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September 29th 2007. Saturday
'About Thursday'

Borana Andoni

Danny Tam

Helen Xina and Emily Duddy

Gail Glazebrook

Thorsten Hohmann

Emily Duddy's Booty

Syncronized Thinking
Michele Li

Doug Rhee


Gail and Emily
Shelly is being watched by Thorsten Hohmann


Liz Ford | Borana Andoni
Shelly is being watched by Luciene


D for Duddy


WTF Shot
Aaron Kane... is good

Emily Duddy









September 27th 2007.
"One woman's garbage, is another woman's tea kettle " ~me
'You gotta tell em'


OoOOooo-look at these!!!!
I'm taking these home....


Chicken fried rice here I come!!!
Invite some people over to tea Abi thinks

All in Abies house now
The tea cup I will not drink from....




Abigail (Spath) Vona



Gabby needs to not be on Abie

Abi not to shabby on gabby being on Abie









September 26th 2007.
'Soylent Sushi'

Hellen: soylent green crackers! William: Team Soylent Green Hellen: hahahah Hellen: u kno ppl do lipo to suk out fat right? so they'll look thin... so i've been thinking Hellen: is there a way i can invent a machine that converts human fat into gasline? Hellen: that way i'll save the environment and make ppl beautiful and everything Hellen: so make me our own fat and run our own automobiles William: Im saving this coversation now....due to the fact that you are,,,,nuts Hellen: ur not saving this convo! William: you want to inhale people! Hellen: hahha Hellen: inhale? Hellen: no... i want to, save gas... William: Huh, the gas fumes would be people William: people! Hellen: that way... we discover america's newest natural resource... Hellen: ppl... so we don't have to invade other cuntries for oil... and we'll be world richest in natural resources cuz we're the fattest country in the world William: im blocking you now Hellen: i'll be the next myspace kid.. i'll be rich cuz of my idea William: this is going up on my website Hellen: nooo William: its so going up, to save man kind… Hellen: it's between us for now cuz im still in the process of developing it Hellen: the machine William: what machine!  The Soylent Gas machine?! Hellen: shhh Hellen: this is actually a many birds one stone solution... this might just save the earth... we cure fatness... we cure many diseases cuz we're eliminating fatness... we save the environment and we make world peace... yeah world peace and we could eat watever the hell we want cuz by the end of the day the fat is going to the car William: Im hanging up now Hellen: we got billions of ppl producing fat for wat? might as well put fat to use Hellen: we're talking about billions tons of fat Hellen: now that's $ William: like in your head Hellen: by year 2050... earth is saved William: thats alot of fat...look at veags… Hellen: dude.. think about it.. if they can make cars run on water... Hellen: they can make it run on human fat Hellen: it's so much richer… i'll bring some green chips tomorrow night. William: Zomble chips...Soylent green Hellen: soylent green pockys Hellen: ew Hellen: made of japanese ppl William: what if Soylent green was made in Japan? Soylent Sushi

 Soylent Sushi
IM Convo 9-26-07









September 25th 2007.

Some Back bone...

How, its funny, some people have issues, problems, concerns, doing consistently the same mistakes over and over again and again and the only way they address the issue is to instead, to not go to the source of the problem, but to suppress it by creating another one.

Here is one wrong way of how some people deal with the issue, of a herniated disk. Take lots of painkillers. Never repairing the physical damage of there spinal cord, which is why they have this excruciating pain in the first place.

My buddy has a herniated disk; he is in the kind of pain, to some, can be so unbearable suicide is an option, that is how pain full it is. A herniated disk is the soft spongy tissue located in-between two of your vertebrae; your vertebrae which most call the spinal bone. The cord of your spinal bone is wrapped with muscle, that muscle, having a thin layer made of super sensative nerve ending that are connected and effect your entire body with every movement one makes, even blinking eye lids is part of your spinal nerves. If any of these nerves, which is located all over your spinal cord is moved, pushed, plucked or even hair lined-touched in the wrong direction. You will feel pain, all over your body, starting from that one spot being in the most pain. A kind of torturous pain; some people call this pain, the devils touch.

