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NOV 28th, 2010. Sunday

"5 weeks left"
Old School

"The fall also means, change"


NOV 26th, 2010. Fri

"6 weeks left"


I have to build something new... I have this thing about not giving up and trying my very best until it is absolutely for sure it wont work... A life painting study is something that is meant to be wiped if it doesn't look right or at least to your liking. So you wipe it out and do it again, kind of like the history command in photo shop, just back up a little bit and try something...slightly different..


$390.00..... why...

$12.00... awesome


NOV 23th, 2010. Tuesday Aftrn...

About Last sunday

Lumix. test. Maya. flash. 2second open. 50mil..... still blurry... not happy...

"Great skill does not make for a great mind, I've seen some really talented fools in my time" ~Me

Sunday is for my laundry and my hangover; oh yeah and also football.

"William, I don't care if you win or lose I luv-ya just the same" ~Koa.


"He must be very ignorant for he answers every question he is asked" ~Voltaire


NOV 20th, 2010. Sat Mor...

About a few nights ago...

Keep'm in-a-chair and just dont care.


NOV 19th, 2010. Friday..

About last Saturday night



Gail bit Julie

Good luck Mike


NOV 15th, 2010. Mon...

About last Thursday night


NOV 12th, 2010. Friday Aftrn...

"I think, Maybe"


NOV 9th, 2010. Tues Aftrn...

"Sushi Park"
Spam Musubi Fo' Real

Zone, free stroke, faith in your ability or faith and trust in your practice's for an ability you have been spending time honing for your satisfied level of performance; for personal best, reason or other. Free stroke is made out of your practice's. To let it out. To be one with the ball. No calculation first and then execution second, to have both as one. You cannot bottle your greatness, you have to be in the moment without tagging future or past to it. To be in the now.

"Pool to me is just a medium for the larger picture"

You fish for it you finally catch it and then you must eat it. There is no doggy bagging sushi, like the zone, you can't doggy bag the zone for later. Right there and right now and relish in the delight of your efforts in that moment and nothing more. If you try an look for that place you'll never find it but if or when it does present itself and you are in that place the second you try and stay there you are lost again. What you are made of is that place; maybe. But right now, Spam Sushi I'm gonna fuck'n eat you..

Sex like Sushi, ya-cant doggy bag an orgasim

There is no doggy bagging sushi, like the zone, you can't doggy bag the zone for later...


NOV 9th, 2010. Tues Mor...

to dream or swim in my belly

"Man is suppose to eat fish, most fish are soulless creatures whom which also do not dream. They don't blink; fish, and if you do not blink or close your eyes when you sleep then you're not dreaming, and if you do not have dreams then you are soulless. Then you are with-out desire, with-out conscious, just a creature of instinct to live for a purpose. So in my book you are meant to be a few things in life and one of those things are, to be eaten, fish get ready cause I'm gonna fuck'n eat you" ~Chapter Sushi from the book 'the religion of me'


NOV 8th, 2010. Mon...

How to see ...

"Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others" ~Jonathan Swift

You know, I saw her.... and I froze... my knees are like water... A muse is like music to the senses .... and sometimes muse-ick to your hormones.

Yeah, yup, its gonna happen. I don't think I'm gonna spend a decade doing this thing.

Anyway, a few days ago someone asked me if I had to teach a course or a class what would it be on? I said it would be a life drawing class. except, it would be on how to see what is really there, what is really in front of you. Not just a bowl of fruit or a nude but instead. Maybe why it's there or why you are there? I can hear a million jokes after a statement like that but. Maybe the lights and darks collide into shades and shapes that aren't so funny but still pleasing. Emergence, maybe that's it. How we emerge from our surroundings.

I don't know maybe I'm nuts. I took a step back from all of it recently and something started emerging in front of me but its still unclear. I'll draw it sooner or later, no rush for the textbook 101 though. I'm gooey inside, it feels great, I want it to last for a long time, but holding on to it superficially is might be like painting a bowl of plastic fruit..

"This is one of the miracles of love: It gives a power of seeing through its own enchantments and yet not being disenchanted" ~C. S. Lewis


NOV 6th, 2010. Sat...

The Oldest Hotel in NYC ...

I ate two of these

Happy ta-eat


NOV 7th, 2010. Sat...

"Almost Caught Up"
About Oct 30th 2010. Foster's Chaps...


NOV 4th, 2010. Thursday...

"trying to catch up"
About Oct 30th 2010. Doug's Bday...

Halloween 2010, went to few places, had some fun, drank lots, ate lots, took about 600/700 pics all in all. I'll post-em up shortly. Not all of-em though. Not enough time, but at least I'm not wasting time, I think. Cause time is short...



NOV 2nd, 2010. Tue...



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The doctor said, "If I had not done what I did he would be in serious trouble". Back in the 80's I was in another situation like this one, except, I lost something very dear to me even after I acted out of instinct and saved a life (saved the life of a loved one). Ruby, she was almost like the color of my pro keds but with just a little more ruby and a lot more soul.

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It was a close call... I can't even count the amount of times.



OCT 30th, 2010. Sat...


"A team that has character doesn't need stimulation" ~Tom Landry








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