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March 30th 2007
About Thursday Night

Holy Hooly Hienie

Holly, Hollie, Holee, Holley

I'll have something deep to say about Julie's game another day


Dont feed the Animals









March 29th 2007
About Wed Night

"Denying something you are constantly doing is more of a problem than it is a preference"


"Respecting the minority can sometimes be interpreted as chauvinism"


"You are not made an artist, you are born one"

Whining with George







March 27th 2007 Tuesday about last Monday and Tuesday night
bob and weave
I got something to say, but these days...People seem to be taking what I have to say a bit personal. People do silly things and regret later, it’s happened to me. People do silly things and don’t regret it now or later, cause other people patronize the shit out of there silly behavior, silly, patronizing silly behavior makes you silly. People do silly things and then hide in the masses of other silly people doing silly things and never regret it later, maybe.... Personal attacks can happen two different ways, with love or with hate, both emotions have sub folders of reasons and circumstance. The only person I ever asked off my team was the cabby, years ago. We both felt bad about it much later, the cabby and I, felt dumb, felt stupid, embarrassed. Once I had a captain from my division tell me, I was crazy for doing that. Then later, that captain, understood. One can never learn from someone else mistake.
One can never learn from someone else's mistake.

Proud to be Awesome's
D'uh bears




Bingo... Key to a great game... dont think to hard, just do.
I had something to say about it. I think I will keep it to myself, for now.
Girl 6
Happy Birthday Derik

The herd, Team Herd of Turtles

Speaking Frank and Beansly..... Monday


If i dont-tink to-much, den i get ball in d'uh ho-moe











March 25th 2007 Sunday, Monday Morning
These morning



As of recent, I have been receiving via email, from friends on my public blog accounts, criticism, advice, were I can get some good weed, and recommendations for some good therapist, conversing professionally about my people concerns, if any; I think. Still, my decisions are always up to me. I, so far, in theses past few months, have been writing about my ups and downs on personal issues with people, places, events and so forth. Liberation does not come free of regretful feelings and past dreaded experiences, though it is very enlightening once you realize and admit to it, however, one needs to coup de grace, his or hers little imp’s of despair even after enlightenment even after liberation.

I do not like holding it in; I will speak my mind and say what I have to say. I have seen it before, and it has gone as far as taken lives; keeping silent.

I am deep, but not endless like a pit in Spartan. Things do sit in the bottom of my deep, in the dark parts, in the black mist, Those things sometimes walk around stirring the black mist, sometimes those things are just sitting and waiting, when it is real quite and you put your ear to the Edge of your deep, you can hear, so faintly, whispers, of what lurks in the bottom of your depth. The ones you don’t hear, but are still there, they wait, and when you are not looking, not listening, slowly they climb up to the edge of your being, it’s takes years, but they’ll get there, if somehow you notice what has crept to your edge, then that can ether be an opportunity to strike, expose, and toss it out of the hole, or it can be your gauge. You, a puppet, to your mischievous sprite.

Here is something I wrote just a few weeks ago:

“Promptly, I can be a foolish man now and then, mostly in the matters concerning adoration for others, who isn’t? But never, will my self esteem allow me to be committed to anyone who is not committed to me, nor will I subject myself to needless abuse, unless, the abuse I am willingly tolerate can find an end with time, at any time I begin, also, feeling the challenge is with a reward that heals the cuts and bruises towards it”

As predicted, I was feeling the cuts and bruises, and now I am growing past it.

Liberation does not come free of regretful feelings and past dreaded experiences, though it is very enlightening, once you realize and admit to it. However, one needs to 'coup de grace', his or hers little imp’s of despair even after enlightenment even after liberation.

I believe, the company I keep, reflects who I am on some level, and the levels of intimacy I have with that company expresses the depths of my nature.


Last night for a brief moment I stared at a flame, dancing, till it dwindled, I feel asleep feeling like crap, I woke up, feeling like crap, not like a hangover or a cold or anything like that; even though I went to bed piss drunk on beer. But drained, emotionally drained. I was aching, I was moaning, I was exploding inside, were is all this fucken-fire coming from? I keep thinking to myself. I had enough, this is stupid, the game is over, so I did it, I spilled it out, and it felt so good, to say what I had to say, I learned a little more afterward in the sun, and it was very satisfying. I’m not alone, I wasn’t wrong, at least not all the way, the heavy in my throat and torso was gone, and the cold feeling was gone, no more howling inside, I understood, I think I always understood, finally, it was always me, warmth is wonderful, being human is better than being an angle.

A few days ago, I was hurt, really bad, by someone who has grown deep to me over the years, and I didn’t know the reason why, that, not knowing, made the hurt worse, not knowing why, and I just chalked it up to stuff, old stuff, little things from here and there, then, finally, I was told why, even when bad things happen to you, at least when you know the reason why, it alleviates the pain a little, gets the healing going quicker with rational. I still kept my dignity in tact; except for last night when I got home, I was a mess, but my friends on my computer kept me cool.

