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Entry: February 29th 2008 Friday. About Last Night




Someones having a good time

Emilly Duddy

ERROR 404 ...

So, I’ve been there done that, like lots of my comrades. It has always been in my experience, when a team sits together, congregates together, give the other team an impression of strong links in the chain. This usually daunts the opponent on some level. It is little subtle nuances outside of the skill thing, which give a team their strength. Skill alone is not enough, though recently I have seen some celestial imbalances this season so far concerning team positions. Even a missing teammate can cause a small lack of correspondence in your squad’s synergy. Sitting apart, showing up late, anxiously wanting to play early for no real good reason other than rattled nerves, and I love this one “play me now or I’m going to leave”, these things happen, and it's ok, once in a-blue. But in my experience, if this happens every week? Well, you know what they say. Anyway, I’ve been here, done that, lost it, and won that. First place can be a blast but last place can happen real fast if you start with the whole me thing. This whole thing is not new to me. But, It is always good to be reminded once in while what the other side was like.









Entry: February 28th 2008

Thursday morning.

The man who wins may have been counted out several times,
but he didn’t hear the referee.
Never quit or give up….never…..never give up.
- H.E. Janson


"Never give in, never give in, never; never; never; never - in nothing, great or small, large or petty - never give in except to convictions of honor and good sense"

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts”

- Winston Churchill


“Courage is going from trial and error to trial and error without losing enthusiasm.”

“If you are going through hell, keep going.”

- Winston Churchill









Entry: February 26th 2008 Tuesday morning. About Monday Night.


Maya and the Metro man do battle

A big game on a little table is a lot better than a little game on a big table

Big to small, not small to big, this is what I learned painting portraits for so many years. The falling of the light creates the shape of the shadows, it is those subtle gradations in-between the two your looking at all the time.

Going from small to big sounds common for most things, like crawling before you walk and so on. But if your aptitude for a sudden change of environment is not up to standards, then you are in no condition for the big game. Imagine turning on the cold-water faucet and then discover the cold water is piping hot but only after you plummet your hand under it.

The shock alone will wake you up on a level you rarely experience. The aftermath of this infliction of truth, then, going back to the little table makes you stronger in some ways, but after a while, it looks the same again. Ascending and transcending quickly comes easy to some and not to most.

“Leadership is like the old galley ships. 100s are rowing, but only one (the captain) knows where they are going”

Get In The Hole








Entry: February 25th 2008. Monday Morning.

About Sunday Night.

"The w-hole is greater than the sum of the parts"


"It is amazing how much you can accomplish when it doesn't matter who gets the credit"


Teamwork: Simply stated, it is less me and more we.


T.E.A.M = Together Everyone Achieves More

The Winners of the 2008 winter APA NYC Triannuals

Outside the Venue

"Synergy is the highest activity of life; it creates new untapped alternatives; it values and exploits the mental, emotional, and psychological differences between people" ~Stephen Covey

"Teamwork divides the task and doubles the success"


"Coming together is a beginning.
Keeping together is progress.
Working together is success" ~Henry Ford


"Fun is only real and sustainable if it feeds off the team's purpose and performance aspirations" ~Katzenbach & Smith

Willy Torres brings it home.









Entry: February 23rd 2008 Saturday.

About Thursday night.

All the “what’s it like" is gone, all the wonder is no longer a drive. What is it then? In the mean time I’ll just keep shoot’n. I miss the long winters, these quick cold snaps are more like a torment.

Jennifer Ginchereau

“On a cloth untrue / With a twisted cue, / And elliptical billiard balls.”
~ William S. Gilbert

Ray Green

“A competitor will find a way to win. Competitors take bad breaks and use them to drive themselves just that much harder. Quitters take bad breaks and use them as reasons to give up. It's all a matter of pride.”

Thom Wan

Phil Hur

Ron Parks, Jr. and James Hanna

Team Cherry

Jennifer Ginchereau

Gina Kim-Lipsky
Michele Li

Gail GlazeBrook

Steven and Jennie Luw

Jason Smith

Naldo Troncosco

Supadra Boonpasook
Mike Scholven

That's Gail Glazebrook if your wondering ...