The pain you get is from your damaged disk, which is pushing against the nerves located in your spinal cord. The pain is a result of a slip or herniated disk. This disk needs to be repaired, pushed back or removed entirely. Removing it is a procedure some doctors call, spinal fusion. Spinal fusion is the removing of the soft spongy tissue in-between two of you vertebra and the two vertebras are fused together. This will alleviate most of the pain. Other ways to repair the herniated disk resulting in stopping the pain is pushing it back with physical therapy, athletic Meds and other vitamins used mostly by teenage tennis players and professional NFL players. This approach is the regenerating of the damaged spongy tissue pushing against the nerves of the spinal cord, in the mean time as you are properly dealing with this horrible issue, one takes pain killers to make dealing with this less pain full.

My Dumb-ass friend thinks, the problem here with a damaged spinal cord is, the pain. Get rid of the pain with painkillers, what a dumb ass. The pain is coming from a damaged spinal cord; fix the spinal cord and the pain stops, mostly. One takes painkillers as they are dealing with fixing the problem causing the pain. Not to take painkillers to fix the problem of the pain. This rational for taking painkillers continually for an issue that is not being dealt with a sign of one with devotee characteristic.

The pain is not the problem; the pain is coming from your problem. Painkillers stop the pain so you can deal with the problem causing your pain. You fix the problem you have no more pain, you do not need painkillers anymore. If you are taking painkillers to deal with a problem that is causing you great pain, you will always then, need painkillers, you will always need drugs to deal with the pain. This is called an addiction.


Pete Tavolacci

Larry Hamilton

Maya not Mia


Not easy

Jules not Jewls



GET IN THE HOLE not Get in the hole













September 24th 2007.
'Dem's da-breaks for some'

Ither you want it, or you dont...
You cannot want something cause someone wants you to want it....

It’s hard isn’t it? Being a part of something wren’s the only leverage you have is, just wanting it. Being a part of something wren’s the consequence is only the results of your efforts and nothing more than that.

No circumstance or excuse, no reason-but the only true reason; you wanting it bad enough and not some one else wanting you to want it bad enough.

Its not easy for some, dedication to your obligation, and the only way to finish something and start it all over again is, simple, responsibility, to yourself and the impression you give describing your word and words.

You gotta be strong, truly strong to mean what you say, start what you finish and not hide behind the leverage you so so fish for before your beginning, again, what you are so afraid of, so in love with and so so desire to achieve, then thanking your success to only your......

"Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm" ~Winston Churchill

And in this Corner..... >>

>>....william and the sun.

Michealy takes shots

Phil Hurr
Stevo-Out !!!

"If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself"

~Henry Ford









September 21th 2007 Friday.
'These days are starting to merg into one again'
First night of Fall 2007

A few days ago I discovered something. First, learning is not like discovering. When one discovers something they’ve already learned, truly-learned, then too discover it afterward, I guess one can say, you have relearned something? No… this is wrong. Discovering sinks-in. In a place inside, you, that is permanent, and will never be forgotten, and I am not talking about-forgotten in your memory, but forgotten in that other place you just came from-thinking you just learned.

Discovering-something becomes part of you, not a part of something you have to make an effort to remember, but more of a part of how you act, react, perceive receive and respond. Discovering goes into your nature. Nature, yes it becomes a part of your nature, the rabbit is not taught to run away from the fox, running is already part of the rabbits instinct, part of its nature. Educating yourself is not part of your nature; it’s a part of your knowledge. Now Wisdom, that is were all the permanent stuff is.

"He who knows others is learned; He who knows himself is wise". ~Lao-tzu, Tao te Ching

Thursday night

A little drag cant hurt

Where am I getting this from your wondering? What is it that recently that stuck into my gut? Truly, there are some people I have kind of insulted in the past, and there are some people who never new how good they had it. One thing is sure, the roads we must walk are not necessarily the roads we choice, but more the one we are presented with. Yes we choice our own path but it is up to us if we want to walk that path, then again you might end up discovering you are already on your way.