I’ve been writing stuff this whole year, so far, and it all comes down to me, and the choices I make, what I am challenging and dealing with, the consequence, the results, the new places, the new faces. It is not so hard for me to be like everyone else, but I choose not to, instead, to strive for the best, the best in what I think has worth. I really-really believe, the company I keep reflects who I am on some level, and the levels of intimacy I have with that company expresses the depths of my nature.







March 25th 2007 Sunday
About last Friday

love to hate pool















March 23rd 2007
ABC Mike Masse

Mike Massey


My camera Aperture is set to 1/10th of a second, Jason shoots at 1/8th of a second, hence the blur’s of Mr. Kane.

Gail Fuentes Eye Brow

Mr J.Q...

are you making people rack again?








March 21st 2007 Wed night Thursday morning
Apathetic Spring Back

Void of feeling; not susceptible of deep emotion; passionless; indifferent, cold, Jane bond, three-quarter view, my heart is red the other is blue. A common cold, black, hot, melt, 2-frigid, the surface of the lake is frozen, 4 inches deep, underneath, currents, rip tides no demon can float to the top; let alone escape. Crossword puzzle, Sodoku, tequila, pool, roller blades, quit, I am, so so sorry my love, I’m left with is my own warmth, this morning, congested passion, I cant breathe, I cant think, inveigle to your pain, my lovely; Ill brave the season.

Dexter says; bad recollections from the past can suppress emotional responses in the present, cold shoulder, my sun is a not warm enough, but a cup of coffee? Glacier, float, alone, in the artic, in a certain mood, look for certain people, comfort or reflection? Grey-Goose-birds of the same feather flock together; not this time. Fire! Run! Go to the cave, no air in the cave, fire needs air to burn, give me the funny next to the bunny. Today is the first day of spring and today was the coldest day of the year.

Today is the first day of spring and today was the coldest day of the year.

12:30am Thursday morning poem by

Grey Goose Vodka . com







March 20nd 2007 Tuesday. About Monday and Tuesday
Happy Birthday Che

Tuesday Night



Monday Night 567








March 21th 2007 Wed. About Last weekend

Caroline Pao

Gail Glazebrook


... ...


Baby Max Barretta







Bo Ram Cha...Oh, be Still My Heart

Bo Ram Cha




March 19th 2007 Monday Morning
Some might read into this very smoothly... i think ...

The illusionist

Despite recent events, today, yesterday and a few more of weeks past, my dream weighed heavy inside, and then, it snapped, the string that swayed my silo like a pendulum within, that inconsequential snap, the heavy was gone, no more tug, pull, jerk, it dropped deep in the water.

What a liberation I felt, things were so much better right after that snap, with barely an effort on my part and for it to happen, to be awoken from that beautiful dream, pale like the snow; cold. Color, red, makes me warm, lips, that dream, it was war dancing a snowstorm inside my poor little foolish heart, I have a heart? I feel, at-least, man…-

- ... that dream I had, still, I know myself, that’s not going to happen; to stop dreaming. Fiona said, you move like honey in my dreams last night, heavy with mood. For days, all I wanted to do was be with my illusion. Carving my deepest cravings out of others as the cast, away, that might be the easy part, so many beautiful girls ignite this blaze, still, then the dreaming happens, in my wake, in front of your very eyes my friend, you laugh, you drink, you snap, the wake.

I still wish it though, that dream, the dream is good. I’ll always look intently into my dream; it will always be there, in different places, now, with different faces.

Above the ground

Promptly, I can be a foolish man now and then, mostly in the matters concerning adoration for others, who isn’t? But never, will my self esteem allow me to be committed to anyone who is not committed to me, nor will I subject myself to needless abuse, unless, the abuse I am willingly tolerate can find an end with time, at any time I begin, also, feeling the challenge is with a reward that heals the cuts and bruises towards it.....

... But, lost happens, in an ever-changing maze, I’ll raise my standards, rise above the maze, and see the end from above the ground.







March 16th 2007 Friday. About Thursday night...
Just a little for now ...













March 15th 2007 Thursday

Mr. and Ms. Smith

I’m a bit hammered right now. March 15th 2007 2am.

What do you mean? It’s all about that green. Felt, feel, real, bury. I don’t know? Huh? What’s the problem? There is none, feels bad? Lol, right? You understand, right? Twitch. Mark, Now, I’m look’n, huh? U-ran to the john? Your fingers? Can get it anywhere, don’t need it, where is he? Do’n his trick shot. Do u-get the point. Man, what roller coaster. I wish I were small, less adoration. I wish, I were, fake? Easy to let go that way.

No penalty, no foul. Agreeable symmetry is always a full circle of sorts. What feelings? No feelings this way, just drown it out with someone else, or else’s, the masses, the breaks, make the eight, nothing personal, there, no one can see what’s going inside, when you hide behind a smile, greetings, busy with current events.

