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William Fuentes








AUG 28th. TUE. 2012



"An artist is causing a change in you-thru-there intentional use of color and line and words"







AUG 25th. SAT. 2012
"Like a pool table, I too have felt"



Improper usage of word.

Can be costly. At least in the grown up world it is; whatever that is, "the grown up world". You want attention or anyones attention? Say the wrong thing at the right time or the other way around or anyway you like.

It's always one's sense of accountability and sense of consequence that can get-em-away with feeling stupid or other. Drinking, this can make things interesting but most times a cliché especially in the bar life.

It's always on the surface and a little alcohol; like fuel, can trigger an explosion-expand the mind. Hopefully you're not using it to escape, Hopefully you're not trying to escape your fools.

"Always do sober what you said you'd do drunk. That will teach you to keep your mouth shut" ~Ernest Hemingway





AUG 20th. MON. 2012
Noted physicist Stephen Hawking has an IQ estimated at over 160.



Nine things that can happen and what you can do if you had a high I.Q..... of a 198. >

1. Work for NASA, (because they would want you too).

2. Expect a call from the president of the United States of America who will ask you to come up with a solution to fix the country.

3. Your phone would be tapped by the CIA the FBI and Alex Trebek.

4. Not work in a pool hall. Cause that would be the equivalent of 'Johann Wolfgang von Goethe' working at a car wash.

5. Play poker with Stephen Hawking every Thursday; and rob him. Because his "I.Q" is only 160.

6. I'm Batman

7. Create an App that can calculate a non algorithm calculation of ones probability of a win & lose-handicap system utilizing an audible and visual color kaleidoscope.

8. Finding the droids you where looking for.

9. One day you will be kidnapped by Al-Qaeda, then thrown in a cave filled with washing machines and toaster oven scraps, and then asked to build and Iron man suit.

10. Name your kids Chuck and Norris. (Gender need not apply).

"I put all my genius into my life; I put only my talent into my works" ~Oscar Wilde





AUG 15th. WED. 2012
Milk Shake and Bake...
And a few other random moments from a few random days ago.










AUG 13th. MON. 2012
Bowmore White 43 years 1964
I know how the good stuff taste.



Yup. I got a shot of the good stuff. Random luck.





AUG 11th. SAT. 2012
Just a few notes.
In the long run.




If your friend is a jerk reputated to be not always so pleasent and if you try and convince me that he's an "ok guy" once you "get to know him"; then you have a problem; and it aint me not liking your friend. It might be your choice of company reflecting your random bouts of self esteem? Maybe.

"He's-really-cool once you get to know him means, he's a real A-hole but you'll get used to it"

I've been there. I've had sketchy friends and I still somewhat do. Criminal friends. Social-retards-glamorized to Questionable people in echelons of public exception cause they are "good at what they do". Cause crime is cool in the after hours. Good for businesses bad for the home. All I have is me to protect so there nobody in danger I love. I love me.

Motivation around these parts are always of the security kind. The things we say and the things we do reflect back like a rippled lake. Sometimes fish swim through the watery distortion at a glance. Sometimes we can see the bottom of a merky pond on a sunny day. Sometimes on a clear night we can see the lights into the next city but not the road that leads to it.

Then replied to him.

"you have to have to be highly intelligent to feel like an idiot, if not, then your never going to learn from your mistakes"

Either he's too proud or genuinely stupid. Maybe his inner child is still fighting something thats stopping him from learning anything of significance for his growth. She smiled with condensation. I can tell her attitude is influenced by something other than her smarts. There's goes the neighborhood. It took me years to learn that everybodys warning was right. I feel like an idiot.

Last night her reply after his seemingly insinuating suggestion. "If I kick my leg back then that's how it goes, bitch". She's right, kind of. We are not obligated to entertain subtle suggestions and insinuations no matter what the motivation or timing for saying it is; good or bad.

His insinuation might have meant he just wants to share something he's thinks that we don't know. Or, it might mean he wanted to influence her; for whatever reason. Communication, collaboration, feed back or maybe he's thinking with his other head with a past of too much misogyny. These subtle kinds of words always expose the things about people we don't know.

From my experience, criticism and feed back is something only an artist is artistes are use too; whatever an artist is. Whoever we hold to behold as an influence.




AUG 8th. WED. 2012
SMILE, its Efren Reyes.
Amsterdam Billiard Club, a few days ago.



