NOV 2013





William Fuentes






Nov 30th. 2013
Random moments of Recent...
... .






Nov 27th. Wed 2013
Cake Shot...
Happy Bday... Joy Joy... .


Sugar and Whisky





Nov 24th. Sun 2013
Stay Warm...
Happy Happy... Joy Joy... .






Nov 22nd. Fri 2013
Last Night's Vine'age...
Spin Spin Sugar. Tony Robles. Gail Robles.






Nov 21st. Thursday 2013
McDyer Cup
EUROPE vs USA. Paint by Numbers. OLAY OLAY-OLAY-OLAY!! Olay Olay.


The 2013 NAPL McDyer Cup will be taking place this Saturday, November 16th at O'Hanlon's Bar on 14th St. in NYC along with a Special Trick Shot Show at halftime by 4-Time World Trick Shot Champion Andy "The Magic Man" Segal and you are all invited!

In honor of our friend Roger McDyer, the NAPL decided to name our USA vs. Europe battle the McDyer Cup last year. Roger was a dear friend of many of our league members and a treasured participant in all the NAPL seasons and events.

Roger was always in good spirits, was a great person to chat with and you just felt happy whenever he was around.

To the shock of us all, Roger passed away on October 22, 2012. We dearly miss him and hope this event will continue on in his name for years to come. So come down to compete, support and drink with us as we watch Europe and America battle it out for the title of McDyer Cup champion!

Andy Segal will also be promoting and selling autographed copies of his new trick shot book "Andy Segal's Cue Magic" published by NAPL sponsor Billiards Press owned by our dear friend Philip Capelle!

Looking forward to seeing everyone on Saturday! We love you and miss you Roger McDyer!





Nov 14th. Thursday 2013
Dude said his IQ is 198... Noted physicist Stephen Hawking has an IQ estimated at over 160. .... whatever you say, dude.


Nine things that can happen and what you can do if you had an I.Q of .....198.

1. Work for NASA, (because they will want you too).

2. Expect a call from the US president who will ask you to come up with a solution to fix our country's issues.

3. Your phone would be tapped by the CIA, NSA, FBI the British secret service and most importantly..... Alex Trebek.

4. Not work in a pool hall. Cause that would be the equivalent of 'Johann Wolfgang von Goethe' working at a car wash.

5. Play poker with Stephen Hawking every Thursday; and rob him. Because his "I.Q" is only 160.

6. Be Batman.

7. Create an App that can calculate a non-algorithm-calculation of ones win & lose probability handicap system utilizing an audible and visual mathmatical 4D color kaleidoscope oracle.

8. Finding the droids you where looking for.

9. One day you will be kidnapped by Al-Qaeda, then thrown in a cave filled with washing machine and toaster oven scraps, and then asked to build and Iron man suit.

Note: In the comic books, Tony Stark's I.Q is only 180; cause fantasy only works with a-lil-reality involved.


"I put all my genius into my life; I put only my talent into my works" ~Oscar Wilde




Nov3rd. Sunday. 2013
A l'il-Party.


Come at me Bro!!!





OCT 31st. Thursday. 2013
Party at ABC.






OCT 31st. Thursday. 2013
Cabin in the woods






OCT 28th. Mon. 2013
Emily's Buttery Birthday Nipple.
Amsterdam Billiards + Bar + sugar and alcohol









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