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William Fuentes








SEPT 23TH. SUN. 2012
Gold. Yes Cian, it is Gold.



"Too much of anything is bad, but too much good whiskey is barely enough" ~Mark Twain





SEPT 23TH. SUN. 2012
Random Days not so long ago



Moving along. Yes I know. But its not like I have not been here before. "patience a virtue". Why?

"It's only perspective... Patience, or any reaction/behavior, without instruction or planning, unfolding into a positive event that 'one' can NOT imagine or make happen with physical intention is also 'luck'. Doing 'nothing' or 'waiting for the correct moment' can be the most difficult thing to do. Those that do it well... have a greater sense of Peace in appearance. It only seems from another perspective to a worthy quality. The truth is Patience is an illusion... Still waters run deep, and patient people break things when no ones looking. Virtue is something one envy in another and over looks in themselves" ~Bruce Filmore Dunn

The correlation of patience with your Karma. It gets tricky. Your appearance is an illusion-yes, but it is also a lie. The quality of ones virtues, does it make patience such a good thing?






SEPT 21st. FRI. 2012
Random Thought.



One voice, singing and the masses of people dancing in joy and celebration. Like a Disco Queen. Like a Dazzler. Her music is light. Enlightenment. Inspiration. A natural high of life. This is one person with a voice-not controlling anybody but exciting everybody but not to point where they'll-getta-sezier if they stare into the blinking lights to long.

Dictating chaos? Or inspiring Democracy? Or just wanting to sing and dance and light up?

I would imagine If I had to manage 250 something people a whole lot of people, the best way to rules is to keep-em-divided. I would throw gasoline on the fire of confusion, anger, and competitiveness, patronize social degenerates and treat one party of people different from the other parties of people and so on. Find opportunities to enhance an already unstable communication and relationships.

It's much easier to control the masses when they are in chaos.

A democracy would be a nightmare, it would make managing chaos an impossible task. A democracy is the voice of the people; you must silence those people to control chaos. So whacha-need is to create a kind of phycological anarchy without exposing your true intention; so keep it subtle. Play dumb. Be kind. Make intentional mistakes seem like honest mistakes. Create rumor and gossip. Keep first in the back and last in the front. Break the rules you make. Find the worst parts about people and love it, make excuses for it, find an understanding about it and then use it like an attack dog on an animal farm. Be an engine of chaos, yes-be a Joker. Turn invisible while the clueless tribes strike at one another. To make this happen I would imagine one would have to wind up the right people like tin soldier. Silence the voices of reason and wisdom. Silence the voice of a democracy.

But all this can change with one beautiful voice.





SEPT 17th. FRI. 2012
Time to Digest



Time is on my side. Time makes us forget. It takes time to learn, to heal and to grow. It's not the amount of time we have but what we do with it that matters. We eat and then need time to digest. Time is money. The time I kill is killing me. I am Time.





SEPT 14th. FRI. 2012
like fish



"I Like my whisky old and my the women young fun" ~William Fuentes after Errol Flynn
"When angry, count to four; when very angry, swear" ~Mark Twain





SEPT 14th. FRI. 2012
Ruder Still ...



Ruder Still vs Sucios summer 2012 team 9 ball

A Team that stays together

Wins together

"Your only as strong as your weakest link"






SEPT 12th. wed. 2012
Michele & Gumer. A few days ago...





Time to Boogie






SEPT 9th. SUN. 2012
I haz Kue
Groundhog Day part #1.



Random train of thought.

Starting over again is starting to sound like my middle name. Crazy people are calling other crazy people crazy. The kettle is calling the pot black. Spy vs spy. A hypocritical oath by a hypocrite. And of course that old song of unaccountability, who me? I've seen winners only last for 15 minutes, maybe 20.

I miss drinking coffee in the morning; ulcer. I gotta be doing something way wrong or I'm doing it way-right and I'm just not smart enough to know it. The second I genuinely quit, it-happens; that unexpected forgotten expected. Ya-cant control the animal within without becoming your own prison. I only drink top shelf. I don't cry about throwing away money. I need eye glasses and discipline. I need to slow down on the last two balls and pace myself on the last 4.

I don't hold grudges, that shit is like a pinched nerve on your neck. History is like Groundhog Day. I've been killing myself trying to figure it out and understand why. But now like Bill, I'll master it to make the change until the next day happens.





SEPT 7th. FRI. 2012
Random days ago



"We are indeed much more than what we eat, but what we eat can nevertheless help us to be much more than what we are" ~Adelle Davis





AUG 28th. TUE. 2012



"An artist is causing a change in you-thru-there intentional use of color and line and words"







AUG 25th. SAT. 2012
"Like a pool table, I too have felt"



Improper usage of word.

Can be costly. At least in the grown up world it is; whatever that is, "the grown up world". You want attention or any ones attention? Say the wrong thing at the right time or the other way around or anyway you like.

It's always one's sense of accountability and sense of consequence that can get-em-away with feeling stupid or other. Drinking, this can make things interesting but most times a cliché especially in the bar life.

It's always on the surface and a little alcohol; like fuel, can trigger an explosion-expand the mind. Hopefully you're not using it to escape, Hopefully you're not trying to escape your fools.

"Always do sober what you said you'd do drunk. That will teach you to keep your mouth shut" ~Ernest Hemingway









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