Entry: February 21st 2008.




4 - The Fuentes Stomach can handle more...:)

Feed a fever starve a cold my ass.


Mark couldnt finish, oh well, I guess I'll finish it for him ....







Entry: February 19th 2008 Tuesday...

Slowly I catch up ...

This Enrty is from


"Rolando, I wish you all the best for your future. You truly deserve only the best. One thing I can promise you - I will be one of the first to visit you at your new home !"


Gina Kim Lipsky is staring into the camera
Most of the picsin this entry was taken by Wei Chao www.cuetable.com

Rolando Aravena and Supadra

Rolando Aravena started working for Amsterdam Billiard Club, New York City in 1991. That was one year before I began playing pool. On Saturday, the 16th of February it was his last night at New York's original billiard club as a manager. And a very touching moment.

After 17 years !!! of ABC Rolando is moving on to new ventures. With The Black Widow Jeanette Lee herself, Rolando is starting a new business as the head manager of a future poolroom in Indianapolis.






Entry: February 19th 2008



I’m not in bed anymore; thank the stars. I was going batshit in bed watching movies day and night. I haven’t had coffee or liquor in over a week. It’s been a year since I have done the stretch. Though I am now just getting over my flu. I think I might keep the pace of detox right now.


It’s a possibility that my not so sudden coming down with illness had to do souly with the random temperature changes from day to day, 70 in the daytime 40 at night.

The last time I took a vacation was…hmm?

… A long-long time ago.







Entry: February 18th 2008 Sun/Mon...

ill, but getting better

I was sick on Valentines Day; I guess you can say I was lovesick. Blue-flew like symptoms, body aches, headache starting from the back of my neck to the center of my brain. Nose is runny, coughing-lungs on fire-heads-going to-explode, sneezing and such. My remedy for this. Cyan pepper, lemon juice in a tall glass of hot water with a swig of whiskey or vodka, then some hot soup with garlic cloves; sweat it out. I have always been good at handling cold and flu germs. But this round, could have been prevented if I just looked back on my blog on the last three February’s and notice; I entered myself as always ill at around this time. Silly Willy, I should have prepared for this, then again, who the hell wants to remember a cold.


Anyway I have been in bed since last Tuesday night. I attempted to get out and get some air on Saturday night for Rolando’s party but as I got dressed and get my mind back on my normal rituals, in my preparation, I felt my body, waning, head pounding again, but I ignored it. I finally put my coat on, step outside, and not even half a block, I have what I think might be my first asthma attack, like breathing thru a straw they call it, that is exactly what was happening.

The first thing I think of as I try to catch a full breath is my grandmother, who lived with asthma most of her life, she never used a pump though. I turn to go back home, slightly panicked that I cannot breathe properly and worried I’m going to turn 300 pounds if I start using a pump.

It took me about 3 hours to get back a normal rhythm of breathing. Much later that night dead in my sleep, imagine, someone hanging over your bed with those shock paddles they use in the hospital to bring back ones heartbeat beating again. This is the kind of hard cough (just one) that happen to me as I was ripped out of dreamland, it was one hard shocking hack, deep from within my lungs, It felt like I got punched in the stomach from the inside that’s how ferocious it was. For a moment I thought I was going to die, but, instead, only to myself breathing deeper and clearer right after that shocking cough in my sleep, grandma, is that you?

I have not been bed stricken like this for a long time, since 2004. So what does one do when taking a 5-day long carnival ride of the bed spins in a sweaty thermal-pj’s? Cable time...

