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JULY 26th. THUR. 2012
Tip or Die
random thoughts.



Drinking: He doesn't want to leave a tip cause he said he had bad service. He's lying. He didn't get bad service. He's just saying "bad service" cause he's broke. To proud or embarrassed about his funds he will make up a story at the expense of much more than he realizes.

People: It is easier for me to just remove myself form some people than it is for others to do. Some people are almost obligated to patronize someone they know is just taking there position or obligation to listen for granted. Some business people say "the customer is always right". Well, not in this day in age it is buddy. I do believe if you do patronize an annoying customer, just imagine, what he's or she is doing to other patrons? That one annoying person can be costing you more by patronizing him then just simply telling him you don't need his business. Then again, I hear Democracy is bad for the single business manager in the long run.

Me? "You can kiss my butt"-might be a cop-out way of thinking. And some people think I try to avoid confrontation, but. Its not so. I just know where its gonna go before it even starts so I end it before it begins; I could be wrong though.

Sleeping: I woke up the other morning dreaming of whales, and later that day, I found one.

Food: Hot and spicy food and a cold desert make for bad precipitation in the belly; I forgot about that.

Love: "A part of kindness consists in loving people more than they deserve" ~Joseph Joubert





JULY 24th. TUE. 2012
One day in 1990 something
random thoughts.



I survived a crash in the 1990's. I'm not talking about the economy.

It was three of us, me, Tony and Natalie. Tony driving, Natalie layed out in the back sleeping and I had shot gun. It was dark, late, it was a four-lane-truck-intersection in the middle of bumble-flip-America nowhere. I saw the truck coming and Tony was slow on that left-side-U-turn. Bam! Car was in the air. My life past before my eyes. I heard music but the radio was off. I woke up with my face on the dash board with a deflated airbag, bloodied, dizzy and numb. This was the summer of 1990-something; or was it the fall? Can't remember. Its a good thing I wore my seat belt or I might have been-one-with-the-hood of this soda can of a Honda Civic.

After the hospital we washed up, got new clothing and went to the tow yard to get our luggage in the trunk. This pic was about 10 hours after the crash. Believe it or not, in this pic, I had a fractured shin-bone, a fractured collar bone, a fractured wrist and two herniated disk, but because my adrenalin was still pumped and swollen I didn't feel shit. When I got the X-rays 15 hours later, and when it showed my broken body parts and when the doctor was still wondering why I'm still on my feet, that's when reallity set in. I screamed, I cried, I panicked when I saw the street outside the hospital and I couldn't be in a car for months. Days later I was in a wheel chair and sat in it for about two weeks. I was in great pain.

Its amazing how you can be physically damaged for days before you actually feel the pain; to coin the phrase "he's gonna feel that in the morning". I've always been a late reaction kind of guy. This was the day that took me off the road. I've traveled a few times after this, but not as much as I did for almost two full decades. I've been somewhat domestic since. Still, I'm getting an itch to hit the road again.





JULY 22nd. SUN. 2012



"The secret of success is learning how to use pain and pleasure instead of having pain and pleasure use you. If you do that, you're in control of your life. If you don't, life controls you" ~T.Robbins





JULY 20th. FRI. 2012
Easier said than done
random weeks ago.



"When one has the feeling of dislike for evil, when one feels tranquil, one finds pleasure in listening to good teachings; when one has these feelings and appreciates them, one is free of fear" ~Buddha


Never mix business with pleasure





JULY 17th. TUE. 2012
a random week ago.







JULY 14th. SAT. 2012
Team Amsterdam Billiard Club and Bar.






JULY 11th. WED. 2012
Drinky Winky
a random week ago.




I'm not as think as you drunk I am. I to much I'm drink I think. When I dream I can't read or write in my dream. When I drink I can't read or write in my drink.





JULY 9th. MON. 2012
Sushi Roulette
a few Mondays ago, It was a gamble.

