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MAR 28th. Thursday. 2013
About last Thursday.
Pool is not a sport, it's a game...


The game is played off the table more often than it is on the table.


The Walking Dead
Gail Dixon


MAR 25th-th. Mon. 2013
moving along.
still cold outside...









MAR 18th. Mon. 2013
Play'n On A Sunday.
Some people like pool play on a Sunday...


"Being Irish is very much a part of who I am. I take it everywhere with me" ~Colin Farrell





MAR 13th. Wed. 2013
Just do'n stuff.


"Daryl Dixon: Hey, kid, what'd you do before all of this?
Glenn: Delivered pizzas. Why?" ~Walking Dead

"Daryl Dixon: [about Merle] Toughest asshole I ever met, my brother. Feed him a hammer, he'd crap out nails."





MAR 12th. Tues. 2013
Random Days ago.
trying to catch up.






MAR 11th. Mon. 2013
trying to catch up.






MAR 7th. Thur. 2013
Random not so long ago.
trying to catch up.


Lots of Game

Lots of Love





FEB 26th. Tues. 2013
Level off.
We need a new system.


It's random. No guarantees what the results are gonna be.
It's better to forget what you know then to know what you forget.
Some people never loose no matter how many times they loose.

The numbers are fact. The truth is perspective... flawed.



FEB 21st. Thurs. 2013
life goes on.
Lovers are gonna Love. Haters are gonna Hate. I'll dance somewhere in the middle.