Here is my,

In bed with the Flu Movie review

  • Towering inferno 1977 – Conclusion – Fast Eddie Felson saved Bobby Brady from falling down a stair case shaft. This movie is way harsh to watch.
  • Big Trouble in Little China – Conclusion – Confucius say "man who always with hand in pocket feel cocky all day"
  • The Legend of Billie Jean – Conclusion – If he didnt have the mustach he probably would of gotton a BJ.
  • Scary movie three – Conclusion – It was going to happen sooner or later.
  • Tenacious D – Conclusion – I wonder How's Jennie Chang?
  • Reno 911: Miami – Conclusion – It seemed more like a reality show.
  • The Truman show – Conclusion – Precursor to you tube.
  • Fast times at Richmond High – Conclusion – Slapping the ham to Phoebe Kates is very good for the prostate. ****
  • Something about Mary – Conclusion – Frank and beans.
  • Just friends – Conclusion – One must first be pussy whipped in order to whip pussy
  • The Pledge – Conclusion – I think I’ll stop drinking now
  • Star Trek: Insurrection – Conclusion – Thank god it wasn’t another must go back in time to save the day mankind again.
  • Near Dark – Conclusion – Sci-Fi-Indie vampire flick, coOol.
  • Blair Witch – Conclusion – No stars in the sky, no map or compass, follow the moss on the trees, it only grows were the sun shines.
  • Nacho Libre – Conclusion – Quit pool become a wrestler.
  • Legend – Conclusion – best Evil laugh of all time.
  • Silent Hill – Conclusion – Somebody’s been reading my mind.
  • keep the faith – Conclusion – Ben Stiller is everywere.
  • The Hills Have Eyes – Conclusion –The Beverly Hills have eyes two.







Entry: February 13th 2008


Masha, Gail

Feb 13th 2008 Wed. My head is pounding, my body is achy, my nose is runny and stuffy. Oh well.

Jennie Chang





Entry: February 12th 2008 Tuesday.

Something like rant, but not really.

"Work is the curse of the drinking classes"

~Oscar Wilde. Another master of putting words together in ways that stick true.

It is possible that one can drink away there own tolerance; or drown it is more like it.

If you dry-up, you might get it back, (tolerance) might, maybe, it is possible. I’m not losing faith; I’m just waiting for karma to take place.

Then what? Yesterday was a bit exasperating, I’m talking about all day Monday, not stressful, just a little draining, it could be the booze or the weather.

Though my team won, get in the hole, with only four players present, it wasn’t a team thing that trickled my reaming energy for the day, but more like, the old song, with a twist off propaganda and pretext out side of my team thing, no real hardship or consequence, I just really didn’t care.

"When I realized that what I had turned out to be was a lousy, two-bit pool hustler and drunk, I wasn't depressed at all. I was glad to have a profession"

~Danny McGoorty

Impressions with me go way deeper than just what one says about them selves or what others might think, action speaks louder than words.

Anybody is capable of doing anything when they put their mind to it, protecting their only sense of worth. When it comes to my loyalty and dependability to others, this is what I pride myself and a portion of character after. Saying so is not enough, but If that action is not enough impression, than that is your problem not mine.

I saw the truck coming and no matter how many times I said watch out, my driver did not heed my warning and not watched-out, instead, get all three of us hit at the expense of Nat layed out in the back seat and me in the front passenger seat of a Honda Civic vertical on the horozontal intersection, staring at the lights getting bigger and bigger from my side window from that 4x4 ford explore, aloud crashing noise, we are in the air, my life passing before my eyes and then dark.

That experience can be an example of drinking under the wrong influence, much like last Monday night.







Entry: February 12th 2008 Tuesday.

Oops: forgot to add the movie

Saturday night. a few more things on Bday Borana...







Entry: February 10th 2008. Sunday. About Sat night...


Happy Birthday Borana


Yeah, I know, her, wow

You first must learn to crawl before you run the Table.

9balls deep, 8balls deep, 15balls deep. Before you start thinking deep-anything, the fundamentals of the game, are critical to think ta-master, not forget, discover, or whatever means to stick it in your brain and make it the foundation for your game. Very rarely I hear,” he/she was good even before they learned the fundamentals. He’s a natural she’s a natural, it will be easy for them to learn the fundamentals. “He’s forgotten more than I have ever known”. Learning is not always the best way to remember something that will supposedly improve or enhance you trade, living, recreation, job or whatever your livelihood. Learning is almost forced at times, is it possible to learn something with out learning it? Discovering something that is commonly learnable, sticks more to the brain or even more to the gut I think. You will always remember were you found that 20 bucks sitting on the sidewalk. You cannot force or set your self up for innovation, it happens like cupids arrow, sudden, explosive, so exciting you want to share it and show it off. Red light Green light Yellow light, Stop, Follow, Draw. Center Ball. It always good to go back to the basics if you are over whelmed with all the possibilities, of how to make the ball. Imagine, going back to the basics, to the beginning after you find your self at a lose for the game. What was is like, the first time? When you discovered pool. When you wanted to get it in the hole. The First time you held your own cue? The first time you Drew the ball? The First time you Stroked? Exciting, orgasmic. Like the first time, exploring, strait forward, no style, no show boating, no imitating, with out influence, discovering, without trying to create something skillful, but more, being in the moment with full attention. Easier said than done, when you are full of experience and flash backs of being here before. If you let it go, your wisdom, with no judgment about it. Your true nature of the game will surface.

