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May 30th-31st 2007 Wed/Thurs

Here is something I wrote back in Jan 9th 2006

Communication can be spoken in more ways than one. Words, aren’t the only way one can say something to someone. Action speaks louder than words. A flower can say a million things and a verbal answer can say one thing and mean another. If I am running and I say I am walking; what am I doing? Or what am I really saying? Am I running, walking or lying about the truth? Sometimes too expose the truth one must first take action by walking into the dinning room, then pull off the new tablecloth to see the old scratched up and worn out worktable underneath.

NYPT in D'uh Hiyous

Birthday Girl
Lappy and Rog

who wants it?

Danger Girl

Almost full


Got a little pro on him







May 29th 2007
Crowds are fickle, mobs are fickle, they turn colors every season, it is the nature of man, to watch an execution for entertainments sake. Be cognizant of the martyr, a fall from space, splash, in the ocean, can ripple movements larger than any natural monsoon, larger than anyone’s natural desire. My loyalty, my dedication, cannot be drowned, by false hoods, old tears or by pillars crafted of from ignorance for propaganda. Simply formulated, to protect ones armor made of flower petals, sitting in a field of personal dreams of love and hate.

"The deepest craving of human nature is the need to be appreciated"

"The happiness that is genuinely satisfying is accompanied by the fullest exercise of our faculties and the fullest realization of the world in which we live"



The Bouncer







May 28th 2007 Mon
Less mustard and more Catch up
Sometimes I am a little to deep, for most people, even when they were elevated shoes. Jump out of a plane, travel the world. I still set them in over their head, drown, or unexpectedly strum their willingness, to have a go at, to compose them, to, reciprocate with wit, emo and the aphorisms of verve and pretence. This sometimes can expose the truth that is still hiding.

Yeah… I got stuff to say. Still. I just don’t know were to begin anymore, so much, so simple, so covered with lies, all for the sake of stubbornness, pride, ego, fear. People change. Places change. Change is always kinda of scary, sometimes we don’t want change, but it happens. It has to. Things happen in three’s. Sometimes, for the better sometimes for the necessary.

Making believe is good for children who play alone, even when there are other kids around playing the same game.
Tim Dirrenberger

The man from Marrs

Michael Yednak


My Sushi Peeps


Liz Ford

"What I enjoy most about competing is: Striving for my personal best."








May 26th 2007 Sat
Ok lets move on a little

Michelle, we seem to be on the same page of things.

Birthday boy Mark

Jude... is good

Steve is not mean

Athena .. NY has the best look'n ladies...

Ok let’s move along here a bit…

I got some stuff to say, about the last three or four weeks. Good, bad, ugly, no real consequences though. Its just pool. Still this game, called pool can really show what one is made of, even if they hide behind a wall people, like sandbags, stacked for bomb protection.

I got hurt really bad out there, my first day in, but I heal'd quickly, then I just had fun, excitement and witness an actual NYC win. That’s the best, it can be done. I learned I lot these last few weeks, writing about it always feel good. I will have a lot more stuff up later.


Some peeps

Been eat'n alot of sushi lately...

May 22nd 23rd 24th 2007 Tuesday/Wed/Thursday Whew!!!!
Almost done then i will be back to my regular blogging self
ATTENTION PLEASE!!!! May 24th 07

Forgive the appearance of my constant updating... But this particular entry (VEGAS BCA 2007) is a rather large one and will take some time editing and re editing. Please bare with me, but if you like, you can get all the pics of this wonderland BCA Vegas trip, you have full access to an index of all the images in the entry by clicking here; please enjoy.

  • Supadra Boonpasook
  • Maya DelVillar
  • Brenda Heras
  • Gina M Kim
  • Myhanh Luc
  • Caroline Pao
  • Sharon R Weis






May 10th 2007 Thursday
About the last few days

Hot Nipple Love

Shout it out

"Sometimes the rules are set for the bad guy to win"

"So... I might bend the rules,

but I'm not a cheat"

Captain Kirk


There good...

Now off to Vegas

Hang ten

Hang ten baby


Monday was short and sexy

AJ and WavY

Alison and Serafina







May 10th 2007 Thursday
Deep Thought

Today, at around 10am… I wipe the sweat of my forehead, and find it looking back at me

My Art work

My Drawings: I use to stare at people for a long time, so long, that I can see all the adroitly of there nature and intent’s, of black and white, light and shadow.

