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William Fuentes



MARCH 28th, 2011. MON.


About Last Saturday

Foosball * Pool * Darts





RESULTS: 16 teams competed (we were "sold out with a waiting list). 1st Place: "Still Mets Fans" ($250 prize); 2nd: Team R&R;" 3rd: "Foos Fighters." One team actually came from Chicago to compete - we're not kidding! Thx to all competitors - and for eveyrone else, THIS MIGHT HAVE BEEN THE MOST FUN EVENT WE'VE EVER HOSTED! Our SECOND EVER BAR TRIATHLON will be held in 6 weeks - STAY TUNED!

Test your mettle at Pool, Darts and Foosball for a chance at free pool, drinks and cash. Call 212.995.0333



MARCH 25th, 2011. Fri.


and then

"True friends stab you in the front" ~Oscar Wilde



MARCH 23rd, 2011. Wed.


Veggies or Fruits

"Maturity begins to grow when you can sense your concern for others outweighing your concern for yourself" ~John MacNaughton

I best keep my mouth shut.

I don't know what ta-say, ya-know. There are times in life when the only thing you can do now is just deal with the consequences, if indeed there are.

Nature has a way of dealing with a virus of the earth. It has before and I suspect it will again.

Maybe this is what the Mayan's were warning before they disappeared, at least that is what I read. Then again I don't believe everything I read.


"The rate at which a person can mature is directly proportional to the embarrassment he/she can tolerate"~Douglas Engelbart


MARCH 21th, 2011. Mon.

"Ginky Fund"


CHARITY EVENT FOR GINKY'S FAMILY: Jennifer Barretta, Tony Robles, Mika Immonen, and Raj Hundal at tonight's event. All 5 pros will be playing challenge matches against anyone who wants to play them; all proceeds to go to Ginky's family.

ABC's Angels...

Two for Two

Thursday March 17 2011 3pm-10pm
First Avenue Funeral Service
2242 1st Avenue (Between 115th and 116th Street)

Friday, March 18 (10:15am)
Our Lady of Mt Carmel Church
448 East 116th Street
(near 1st Avenue)





MARCH 19th, 2011. Sat.


Milk or Tuna

Lick My Stick...

Media blackout, yup, dat's what's happening now. In the beginning they said, and I quote "if there is a meltdown we are going to be in serious trouble in more ways than just a radiation cloud spreading from Cali to Turkey" ~CNN. And, so, well, it happened, now, everything is going to be fine according to Obama and the Daily News? Liar's. It's fucked, we are fucked, everybody is going to be if-not-already fucked sooner or later. Monster island is no longer a fairy tale. Mobilization of an entire state, island and pieces of a country is impossible to relocate. Six months to a year from now is it going to be the milk that does it or the tuna? I'll change it up a bit. I'm not eating today. I've been up for two days. Some people need to be reminded about what they have. Today Is a big moon. Today are the tides of radiation. Today I started from yesterday and 2mrw will be the same. I love everybody.


MARCH 16th, 2011. Wed.


About Last Weekend



Samm needs more air



A woman who has been coming into my lab for about 5/6 years, still, does not know how to open a browser window on a computer. She walks into my lab sits down and then stands up (hops) from computer station to computer station until she find one that has what she needs already opened from the previous user.

Some who have earned a Masters-PHD-Doctoral-Degree for whatever the fuckhole from 32 years ago would not have much respect for technology I suppose, and probably will not make much of an effort to learn it when dummies like me are around to help, right? Even after years of me showing her how to open a simple application window, why remember 'how to' when dummy is always here, right? She just comes into my lab and starts clicking apps on random computers until one of the computers opens a window she needs, her behavior is somewhat vandalizing of the machines.

Today, I watched her for the millionth time do her computer vandal jackrabbit hoppity hop shit. She finally finds a computer thats suits her needs. Her back is turned to me as she mumbles out loudly "oh, this one is not broken". I walked over to the computer next to her, checked it and then asked her (in a slow dreary tone) as I was checking it (the computer), "something wrong with the computers you where just on; again?" She replies" those computers are broken they didn't do what I wanted them to do. So I finished checking the computers, and they were all fine.

As I head back to my desk/station. I mumble out loudly from across the lab (in the same way she mumbled to me earlier) "The computers work fine, it was the user lack of know how that was broken", we both laughed, but it was a kind of sarcastic why don't you fuck off kind of laugh.

So, an hour more of her computer fumbling goes by. She finishes up on the computer and is about to leave the lab. Before she walks out the door she stops turns around and says "at least I keep you in a job with my 'broken know how'" and I say "no you don't keep me in a job, you keep me in a headache, technology keeps me in a job".

