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Jan 28th, 2013. Mon.
Drink Warm.

Sometimes you can say no to photoshop. Its about the skin. Color. Attitude.






Jan 25th, 2013. Fri.
Very cold today.
Drink Warm.






Jan 24th, 2013. Thurs.
Portray. 16 ° Today.
Time flies when you play alot of pool.

"I talk as I sketch, too, in order to keep their minds off what I'm doing so I'll get the most natural expression I can from them. Also, the talking helps to size up the subject's personality, so I can figure out better how to portray him" ~Norman Rockwell

"Not to oversimplify it, somebody once said a good rule of thumb in interpreting a character is to find the good in the bad people that you portray and the bad in the good" ~Gabriel Byrne






Jan 21st, 2013. Mon.
Domestic life.
Taking a break.

I find myself spending 2013 cleaning up the last 3 decades. It easy and hard at the same time. I feel like I am walking in the dark. My health is side stepping but there is subtle moving upward. I cant sleep but I am still dreaming. I flip a coin to get answers. I am finding things I forgot I had. Mostly dreams. Old dreams. Things could be worse. Things will be better. I want more now then ever before. Could it be because I have been throwing out so many things in my past or is it I am making room for new things for my future?






Jan 17th, 2013. Thurs.
The Book with a Hole.
Still Drying up.


Just cause it's free, don't mean its gonna be good for anything. Of course though, you gotta find out if it is good, so give it shot and see were it goes. Is it a source? or is it a trap? Is it bait and switch or is it a take and ditch? either way, sometimes you have to give it a shot and see were it goes. But if you make the ball was it worth the time cause it was free? What am I talking about? Oh well, I guess this was a freebee that cost ya... maybe...






Jan 14th, 2013. Mon.
Drying up.

Drying up is ok. Drying meaning no alcohol. It's pretty tuff during the flu season; drying up. I like my hot totties, but. I'm not sleeping well, I'm like in some kind of relapse or something, its happend before nothing new. January is my dry up time.

I'm renovating one of my bedrooms, im finding stuff from the 70's deep within the depths of my closet. I'm william who still lives at home...sorta. It's kind of driving me nuts. My health is side stepping. Somewhat improving.

My liver is still thanking me though. I said to him the other day, "if he only knows the right way of doing things, giving him advice on trying to avoid making mistakes might be a mistake so let it be".





Jan 11th, 2013. Fri.
A few weeks ago.

"I shoot from the hip" ~Gordon Ramsay





Jan 7th, 2013. Mon.

On January 3rd 2013. I got the flu. A mild case; type C. And everyday that went by while I was in bed important matters came up. The kind that needs to be taken care of urgently. So far, the last seven days have been a rollercoster of good news-bad news.

OoO!! I learned what night terrors are. Thank you generic version of NyQuil.

I'm thinking, their are some things in my life, nature decided to get the ball rolling about me taking care of the simple things. Things I let sit around for way to long. I havent had a whisky binge in about three weeks. If I had some scotch in my system I probably wouldnt have gotten this cold/flu thing. I really need to throw out some of my yesterday stuff or its gonna keep bitting at me.

I have a cough. It's annoying.

I feel I am in the right direction, but still paying for it accordingly.... Sorta.





Jan 1st, 2013. Tues.






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