falls a sleep; then farts.
I closed the bar today. It slowly started to turn into a Ricky lake episode at the other end of the Bar the conversation was about love and relationships. Ya-can’t own love, loves owns you. Ya can’t find love, love finds you. I would rather be single with dignity than be in a relationship and miserable.

Some folks say its better to have love and lost than to never love at all. Whatever. I know love and I learned from it the first time I lost. Then we meet again, and then we both lost. We had some vollies on relationships and affairs for the last ten years or so. Some times we break even. Cupid’s arrow is now a back scratchier to me. Love and I have an occasional beer on Friday and sometimes coffee on a Sunday afternoon. I love all the time now. Good for me, bad for the rookie on the other end.

This is March?

Only in New York.

The magical three...    

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March 16 2004 Tuesday


Away game
Rumble fish vs. Mona’s b team--------
Douglas #5 vs. Amedeo #5. It is a 4-4 Race.
Douglas already gassed on two slices of pizza and a pack of cigs. Amadeo in “the” game of his APA profession.

D 1, A 1. On the third match now, Douglas runs the table. Douglas wins the third match. Douglas breaks, sinks two balls misses the third Amadaeo runs five balls, misses Douglas is up misses. Amadeo runs the table, hill hill now. Douglas is on the eight, the eight is hanging over the corner pocket Douglas misses the eight Amadeo runs two of his last balls and is now on the eight, Amadeo misses the eight. Lots of innings. Douglas shots a hanging eight, Douglas misses the eight. Amedeo is on the eight Amadeo misses the eight. Douglas is on the eight, Douglas wins. It was pretty much funny like that the entire evening after that.

Rumble-Fish are winners. Oliver played lovely today. Oliver won.

I did something today (william) I affirmed not to do any more in the last three months. I got arrogant and cocky. I am being looked at with expectations of being amazing, that’s pressure that needs to be re-applied in a place were your game is not heavy.

I even showed mercy; stupid. An now I feel like I betrayed myself and my team for doing it. I have been winning my matches all season (both Monday and Tuesday, 10 wins one lose) in a way that is very different from the rest of my seasons, but today I took a step back. I have been here/there before. Something took me back there and I wish I new what it was. I suspect I let certain things get to me today. Maybe cause I did not eat right. Maybe it was Brains ear splitting winning about how bad his game is. Maybe it was the on coming storm. Maybe I am just human.

Luck? What is luck? A lucky break…what is a lucky break? I will not judge my self. I will not pat myself on the back when I win and I will not beat myself up when I lose. I am repudiated as a formidable player in the pool community of and in my APA division; so I have been told. When I lose a match I will observe the lose and address in a manner in witch will prevent me from repeating the mistake again; non-judgmentally. Worry and the unknown. A mental formula for generating a lack of confidence in your stroke and ability to play. This might be the key reason as to why one looses a match after a slew of wins and good stroking, why one beats them selves up with disappointment in them selves and creating in one’s head all the possibilities and probabilities of woulda-coulda-shouldas.

When you hear, “you’re not shooting with confidence”. Confidence? The belief and faith in ones ability. The funny thing is though, when I lost my first match of the season today, for a short time I was taking big steps back in my attitude towards it; during, before and after my shooting. It was like shooting for last season again; yukkk what an ugly season. I shook it off then re-applied it with my zen. I will not get angry and say, “maybe I should of”. And I will embrace why I did what I did, doing this will help destroy my denial.

An example of addressing no confidence.

The track pad (arrow thingy) on my ibook is not working well. At any given time it will give out making it very difficult to use my book without knowing the key commands to open close and get to programs and windows. Knowing this problem made me lose a little faith in my computer ability to do what I want. Suddenly I was typing slow and making lots of errors. There was a crucial element in my writing and key strokes I was not sure was going to work. Because of it not coming through. And because of “I wonder” with a little worry. I was missing my shots…errr.. I mean…. I was typing slow.
I fixed this problem by learning the key commands. Now I barley need the mouse anymore. I type even quicker and more efficient then ever before. This is what I need to do with my game. Learn what are all my elements involved.

The first day of spring is in four days?

The cold electrical air is soothing.

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March 15 2004 A Beautiful Molly...uh... er... I mean Monday-day

I called her last knight...just to see if she was it begins...

I have watched Molly Knight evolve into Alpha-female-Honey-edge over the last few seasons. I think it's safe to say she would probably be the best catch a man can find in the lower east side of NYC. Fire-man suite? Amazing. She were's my old dream of being a fire man? Hmmm, how can I get her attention? I think I’ll join the swim club; here is me on my first day; the water was cold. so I thought of Molly, then I got popular.