Live this way for a long time, alone with no one to see what’s inside. The lake is shallow; the fish swim close to the bottom, dragging their bellies on the floor stirring up clouds of old past, in the water. It’s crowed down here. The air is thick with mud, the time is done, its no more fun, time to run, is that your gum? Mark your pocket, move like a rocket, away from the ones who make it matter for that moment. Gonna-fit right in, with just a grin, like Luis’s sin, quick, swim away with that muddy fin. Fork, road, more forks more roads, ugh. I think I’ll sit for a while, my feet hurt from all the game.


Eben, Eban, Eb'n, Ebin

Che, shay, chey, chay







March 13th 2007 Tuesday. About Monday Night.
Pool Chips




She drank it



Pay attention










March 11th 2007 Sunday
Wash it away

I let this happen.


I let this happen. Dirty, it piled up, I slowly watched it sit there day after day, being dirty, all I did was just put on something else, and did it over and over again, until I had nothing left, then, had to face it, the dirt, the stink. Now to deal with it, to deal with the dirty laundry. Wash it. Watch the grime go round and round until it’s all washed away. I am good at that. The laundry. Washing the dirt away. It’s always in the end that dirt spins around to nothingness. Then all that’s left is clean. And the only way it will stay that way, clean, is unless I just don’t put it on.


When ever your eady Caroline. Just let me know when.

Cock Blocker

Tony Gets it in the Hole.


It was good for some.










March 8th 2007 Thursday. About Last Monday and Tuesday
Drink it, Eat it, Play it


"I don't normally do this, but I felt compelled to tell you something..... You have an absolutely breath-taking... heiney. I mean, that thing's good...... I wanna, be friends with it." Ron Burgundy


Can form get any better than this?



Drink it









March 6th Tuesday 2007
About this past weekend......APA Singles Regional 2007

Its... right... up here now


The Painting

Happy Birthday

Stuart Sheer


Mike Davey

Dirty finger in my Guacajulie

The wizard

Captain Jim

How bad do you want it?

Killa dave Padea



On the way

The Patch

Before one playes

one must eat

Game time


Serafina shishkova


League Operator Jerry Bayer


Sui Ming

The Winner


The Winner Jason Smith

I new it...

The final day


Marsia watches


Pat plays





The Saturday night Lunar Eclipse



Milk shot

Hot Plate

Alex Gomez


Jason Manders

Adrian marrs






Keep it clean

Going home

The Winner, Dorothy

Win or lose...ya-still gonna play again anyway







March 1st 2007 Thursday, Friday, about the last few days, Mon, Tues, Wed
ill... catch up

How are you? You look awfully nice tonight. Hmm? Maybe don't wear a bra next time.



Thursday night

Monday night

A one in a million rack

look at that texture. Its like art

Makes the ball roll in all kinds of great ways

Learn a new shot on a great felt

Love bites


The glove stinks

Entry...3:38pm Thursday

William is in bed, he is very ill

He is sleeping right now, his head pounding, his body is acheing, dizzy, bizzar dreaming and he is with all the other wonderfull things you get when you catch a strange off season cold....




Feb 26th 2007 Monday
About last Sunday


Team Get In The Hole and Team Pocket Aces

APA Tricup 2007

Onward to the finals...

Keep it simple…

Woke up. 8am. Went to the match.

Managed all my players in the best position on the field, Main objective? To achieve advancement en route for the finals coming this June 2007. The match was nearly 12 hours, we won, both teams.

As long as everybody knows their position and bearing no animosity toward they’re others, then the only opponent is the other team.

Team: Get in the hole worked well together. It was getting a little bumpy towards the end there, but, that is expected after 10 hours of non-stop pool dealings; at least from most pool team captains. As a captain, organization of your players, can sometimes be like divisions in your troops; first wave second wave and so on. Your archers are in an elevated position and your infantry is in the front lines, then finally, you save your best for last in any war game portfolio. 

Somewhere in the middle

Earlier in the matches, Douglas remembered to keep it simple in his second game. Susan was a terror to her opponents on both her matches; practice makes points. Captain Serafina was juggling between two teams, her application was both in mental and physical; I think Serafina is learning game transitional modes, captain? Or player? Can one manage players’ games and manage their own game at the same time? I find myself completely drained after just watching my player’s shoot there’s.

Already on two shots, makers and powers.

It was looking bleak when we lost the fourth in the second round. Serafina’s team, (Pocket Aces), had just won on the table next to us, afterward, they came over to our side (team Get in the hole) and the energy went up a few notches, it was a great night. Everybody shot well; it was a good APA NYC Tricup event.

On the hill in the fifth

J.Q, made a spectacular break, making 5 high balls and one low, 5 plus 1, that equals six balls getting in the hole; wow. Though, J.Q was three balls away from the final hole after his spectacular break, he began to opt for low balls anyway, I am not sure? But I think? Douglas talked him into sticking with high, I think, why do I think? Cause I was swing one down to calm my nerves. So, J.Q proceeded in making the final three in the best way he can, J.Q succeeded. Team Get in The Hole is going to the City finals.
Sunday Afternoon
Sunday Evening

Happy Pete

Eight on the break
Pocket Aces

Keep it Simple

Were did all this snow come from?


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