I felt kind of bad after the whole thing, but, I think I might be doing her a disservice by patronizing her lack of effort to learn something very important to know.



MARCH 15th, 2011. Tuesday.


Drink up Baby

Random Thought Cloud...

People are liers. All this time and she is still not getting it. I have failed. I am grateful. I can't really judge anyone, I mean what's worse? I'm to blame. I could just simply not be here. There are some who are worth the effort and there are others who are just not going to be there when you need-em. Ed and Yomylin are awesome. I've been eating slower these days. I am chewing my food. I felt sorry for him then me then them. I am healthy and will stay that way as along as I stay away from japan. He said "your mother is a five". When she told me about that I wasn't surprised but new at that moment sooner or later that shit is going to hit the fan and I'll be there to take a picture, or did I already? You can't predict nature. People are like weather patterns, cloudy with a chance of stupid or overcast with a chance of hope. I'm not perfect but I know where my imperfections come from, came from, went to and so on. I don't put people on pedestals or hold a grudge but I also never forget either.



MARCH 10th, 2011. Thursday.

"X Rated"

Drink up Baby...



MARCH 8th, 2011. Tuesday.

"Check One Two"

I see you

Million Dollar Honey

Chin On Stick

peek a boo




MARCH 6th, 2011. Sun.


"Art teaches nothing, except the significance of life"
~Michael Korda

I chased her around the world, then when she stopped to ask "okay what do you want?" I, like a fuck'n mutt chasing a car, when finally caught up to it, had no idea what to say or do... Oh well, it was fun though; 1998 morning the death of grunge...

I got a job from that same company I was rock band aiding around for a time and transformed into that dude with the clip board, then, along with a few others like myself, turned into a pioneer barricade jumper of the tour and got almost famous.. Those were the good ol days. The good ol days before the internet changed everything.

Things change, times change, it has too. I feel it is time to change things up a bit. But in my life, when I need change, I usually need motivation, or a muse, or my friends, maybe. When the going gets tough blah blah blah. There were times when I was the walking dead and there were times I was so alive I was insane.

I was an arrogant stuck up piece of work and then humbled to a point where I felt so foolish to be who I was but grateful to make the mistakes. Mistakes, sometimes ya-got to make them just to make them, not to learn anything or to gain anything or to lose anything but just simply to make them and be a creature of substance.



MARCH 4th, 2011. Fri.


"According to the karma of past actions, one's destiny unfolds, even though everyone wants to be so lucky" ~Sri Guru Granth Sahib

"How people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours" ~Wayne Dyer



MARCH 3rd, 2011. Thurs.

"in retrospect"

"Avoid hangovers: stay drunk"

"I've got a problem for your solution"

I took a week off, just to sleep in, ya-know, get that healing sleep.

"In the spider-web of facts, many a truth is strangled" ~Paul Eldridge

But, I found myself working harder in the last three days then I did in the last five days of work before I took the week off, I'm gonna stop now.

"There are some things you learn best in calm, and some in storm" ~Willa Cather

I have a new desire, thank goodness, I thought my blood went cold. I don't worry about missing the old anymore, it's more evolved, I'm talk'n about the worry part, and what would be missing; if there is anything to miss.

"It is only when we forget all our learning that we begin to know" ~Henry David Thoreau

I feel fortunate, but also kinda alone, not lonely though, but far away...

"What we believe to be the motives of our conduct are usually but the pretexts for it" ~Miguel de Unamuno



FEBRUARY 27th, 2011. Sun.

"Random Few Days"

Sometimes it's meant to be...



FEBRUARY 24th, 2011. Thurs.

"about last night, Funky Fresh"



My fellow pool enthusiasts

I have been playing pool for 30 years and dedicated my life to representing the sport with integrity, grace and professionalism. Unfortunately, I've never seen the game receive the recognition & respect I believe it deserves. I've been teaching the game for 20 years and can honestly say I finally understand that the key to putting pool on the map is to start with the amateurs.

My goal in starting this exciting new league is to expose players from all walks of life, from beginner to advanced level players, to this beautiful sport. Together, I sincerely believe we can elevate this game to the level it deserves to be portrayed, with respect and dignity. Pool is very important to me and to this area and the more high quality competitions available for amateur players to compete in, the stronger the opportunity for the success of the sport. For these reasons, I ask for the chance to make my dream a reality.

Tony Robles Former BCA Champion and founder of The National Amateur Pool League








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