I did battle with my ibook and quick silver G-4 all day Sunday. Dam, I missed my Set and bloody Mary date with Shalon and Carla.

Tonight we play Mona’s; big-weeeweee. I don’t feel like playing today. All I want to do is drink bloody Maries and daydream of large women in little boats.

So Brian is not going to Arizona after all. He going to be a grown up and stay to fight the good fight here in NYC; be like the rest of us working class stiffs, just keeping our heads above water and putting up with the Ronnie’s of NY. Every block has a Ronnie. What’s your Ronnie?

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March 14 2004 Sunday

Time for me to produce.

Michael Hong is Having a baby!!!!!

Sitting on the train.
Ok so I am on my way to do some pool-gaming and then watch Douglas do his magic. I didn’t do to much on Friday. Money makes the world go round. If I were brave, I would play for the time. Maybe I need to be desperate; maybe. My bad boy self is dormant. I got two for one Camels; There goes dinner. Just miss the express; didn’t feel like getting up.
I am living the blues, but I look at the others. You-know, I’m not doing that bad. But I can be better.
I just rememberd something from a few days -ago.
This has been passed on from generation to generation. Many-o-people have suffered this. The Fuentes curse. The Fuentes curse has struck again. I wont say what it is, but some already know what it is; those who have been cursed by the Fuentes curse. Poor souls never saw it coming.
It really sucks when you are the only one who can see how creepy some people are. I went thru this before and it almost looks like it might happen again. I’ll have to nip this in the bud before it happens again.
I like big women.
Big women do good things. It’s ok if you’re a big chick-but once upon a time skinny. Some guy’s prefer-em big. I dated a big girl once; once. We broke up, and then she got even bigger. And then real bigger. And then needed to be in a hospital big. And then needed a cane big. And then had special big shoes made for big feet big. And then had to were a moo-moo big. And then had her period once every two months big. And then needed the fire department help her get out of the doorframe because she is stuck big. Can’t wipe her ass correctly because she can’t reach big. Here is a big song. TheSong; You feel the earth-move-under-your-feet you see the sky tumbling down-tumbling down-tumbling down. Big is nice. Big might help your game. A lot of good pool players are big. I hear your game gets better when you’re big. Slouching at work all day and then going out for Chinese food and beer on the week ends can help you get real big. Big in the butt is good. Some guys like a big butt girl. Big butt girls who play pool. Yeah baby. Big.
Michael Hong is Having a baby.
Michael Hong is going to be a father. Congrat’s Mike and Mimi. If it’s a boy, will you name him William or captain William? Michael wants to come back on the team. Is this the beginning of domestic life for the Hong-man?

Ok so, Aaron and me couldn’t find the knitting factory on foot; silly us. We missed the reading. Dick heads we are. But that’s ok. We will take a cab to the next one. It might have been the beer. It might have been the Chinese food. We went to the E-bar and got loaded; yet again. Six tequila shots and a number of beers. I know he knows we did not do it on propose. It’s just one of those nights. We shot pool as a team. We lost to people who we should not be losing to. Its just one of those nights. I have seen these nights before. They don’t last. They don’t stick around. But if a shifty nights comes along. Then to-night is a good night for it. Nothing major. Nothing earth shaking. No harm no foul.

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March 13 2004 Sat


Tonight, the Knitting Factory!!! Come see Douglas do a reading !!! 8:pm; down stairs. Douglas is big in the writing community. I would imagine he is a level 7 writer/reader.

Ps. You know he playes pool as well...ahh-my-Douglas. I think I'll keep him.


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March 12 2004 Friday

Rachel and her 15 Xxxtims at E bar

About yesterday...Thursday...Didnt to much on Friday...I'll write about it later..

Ps. No: "13" was A.J.

E-bar had live music today | It was good. The bar was packed. And the music was great. Pool and live music. What more can ya-ask for on a Thursday night. Rachel was there. You know the one who was beating her self up for loosing a few matches during the season. I new she would turn around; like a circle. That-bad-ass-pool-honey won 15 games in a row!!! Mondo leaves, Macho shots, jack an coke with a few stooges out side inbetween the beatings; a new classic combination mayor Bloomberg can’t put rules and regulations on. She beat everybody up. I knew she was going in the direction of champion. That’s why she was missing shots a few times lately. Two steps forward one step back; two steps back a giant leap forward.

I was no 10 on her kick the guys ass list. Her magic turtle had nothing to with it; hmmmm?