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Sushi on Monday?

There is a plethora of info about this on Google. You're gonna get all kinds of no-no's about eating sushi on Monday.

"If the fisherman sleeps in on Sunday, there's no fish on Monday".

China Town in New York City does not deliver fish on Sunday; but they do Monday morning.

Occasionally I eat Sushi late night Mondays. The Dollar Menu in Sushi Park gets it packed with all kinds of people; locals, tourist and so on.

"This place sells so much fish during the course of the day, they are likely going to sell most of the weekend fish" ~Gail. It's a gamble, that's for sure.





JULY 5th. THUR. 2012
YO-gives-me a bottle of The Glenlivet for my birthday on 6/20/2012..



What is Scotch?

Scotch is the proper name for whiskey produced in Scotland, although other countries do produce similar grain-based liquors.

In Ireland, the same basic product can be called Irish whiskey, while American whiskey is often called bourbon.

Most Scotch whiskey is considered blended, which means the end product is a carefully mixed combination of up to 50 separate single malt whiskeys created specifically for blending. Some single malt Scotch whiskeys are sold directly to the public, but most are used as separate ingredients in a skilled blender's palette.

Scotch whiskey is usually made from cereal grains, primarily barley. To make a malted Scotch whiskey, barley grains are first cleaned and soaked in tubs for several days.

This soaking causes the barley seeds to germinate, and an enzyme called diatase turns the barley's germ into a soluble starch.

A mechanical drying and turning process removes the starchy pulp from the unusable husks. The barley grain is now considered to be malted.






JULY 4th. WED. 2012
Fire and Ice
I'm somewhere in the middle right now..

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"Democracy is the government of the people, by the people, for the people" ~Abraham Lincoln





JULY 3rd. TUE. 2012
Even more WTF
Just sitting around, talking.

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50,000.00 you say?

You think that's allot of money for a family of three in NYC? You look at me like I'm crazy for asking you that. Ok, lets do the math. 50,000.00 divided by 12 equals 4,166 dollars and some cents. The average month. Which can be either 28 to 32 days; give or take a leap year; so let us round it off to 30 days a month.

4,166 dollars divided by 30, equals, 138 dollars a day. Now lets take that 138 dollars a day and dived it by 3 for three people sharing 50-grand. 138 divided by 3 equals 46 dollars a day for each person.

What can your average working class person do with a budget of 46 dollars a day in NYC? 10 dollars a day for transportation to-an-from work. 10 dollars for an average small lunch (Unless you want to eat 5-dollar foot longs all week-every-week for a year) and now you have 26 dollars left at the end of the work day.

Hmm. The building you are living in is 8 stories with 24 apartments and the landlord wants to buy you out for 50.000.00 dollars. He is also giving the same deal to every other person in each apartment.

Here is what happens, if you take the offer. Your landlord can sell the building and the land to a real-estate agency for millions of dollars. Then that real-estate agency can build a condo hotel in place of where the building you are living in is now. You got robbed. Even if he offered you 100,000.00 dollars you still end up only with 40 something dollars at the end of the work day.

I'm thinking, a condo at a million each? Maybe 23 stories, 46 stories; whatever. Its a condo in New York City. I said to my friend, ask for 500,000.00 and let him haggle you down to 350,000.00 after taxes and maybe you might come out winning; some-what. He looked at me like I was nuts. He can't move you out, sooo... what have you got to lose?

Tea was over, I gave my opinion, then he left. I sat alone and then I thought. If I saved 138 dollars a day every day for a year? hmmm. I wonder how much money Ive spent on drinking per week this past year? Or any year in this last decade? Or even paying for pool?





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JULY.1. SUN.12
Just sitting around, watching.

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"One man practicing sportsmanship is far better than a hundred teaching it" ~Knute Rockne







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JUNE.26. TUE.12
Sometimes, it's for the best.

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"Almost every week, someone's mad at me" Jimmy Kimmel










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