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Entry: February 1st 2008 Friday... About last Tuesday

Slurp it

Derick vs Eric


Aki gets the point








Entry: January 30th 2008 Wed


You cant say I took something from you when you never owned it in the first place ...

Nope. Your fustration is an indication that you were planning on stealling from me, behind my back, and in failing to do so with yor 200 dollar bribe, you now accuse me of stealling from you; stealing something that was not yours in the first, and the beauty here is, I dont own it either.







Entry: January 28th 2008

Monday Morning, About Paella

I eat hardy food from the homeland, Cuban; Spanish. I eat along with good company, whom which prefer to be nameless at this time. Nameless, much like how I will treat this entry not about my company but about other things.

I eat, and I eat with felling, a bit annoyed and flustered about current events in my life, so I wash it away with Paella and Sangria. Up and down, so sudden with the stranger than fiction.


Really though, if it was any less than what it is would I be happier?

Some people would agree, people want what you have and when they cant have it they would rather break it in anyway they can.

Lately, it has been very flattering but at the same time very dangerous. Imitation is the strongest flattery. I kept reminding myself this and it somewhat alleviates the stress; along with some home made food, Corona’s and a few hours of drunken pool fun.


Karma is not a circle;

it’s a horizontal swirl, on the plane spiraling forward, at speeds up to you.

If you turn around to look, you might predict what’s coming back to haunt you, or save you.

If you look back to long, you might miss something, or crash into it.

The best bet for some is to just ride the moment, and for others, to just run away.

I dropped a shrimp








Entry: January 26th 2008 SAT.

About last Thursday Night. A new season at ABC

Ray, Em, Cag, Maya, John, Steve

Cag Caliskur: pronounced; 'CHA'. And yeah, she's a Pocket Porn Star now...

I notice the extremities here are different from the other place. Put a spin on it as an “opportunity”, and you have the appearance of being the underdog of repeating history, nice, there still a good chance history repeating its self.

Passive attack

I have been on the receiving end of trivial-mindedness these last few weeks. I still find amazing the disguise of motivation. I am not talking about me or anyone immediately important. I wonder, though probably, I have done this once or twice myself, I’m not perfect, unless this is perfect, then I guess we all are perfect.

Lately I have been saying to my self, “well I got my wish”, but not in the manner I wish it happened. He/she will now perform in the way I wished him/her to be, spite maybe? That is the fuel to drive toward that success of good character. It hurts when I give chunks of my soul away, am I feeding my ego or is this something I must do? Or is this something I was taught by my grandmother? I have always tried to motivate my players to be the best I can see them being, to be on an echelon I can never see most. I have motivated, I have succeeded in my wishes, but the price of ones success is always ending with the taste of a bitter sweet me.

John Leyman

Get spanked
by Carlos Luna

Ed and Emily and Jessica and Maya and Carlos

"Gettin' good players is easy. Gettin' 'em to play together is the hard part"

Casey Stengel

Whew for a second I thought... but it look's like.
Emily is the best ... and thats Steve in the background.

Jessica reaches for Maya not Carlos or me


Mark, A pocket Porn Star now









Entry: January 23rd 2008 Wed.


I sense'd... a whole lot of love in that room ...

good times ... good times

The Winner: APA Team 8ball winter 2008


Cory, Aki

Rich, Eric

Tea ... or
... cake ... or

Mike, Jessica. Robert was there, doing the sheet, and giving advice.

Can Can
Fire and Ice

Oh yeah, Lots of love
... Death










Entry: January 23rd 2008 Wed.


"It is amazing how much you can accomplish when it doesn't matter who gets the credit"

Henry Ford ...
"Coming together is a beginning.
Keeping together is progress.
Working together is success

Debra Mancuso
"Win together, lose together, play together, stay together"

Dennis Kinlaw...
'Work and self-worth are the two factors in pride that interact with each other and that tend to increase the strong sense of pride found in superior work teams. When people do something of obvious worth, they feel a strong sense of personal worth"


Whad'a-wait'n-4 Jessica?


Just Drink it

Maya says "look like this", gulp!


Another Shot?


The Big Win
Hang'n Ten
Katzenbach & Smith
"The same dynamics that promote performance also support learning and behavioral change"
Max DePree
"Without forgiveness, there can be no real freedom to act within a group"
Mark Twain
"Synergy — the bonus that is achieved when things work together harmoniously"
The Charm
Found from Lost
keep it happy










Entry: January 20th 2008.

I Love Sushi and Sushi love me.

Played pool, randomly got tickets to see Clover-whatever then went home.