Circles and circles and circles…
The day was pretty interesting. A lot of karma. Or maybe just circles. What goes around comes around. So I noticed today with some people. I went to work, fought with my computers. Ate pretty good, then went to the pool hall. I shot with Craig. Craig is good. We pretty muched volleyed with our games. Then there was a point were we were just missing a lot of shots. I have seen this before, we kept conservative about it. No judgment just change the pace and take notice of what you’re doing; is it within the norm and so forth. The missing the pocket slump eventually left the table after about 15 minutes of negative energy. I need to practice more.

Whitney is back in town. Gona be in Stuff magazine she so hot. E-bar really gets the hot bartenders don’t they?

Ronnie got into a fight with a guy twice his size today. Ronnie won. Don’t mess with Macho-man Ronnie.

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March 11 2004 Thursday


My safari is not working in my panther, drat!!!
A.J. Has got some ideas and philosophy about the game. And almost sounds like me; almost, but not exactly. He applies the principles of his craft (cooking) but he is still to judgmental. If you keep thinking other people are better than you or you think you are better than other people your game is going to end up in a downward spiral. Let it go A.J let it go. Enjoy the pleasures of the game stimulating your senses. the best part of your omelet is not the formula that created it or making it. But eating it.
Spent all morning fighting with my computers. Uhg. Panther has it’s up and downs.

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March 10 2004 WED

One bottle made my head spin

Magic Hat Beer

Before I get into my written drama of the day. I would like to write that, Molly is smoken. Tube top figure, great hair, clear, milky marble pink skin. Rail board stomach. And way-intelligent. What more can a boy ask for.
Rachel (blond) played today. Rachel is a champion in the making. When you get more advanced at your game, you first have to get worse; or just miss. It will happen for her.
Ray played. Ray played like a champ. ESPN like. Elise played; and won. Like always. Then suicide girl Rachel played (the other Rachel: brunette). She won like a champ. And had fun. Then I played. I won my match. But I do not feel like a winner or a loser. I was getting criticism and suggestions from all side of the pool table’s congregating people around it. Before during and after my shots. Most people would have said leave me alone and let me shoot. I kind of liked it. It was almost soothing. It helped me see what I need help in or need to improve my game. It pulled out the best in me. I hate that word improve. I will call it a new level; that could mean anything but I’ll let the other person decide what it could mean. One of my old Rumble fish’s uses to say. I almost rolled over the match out of pity for my opponent. I did this a lot. That was arrogant of me to do. Bad form. Bad karma. Almost like a white lie but not exactly. I would be demeaning my self in the long run and ultimately be insulting my opponent if I did not give it my best. It is a compliment to your opponent to play your best. This was a test of one of my New Year resolutions. I feel good now. We won tonight; four too one. The Tuesday team is in second place. My Monday team is in second place. Not bad for a guy who was going to leave the APA. The future is still blurry for me. I must keep going forward. Fork in the road and all.
Vision Quest
There is something about March 9 2004. Something, someone or at some point during the day a changed in my prudence happened. I don’t think it was Molly’s figure that did it ether. It was something else. Things aren’t clear but there is definitely motivation happening in my direction off the fork. I didn’t intentionally make any tempo in my eventual movements. The tempo took me like a breeze to dry leaf on a cloudy day.
I don’t have that silence before the storm feeling as well. Though I did have wish-full thinking on the way home from the match. I am not perfect.
Something just occurred to me on the 6 train at 59th today.
I don’t feel good when my team doesn’t watch me play. I don’t like it when my team is not sticking together when one of our own is playing. Every match I lost I was alone when it happened; when I play. Yesterday I did not play for the team or for my self. I don’t know what I was playing for. I just know I was making efforts to play with as little or almost no judgment as possible. If I missed it, thats it i missed. If my opponent missed I didn’t get happy or get that take advantage feeling. I played to the best of my knowledge and enjoyed the pleasure of what the game offers.

Im am getting so zen these days. like elvis.

It's bouncing off of me, the attack. Manipulate me to hurt is a waste of time. You bringing me down is a cry for help. You cant bring me down you poignant person you. If you ever need emotional punching bag again, don’t come this way you’ll be shadow boxing.

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Magic Hat-beer sex stuff
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March 9 2004 Tuesday


The Vin man is back in Action

Away game Yesterday (talken about Monday)
Rumble Fish vs. Joes bar team.

First Aaron went up. The Hustler.
Then Oliver. The Snooker player.
Then Marcus The Transformer.
Then William. The Piranha.
Then Vinny T. The Amazing. Back in action; Yhea baby.

Douglas, Brian and Ana sat out today. Douglas coached.

