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AUG 2011
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AUG 28th, 2011.Sun.
Before After ..




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AUG 28th, 2011.Sun.
Call of the Wild Card.
About last friday night ..

More Sucio rolls than a bakery: wildcard

"Everything we talk about is about beating the Packers, the Bears and the Vikings. Obviously there are other teams in the league, but if you can dominate and be on top of your division you are always in the playoff hunt. It's time for us to win that thing" ~Steve Mariucci





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AUG 25th, 2011.Wed.
Frogs... A Chorus of Colors.

"Theories pass. The frog remains" ~Jean Rostand

"I'd kiss a frog even if there was no promise of a Prince Charming popping out of it. I love frogs" ~Cameron Diaz




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AUG 22nd, 2011.Mon.
sky blue, pink, green.
but still warm inside ..

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"All the great things are simple, and many can be expressed in a single word: freedom, justice, honor, duty, mercy, hope" ~Winston Churchill
"The higher we are placed, the more humbly we should walk" ~M.Tullius Cicero
"Hope sees the invisible, feels the intangible and achieves the impossible"




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AUG 21th, 2011.Sun. about last Thursday...
Prehistoric Sushi
@ the AMNH #2

I tripped the alarm

Swat that

Flying fish







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AUG 19th, 2011.Fri.
Yaki a fk'n Tori...



"In making a speech one must study three points: first, the means of producing persuasion; second, the language; third the proper arrangement of the various parts of the speech" ~Aristotle

"The language of friendship is not words but meanings" ~Henry David Thoreau

Da-FuK-A-U Talk'n bout!!!





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AUG 17th, 2011.Wed.
shooby dooby dooOo.. AMNH #1
Beware of the penguin


"A country without a memory is a country of madmen" ~George Santayana




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AUG 14th, 2011.Sun.
Full Moon
about a few days ago

"Satisfaction lies in the effort, not in the attainment, full effort is full victory" ~Mohandas Gandhi




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AUG 12th, 2011.Fri.
Bar Bong.

"Friendship often leads to love, but lust seldom lead to friendship"
~ Jonathan Lockwood Huie

"Bars my open and bars may close but drinking last forever"~ wf

Over the last decade, I've been in relationships for only months at a time. 4/5 months at best. Most of those relationships had as much significance and substance as a one night stand. Yup, from a bar stool wearing beer goggles, to an ending in a cab ride home the next morning. I've known women for just mere-moments, and sometimes it feels like a life time. I've known women for years, yet, we still barely know each other.

I know who you are, I know what you like, and now that we are together, I want you to change; ugh. What a tired tune that is. If you can't hear that tune playing in the background while getting to know a potential relationship, then you still must be in your 20's or 30's, which is ok, cause, I wish I was in my 20's or 30's-;p.... The "now change" thing is something I have been avoiding the last ten years or so. The only change I like is changing a photograph in photo shop; that is the extent of me trying to change a person after I get to know them..

My advice on relationships? Love yourself first, make sure people know that, but without talking about yourself too much, and then, maybe, if somebody just like you comes along, and loves you for that, and, loves themselves just as much as you love yourself, then you might have found a match worth striking-and-feeling what the fire burns. Changing for each other and making it work out is a variable; it might be good it might not. But until then, if somebody does not like you or love you for who or what you are, well, I hope the sex is good.




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AUG 10th, 2011.WeD.
$1.6million Dollars.

Exquisite billiards table at Harrods for $1.6million

This exquisite set is available from Harrods for 1.6million

A billiards player with an aesthetic taste is sure to love this beautiful black walnut billiards table. An antique piece, it was commissioned for Queen Victoria's Jubilee Exhibition in Manchester in 1887 and created by Orne & Sons Ltd. The one-of-a-kind Royal table even beats the Brunswick Exposition Novelty table when it comes to design and beauty.

An exquisite table, its cushion friezes are decorated with ribbons of quotations from Shakespeare, Tennyson, Scott and Byron and embellished with over fifty species of wild flowers and native British birds. Beneath the friezes there are panels depicting numerous countries.

That is not all. Between the panels and above each leg there are carved portraits of Royal's including William of Normandy, Henry I, Henry II, Henry III, Edward I, Edward II, Edward II and many more.

The beautiful billiards table comes accompanied with a matching cupboard. The cupboard, shaped like a door and carved with seven panels, depicts various stages of Victoria's reign.

The upper four coats of arms show Victoria during the most important stages of her rule. The central section features Victoria and Albert beside Windsor Castle while the lower section depicts the royal residences of Holyrood and Caernavon.

The second section slides open to reveal a game with stars and colored counters, which can be rotated to form a scoreboard. A beautiful set, it is definitely a hard to resist piece for antique collectors and connoisseurs of art.




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AUG 10th, 2011.WeD.
Night's Ago...
Thru Yonder whisky breaks, and other 3am greasy food nights..

"In August most of Europe goes on holiday"

~Tony Visconti




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AUG 8th, 2011.Mon.
The Night before...


Hit it with Top...




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AUG 5th, 2011.Fri.
Back to the sack...

THE INTERDEPENDENCE PROJECT is a New York City based non-profit organization dedicated to exploring the intersections between meditation, arts, and activism.

OUR BACK TO THE SACK Initiative not only is providing force behind making plastic bags a thing of the past, but is also exploring what it means to bring together mindfulness and compassion with community organizing and activism.

THROUGH THIS EXPLORATION we hope to provide a template for political engagement based not on anger and opposition, but rather on wisdom, clarity of mind, and a deep understanding of interdependence. Visit to learn more.

Bag It has been garnering awards at film festivals across the nation. What started as a documentary about plastic bags evolved into a wholesale investigation into plastics and their effect on our waterways, oceans, and even our bodies. Join the Bag It movement and decide for yourself how plastic your life will be.
Bag It is airing on National Public Television. Please click here to check with your local public television affiliate for air dates and show times.
twitter - BackToTheSack




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AUG 3rd, 2011.Wed.
More About last week

"Practice is the best of all instructors" ~Publilius Syrus

"As you put into practice the qualities of patience, punctuality, sincerity, and solicitude, you will have a better opinion of the world around you" ~Grenville Kleiser




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AUG 2nd, 2011.Tues.
About last week

Random thought cloud..

I'm watching the kids stay cool on a hot summer day.

I forgot my pin number on Sunday. Saturday I got hammered. Friday I was wired in, as well as on Thursday and Wednesday. My friends are being judged and so am I. I believe in people power. Some people want-what you can do but they don't want you.

Let people speak, it's free. I'm gonna speak now or forever hold my peace. Don't eat the pool league cause its made of people. Church and state, skill and rate, take a big bite cause it taste real great.

Skill is a state of mind but in some places it's state of management. Won-2-3-4 get the sheet what's the score? 5-6-7-ate my game is hot so heaven can wait.

Stay cool

"Politics is not a game. It is an earnest business" ~Winston Churchill




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AUG 1st, 2011.Mon.
Random Days
of not' that long ago....

"Sex doesn't always sell; character does"






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