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Entry: March 26th 2008 Sunday, About Last Friday


The Masked Marvel

Shaving and Billiards



Just Suits
Dats a big team







Entry: March 26th 2008

Wed, About Monday Night

The Return of Peter Abend
Happy Birthday Keith ...


Jae, Remo

Birthday Boy Keith











Entry: March 23th 2008

Easter Sunday

Saturday Afternoon, D'uh-games

About Friday Night*** and Saturday Day


And frozen Margaritas






Entry: March 22rd 2008


I woke up late on Saturday

So I couldnt play, well I guess then...

Instead, I'll watch pool players play for a bit.

Shin Young Park


Shin Jump
(CAG) Cha









Entry: March 21st 2008.

About Last Thursday Night

"If you think you are something you are not, then you will never grow"

~Tony T


I didnt ask the Judester the question below, it was some rock head on AZ billiards forum asking Jude, back in my October 2007 entry.

Question/advice about turning pro.
Is 40 too late to try to turn pro?
I know the life of a pro pool player is difficult, but I can't seem to get job satisfaction anymore in my current vocation.

I have some idea of what it would take...

1. Money in the bank during the "lean" times (which applies to life in general)

2. New shooting equipment
3. Possible table at home
4. Serious lessons
5. Practice daily
6. Playing in many tournaments

A little about me...I am an "average" player. I have never run more than 50 balls in 14.1, and I broke and ran 3 racks of 9-ball a few times in my life. I have been playing "off/on" for 20 years, but have never won anything major, and I have engaged in friendly wagers as well, no "serious" gambling. (I have never bet more than $300 on a game or set in my life).
I have been told by many that I have a great stroke...but so what if I don't win!

I also don't play more than twice a month, which would obviously have to change if I decide to take this path.

Feedback appreciated.....>

.......> Feedback appreciated? Here eat this...

It's totally illogical.

It's the same as asking a group of people, "Do you think I should try jumping off the Brooklyn Bridge? I've jumped off things before."

There's a very good chance you won't even come close but everybody here is going to tell you to try anyway. I mean, if you're even thinking about it, I don't see why you bother asking us because obviously, logic means nothing to you.

Personally, I love being the weekend warrior. I love amateur status because I can play in anything and I don't think about my rent when I lose. Considering that even the top 20 professionals have a hard time making a living, I cannot fathom why ANYBODY would want to go pro unless they were reasonably certain they could be dominant.
Enjoy your jump. I hope the water is nice. Good luck.
Name: Jude M. Rosenstock
Cue: Predator 2
Age: 35
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Hours of pool: 15
Profession: Online Advertising

Some days you're the bug. Other days, you're the windshield.


Week 9. Finaly all members present.

Pocket Porn Stars

"Is that cue ball in your pocket or are you just glad to see me?"






Liz Ford's









Entry: March 20th 2008. Thursday ...

Now a few words with no sponser

parsimoniousness, shrewdness, apathetic, reminiscence, calibrate and integer.

It’s not easy making a living off of pool or the “arts” as they call it; what’s an artist? Well, whatever; my dogs name is art. It’s a cup, deep, hallowed and dry, sometimes. To suddenly get kerplunked in a bucket of wet and sour shrewdness.

The reward is 15 minutes; that’s the camaraderie-integer of people judging you after your shot. Then, it starts over again, as if you never lost before, that one good win is more like a band-aid for your last lose. The reminiscence of those with an ego the size of Minnesota gets deflated to the size of Ed Norton when a crowd of shrewdness is in the air.

Try that three rail kick shot-combo to the 8 for the bank in the hole, wait, hold on, you just missed by a hair, wow, afterward, there will be lots of pats on the back laughter and nice try-admiration-words along with “let me buy you a beer for that nice try-shot”, yeah-“nice”. But, attempt that exact same shot for a point during a game match in team 9ball and miss by a hair and you’ll not get that “nice try beer” after the whew’s-and-laughter but instead, get, “Are you flip’n-nuts? What are you doing? Why’d you do that? Are you on drugs?”

It doesn’t matter how many times you get those kinds of shots-when your fooling around with random free strokes on table 86 on a Saturday night with the boys, you are not going to get that ball in the hole when your playing a D+ who can run 5 balls at time as he is will be on hill if you miss.

