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FEB 26th. Tues. 2013
Level off.
We need a new system.


It's random. No guarantees what the results are gonna be.
It's better to forget what you know then to know what you forget.
Some people never loose no matter how many times they loose.

The numbers are fact. The truth is perspective... flawed.



FEB 21st. Thurs. 2013
life goes on.
Lovers are gonna Love. Haters are gonna Hate. I'll dance somewhere in the middle.





FEB 20th. 2013
Random days ago.
The good stuff.


Million Dollar Honey

Chin On Stick

peek a boo

"What we believe to be the motives of our conduct are usually but the pretexts for it" ~Miguel de Unamuno

"Avoid hangovers: stay drunk"

"I've got a problem for your solution"

I took a week off, just to sleep in, ya-know, get that healing sleep.

"In the spider-web of facts, many a truth is strangled" ~Paul Eldridge

But, I found myself working harder in the last three days then I did in the last five days of work before I took the week off, I'm gonna stop now.

"There are some things you learn best in calm, and some in storm" ~Willa Cather

I have a new desire, thank goodness, I thought my blood went cold. I don't worry about missing the old anymore, it's more evolved, I'm talk'n about the worry part, and what would be missing; if there is anything to miss.

"It is only when we forget all our learning that we begin to know" ~Henry David Thoreau

I feel fortunate, but also kinda alone, not lonely though, but far away...




FEB 19th. Tues. 2013
Bowmore White 43 years 1964
I know how the good stuff taste.


I got a shot of the good stuff.

Random luck.





Feb 18th, 2013. Mon.
About last Thursday.

That song. Its played so much. You've heard it so many times. So many versions and in so many ways you can't even hear it anymore. Its like a mild tinnitus. Its like residual sounds. You hear it but you're not listening. Only in the quite of the night is when your listening to something against your will, like the ringing in your ears.

Only when your dukes are down is when youre harshly reminded with whining bait. After awhile, you wonder where is the love?

Oh yeah. Love aint easy. You can't own love. Love owns you. It owns you when you want the things you can't have. It owns you when you need someone you don't want. And it owns you when you don't get that ball in the hole and you keep on trying afterward.

Be my Valintine ball in the hole.



Feb 13th, 2013. WED.
Closed for Bizzness.
Sorry-lil-guy.. Recession.

Amost sure that mouse hole has been there since the 80's maybe 70's.

Sending in the troops Careful solder... Don't know how many are in there...





Feb 11th, 2013. mon.
I'm only Cuban.
Money Ball.

Baseball team players aren't handicapped with a grade system or level system.

Still, I have seen great players get traded to other teams for reasons outside of there win/lose stats.

Hot cup of coffee!!

Only 4 Sundays this season. First time in years.

I almost forgot how it used to look, the game. Yes this is a game not a sport.

Sports utilizes statistics and history to measure a player standing and ability first. Like Baseball and Football.

There is no handicapping in most sports. Only win/lose facts. No A's, B's or C's only History. Those trading sports cards with the stats behind them, those were the days.

"Billy, this is Chad Bradford. He's a relief pitcher. He is one of the most undervalued players in baseball. His defect is that he throws funny. Nobody in the big leagues cares about him because he looks funny. This guy could be not just the best pitcher in our bullpen, but one of the most effective relief pitchers in all of baseball. This guy should cost $3 million a year. We can get him for $237,000" ~Peter Brand

The fundamentals are played on the field and the results, though may vary, they do tell the tale. Sometimes we look funny when we play. But the results/facts/win or lose will tell everyone something more than the truth.

"It's about getting things down to one number. Using the stats the way we read them, we'll find value in players that no one else can see. People are overlooked for a variety of biased reasons and perceived flaws. Age, appearance, personality. Bill James and mathematics cut straight through that. Billy, of the 20,000 notable players for us to consider, I believe that there is a championship team of twenty-five people that we can afford, because everyone else in baseball undervalues them" ~Peter Brand

Popularity is a variable with to much impression ultimately becoming a distortion of ones true scope. There is also challenging the admin and simple democracy. This is what will change the game into a sport that's often called a game. Not a game that is always in question about it being a sport or not.

I'm still going to enjoy my rice and beans no matter what the stats are... Food Open +.





Feb. 7th, 2013. Thur.
Birthday Girl Gail.
tool shed.

Independence is not always and inherent trait of character. Sometimes we attain it in one way or another or are taught-or we genuinely discover it; the easy way or the hard. It does not matter; it is what it is.

Dependency is not good or bad. Dependency can be a great or can be a trap.

Fear... Fear of change. It's worse when you're an older fellow.

Lately I've been going thru a-lil-bit of change. I almost feel like its against my will but in some ways I think its for the best even though it feels like a roller coaster made of wood, a ruff ride.

The right side of my brain took a vacation. I haven't pulled out my camera in weeks, it kinda feels good. Things look new to me again. Even though I know they are not. The perspective is new, the feeling is new.

Me am hungry. WTF am I wantz? Ermahgerd pizza me happy.





Jan 28th, 2013. Mon.
Drink Warm.

Sometimes you can say no to Photoshop. Its about the skin. Color. Attitude.






Jan 25th, 2013. Fri.
Very cold today.
Drink Warm.