Wide doesnt make the shot any easier..
Aaron Kane, fell up the stairs
Cloverfield: the aftermath of total and complete destruction of an inhabitant-civilized ground. Subsequently, the after result, hence, the Cloverfield. The smoke of burned out fires from buildings long in ruin. Nature heals these kinds of municipal scars with greenery on its walls and clovers growing thru the ravaged earth.

Attack of the evil Sushi...

The subplot of the movie will tell you what the reason was I think. The focus of the movie was more like, about the people reactions and what would you do if this really happened? I enjoyed the movie... I'd see it again.

The movie Cloverfield.

Creepy, the idea, that one day I can be with my pool team in the middle of a game season, suddenly, a giant monstrosity wakes up from its 100 billion year nap from under the nyc harbor, hungry for more than just a snickers bar, bitch slaps the statue of liberty, and starts kicking over the building I’m about to make the nine ball in, then it starts eating Douglas, Emily Aaron, Helen and Danny, my team, my people, this is a possibility?

Well, I mean, there are depth in the earth and ocean that man has not yet explored, at least that is what the Discovery Channel exclaims in there strange ocean fish, volcanic cave, tar pit, segments on TV year after year.

The good book is missing pages, I know, but, in the bible, there is a mention, that before man, there were behemoths that walked the earth. This, from a scientific point of view is probably referring to dinosaurs. Even before the dinosaurs, in the beginning, there was only dark, then, the whole explosion of light and existence universe-thingy happened, who knows what was here right after that.

J. R. R. Tolkien's... Balrog. The lord of the rings, in the book or the movie I’m trying to remember, there was a part there, with a character named Gandalf and his encounter with a being, insinuated as something ancient and old and buried away by god: the devil or a servant of the devil; named a Balrog. According to Gandalf, it shouldn’t have been possible for it to exist in middle earth; Middle earth, being the place between man and god. The Dwarfs of middle earth are knows as a race of people who mine for gold, these minors unintentionally dug to deep in their quest for riches and something evil was awaken by there greed; they dug to deep, and rouse something not ment to interact with man or beings of middle earth; a being of one of the first few conceptions envisioned by god. J. R. R. Tolkien was big on the bible, so was C.S Lewis's, The lion The Witch and the wardrobe.

JJ Abrams... Cloverfeild creature from 20000 Fathoms left me with the impression, ‘it’ was here before we were. The Monster is not your classic sci-fi Frankenstein genetic accident, like the creation of Godzilla from atomic bomb testing on an island near Japan, or some government science experiment gone wrong.


I got the impression that this gargantuan disbelief was designed to rise again for reason more than just to stomp around and eat Amsterdam Billiards Club.

The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms, 1953 Warner Brothers


Pocket Porn Stars

Emily and her Boy AwWWwWwwWWw...
Marks greasy fries AwwwWwWwWw...
Aaron and mark, busting balls AwwWwWww.








Entry: January 18th 2008. Sushi field

I ate all this sushi.

What is this thing?

Caroline in her pj's.

Its rainning out.

Im getting drunk?

Buzz Kill...

Mika's leg sack.

Get off my Sushi.

Billiard Life.

Im sttill hungry.

Hawian Rolls, good.

"Sometimes sushi is just superb, and other times there's nothing like a great big steak. It depends where your taste buds are at the time"
~Francesca Annis


The Boya's


I ate this ... all of it
Game time over
Playing, Game.








Entry: January 17th 2007. Thursday
An artful, indirect, often derogatory hint:

Eat, drink, and be scary

Lately, the word here, for the month of January 2008 is; insinuation.

What are you saying? What are insinuating? I know your question is soft spoken, formal and professional, but what is the origin for this inspired inquire or suggestion?


The manner in which your questions are presented, does not facade the underlining emotional content whence it came ...

What inspires an idea, often denotes, motivation, lesson learned, or an objective for ones new resolution.

The eccentric. these are beings I have o-so been mingling with most of my life, my grandmother was eccentric, so am, I think.

I have always been drawn toward eccentricity, I mean really, who the fuck wants to hang out with a clone?

Eccentric beings, I never really been able to always have enough patience to work with it, needed almost every day in my life, until recently, it could be experience, wisdom?

The unique, the different, the unorthodox, whether it be a sable hair paintbrush or a atypical characters for my pool teams, its sexy, its new, its what we do when painting a new picture for the New Year.

Is it my own unconscious undoing, to set myself up for a lose or a change or a gain? I have been here so many times before. That moment, I know the one. But this moment always has an eccentric quality to it. What am I insinuating here?







Entry: January 15th 2007. The whole is greater than the sum of the parts.
About the last few days.
Last Season ... sept 07

ABC, Team 9ball

Monday Night BCA
2X. Team: El Sucio two-time back to back season champs.