Rumble Fish walked away with a four point win today. My instinct told me Marcus. Marcus turned the tide. I found and angle. And went with it. I had a bad feeling about today early this morning but I stuck it out kept a cool head and we got the win; three in a row. Vinny got four in a row. Marcus played like he owned the guy. Like that guy was his cellmate. Like his kid. Like his rump ranger pillow. Like his sword sallower. Like his personal misuse. Marcus was Rick James and that dude was his candy girl. We are now placed. Brian feels bad about leaving the team. But he will do the Tri-annuals and fly back for the Cities. Brian is a Rumble Fish.

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March 8 2004 Monday

Last night I was on my old web page; A book I wrote and created inspired by personal experiences in my life past and present. I took a piece of personal-fabric from my inner-self (child or whatever you want to call it) and chose to reshape after Faeries, Gargoyles, Dragons and a country of magic and adventure. I traveled it for many years. Then one day I stopped. I can’t remember exactly why. I might have been my little brother’s death or my grandmothers. Maybe it was home or work related. It could have been my car crash. I just don’t remember. But I went back to it late yesterday evening. I was reminded of were I came from and who I am; what I am and where I am now. I will visit it more often. And try to get it published again.

5:45pm.Today we play Joes bar...Rumble Fish

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March 7 2004 Sunday


Brian, George, Bloody Mary, Set and Little Debbie...what a day...

2:00pm. On the train to BBC.
It might be…uhm…w ell maybe…err…. never mind. Three months ago I came across a fork in the road (or more branches in the tree) in my life were I had to make a decision. I made one. Now the tree is branching again with new roads. Things in my life right now are in a new transition; again. I wish, then again-I wish.
There has to be a reason for the life style I am living right now. Ether I am really in control or I don’t know who the pilot is. Ether ways I cant see the future right now. I hate waiting. My job, my recreational life and personal are in a paradox right now. I am pointing in three different directions. I have to pick one right now then come back for the other two later; I think. I could be completely off with my situation and just don’t know what to think. The public perceives me (personal and recreational) as something I am not aware off. My monkey swings and climbs in a new forest right now. It can’t be simple. I don’t think I would settle for less. Maybe in my previous life this was my wish. I might have been evil and now paying for it in this life. Things could be worse; then again it could be better. I almost feel like I am in battle with destiny. She is wicked sitting on poison saddled-dragon with many warriors and I stand alone on a pillar inflamed. I have to jump off and dive in, then fight or I will burn.
5:30pm. Bloody Mary Sunday…SET Live commentary.
Shalon, the bar tender, made me a Bloody Mary. It was excellent. We played Set. We suck. Her Bloody Maries are getting popular. Carla joined in the Set-suck game. Carla is good. She’s got the mad-Set skills; she needs a tattoo a nose ring and a haircut. 5:40pm Carla is a cheater!!!! Carla is a card counter. She would get kicked out of Vegas. Marketing idea: Carla-vision glasses; for Set. Carla cheats!!!! Stop it Carla!!! Carla is too good. Must kill Carla. Set Edge tee shirts a must. It’s getting nasty. 6:30pm. Enter Val. Violence now. Carla is singing. Molly walked in. Val has got mad Set skills. Carla bashes Will and Shalon. Val needs pain. Molly-got-set-skills. Molly basketball skills. Sunday is a no shower day. Val is Setting all over the place. It’s a battle. Carla and Val. Will-got a set. Val is Setting again. And again. And again. And again. And again. Val’s ex-fiancée did not do a set. Val 29, Carla 27 William and Shalon 9. The champions are doing battle. Val yells bitch; twice.

8:45 still playing Set
I am giving up Set, I just got board. I am very Gemini. I get moody very quickly. I feel bummed right now. Take life as It comes William. There is not much else you can do.
8:50pm. Story from Shalon.
Shalon is extreme. This stranger got stranded one night at the bar. He had no were to go. So she let a stranger sleep over her house. A stranger; complete with all the mystery of a no one from out of no-were. This dude is twice her size as well. I know this cause he is sitting next to me telling me the story. She is wild. Then again, he can’t be all up-stares ether, he could’ve been sleeping over the house a mad women. He slept in her bed with her because the air mattress wasn’t working.
9:29pm. A few Bloody Maries and long hours of Set got me buying a big box of little Debbie Oatmeal cream filled pies. I’m walking around the street with this; not even in a bag. Just me my I-book and a big-old-box of little Debbie Oatmeal cake-holes.

1:41am. Brian.... Is saying good bye to Rumble Fish...