"Your work is to discover your world and then with all your heart give yourself to it"  ~Buddha









September 20th 2007 Thursday..About last Tuesday

The Handicap systems for both leagues are…. is…well a system, I have my own. I have never been too crazy about the official ones though.  I do believe though if you play at a certain handicap to long, you get accustom to the nature of its benefits against higher ranked players and vice versa. To improve your game, one must always play with higher ranked players then some one more your speed.

Captain Ronnie Camacho comes back from a few years of not playing on the APA with a clean win for the Summer 2007 APA playoff finals.

I don’t play on Tuesday anymore. I use too, but not anymore. I now play on Thursday. Its tuff, the judgment is tougher. The players are tougher, the tables are bigger, longer and the field is smaller. I like the APA bar league just as well as the other one I play in BCA. The APA is a bit more flexible, you can get hammered, stoned, bonged out, smoked up or whatever your life style is, still be an A+ or open player or be a new player-an-APA-level 2 BCA D or D+ to the game of pool and not be judged to harshly. Both are good fun.

Macho shots







September 18th 2007 Tuesday about last Saturday...
'ABC BCA PO day 3'
And the winners are...

Danny Barouty is standing behind the trophie of the guy with real bad form and a warped cue stick.

Ed's thumbs point upward

Tony T is holding on to Carlos.


The Captain of El Sucio, Nelson.

Arron watches...

Jessicas hand is being held on too by Eddy.

Eddy use to collect with these.



Steve Lipsky


A Real Happy Carlos Luna

Steve was on Fire...

I drank...


Ed is gOoOOoOD

Carlos does not let up










September 18th 2007 Tuesday about last Saturday...
'ABC BCA PO day 2'
Hot and cold....

Gail, Tony and Caroline

Capow and the secret assassin

















September 15th 2007 Saturday about last Thursday...
'ABC BCA PlayOff day 1'
Whos it gonna be?

'"You are driving in your car, and there are two things in front of your eyes, your car windshield and the road, so, what are you looking at? Cause you can only choose to look at one of those things at time'"





Shelly on Fire

Naldo. Tom

Steve, Michael



"'Are you looking at the cue-ball first, the object-ball second and the pocket third? Cause all three things are in front of you but you can only look at one thing at a time... So, what's it gonna be before you make that move?"'
Gail on the Rail



Olga, Jim








September 13th-14th Thursday...Friday

Drunk driver killed, 4 passengers hurt in Queens accident

Friday, September 14th 2007, 4:00 AM

Queens man who had been drinking at a pool hall slammed his car into a tree on a highway service road early yesterday, killing himself and seriously injuring four passengers, police said.
Javier Diaz, 22, had persuaded a friend and three waitresses to accept rides home from him from the BQE Bar and Billiards in Jackson Heights ( even though he had been drinking for hours, friends said.
Yury Londono, 24, a gorgeous aspiring model, apparently realized Diaz was drunk but agreed to get into his car because the pool hall was so close to her home in East Elmhurst.
"She knew he was drunk, but they kept saying, 'Don't worry,'" said Andres Ceballos, a friend who visited Londono in the hospital. "They were only two minutes from [her] home."
Diaz, whose Florida driver's licence had been suspended in the past, slammed the car into a tree on a service road of the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway just east of 25th Ave.
He was pronounced dead on arrival at Elmhurst Hospital Center a short time later, police said.
Cops found Londono crying and bleeding beside the wreckage of Diaz's Honda Prelude about 4 a.m.
Diaz's friend Marcelo Nunez, 22, and another waitress, Carla (Paola) Carrandi, 22, were also taken to Elmhurst, where they were in critical condition.
Londono and a third waitress, Karla Sosa, 31, were in stable condition.
Nicholas Katelas, co-owner of BQE Bar and Billiards, praised the injured waitresses, saying they were "exceptionally pretty and hard-working."

