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Dec 29th, 2012. Fri.
I kept going.
About not so long ago...

Lets see. Internal health? Yes; this is critical. It's been a long time. I've said this before, I say it almost ever year. But this time I really feel like crap, like, on the brink.

"Well that's where we are. You say we're on the brink of destruction and you're right. But it's only on the brink that people find the will to change. Only at the precipice do we evolve. This is our moment. Don't take it from us, we are close to an answer" ~Professor Barnhardt.

In other words, we have to make the mistakes to really learn something, to really grow… and then move on.
Today I got my heart racing for 20minutes. It felt good, that blood flow. I sweat in my sleep. I flop sweat when I play pool, when I think hard, when I concentrate and when my adrenalin is involved with anything exciting. This is bad health and needs to change a bit.



"Courage is not simply one of the virtues, but the form of every virtue at the testing point" ~C. S. Lewis



Needs more coffee





Dec 23rd, 2012. Sun.
About 12-21-12


"The main ingredient of stardom is the rest of the team" ~John Wooden





Dec 22nd, 2012. Sat.
Still here... whew.
About 12-21-12


Kind of like not making the playoffs
Why am I feeling that this explanation as to why the world didn't end is some sort of- to proud to admit they where wrong.





Dec 18th, 2012. Tues.
Talk'n bout stuff.
march. 2012


Comander and Chief





Dec 16th, 2012. Sun.
Bday shots.
Mika. 2012


"How old would you be if you didn't know how old you are?" ~Satchel Paige







Dec 14th, 2012. Fri.
Def Tones.
music for the masses...


I get pressure after a text messages-moments before the coin toss that a player is not showing up and that player is the one player the team needs the most that day.

I get pressure when at the last second our match gets moved to a day no one can show up.

I get pressure when I have a player who randomly grows an ego the size of a watermelon and a brain the size of a lemon.

I get pressure when there is no democracy in the pool league when there should be. I pay a membership fee for a league-that-we-the members have little say so and effect about the handicapping and rules.

I get pressure when players-that-show for half a season, want me to push aside the players who do show up most of the season.

I get pressure when players tell me they are going to show up and then they don't.

I get pressure when I make you first and you make me second.

I get pressure when I have a player who is not winning there matches no matter who I match that player with.

I get pressure when every teammate makes themselves first and then makes the other teammates second all at the same time.

I get pressure when players shit where they eat and the whole team pays for it in the end games.

I get pressure when I show up for 15 weeks in a 15 season and a player who only shows up half the season has more games played than me... with a loosing record.

I get pressure when I know in the end the cost of the prize money does not justify the cost of getting to the win.

I get less pressure when I have a 14 year old Scotch of whisky in my belly.

The only pressure you would get from me is a reminder of responsibility and commitment to your team.

I never give a coach to any of my players who are more advanced than me; unless they ask, why would I have you on my team if I thought I was better than you? Why would I ask you to be a part of my team if I didn't believe you are a great player. I'll never recruit a member unless the whole team is good with it… well sometimes.

I never tell you how to shoot and you can pick your own coach without any argument from me. And I still pay for your green fee if you win your match by a certain amount of points (depending on the amount of weight you're giving to your opponent).

And most importantly, I encourage all my players to drink only the top shelf stuff; Scotch whisky.

Such is my motto from my ten years of captaining.

I get less pressure when I have a 14 year old Scotch of whisky in my belly.






Dec 11th, 2012. Tue.
Team Pocket Pool Stars.
Sunday then Monday Hangover...


"Everyting negative - pressure, challenges - is all an opportunity for me to rise" ~Kobe Bryant

"No matter where you go - there you are" ~Confucius

Then he said, "I left your team because you put to much pressure on me. I can't win. Its been three years on your team and I haven't had a winning record-for three-years. That's nine seasons... William, nine. To much pressure from you, sorry".

So he left and made his own team. The next few seasons went by with his own team.

The results of his personal record on his-William-free team where as follows: Still not winning. Still same record.

Yup, exactly the same kind of results from his previous team of three years; nothing has changed with his record. Or his attitude and his game... nothing.

So I asked him. "How's your pressure free team doing?" He said. "You know, William. No matter where I went, there I was. And you had nothing-ta-do-with-what and how I do what I do. Man, do I feel stupid. I guess leaving you was the best thing for me to do after all.

After he said that to me, I thought... No matter where he went there he was. No pressure.





Dec 9th, 2012. Sun.
The Ring...


What do your rings symbolize to you?
"What you did in your career was significant, and it mattered and counted. That you were a part of something that could never be taken away from you." ~Pat Riley

What is it that NBA players want most? What is it that makes them push themselves for 82 games in the regular season and 16 wins in the playoffs?

What is it that makes them work out like Navy SEALs in the offseason? Why do veterans hang on for that extra year or two? Because it's about the ring.