12:18 pm. Sunday-William; me. The captain of Rumble Fish. Nicked named Piranha, nicked named the fantastic four is going now to practice his fantastic game for his fantastic team who is fantastically breaking apart in little fantastic peaces. Getting the news 2:00am this morning about Brian leaving the team has given me the fantastic idea that I am not meant to be a captain of a team

All my Rumble Fish are swimming in diffrent directions. Soon I will be a Ronan-Fish. A gun for hire to destroy all who appose me.


APA triannual date 2004
Good Afternoon,
I would just like to announce that the revised date for the triannual event is Sunday March 28th.  Matches will be played at Paddy McGuires and Bulls Head Tavern and will commence at 12 noon.  The schedule will be out shortly.  Thank you for your cooperation.
Yours Truly,
Stuart Scheer
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March 6 2004 Sat

At home cleaning up listening to on my i-tunes.


About yesterday…
So… it’s Friday, today I closed the lab. Then I went to the bar; weeeeeeeeee. I played pool, and drank; weeeeeeeeee. I took notice today of Molly knight. I think she noticed I noticed; weeeeeeeeeeee. I just noticed her, that’s all and that’s it; for now. Girl next door, yeah, that’s it, girl next door. If she was a day. She would be Sunday or Friday; for now; weeeeeeeeee.
I don’t know, I feel like I’m veering off the road, but I’m not sure were I’m going right now. Maybe it’s the month of March. An awkward period of the year. I learned a little more today about my game along with my communication skills. There was a moment today were I was very sad. I have very mixed feeling about a certain someone. I feel like I failed while at the same time feeling like a fool and a victim. Human being are funny, we always want what we cant have, or can have but shouldn’t want it. I dream of holding her close and telling her in her ear, things I know no one else’s is telling her. Things she doesn’t believe about her self but are true; that’s what made her special. But I feel like it would be a waste of my words. I never witness beauty like that before. Beauty that made me-us beautiful; and deadly at the same time.
That was just a moment though. I got over it when I got another bud.
4:45am. There is a young thug-couple next to me on the train kissing each other way too much. Both Newyor-Rican, both-way to young to be licking each other like ice cream. Prediction? Pregnancy before 21. What ever. If I was brave enough or foolish enough to make babies I cant afford, I would make 21 kids. All women from different ethnic and non-ethnic backgrounds. It’s a little depressing I’m getting older and I don’t have children. The amazing thing is I am Spanish with no illegitimate children; I think.

5:00pm Sat. I was going to go out today but I changed my mind. I think I will stay home today; maybe. I am not much in a people mood today. I like my personal time. I’ll hang with my neighbor later. I had three cigs today. I feel beat.

6:45pm Sat. It's a full moon tonight. Beware of the tides in our hides. Me thinks there will be lots of bad attitudes tonight.

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March 5 2004 Friday

I need a shave too

Bush's Gay Marriage Ban by Laura Conaway

About yesterday

So I woke up yesterday utterly irritated. But my day wasn’t so bad. I had an itch to play pool, so on my lunch break at work I went to BBC, I shot without judgment and picked up were I left off the last time I played on a BBC table. Like I was saying to Kevin. When you play by yourself. You’re just learning to play by yourself. Your missing a lot of important aspects of playing pool with another human being. So I went back to BBC and played my buddy Gary after work. We played and had fun. When I was shooting by myself earlier, I was doing drills and going back to the basics of stick, ball and pocket relationship. I took notice of everything involved in making the ball in the pocket. From the way I was standing to what I wearing and how I moved before, during and after the shot. Making sure every thing was in harmony with each other and not losing control with radical thinking and macho showboating English. Fernando was giving me some pointers and tips on approach. Feedback is always good.
After I played for a few hours I needed to put equal time on the bar table so I went to Ace bar to shoot.

FEAR OF A BALD PLANET Douglas kicking Chuck Norris's Ass at Ace Bar. Dont mess with Doug.
I walked into ace bar and saw Douglas engaged in a martial arts battle with Chuck Norris. Douglas was kicking his ass all over the place with a kind of karate I have never seen before; it was kind of like a river dancy sort of jumping around stuff. He was yelling and screaming like a mad man all over the place he scared me and Marcus so we ducked behind under the bar counter cuddling our cue sticks and whispering to each other over and over again “take me to a happy place-take me to a happy place”. Chuck was just flying every-were because of Douglas’s River-Dance-Quack-Fu moves. Chuck didn’t stand a chance, poor Chuck. Any way, after Douglas’s martial arts performance there was why to much media and camera people in the way. Along with many people trying to get his autograph to make room for me to get to him and ask if he wanted to shoot some pool. So I went to the E-bar leaving Douglas flexing his massive muscle for the ladies.