News fowarded to me by Jude Rosenstock



It’s a world of difference

I watch pro’s shoot all the time, some of my buds are pro’s. And I can see, when one shoots or when one are shooting in general, there mannerism's and a body language around the table I do not have when I am shooting. I don’t mean the obvious movements, I mean, the subtle ones. The ones the human eye can easily miss. You jump up a lot more than you think. You change up your quality of stroke when presented with different kinds of shots or unfamiliar ones. You don’t finish your stroke or use the wrong one. Your only real consistency is no consistency; or consistently inconsistent. You seem insecure about your stance; you are not paying attention to the right mechanics required for the shot. Your thinking wanes. Your thinking is suddenly in random thought mode, you think you have ADD. Yapping out jokes in the middle of your shot might be a defense mechanism for the fear of missing an easy shot. The second you settle and feel peace, in your stroke, your train of thought goes astray. You have pain your ignoring. You do all these things you would never see a professional do, then you think, why didn’t I notice this before? How long have I had these habits? How long will I have these habits and why do I have these habits?
"The more I learn the more I see I havent learned"


A pool player went to a coach and said earnestly

"I am devoted to studying the soldierly system of billiards. How long will it take me to get good at it?" The coach's reply was casual, "10 years." Impatiently, the pool player answered, "But I want to get good at it faster than that. I will practice very hard. I will try to play everyday, ten or more hours a day if I have to. How long will it take then?" The coach thought for a moment, "20 years."










September 11th Tuesday. About last night....Mon

Smooth and jazzy strokes,

can really win something more

than what you’re aiming for.


The summer season winding down

with tiny sounds

as the trees start to frown.


It is way to soon

for my team to go boom

in that big giant room

under that Las-Vegas moon.


I have come to some conclusions,

with out any confusion

about my illusion

relevant to my exclusion

for having players with little infusion.


I think I have created a test

for some of the rest

to see if they can quest,

far off to the west

and play with the best.









September 9th, 10th 2007, Sunday. Monday morning about Sat.
I said this before... "Some people would rather be around sorts just to feel better about them selves. I don’t get pleasure from such a loathly indulgence"

Always in September, mind starts running a marathon and physically I am 60/40. Its not as bad as it sounds, cause there has been lots of great things happening in my life as well. More good than bad I think.

Cause I’m still eating what I want when I want, even with a bad tooth. I hang out with-and hang all over beautiful young women, with no complaints. At any given moment I just might shave my beard off…again, buy new shoes and maybe just maybe… get a new camera. My throat hurts. Weather changing, and so are my moods....


>...Is Smoke'n













September 7th 2007, Friday. About Thurs late night
'kinda tacky...and unexpected'

The averages.

Did you know?

On a nine pool team, in the BCA. A team of six, can hold a first or second place spot all season, and on the last day of that season, on the last match, on the last ball, that final ball in the hole, can determine, whether you keep your second place spot or drop down to a whopping fifth place if you miss one ball in the hole? Did you know that? Probably, but you know what…. I didn’t.

I looked at this situation like it was an APA final week match, like, we were already locked in position and we can get pissed drunk till we throw up and still wouldn’t matter cause we surly were in the playoffs….

3…2…1….knock out

We were still ahead of the other team by 10 points at the ending of the match, or so it said on the sheet.

My team, SoundFX, predominantly keep a exalting, yet fluxuating-third/fourth place spot almost all season, then finally kept a dignified third place for a week or two, then following second place in the final two weeks, not bad for bunch of nubee's.

Almost for sure it looked like, it was even stated before the last match was done-while Helen and Danny were shooting, to officially, hear along with an already recorded placement spot on the internet, that we, team SoundFX, almost for certain had a position for a play off game. The other captain of the team even began to break his cue, but did not, instead deicide to finish his game like a professional would. There was no sense of danger for my team as Helen was still shooting, even after the first game was won by the other team by 3 points, the second game was won by the other team by 2 points and the third game by the other team was won by 1 point, and they lost on the hill in the fourth.


