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NOV 27th, 2012. Tues.
Hot Food. Hot Game.
I hate playing pool on Sunday.


Sunday is for anything but.

Random train of thought.

I do believe a simple response can be construe as something more then what it is-if you want something.

Carelessness can catch up to you.

Babar is not a republican.

Hot soup can open you up in more ways than one.

There is a significance in the things you say. But still not as much significance as what you do with or without saying anything.

I'm still big on personal responsibility.

Some one once said "You can see a persons character by the things they laugh at". Now-a-days you can also see by the shows they watch.

I said to her. I don't need to feel superior by watching the misfortunes of people lives on reality TV or talent judgment TV. I don't have a chip on my shoulder or some form of Napoleon complex or to disguise some insecurities with arrogance. I am not entertained by watching people judging people or the honey boo boo show or some X factor-telling kids they don't have talent show or anything-that is according to the TV networks, "shows beneath my intellectual demographic". Those shows have a target market audience that is not me.

She said to me "Sunday Again!!". I felt really stupid after that.

Duck is very fatty.

Supposedly, young people grow up after common embarrassing events. But i know for sure, some people never grow up, no matter how embarrassing event was; those are the scary people.





NOV 26th, 2012. Mon.
Champaign Girl.
Lauren Dariana Jelencovich.


Children are blank blueprints.






NOV 20th, 2012 Tues.
The McDyer Cup.
Europe vs America.









NOV 15th, 2012 Thur.
Fish Tank.
No matter how tuff you are.


Cue stick skill. Its doesn't really stick to the brain, no pun intended.

Auto pilot is your B game, so they say. Better to have the ability and fart in the brain then never having to fart at all.

Attention to certain parts of your game is not about your stick or the ball. Nor the table or your environment. It might be your attitude. That's something that need training for a task that requires a plateau and degree of things.

Drinking is not the answer but it ain't a bad solution. Sooner or later we all get lost in that tiny forest in the brain.

Follow the moss on the trees on a cloudy day and you will see you are in fact following the sun.

No matter how good you get on the table.

Staying good that's where the skill really is.





NOV 13th, 2012 Fri
Just looking around.


I love it when I'm right and wrong at the same time. The right part comes later, or is it the wrong part?

There are some things that are ok to record and be remembered. Then there are other things that are just meant to be remembered and not rerecorded. Thanks to social networking-amnesia is not an option for the unaccountable anymore.





NOV 9th, 2012 Fri
Room Service.


Happy meal...





NOV 9th, 2012 Fri
Rachel Maddow on Obama's Re-election
wake up people.


Now hear this.





NOV 8th, 2012 MON
Eat a Lil.
Storm Ahead.


No more Vegas in May. The earth is off its axes. To many bomb tests moving the tectonic plates over the century. The calendar is off natures natural course of climate change. Global warming. Dinosaur farts and mosquitos the size of coffee tables. If you don't like the game why do you keep playing, stimulus? Willow Billiards Mosconi been happening for years I ate all there pizza then. Yeah Italian is good. This menu is so small. The sauce is awesome. The plastic tupperware is better for a greasy doggy bag. It's getting cold. Move to Florida in 5 years. Once upon a time the earth was one giant land mass. Horse and buggy carriages is a sharp observation. Handicap jokes aren't that funny. Where is that restaurant again?





NOV 5th, 2012 MON
Drink a Lil.
its dark outside...






NOV 4th, 2012 SUN 10:55am.


Michelle Mendez likes this.
Today at 10:55am. Anne Craig sent me a request for FarmVille ... FarmVille. It's still here.





NOV 4th, 2012 SUN
Brain Drain....


"Go to the store and buy water, batteries and rations just incase you lose power for a few days. Oh yeah, while your at the store, also buy an extra house, car and personal belongings as well, I'm sure the corner bodega has got a few on the shelf"

~That was my reply after some-body said to me a few days ago. "Those people complaining-its there own fault for not preparing correctly". Preparing for this unpredictable class one hurricane making landfall, really? That's your feeling?

Rations or not It didn't mater. There rations got destroyed and washed away along with the house, car, sick relative in bed, pet in a cage, tank or garage and everything else in the back yard, basement or first floor rooms.

People have lost there homes, jobs, lives. And all the preparing in the world is not gonna make up for that.

I've learned allot about some people these last few days.






OCT 30th. Tue. 2012
Halloween ABC....
were not worthy


I had fun today.

The Glove







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