I don’t even know were to begin, Yesterday was one of a disturbing atmosphere for a short while. I hate giving up, especially when I am thrown with a confront of sorts or step in a situation that does not benefit any of my personal objectives, in life…So, I gave it up yesterday, so I lost, I, so felt defeat; I’m was so tired of it. In the end I was faced with only my self and the-why, stubbornness’, a whole lot of Taurus; I find it insufferable.

I can sit here, writing, and say, Karma has caught up. I can say, reap what we sew and blah blah blah. I feel like things are moving around me so fast and so still at the same time.

Half ass information is not a solid foundation for judgment, yet still, this is what had become…

All I know is, I am going back to Vegas in a few days, and I am going to have a good time; I think. The last time I was there. I left something behind, something I will not tag with description. It changed the way I looked at certain chattels in my life, sometime I wish, I am not able to see, being sometimes, the only one in room full of people, and, the only one who knows something everybody else doesn’t, does not make you special. I’m going back, Vegas, and, I might find what I left behind; might, maybe.







May 7th 2007 Monday
About Friday ... My man Mu and my hommie Tomomie got hitched
Space cat


Ok Chris lets go


cant take him anywhere

My Man Mu finds the J
I ate.... alot





Needs a home

On the way a home

finally a home








May 5th 2007 Saturday Morning
Morning Hang over ...

Friday night I drank to much.

So, I will have stuff up later about friday night, say, like on Monday.

Right now, here is some stuff from Thursday night,

@ ABC team 9-ball Playoffs, Im gonna go to bed now, enjoy.

The corner at Corner ABC

Supadra AKA The Super-rada

Jack attack.

The Mojito's


That dude and Jude...
The team, huh? I forgot the name, please dont be mad at me, I hope I still have a place to crash in Vegas with you guys...

some peeps

Hey its Gina!!!!

Tony, gets it in the hole....


more peeps.

Drink it in


Ming- d'uh house...







May 4th 2007 Friday. About last Monday-ish and few days after...
Music, are the sounds we love to make ...







May 2nd 2007 Wed
VEGAS !!!!
About last Wed thur Sun....april 07

Jason Smith


Some hot chick shoot'n d'uh ball.

Another one shoot'n as well...

Bob Watson

Jason Kane

Jeff Lundell

Sex Panther by Oden, its illegal in nine countries...

The winner.

Marcia tells me this is her dress.

She didnt see me at all


Tuesday Night. before leaving to Vegas

Got to Vegas on Wed Morning.

Then ate a twelve footer for my little bro....

Happy anniversary Mike...

Im here now...

Alex Gomez

Alison Fisher

I like to eat at the Peppermill

Mitch Fixler


Sui Ming Luie



Jason, Me, Jason, Jason, David

Morning Drink

and the beat goes on

a bunch of She's all played.

Virgina from Alabama playing in Las Vegas
Bob Watson
Tim Dirrenberger

Howie Reuben

Good food

Ice scream






April 23rd 2007 Monday
you wont see me...

Pizza time

After Remo got all runny-d'uh-table on me
I dined with JQ


Saranii, got all get'n d'uh ball in d'uh hole
not on me though

dukey ladies
like to play pool

Shoot it


CLICK the numbers, FOR SOME HISTORY > 03, 02, 01, 12

The long track

Jae, for brunch, lunch and cake...
Then I lost a leg

"When you got my feeling move'n, like, all around inside, and they-aint-any-kinds of words, to describe-dem-feel'ns, then, I'm just too cool, to tell you how much I love you, dats all....see..." Jae said somtin like dat.


Threw you the obvious and you, Flew with it on your back, a, Name in your recollection, Down among a million same, Difficult not to feel a little bit, Disappointed, and passed over, When I look right through, To see you naked but oblivious, And you don't see, Me

But I threw you the obvious just to, See if there's more behind the, Eyes of a fallen angel, Eyes of a tragedy

Here I am expecting just a little bit, Too much from the wounded, But I see, see through it all, See through, see you

'Cause I threw you the obvious to, See what occurs behind the, Eyes of a fallen angel, Eyes of a tragedy

Oh well, Oh well, Apparently nothing, Apparently nothing at all

You don't, you don't, you don't see me, You don't, you don't, you don't see me, You don't, you don't, you don't see me, You don't, you don't, you don't see me, You don't see me, You don't, You don't, You don't see me at all



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