The look on everybody’s faces, when JL came out of the office after doing the averages on the team placements in my division. Who would of guessed a fifth place team in the last week of the season only needed 6 points against a second place team ahead of them by 10 points to get in the playoffs? We lost by one bal in the hole.

But, still, in a second place spot, in the final week of the season, can my team, SFX, achieve in that final match, and only ‘if’, winning all four matches, can only get a maximized 28 points due to handicap comparisons of both teams, we can only get 28 points cause all players from both teams, were a bunch of D’s and C’s. 22 points of 28 points kind of looked like we held some kind of position for the playoffs, no? Being just 6 points short of a perfect win… SFX, still, got knocked down to fifth place, because we missed that one final ball in the hole, I am the captain of team SFX, I lost my match, that one point lost is my fault. If I had known, that the fifth place team we played only needed to beat us by 6 points to get in the playoffs, knocking out the second place team ahead by 10 points, maybe I would of done things differently. I had know idea one can be defeated by the averages.

You cannot take for granted, any game, even in the final, even if it seemingly looks like it’s a sure thing-that you are guaranteed in the playoffs. One game can change your position from first to last in a single shot; one, wow, and thought the APA tuff…

Who would of guessed a fifth place team in the last week of the season only needed 6 points against a second place team ahead of them by 10 points to get in the playoffs? We lost by one bal in the hole.

September 7th 2007 Thursday night
'Im gonna miss ya-buddie'
Adrians Last Day

So happy

Blast off

Pop life












September 6th 2007 Thursday
'kinda tacky...but expected'
apple bites

Did you honestly think, that this iPhone was going to stay at 600$ forever?

How can you not know, by now. The tactics of Apple Macintosh product price sales?

I love Apple. but I kinda of agree with Mr Terrence Russell, he writes...>

1. Lack of Tact
Most consumers are aware of how a product's life cycle works--but let's face it, few want to be openly reminded of it. It's a harsh reality, but the fact of the matter is that businesses essentially view consumers as people whose passions, interests, and material needs can be forecasted, quantified, and exploited for maximum profit. It's not unfair that Apple views its most loyal customers in the same fashion, but it's incredibly tacky that the company made that fact so palpable with its price drop. Seeing the evolution of the iPod is great, but it's not going to cause us to forget the $200 price difference....more?

The man: Steve Jobs

Alrighty-so. I understand, the iPhone price has dropped….yes. It dropped from 600 dollars to an almost affordable 350 dollars, 300 in some places, only 65 days of from its release and already Mac is doing there common price dropping thingy again, and already everyone can afford it. Now, I understand, that the other phone companies, like Verizon, Nextel and all the rest of the annoying evil services are starting to lock people into there contracts, like, for-forever, before they are even up. If you are planning to leave your contract phone service any time soon for this sexy device, your termination fee will be a small fortune. iPhone is going to take over the airwaves.










September 5th 2007
Jim says. The game is a foot. Kinda reminds of of the foot I had up my but in the citiy finals...


I have just been informed, team GET IN THE HOLE is in the playoffs. We were in 6th place most of the season, then, (but not suddenly), had a burst of massive win scores for the last 4 weeks of the season, which put us in third place with 50 points. If we had gotten our lost bonus points due to having a money balance for a quarter of the summer season we might have had 54 points, then maybe we would have been home, maybe not, oh whatever….Get in the hole is goOoOOOoD!

Yeah, so… I spoke to some of peeps on the APA NY teams already back from Vegas; APA summer 2007. Yeah, it was the same-ole-song…. :(again, NY, ether over ranked, or, the rest of the American APA players under ranked? You make the call. One thing is for sure; NYC has some of the best pool players in the world, living here in the city, that is a fact. And quit possibly, we-the NYC APA bar league association might have one or two of those best worldly players playing on the bar league, hm, maybe. I have been to Vegas about three/four times already, one time for the BCA, the others APA. I played in a few of them, team and singles, observed a few. Yeah, be prepared to play on a level, not-that-which you are officially ranked by whichever association you’re a ere a member of, instead, be on your own kind of level, a level not of number rating but of, hm? One must aspire, and then believe one can approach the game they are about to engage in with an-attitude and believe that the person, whom which is your opponent, might be slightly under ranked, maybe, then again, how do you rate experience?