Your B game is best exposed when you do not feel like shooting, you do not need to have feelings for shooting when your mechanical stroke is precise; that is what a B game is for. When you do not feel like shooting, this is a good time to test what your mechanics’ are made of. If you shoot when you are not in the “mood” (apathetic to the game) and find yourself missing routine shots, this could be an indication that your mechanics’ are not inline.

If you need to be in the "mood" to shot and have an alined mechanical play, then you probably need to practice your literal mechanics a bit more. Shoot without feeling to shoot, and see how well you stroke the ball. If you need to feel like shooting to have good mechanics then that is an indication you need to go and calibrate your game.


The Ice man









Entry: March 18th, 2008.


“We are made to persist. That's how we find out who we are.”
“That which we persist in doing becomes easier, not that the task itself has become easier, but that our ability to perform it has improved”
“By persisting in your path, though you forfeit the little, you gain the great.”
“Writing fiction has developed in me an abiding respect for the unknown in a human lifetime and a sense of where to look for the threads, how to follow, how to connect, find in the thick of the tangle what clear line persists.” Eudora Welty
Aaron Kane


Tony, Julie, George, Lu









Entry: March 16th, 2008. Sunday... About last Friday

Super Billiards Expo 2008

... | Samm

Bob Watson | "Painting On Green Canvas"

Shanelle Loraine

Alison "onion rings" Fisher 2.0

Cinnamon D'ohNut!!!!!



Bob and Jerry T

Mark and Mikey

Ga-Young Kim


gett'n fat with Thor and Mark

Happy Rob

Sign please

frozen monkey

Apple Cinnamon


Turtle back

Ya-Happy Now?

Tony Robles gets some air

It didnt just happened

Caroline Pao gets a Jim Murnak Cue Case

Its John " someone-is-gonna-get lit " Schmidt

My-Hanh Lac

m y heeeezzzzy

Samm Diep Pool Tip Jar | Samm SP | MySpCe

Samm SP Samm Diep


ThorstenHohmann Shanelle Loraine










Entry: March 13th, 2008. Thursday.


Will coach's Rich







Entry: March 11th, 2008. Tuesday Evening.

Just thought I mention.



1st - Supadra Boonpasook, $400 + Qualifier

2nd - Zinnie Panju, $300

3rd - Erica Testa, $200

4th - Morgan Steinman, $130

5th/6th - Erin McManus, Briana Miller, $80

7th/8th - Emily Duddy, Gina Lipsky, $55







Entry: March 11th, 2008. Tuesday Afternoon

About Yesterday Afternoon



Monday Afternoon










Entry: March 11th, 2008. Tuesday Morning.

About last night

The belly rules the mind. ~Spanish Proverb

Do vegetarians eat animal crackers?

Vegetables are a must on a diet. I suggest carrot cake, zucchini bread, and pumpkin pie. ~Jim Davis




Sophia and Maya and Will










Entry: March 9th, 2008.

On a fine Sunday Night, I have some random thoughts.

9:35pm Premature enlightenment

Do you know why, they have oxygen mask in the compartment heads of airplanes? Oxygen gets you high, getting high helps you except the fact, that there is the possibility that you are about to die any minute.

2:15pm Consequence.
Not a worry and nothing on the line
If I miss that ball
My life will still be fine.
No jeopardy this way if I don’t make the ball
My rep will still be intact
My game will still be in this hall.
Consequence can sometime be season-element; 
it is introduced frequently like this.
Consequence can sometime be irrelevant,
Consequence can recurrently be malevolent, 
Consequence frequently make people go hiss.
Consequence can be 
big or small
Consequence can decide 
when we stand
Or when we fall.
Consequence can be the judgment from our comrades and peers
If you don’t get the ball in the hole, 
Consequence can realize all our wonders and fears
Those hard movements in your peripheral only mean
If the consequence of your game is still going leave you clean. 
What you put in danger can get its Consequential meaning
Unless you shoot real good 
even after the table has a Consequential leaning.
Only when the Consequence of losing something can enhance my Game.
Only then can my 401k’s-3%-increase by can help me lose my little Fame.
Free stroking is pleasurable
If you already have a job to make the rent.
But for some, there is a Consequence 
if they miss that ball in the hole
Later on they will find themselves 
staring down at the dinner trey
To empty cup sitting next to an empty bowl 
under a tent; 
on the side walk of the 42nd st bus port authority station.