I got there and played some pool and meet a woman there who had game. I cannot believe no one has ever asked her to join a team. She has been going to E-bar for ten years or so. I asked if she wanted to join my team and she said yes right away. This made me happy. I am excited. She seems to fit right in. she will be a Rumble-Fish.
Later on as I was drinking lightly; then surprise! Jim walked in with Melanie. He is still in town. So we played and drank. I am sad to see him go. I am going to miss Jim. I miss my old crew; well not all of-em. But things change. Sometimes you don’t know what you really have until you lose it. Or leave it.
Lance is now a dart captain. Good luck lance. Welcome to captain-hood. The dart league is ruff. You got way to many alcoholics to deal with. Sr-Lance-a-shot the brave.


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Bush's Gay Marriage Ban
by Laura Conaway
I'd Leave the Country, but My Wife Won't Let Me
Bush Takes Aim at My American Family
March 3 - 9, 2004

"I've fantasized about leaving this country since I was 12 years old, but never more desperately than last Tuesday, when the president announced that my gay family should be banned by the U.S. Constitution". ...more?

Bush's Gay Marriage Ban by Laura Conaway


March 4 2004 Thursday

"sKe'P" the ball

A J invented a new word for scratching on the cue ball. "Skep"

The day just went by. Random 0
I really need to slow down with going to the bar. I like E-bar, but now I’m getting a little feeling that I am missing something when I’m there. More pool practice; maybe. I was on Molly’s website earlier today. Molly is a good writer. My health is always in question these days. I slowed down with the smoking. I need to work out more. I have a smokers cough; its bugging me. Spring is near. I need a woman to spend time on. Getting one is not the problem. Deciding whom it is, now that’s a problem. I am a little selfish and greedy. But not in the way you think. It is the year of the monkey. There is a homeless guy in front of me asking for money right now. My life looks a little better right now.
I shot a little at the bar. I don’t feel like shooting but I am. I am missing the ball too much. My heart is not into winning. When the other guy wants to win and you want to just play, most of the time you will lose. A.J has a nice game but he formulates a little too much about the quality of his game. He has a good game. It would be better if he did not judge it too much. Then again if he weren’t that way would he be shooting the way he does? He shoots a good game.
Almost random 1
Cynthia is on a detoxify gig right now. No cigs. No booze. No caffeine. Nothing bad for the body. Maybe that is a sign to do the same thing. It’s March. It’s a great time to start with the beauty treatments. Sam is drunk at the bar. Sam bit my stomach. Sam belched. Sam is dressed nice. Sam is hot. I take that back. Sam is deadly hot. Her best friend as there; at the bar. Her best friend told me Sam farts. That’s ok. So do I. Sleep to dream. ...more?
Almost random 2
I was a little bored today at the bar. Even though it had nice ladies hanging around I just felt irritated. The days are moving bye to quickly. I was taking my shooting for granted again and didn’t shoot up to standards. I have a million things to do and I don’t know were to begin. I will make a list of things to do and must accomplish. I will eat no junk food on Thursday. Well maybe an oatmeal cookie or two. There is a crazy lady who live up stairs from the bar complaining about the load music. The police came last night and asked what is going on.
I gave Michelle an iguana. I need to go to the pool hall and do drills. I need to up date my website. I need to shave. I need to get more ram for my i-book. I need to get a new pair of shoes. I need to cut the ends of my hair. I need to fix my teeth. I need to be converged in a way were I know I am not alone. I am indebt up to my ears. I need more money. Wait a minute!

That’s it. I need a new pair of shoes. Kenneth Cole. I want that cologne Black. It smell’s good. I want pool to be new to me. I drew today and it was almost like I never left. I had a big tuna sandwich today. The moon is almost full. My battery is almost dead in my I book.
I saw Elise with two hot guys on the way home today. Sometimes I wish I had her energy. She is like a force of nature sometimes, she ether work with the weather or she doesn’t. I saw Nichole today at the bar. We spoke. She in a situation I have been in before. That was comforting, knowing that shit didn’t only happen to me. It takes a long time to get over it.
11:44am Thursday going to work now. I trimmed my beard a little. I had a weird dream last night. At least I slept. Haven’t had a cig today just yet. But yesterday I had about four maybe five. Ok six. But that is not bad compared to a whole pack. I did find a place were I can get two for one. I feel worried, but I am not sure about what. My life maybe. Where is it going? Who knows? A man my age within the norm is already is established with his life. I cant see right know is this what it means t be monkey? This cough I have is getting on my nerve.
1:15 I went to BBC to do drills for the bar league. I got my fix; I needed that. Spencer calls me at work to tell me about his new web site and to warn me about that new team we are going to play next Monday. Even George warned me today at the pool hall while I was getting my stick on. If George is warning me, than there is a problem. I think I’ll bring my gun.