The big, gaudy, golden, diamond-encrusted, inscribed ring heavy enough to use a doorstop and beautiful enough to mesmerize most anyone. It's the ultimate symbol of accomplishment and excellence. Wear it with pride, you're a champion. The ring is definitely the thing.





Dec 6th, 2012. Thurs.
Mind F#@k.
Level up or shut up.


I am not what they say I am.

You are not what they say you are.

I am not part of the political totem poll.

I am not part of your status quo.

There is no we.

There is no you.

There is no us.

There is no cue.

You are only as good as I want you to be.





Dec 5th, 2012. Wed.
The beat goes on.


"The ultimate authority must always rest with the individual's own reason and critical analysis" ~Dalai Lama





Dec. 3rd, 2012. Mon..
Ruff draft.
Judgment call.


Then I asked.
"Are you judging me?"
She said "no... but"…
Before the conversation went any further I said; defensively.

"You either except me for who I am or our relationship is in trouble. Why are you trying to change me? Am I not the person you thought I was? Even though we only we've known each other for how long? A few months? I mean, what have we done how much have we done together? other than sleep together and go to restaurants and play pool all night? You got two months worth of me and now you are trying to change that little bit of me already."

She said things to me, like; lose a little weight. Cut your hair. Sleep more. Drink less. Then I thought how dare her try to change me… then again. I think about it now, and, she might have been right. But The question came did come to mind. What did she not know who of me I was before I got the green light? Or was I that ken doll in the barbie house she was given as a child? ya-know. Those toy tools of management we give our children to train with and play with?

Toys, those tools that shape young minds. How to handle life when they get older. My nephew played with Lego logs and Tinker toys all day. I gave him Crayola crayons and Playdoe; those wonderful thinking toys. My nephew is now going to school for computer automotive development and engineering.
Did I get a little off subject here?

I was drunk the night we met. A few nights later we fu#%ed to the fragrance of Scotch whisky and the soundtrack to Fight Club. We started-somewhat dating and we barley new each other, it was one of those things. For months it was always we only saw each other at night. I remember the very first time we saw each other in the day light. We both winced a bit, well I know I did. When I saw that cake of makeup on her face and neck… Damn you bar lights. But I wonder what she thought about my teeth and hairline?

A few weeks later we where exactly as we have been in the bar for months then out of nowhere she says to me.

"you should slow down with the drinking".

My reply wasn't a word. It was more of a body expression that resembled this >>> !!? <<<
That is when it went all down hill…or at least I did. I think because we didn't know each other for very long-and we got together so quickly. I would imagine any personal suggestion can be a kick to the nuts even after being so intimate with each other. That first impression, its a gamble, its always a gamble.

This is who I am or at least right now it is. I get high on the fire water, she new this along with it being known throughout our mutual friends. And she wanted me to almost stop-even though we were stoned on the juice when we did the nasty over and over again. This is who I am. Still, was she playing doll house with me or was she looking out for my health when she wanted to change me? But she barely new me.

Hmm, maybe its the way she asked me to cut my hair. Sleep more. Drink less. Maybe she was saying "William you are not made of scotch and bitterness silliness. William, you are better than this, and that's what I see in you"... Maybe that's what she was saying.

If she accepted me for who I am, would we have been a happier couple at the time? Would I have been happier-healthier? Given the circumstances on how we met, I think maybe… hmm. I don't know what to think.

Was she right to judge me and try to change me? And what if I did slow down during those times? Would she still want to be with the person she barley new if I did do those things she asked? How much respect from her would I get if I was willing to change my character for her? Then again, cutting my hair. Sleeping more and Drinking less is not really a bad thing for anybody's health and well being. Maybe she saw something else being suppressed by the booze. Something great. Maybe. I still like me though.





NOV 27th, 2012. Tues.
Hot Food. Hot Game.
I hate playing pool on Sunday.


Sunday is for anything but.

Random train of thought.

I do believe a simple response can be construe as something more then what it is-if you want something.

Carelessness can catch up to you.

Babar is not a republican.

Hot soup can open you up in more ways than one.

There is a significance in the things you say. But still not as much significance as what you do with or without saying anything.

I'm still big on personal responsibility.

Some one once said "You can see a persons character by the things they laugh at". Now-a-days you can also see by the shows they watch.

I said to her. I don't need to feel superior by watching the misfortunes of people lives on reality TV or talent judgment TV. I don't have a chip on my shoulder or some form of Napoleon complex or to disguise some insecurities with arrogance. I am not entertained by watching people judging people or the honey boo boo show or some X factor-telling kids they don't have talent show or anything-that is according to the TV networks, "shows beneath my intellectual demographic". Those shows have a target market audience that is not me.

She said to me "Sunday Again!!". I felt really stupid after that.

Duck is very fatty.

Supposedly, young people grow up after common embarrassing events. But i know for sure, some people never grow up, no matter how embarrassing event was; those are the scary people.








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