Entry: March 7th 2008 Friday.

About Thursday night..

A captain’s work is never done, even after the team has won.

“The belly rules the mind. ~Spanish Proverb"
Gina and Jen







Pocket Porn Stars

Ernie and K.C

On one









Entry: March 6th, 2008.

Thursday Morning.

Combo Kick on the Ten ball during a game of 10ball, with a touch of english and a dab of MEeEeEyAAAaA!

Then I went home to shave after I saw this vid...


Paying attention
Look into my eye
the book

Remo Chang









Entry: March 5th, 2008. Wed Morning.

About last night-Tues.

Take'n a break

Movies will be up shortly... youtube is kinda slow these days
Gina Kim Lipsky
Practice. There are some kinds of practice that can help you enhance your skill, if any. And then there are some others kinds of practice that can enhance your natural talent, if its true. Then, there are some kinds of practice that will do other than the other two, which I think is not so good. Developing your skill or natural talent can be rewarding, or devastating that all depends. I find, playing with advanced people in the art of pool and billiards is always benefiting to my game, if any. But I do not think they benefit playing or practicing with me, unless I try my best, even then, hm? Getting good is not easy, if it was, than every one would be good. Free stroking if fun, but not very developing for your game, if any. You’re not gonna-get-good unless you practice, a lot. Even when you get to a certain; level, you need to practice even more after that.

Brian Lau

Gina Punkim

Supadra Boonpasook



Im not gonna drink yet









Entry: March 4th, 2008.

Tuesday Morning Underdog...

Its good to see,

The Underdog wins

Ladies and Gentlman, During my Team 8ball Monday night match I had been informed that....


is the 2008 APA
National Singles Champion.

Shes Going to Vegas to represent NYC APA's Finest in level 5 pool players!!! way to go Gabby...


Oh, and this dude won as well, ya-know,

Ernie Jew, the guy with the loud laugh at ABC.












Entry: March 3rd, 2008.

Monday morning

Where is my mind?

“I’m living in a state of perpetual deja vu, everywhere I go, its like I’ve been here already”.

The danger with starting over again is, you might end up repeating your self.

I am not a competitive person, but if I were presented with a challenge I would probably take it.


What am I talking about here?

Just random thoughts vis-à-vis my character, these thoughts could also be some sort of cerebral chemical-recoil from the lack of booze and coffee and cigarettes in my blood. 18 days of detox, yes, I see and feel a great difference in my well being already. I did this before a few years ago after some food poisoning in combo with whiskey an old cup of coffee and a few stale-cigs.

I went three weeks of no stimulants and no booze and I felt great. So great, I went on a drinking binge. But that was a while ago. I dont think I will be so foolish and do that again.

Anyway, these last couple of week with my clear head-self has shown me some things I have over looked concerning my daily rituals. I think its time for a new side road, doesn’t mean I’m going to give up anything, but for sure I need something new.








Entry: February 29th 2008 Friday.

About Last Night




Someones having a good time

Emilly Duddy

ERROR 404 ...

So, I’ve been there done that, like lots of my comrades. It has always been in my experience, when a team sits together, congregates together, give the other team an impression of strong links in the chain. This usually daunts the opponent on some level. It is little subtle nuances outside of the skill thing, which give a team their strength. Skill alone is not enough, though recently I have seen some celestial imbalances this season so far concerning team positions. Even a missing teammate can cause a small lack of correspondence in your squad’s synergy. Sitting apart, showing up late, anxiously wanting to play early for no real good reason other than rattled nerves, and I love this one “play me now or I’m going to leave”, these things happen, and it's ok, once in a-blue. But in my experience, if this happens every week? Well, you know what they say. Anyway, I’ve been here, done that, lost it, and won that. First place can be a blast but last place can happen real fast if you start with the whole me thing. This whole thing is not new to me. But, It is always good to be reminded once in while what the other side was like.






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