4:13pm. Just got the announcement for the triannuals, almost forgot we are in it. To bad my team is fragmented right now I have no idea what going to happen. My prediction? I just don’t know. I don’t even know if I have enough players. Brian is talking about leaving now. He just cant take NYC anymore; dude just get a job like the rest of us working stiffs

APA triannual date 2004
Good Afternoon,
I would just like to announce that the revised date for the triannual event is Sunday March 28th.  Matches will be played at Paddy McGuires and Bulls Head Tavern and will commence at 12 noon.  The schedule will be out shortly.  Thank you for your cooperation.
Yours Truly,
Stuart Scheer
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March 3 2004 Wed

Magical Tattoos

The turtle knows....

Kings Head Tavern. Live commentary…
APA Team Stick It In vs. Runs With Sharp Objects.

7:15 pm First game (-)
Rachel C #4 vs. Yu Ng #5.
This game is almost two hours. The winner, down to the hill. In the end, we are all winners.
8:45 pm Second game (+)
Michelle Gauthier #4 vs. Moe Greer #4. The winner Michelle, three zip. She played comfortably, confidently and with impunity. Didn’t miss a ball and looked great doing it.
We had a conversation on sex, love, lust and unfaithfulness. She is very angelic and not shy about her philosophy and experience on the matter. Details later. Moe Greer is a great guy he has a box tortes at home like I do; over twenty years. To-me, that is good. He has a turtle tattoo on his left arm.
10:30 pm Third game (+)
Raymond #5 vs. Drew #5. Lappy watches drew shoot. Drew misses, Lappy is sarcastic, Ray shoots, Ray misses, Lappy says great to Drew. Drew runs the table down to the eight, Drew is on the eight, Drew shoots for the eight, Drew misses the eight, to many of rays balls in the way; Drew gives Ray ball in hand. Ray runs 6 balls, Ray is on the eight. Ray makes the eight. Ray breaks. Ray runs the table. Ray breaks, Ray sinks a ball then another, then another, then a safety, Drews turn up to the table, Drew sinks a ball, then another, then another, then a macho shot, then another then another, Drew is on the eight, Drew misses the eight, Rays turn up to the table, Ray runs the table. Ray wins.
11:15 pm Forth game (+)
Peter vs. Lappy. Peter is a seven Lappy is a six. The game goes to the hill peter wins.
12:10 pm Fifth game (-)
Elise #3 vs. a Girl who is a #3 on the other team. We were all a little beat by now. The winner, we are all winners. I love Elise I drew tattoos all over her arms. Some big brother-man’s were gawking at her body (booty); she didn’t give a shit.
Suicide girl Rachel#3 showed up. She is a champ. But she did not play, nether did Ronnie or myself. Finally a break. I’ll practice tomorrow.

When sex is bad it’s good. Taboo sex; yummy. Before I go further, just to let you know what I think about the physical compatibility against the laws of legal society sex. Only assuming we are talking about standard sex meaning no whips chains farm animals and such. Just good old-fashioned hetaro/homo/lesbian/interracial/macho mexican sex. Good sex takes two people not one. I have written about this before and told many people the same thing over. If two people are having sex and one of the persons having sex is having a good time and the other is not then, that is bad sex. It doesn’t mean one person is better then the other ether. If that were the case then the one with the "would be skills" would know how to make it great for both of them. When sex is taboo, then its good. Only assuming you will not get caught. When it’s wrong then its good. Or at least that’s what some people think; guilt. That might be a natural instinct of man.

Like I quoted at the end of last month (Feb 29-Sunday). Sex is a misdemeanor, the less sex you get de-meaner you get.

Ps: You cannot magic someone to love you. Or to sex you. You cannot own love. Love owns you. You cannot choose love. Love chooses you. Sex? Well...that might be managed, provided you are honest with your instincts.
Spring is near. The birds and the flees are coming.

Raymond after his win Michelles good luck turtle Michelles good luck star; my favorite. Williams good luck turtle

William's magical Tattoo's gives people the power to have a tattoo....uh?

Elise's fire Phoniex Williams Arm Ray: Subdural Hematoma Michelles good luck star;up close


Michelle is very in tuned with people places and things. She is waiting for Tim to call; Michelle-want-Tim-to-call. She is one with Miss Pac Man. Michelle is very faerie like. She is a lot smarter then she lets on. A lot. Perhaps it’s not to intimidate the other person. I tattooed Michelle as well. It was the turtle. Next time ill draw an Iguana.

