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February 25th, 2010. Thurs/Fri

I so Swear


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Sometimes, it's not really who you are.... its more like... The ones who make out who you are, no need to disguise your self anymore, your friends did it for you. You are walking backwards but your friends say "keep going forward you're doing fine". The tricky part here is 'you're doing fine'. With out that part said 'you're doing fine' then you would have had to make the choice on your own to keep going. But that patronage-"you're doing fine" you chose to let decided for you. You are really walking backward-no-forward-what are you really doing? Some people are set in there ways. if you encourage it are you wrong, or are you supporting? And who are you supporting, some one you love or someone you need? If you help anyone with it, 'it' being there ways, are you a part of it, are you the cause of it or are you just a choice? Only Time can tell I think.

Encouragement and patronage, this is a subtle science, kind of social engineering. You can disguise what you are doing with smile and a happy face, or any kind of attitude, most villains do this, at least in the comic books they do. My grandmother died at 98 years, or was it 89? She forgot how old she was, she was pushing 100 I'm almost sure... She died of Cancer. during her last months of fighting, the doctor gave me a strick diet for her to follow, she did not want to follow this diet, instead, she wanted hotdog's and soda. Candy and juices and watch her Novelas with her girl friends down the hall. My grandmothers was a strong woman but her on coming death was inevitable of course. But she would not listen to me and follow the diet I was given from the doctor for her. So I just sat with her and watched Novelas with her and ate hotdogs..

I take responsibility for the things I do, for love and understanding or other. There is no subtle middle ground in any action that places anyone past form being apart of something that is detrimental, producing or other; but what if you are asked to help? Are you right for saying no to a loved one? I do have a right to smoke, and I do have a right to give someone a cigarette if they ask me for one, knowing what's happening here when I pass a smoke from my hand to another.

When I know I am doing something that might be causing more harm than good, I sometimes drown it out with ignorance or some fluffy rational in the moment thing; like serving my grandmother a hot dog, knowing, as I am serving the hotdog she insist on having, that the gas pressure she gets afterward is going to give her pain later to her stomach cancer. I have been influencing and encouraging in the past to others more times than I can remember and probably even more than I really know, and I have been influenced as well, in ways I cant even speak about or find the words for. But the one thing I always try and be is to encourage strength and leadership qualities in others who are dear to me. Maybe I do this so I can follow them one day; maybe. Is this social engineering?

I guess I should be grateful for my awareness and observation of sorts. Someone called me beautiful yesterday, and someone else called me sharp, I went to have some wine and cheese all I got was a harp. Everyone was scattered about and noone seemed at ease, the air was filled with a tense perfume and all I saw were fairies. Dancing along the same ole tune I yawned and wondered, why didn't I just stay in bed, instead I had to have a silly reminder that this ..... is an arctic monkey riding a white tiger; sometimes we don't rhyme in the end

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"But say some, would you expose woman to the contact of rough, rude, drinking, swearing, fighting men at the ballot box? What a humiliating confession lies in this plea for keeping woman in the background!" ~Ernestine Rose
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February 24th, 2010. WED.



"Courage is the discovery that you may not win, and trying when you know you can lose" ~Tom Krause

"The greatest barrier to success is the fear of failure" ~Sven Goran

"Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful" ~Herman Cain


February 23rd, 2010. Tues.




"I was on the point of cutting the cord that suspended me between heaven and earth . . . and measured with my eye the vast space that separated me from the rest of the human race . . . I felt myself precipitated with a velocity that was checked by the sudden unfolding of my parachute" ~ Andre-Jacques Garnerin, world's first parachutist, 22 October 1797
"It is one thing to be in the proximity of death, to know more or less what she is, and it is quite another thing to seek her" ~ Ernest Hemingway
"Why does one want to walk wings? Why force one's body from a plane to make a parachute jump? Why should man want to fly at all? People often ask these questions. But what civilization was not founded on adventure, and how long could one exist without it? Some answer the attainment of knowledge. Some say wealth, or power, is sufficient cause. I believe the risks I take are justified y the sheer love of the life I lead" ~Charles A. Lindbergh
"If riding in an airplane is flying, then riding in a boat is swimming. If you want to experience the element, then get out of the vehicle"


February 22nd, 2010. Mon.



I don't know anything I just work here... Yeah sure whatever just dont tred on me. I try not to think to hard these days. I'll have a drink, just so I can numb the impact-of-you. I'll just move at my own pace.

"It is well for the heart to be naive and for the mind not to be. But I guess every true genius is bound to be naive someday" ~FB2182010, Smiley


February 18th, 2010. Thurs.