Level 3’s running 10 balls, meaning, from break to 8 then following the two more on the next break after being already on the hill, wEeEeEeeE!

Level 4 players, whom at random moments during there shooting on the table suddenly turning into George-MeeyaaaAAaH!

Level 5 players shoot’n like 7’vns or even more nightmarish, level 2’s, following coaches given to them, exactly as explained to them with no confusion or fear of screwing it up on there part, I have given up on the handicap system a long time ago.

Team Get In the Hole, in there last city finals with 5 level 5 one 6 and a 7, yeah-yeah-yeah.









September 4th 2007
Did you know William is a chaostician, certified...
The morning...ouch my tooth....

I like to eat, but....

Don’t burn your English muffins, not even at the edges…. It doesn’t work.

I was watching this show last night, about people addicted to food. There were some dudes and ladies on that show, talk’n-about, eating thanksgiving sized meals three times a day. Hm? Yeah; I’ve been there, still am. The Fuentes belly is even deeper than that hole in the movie 300; I’m kick’n-all kinds of meals in d’uh hole; with ma-sandals on.









September 3rd 2007
'Jude, your stink is my Cologne, sniff sniff mmmmm'
El-Tri state de'-tour Sept 1st an 2nd 2007

It’s been a few days. Lets see, my wisdom tooth hurts, I don’t want to lose my wisdom tooth, but I think I have too, it’s been days and days and it’s killing me. Hm, lets see what else. Oh yeah, I went to watch some tri state pool open tournament, at ABC. I should of played just to get in to the mix with my pro pool players peeps and such. It would have been more like donating 60 bucks but whom-ever, its all good. I still don’t know if my Monday team is in the playoffs, we succeeded 50 to a possible 54 points for the APA summer season ending, sweet. My Thursday team is in second place at ABC, sweet. My health is needing some exercise, that for sure, I feel soft in all the wrong places. Hm, what else? Oh yeah, I’m being stalked by a mad fat chick, police action and so forth. Times are changing with my over all perspective on my lively hood and recreational routines.

Air Tony- break'n so hard the balls turned blue.

A few days ago for a few days, for some reason, I was kind of snapping at people under my breath, with out even thinking before I mumbled something out of character, I caught myself right afterward and wondered why the opaque attitude?  Since I have been disciplining myself on the pool table, all kinds of shit inside of me are rising to the surface. It is coming out in the form of criticism. I worry about George. I worry about a few of my friends and how thing are going for them, and I worry about me, usually last on my things of concern.

Wow the summer is almost done, even my nephew wondered were it all went, and he is 15. I remember when I was a kid, summer was a lifetime. Now, summer is like, hm? Not enough time.

Steve Lipsky

Gina Kim Lipsky

Tony Robles

George "Ginky" SanSouci

The Hitman

Thorsten Hohmann

Jude Rosenstock

Mika Immonen

"Jude, I heard you say to yourself, 'I stink' concerning your recent match with Tony Robles. But let me tell you sumt'n-buddy, 'your stink is my Cologne' cause I can never stink as good as you. So in the mean time, come closer, so I can get a wif-o-ya-sniff sniff..."
Jude 'Jedi' Rosenstock

Tri State Tour



Tony Breaks Hard

Is that an iPhone in your pocket Thorsten or are you just happy to shoot today?

Jessica is so so happy
Steve Lipsky

Cue Table
Michael Yednak

Tony Robles









August 31th 2007 Friday Morning
Thursday Night...SFX!!!!

....Douglas Mulkerns........

Last I heard, Sound FX was placed in...>

>..... Second-WOHAAA!

Not bad...
For a bunch of nubee's and one veteran.

Dat's-cuase I do have a belly Helen...

But how can-William say that about you?... Yelling out, you have a big belly Ellie!... That so wrong-and mean, Ellie.. How can you be so calm about that?







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