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March 2 2004 Tuesday


She is a flower.

Back on the train. Rumble fish has done it again. Beating big Al’s team with a 4-point win. Douglas, Aaron, Oliver and Marcus. Did I say I didn’t want to play any more? Did I bitch and moan about being a captain? William you big cry baby. Brian way over analyze's his game. He talks before he shoots; he talks during his shot and then he talks after he shoots. Then he talks all about the possibilities of his opponents game and then he goes back to his game and he keeps going on and on with the mouth. His brain is going a mile a minute about everything around the game but not the game itself; just get into the game and shoot Brian; practice Brian practice, even if it's once a week; its better than nothing. I pretty much gave up being a captain and the team seems to be moving on its own steam. I didn’t even have to tell them were we are shooting. I don’t feel like thinking anymore on managing; at least not this season. George still tells me he wants to join the team. Marcus tells me he loves the team, even though his Tuesday team has a bookoo-amount of points. I am very flattered. I really feel my players are like no other on the APA; did I say my players? Tomorrow or realistically today we play Lappies team. I pretty much modeled my game after him and playing him will definitely have a physiological affect on me. Even though I never take a win or lose personal.
My little good luck flower of love.
Lindsey, my little cup of goodness. How do I love thee, let me count the ways. One tequila two tequila three tequila-ok that is enough already. She is the most positive energy the E-bar have had in a long time. It is defiantly needed at the E-bar.
Holding on to your wins and losses.
“ Shit-I should have made that ball!” Judgment pool will impair your enjoyment of the game. You should not hold on to your wins or hold on to your losses. Doing this judgment moment, you pre meditate extreme emotions (good or bad) for-and-during your next game. Even worse what you can do, is beat your own drum on would’a-could’a-shoulda’s for a win or lose. Yapping about how good you are or what you have done in the past doesn’t help ether. you place additional pressure on your self for your next game. So were is all the fun? You ask. In the game it self. Let your oppent compliment your performance and the pool communities talk about your levels and history of your game. The APA or pool it self will keep going no matter how many times you win or lose. I tell my players don’t beat your self up if you loose a match and-or pat your self on the back when you win a match. Because the next time your back on the table; and-oh-you-will. You are bringing that last game with you to the table. If the last game was good or bad, that gameyou are bringing with you is extra un-necessary weight. Weight you don’t need for the game at hand. Love the game for what it is. Remember the first time you discovered the game and go back to the pure state of enjoyment and desire to play, doing this along with the knowledge you attained over the years will result in a champion player’ this is inevitable. Those things called wins and looses are inevitable as well. Get good at the game with practice and with out judgment of the quality of your stroke and shot.

The book is about the Zen attitude, that openness, curiosity, humility and joyfulness displayed by all great Zen teachers (and for that matter, all great teachers irrespective of their specific field). The book is about how to realize that liberating attitude and then maintain it, outside of the meditation room. Suzuki calls this attitude "Beginner's Mind."

Want more book on the improving your game? Here.


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Tuesday 5:23pm: Did I mention I like Suicide Girls?
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March 1 2004 Monday

Some dude called me a Piranha at the pool hall this afternoon...


March 1 2004
12:00 am. I just got off the phone with my buddy then called another one so we can watch the L word together. It was good. The main character dude (Tim) committed to a back stabbing two timing liar. When he busted her in the act they both ran to Vegas and got married thinking this is going to fix the problem. I didn’t, so he dumped her in a motel room the next morning while she was a sleep. She came back to his home days later asking to come in. Before he let her in he ask her one thing; she answered, she lied again. I found myself yelling 12:30 am in the morning Kick that bitch out! She goes back to the women she had an affair with only to discover that woman is already committed to someone else. Karma is a bitch.

I was in the pool hall for lunch. Some guy was watching me. I was making balls I was missing balls. He walked up to me and asked if wanted to shot for time. I told him I was on lunch and I have to go back to work in about 20 minutes. He said oh well maybe next time. I said yhea sure, I’ll donate another day. He says you know your right I am a little more advanced then you, but the way you shoot it would be wrong to call you fish, but your not exactly a shark ether, your more like piranha. I told him yhea I come from a shcool called Rumblefish

To do list
Pay bills, go to work, kick Al’s team today. Today is the first day off high carbohydrates. All protein and water for the next couple of months. A lot of working out and taking care of the body. Gota slow down on the cigs as well. The vitamin A I have been taking made my hair longer. I put on a few pounds; not too noticeable but I feel it.

5:45pm..I will Write more later, Very Busy today..

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