El Sucio- Goin for the 3-peat

Did it United, time to Divided,


United we stand Divided we ... take the 400 peanuts and split it evenly, cause the green fee we paid for the season supercedes what we got paid in team prize money during the course of the season, and I mean the green fee way-way-way supercede the team prize money.

So Pocket Porn Stars placed nicely in team 9ball out of Amsterdam Billiards. I have 6 players; I didn’t even know we had gotten into a money pit position on the bracket. Some how during the excitement of the season, I completely forgot there was even cash prize money for the team. So we won 400 bucks. The green fees for each player during the course of the season is more than half the team prize money, except for me, I barley played, my killers always come first, even when I want to play, they come first.. When a captain has a player who wants to get mean on the green, a good captain should always take advantage of his or hers player’s urgency to play, especially when they have a winning record.

Some captains think differently, about dividing 400 bucks between 6 pool mates. I have 6 players. 6/400 = 66 bucks. Let’s see …

  • William played 7 times 15x7 = 105
  • Helen played 15 times + lots of peanuts 15x15 = 225
  • Emily played 15 times 15x15 = 225
  • Danny played 9 times 15x9 = 135
  • Aaron played 14 times 15x14 = 210
  • Douglas played 9 times 15x9 = 135
  • Total 1,035 green fee … (Wow if I saved 15 dollars once a week for a few months I can get 22 inch plasma screen)

    if our team won 1.035 dollars..

1035/6 players = 172.5 dollars each, gag! or pay what's caculated above provived the team prize money is bigger than the green fee, Aaron 210, Danny 135, Helen 225 and a giant bag of peanuts, blah blah blah... then, afterward, we divide the remainder, if any. Meaning if team prize money were larger sum than paid in green fee ...

Match Ups

Matching up my players were according to the pre-dominant D+/C+ handy caps in my division, getting as many points as a team can get to get to the end. If we were in the 6:15 Div then I probably would have done things diffirently. There are subtle considerations as well, when matching up your players. Who shows up, who wants to play, who has to play, who should play, who has to leave early, who wants to show up late, who needs to borrow money to play, who bought the most peanuts and how much me and Danny will eat-em and blah-blah blah… There are so many consideration for a match up.

400/6= 66. (666) Because everybody spent more money paying for his or her green fees than what the team prize money was, is it really worth calculating a 10 or 15 - dollar difference between 6 people?

Personally, I don’t give a cue about 66 bucks, to me, thats two bottles of Jameson, whatever.

'As far as I was concerned, the prize of how we go there was much larger than the dollar value of the prize'

400 dollars would have made for nice team dinner with a big fat bottle whiskey… thats my policy...

About Monday.
APA team 8ball


Ed, Me, Ed, George




So soo Happy people
Jack and Jess








Entry: January 14th 2007. About Sunday.

... ABC Playoffs winter 2008

Oh well season over…

Pocket Porn Stars, we did ok. We were in first place 95% of the season without the use of money influence or policy. There were some great players this season, fallen like giant trees in the redwood and others, who performance superceded there expectation according the BCA handicap system. My second season in, not so bad, I think. This coming season, I will do exactly the same thing again. Trusting my instinct and putting my players ahead of me first. I think I’ll keep the name, even though the spam in my gmail is dreadful with the word porn star in the subject matter all the time getting offers to enlarge my cue stick.

Song for my team - Bat For Lashes - What’s A Girl To Do

Not Bad.

Da-Money pit ...
Aaron Kane
"Money won is twice as sweet as money earned"


Danny Tam, Helen Xina
Olga, Jim







Entry: January 11th 2007. About Thursday Night.

Are you Hungry?

Game Time.

Chess, I can play Chess.

And these are my pieces.

Two rooks, a knight, a bishop, and a queen. Who plays really good when hungry and even, better, after curbing that hunger with sushi.

Amsterdam Billiard Club Playoffs. 1/10/08
Kevin is the charm...
Team: Durkdurkistan. Pool-Play'n Killa's.
Watch this
I have magic powers



Aside from the fact that I lost my keys, which I have had in my possession for over ten years. It is kind of a ritual with me. Right before any kind important event I will have a large responsibility for. I immerse myself with positive energy for all four corners of my personal liveliness and attitude toward my next immediate endeavor. Jae, I sought her out, I went to her just ta-get that; hm? Positive thing she has about her, that is over all positive, healthy and smooth. We had sushi we had one drink and then I went home to sleep.

I will take the lost key thing as a Karma-tic sign, for opportunities to open new doors this New Year.








Entry: January 8th 2007.
About Monday Night. ...

On the Hill…

Really, Hill, ya-got all teary about how weary you have gotten about your camp-pain-strain? You were almost in tears when you answered a voter's question about the grueling experience of campaigning for the nation's highest office.