Borana Andoni

30'll-get-ya-20... drinks

. . .
. . .
. . .







Entry: February 9th 2008. Saturday.

About the last Few Days ago's

Tuesday: Captain Corn Beef and her trusty side kick Hash, Noodle it...


Wed: Julie, George, Douglas, kalie ...


Even though we've changed and we're all finding our own place in the world, we all know that when the tears fall or the smile spreads across our face, we'll come to each other because no matter where this crazy world takes us, nothing will ever change so much to the point where we're not all still friends







Entry: February 7th 2008.

Thursday. About Monday Night.

"The fundamental of anything you partake in, involve yourself with or invest any long-term commitment too, is critical to master for an industrious success"









Entry: February 6th 2008.

About Last Super Bowl Sunday

Team: Pocket Porn Stars

Played My Match on Sunday.12:30pm, hung over.

Pocket Porn Stars did it Giants style. Afterward it was off to the game to watch it all over again, 18-2.

I should've trade marked that number combo (18-1), then maybe I'd buy ABC and have the leagues for free. Charge all the players once according to there handicap rating for the whole season, no green fee and make it team-winners take all at the end of the season. How would I pay the rent at the Venue you think? With that kind of prize money at the end of each season, that place would be a mad-house filled with pool players of all levels every freaken month, day, week and hour, buying drinks, paying for table time and tipping the hottest male and female waitresses NYU can send over. All that, along with motivating all the players to get better for the extra perk in the tournaments of being a 'A', A+, open and above shooter; Aaah ta-dream. ***

My NY Giants

Cag and E-Dawg

Team 9ball
Cag Caliskur and Emily Duddy

The worlds best Cookies

Jalapeno Corn Muffins

Jameson bottle drop Toe Jam


The Worlds best Guacamole

3rd degree Burn on the Job









Entry: February 5th Tuesday...

About The Saturday Predator 9ball Tour - Tony Robles 2008

Complete Payouts

1st: Joey Testa $1,700
2nd: Mika Immonen $1,100
3rd: Shin Park $700
4th: Thorsten Hohmann $450
5th-6th: Joey Korsiak $275 Yesid $275
7th-8th: George Sansouci $175 Bobby Blackmore $175
9th-12th: Tony Robles $125 Ariel Rivera $125 Joey Kong $125 Oscar Bonnilla $125



Rice and beans

Tony and Rob

My Hot Wings

Mark Mallari


Gails Eating

Liz's ... good shot

Gails Burger

Jerry T's Apple | nycgrind.com

Thorsten Hohmann Eats

and eats

Gina Kim, Cag and Emily

Jonathon Smith






Olga Gashkova

Supadra Boonpasook

Jonathon Jessen, Jeff Tischler


Stuff for sale

The Bracket

Cag Caliskur

Bill Finnegan, Holden Chin

George Sansouci

Gail Glazebrook | GailGlazebrook.com









Entry: February 2nd 2008 ...

About last Thursday night

There are some things in life, you just dont want to let go ...

Rolando, Gina Kim-Lipsky

Team: Stroke This. Olga Gashkova, Mika Immonen

Caroline Pao, Cheese cake, mm-mm good ...




Supadra Boonpasook


Frank Tonn

Too good


Mika Immonen, Jennifer Ginchereau







Entry: February 1st 2008 Friday ...

About last Tuesday

Slurp it

Derick vs Eric


Aki gets the point




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