Naple @ BarFly





Lets see. Random thoughts. I sat next to a dude a few weeks ago in a bar. All he did was slam Facebook. Made fun of and complained about everything on it. I ask him, "how many friends do you have on your profile friend list", he said "about 400-something", then I asked him "does you know every single person on your friend list?" He said "no". Lets see. More random thoughts. Gail shot great yesterday. hmmm. My job is very demanding these days. My friend is in a hospital I do not like very much. I have been learning how to play down; don't know if that is a good thing. I need to lose a bit of weight. I'm eating good these days. I have had opportunities to judge but I have opt to keep most of it to myself these days. I am almost positive if I asked him what he didn't like about facebook and what he would change on facebook I bet you the only thing he would be left with is himself.


February 17th, 2010. Wed.






Get (DimSum) in the Hole (as in mouth)

Jin Fong

20 Elizabeth Street (between Bayard St & Canal St

Da-Hell ya mean you ran out of chicken feet !!!!


February 16th, 2010. Tues.



"Because you don't live near a bakery doesn't mean you have to go without cheesecake" ~Hedy Lamarr


February 14th, 2010.

Happy New year and V.Day


Year of the Tiger. I hear ya-gonna need some help with a few things this year. Sure, if you ask I'll help, if you dont, well... anyway, if you ask, why not; just don't try and eat me, with your sharp tooth and poke me with your sharp claw.

I know you can handle things on your own, and I know you best work alone. But once in awhile, we all need a little support and a little love, yup, even love from the unlikely ones. I'll give ya-hug... xox.


February 13th, 2010. Mike Geffner's Inspired Word.

The Inspired Word

Mike Geffner's Inspired Word

Friday Night Underground Music and Arts in NYC Spotlight: The Inspired Word and Search and Restore

This event helps prove that poetry and spoken word are alive and well in New York City








Jason Reynolds




February 12th, 2010. Fri Morning







February 10th, 2010. Wed Morning Its snowing today but this is also about the last few days...

Ok, so it did Fk'n Snow

Devil Eggs


Stood home, windy snowy and cold. Yeah she wants one, one day, but not today, but gonna go that way. Sushi, Pork and beans, Deviled Eggs were magical.

Been talking to myself out loud, that's okay I'm kinda nuts anyway but at least I dont hold it in and then lose my marbles and someone to slip on.

We won on Sunday and I shared some feeling with Emily on Tuesday. Its still love, its okay, communication is so important, as so is taking responsibility for the things you say and do and even more so, the things your not saying and doing.

I think we do the things we do and say the things we say and feel the way we feel and act the way we act and deny and admit all at once, so the blur and the bleeding into each other can give us a safer choice.

Its scary and its wonderful all at the same time. To feel alive and eat sushi when ever I want is gift and a choice and if I ever eat alone I know it wont be for long...And I know it was a choice...

Maya is Rerun

The Yeats

Happy, High and Mighty

This is gonna get kinda weird.. Two dragons

She, Pretty and Sure



February 6th, 2010. Sat Morning. about Last Tues/Wed night...

Macho Time



... And the Maddog

Thomy Gun ...

I've just been on it one day at a time. I can taste it, it is there right in front of me, but I just cant seem to put it together, there's always something, but ultimately that something is me. I see it in others and they look right back at me, like what am I waiting for. I am lost but the vision are now up in the clouds. and even though I walk alone, I'll just look up and see them right there, like stars in the daytime brighter than the sun and more beautiful than anyone can ever describe. I raise my standard once again and feel... wow, I got feelings about it again. I see the beautiful ones shoot across the light surrounded by the dark walls. I see the loyalty and perseverance of the bold and relentless and I am driven to finish what I set out to accomplish even at the cost of the untimely ones. I like me way better than I like you, but I think of you first before I think of me, selfishness vs selflessness.

On Tuesday. It's George

And Mitch, on a Tuesday..


February 5th, 2010. Fri Morning. about last weekend.

APA Tri's and such

Make'n Moves

"Just because u'r in my head doesn't mean we are in bed "





February 3rd, 2010. Wed Morning. about last week.

Team: Id' Hit That. NAPL League 2010 week one..

Gauging: a standard or scale of measurement.
A standard dimension, quantity, or capacity.

Gauging ones skill level against another person or person's skill levels is a matter of a none-mathematical fact sheet, history, biest and none-biest-opinion and state of political affairs.

There is a system out there. An Equalizer Handicap system that is better than anyone's and every bodies two cents about how, who is what and what is where and so fourth.

Your only as good as I want you to be. I'm only as good as you want me to be.



February 2nd, 2010. Tuesday Morning.

G not so-Square in the Derriere


"And she finally stopped playing their song, when she realized she was dancing alone"






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