I wonder how teary and weary will she get if she becomes president of the USA and deals with real worldly issue’s, not to mention cleaning up after her predecessor and ex president George? Boy what a reck that guys leaving behind to clean up...

Hill, you’re blowing it with that emo-shit. If-ya-cant-handle the pressure of trying to be president of the USA, how do you think your going to handle the pressure of actually being the president of the USA?


Its all fried Chicken baby
We all have emotions Hillary, And it's ok to show-em once in a blue. Cry at home with loved ones and family about your job or personal matters is very human and very keeping it real. But, I don’t think my pool team is going to look at me as a person with legerdemain and leadership if I start to get misty-eyed at the first sign of the possibility of loosing a match. I wonder if ever, there was a candidate, who cried before he became president?
Stay strong Hill








Entry: January 8th 2007.
About Sunday Night.
Amsterdam Billiard Club Wild Card Drawing. winter 2008.
so-so happy Naldo.

Aaron is way cool...


The Silent Asassin

Tony Robles





Caroline Capao

Gina ... whew ... Steve








Entry: January 7th Monday Morning
... whew ...
I'll talk about it later...

Pocket Porn Stars
I'll have more up later...








Entry: January 5th 2008 Saturday night...
Yukos Birthday...

OMG, Dave DEAN!!!
Pam, Mike.

Pete: Sex Panther...RrOwRrRRR.
Old School.

Alex, Patrick, Gabby


Pete, Asha, Stephanie








Entry: January 5th 2008 Saturday.
Resolution 3. Sleep More Often

On Thursday, At ABC, I found a random basket of corn chips. I then reached into the basket of corn chips and there was a wad of chewed gum on one of the chips I was about to eat, Gina yelled out,"Willam! Eat It!" I said no ..

Ok anyway. So today, Saturday, on the train I made a decision …I think this year (2008), I will spend a lot of it, catching up, to sleep. I’m not going to be sleeping on the job or on any other recreations and immediate endeavors. But I will be sleeping more often then I have been in these last years. Really, I do feel the time of lost Z’s catching up to me.

Team: Cherry...

Thursday Night at ABC

Mood swings...

Eat Healthy this year...


Shelly, Runner, boots.

Monster, Caroline Pao









Entry: January 4th 2008 Friday.
Resolution 3. Stay Warm when needed


I Thought, and I thought and I thought so hard, then, I needed a drink. I got my drink and got really warm and really happy.

Yesterday my team didn’t shoot, so I watched other teams shoot , it is tense, it’s exciting, its fun, and its pool.

There were a few things I will write about, this month, about why some of play and why some of us, just like to play.

I’m going to share something with you guys, something that all you people should know.

Its about three things.

Of course, these three things, should, get done at some-convenient point you find, but these three things in life; you should never ever make a priority.

These three things, you, should never ever invest any kind of emotional stress; involve yourself in it as some sort of managerial, meditation session or to be made as an important issue to deal with.

These three things, will always, be around, long after your children’s-children’s children are long-long-gone; these three things, are not to get in the way, of any venture in your life, these three things should never compromise your family unity, these three things should never ever-ever take up any of your precious time, life is to short to worry about these three petty things.... >

> ...Washing the dishes,

Throwing out the garbage

And making your bed.

Cause those three petty things,

Will still be there,

Long long long after you’re dead.








Entry: January 3rd 2008 ... Thursday
Resolution 2. Warm Milk puts you to bed...

Need to keep Warm
Tess, Drink'n on the Job

T e s s . . .

Mark, Steve



Tony T







Entry: January 2nd 2008 ... Wed, Resolution 1.
Dieting is wishful shrinking.

Deep Fried Ice cream

Good Gaming
Tess-sting,1 ,2.

A Resolution? One..

Dieting is not a piece of cake. There are so many kinds of Diets one can partake for a healthier body, so-so many, on line, in books, classes and so forth, and 90 percent of them, do not work,

With so much information about good and bad foods for you, how can one, reasonably intelligent, average working 8 hour a day Joe, go wrong with a simple health plan? Simple, it is not a matter of what to eat, when too eat it, how to eat it and why you are eating it, it is a matter doing it, sticking to it once you start and having the will power and the proper motivation to carry on. I diet for the body is not in much need here as there is a greater need for a diet for the mind… A diet for the mind makes a diet for the body much easier to pull off.

Ps. I’m not going a diet.

Dieting is wishful shrinking. I wanna grow...







Entry: January 1st 2008. Tuesday.
(Feliz Año Nuevo) Fleez-on-your webo.

Counting down with Tina
Then the laundry



Sat night. Last Play of 2007





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