Who's Efren Reyes?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: Reyes was born in Pampanga in 1954. He moved to Manila with his family at the age of 5. In Manila, he worked as a billiards attendant at his uncle's billiards hall, where he started learning the various cue sports. Because he was not tall enough to reach the pool table, he played while standing on Coca-cola cases that he moved around. At night, while he was dreaming of playing pool, the pool table was his bed. [citation needed]
He is called Bata, which is Filipino for "Kid", because there was another older pool player named Efren when he was young. To distinguish between the two, he was referred to as Efren Bata. .... more?





AUG 3rd. FRI. 2012



Dear Hollywood.

I order you to stop making Dr. Suess Movies. These books where not meant to be movies. So far every Dr. Suess movie ever made in hollywood has always been missing the one thing that green eggs and ham came from. Drugs. These books came from drug trips man; Drugs. LCD, Weed, Acid and everything else that expanded your mind for creative thought and new ideas in the name of music, art and poetry. Yes it probably wasn't his intent to make his drug trip experiences into children books, but 'after he-came back down from his dance with lucy up in the sky with diamonds, how else was he gonna legacy his adventures into drug land without being remembered as just another Jim Morrison?

"I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, it's a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope. Which is what I do, and that enables you to laugh at life's realities" ~Dr. Seuss





AUG 1st. WED. 2012
Days of not so long ago.







JULY 26th. THUR. 2012
Tip or Die
random thoughts.



Drinking: He doesn't want to leave a tip cause he said he had bad service. He's lying. He didn't get bad service. He's just saying "bad service" cause he's broke. To proud or embarrassed about his funds he will make up a story at the expense of much more than he can afford.

People: It is easier for me to just remove myself form some people than it is for others. Some people are almost obligated to patronize someone they know is just taking there position or obligation to listen for granted. Some business people say "the customer is always right". Well, not in this day in age it is buddy. I do believe if you do patronize an annoying customer, just imagine, what he's or she is doing to other patrons? That one annoying person can be costing you more by patronizing him then just simply telling him you don't need his business. Then again, I hear Democracy is bad for the single business manager in the long run.

Me? "You can kiss my butt"-might be a cop-out way of thinking. And some people think I try to avoid confrontation, but. Its not so. I just know where its gonna go before it even starts so I end it before it begins; I could be wrong though.

Sleeping: I woke up the other morning dreaming of whales, and later that day, I found one.

Food: Hot and spicy food and a cold desert make for bad precipitation in the belly; I forgot about that.

Love: "A part of kindness consists in loving people more than they deserve" ~Joseph Joubert





JULY 24th. TUE. 2012
One day in 1990 something
random thoughts.



I survived a crash in the 1990's. I'm not talking about the economy.

It was three of us, me, Tony and Natalie. Tony driving, Natalie layed out in the back sleeping and I had shot gun. It was dark, late, it was a four-lane-truck-intersection in the middle of bumble-flip-America nowhere. I saw the truck coming and Tony was slow on that left-side-U-turn. Bam! Car was in the air. My life past before my eyes. I heard music but the radio was off. I woke up with my face on the dash board with a deflated airbag, bloodied, dizzy and numb. This was the summer of 1990-something; or was it the fall? Can't remember. Its a good thing I wore my seat belt or I might have been-one-with-the-hood of this soda can of a Honda Civic.

After the hospital we washed up, got new clothing and went to the tow yard to get our luggage in the trunk. This pic was about 10 hours after the crash. Believe it or not, in this pic, I had a fractured shin-bone, a fractured collar bone, a fractured wrist and two herniated disk, but because my adrenalin was still pumped and swollen I didn't feel shit. When I got the X-rays 15 hours later, and when it showed my broken body parts and when the doctor was still wondering why I'm still on my feet, that's when reallity set in. I screamed, I cried, I panicked when I saw the street outside the hospital and I couldn't be in a car for months. Days later I was in a wheel chair and sat in it for about two weeks. I was in great pain.

Its amazing how you can be physically damaged for days before you actually feel the pain; to coin the phrase "he's gonna feel that in the morning". I've always been a late reaction kind of guy. This was the day that took me off the road. I've traveled a few times after this, but not as much as I did for almost two full decades. I've been somewhat domestic since. Still, I'm getting an itch to hit the road again.










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