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go to july07-2007..

June 29th Friday.
Just a little more about Consideration...


I’m always finding shit, yesterday after the rainfall, I found something..

or maybe it found me..

There was no argument, no dirty looks, no complaints, no nothing on my part, not a single indication of an on coming emotional reaction; I just got rid of her.

I know it seemed like, I was kind of a prick when I got rid of that lady, but, there is a history there, of things like that, her inconsideration and expecting me to bend over for, happening for years, and I just could not take it any more.

continued from June 27th
Now-dats-more like it..

Queens, there is no room for these kinds of people when there is a majority of folks who all deserve to be treated as equals.

The hierarchy of ones job position, pool ranking skill level, head of house hold, corporation or anything else with a kind of-totem poll of position has no place outside of were ever it is you are the chief of. People tend to drag along the fact that they think they have a union outside of their profession, occupation or other. I wonder if she new, I, at anytime can fill that position with anyone on almost whim? If she did, then maybe she didn’t like this kind of man (me) having a say-so on the matter, and that’s why she constantly tested me with no consideration of a possible wary consequence? If she didn’t know my skill level, would she have disrespected me for so long? I feel bad, she still has a job though, but it’s just not with me anymore.





Irene shoots back from within the fire

"Oh Fuckitty fuck!"


"Ya-know, I'm funny, and I didnt even know-that"

"The damned machine!"

Hx'nFX has got some desire's

I step out of the elevator and lo and behold, a doll, in the middle of the hall, standing on its two feet, in a puddle of water, as if it just came in from the rain or something, It was creepy at first, still, I moved in for a closer look, it was a doll of a chick, a skinny chick, cinnamon colored skinned, big red lips, a hat, giant shoes shapely body, still, my instinct told me not to take her home, I placed it right back were I found it and went home, later that evening at about 4am, for some reason I went to take a look to see if it was still there and the thing was still in the hall but not were I left it. Creepy.

Gal 200%

Supadra wants her game to get a little bit hiya

When it come to pool or anything else your presented with..

It's better to make safe's then sorry's..

My booty
Maya is no Laya







June 27th Wednesday morning.
"Treat everyone with politeness, even those who are rude to you - not because they are nice, but because you are" ~ Author Unknown




Take into Consideration all the possibilities of what you ask for.

The sound of the copier machine is distracting the tutor; the tutor is annoyed by its sounds, so the tutor asks me.

"Would it be a problem if you can move (the Nine Hundred and eighty two pound machine, dats-982-pounds) copier to a different part of the lab, were'n I cannot be distracted by the noise of the copier being used"?

"It's nice to be important, but it's more important to be nice" ~Author Unknown

My reply was, can you just move to a different desk, away from the copier, there is plenty available around?

She ignores my answer or more to the point, my solution to her inconsiderate request, and continues to tutor the student.

Later that afternoon, the tutor goes over my head and asked the supervisor.

“The noise of the copier being used is distracting my tutelage for the students, is they’re anything ‘William’ can do to fix this problem?”

The supervisor asks me, "William, is there anything you can do to fix this problem"?

Anything I thought? I said, yes I can.

So I did.

A day later, I higher'd a new tutor that doesn’t mind the noise of the copier being used.

Problem fixed, class dismissed.

"Judge me all you want, just keep the verdict to yourself" ~ From a Winston advertisement







June 26th Tuesday morning.
Go out and get a real meal now...

There is nothing worse than paying out the nose for meal that takes two hours to make and two bites to finish it off.

I hate that; I hate it with a passion, it cooks into my very soul, stomach, whatever. There is no way in hell, that I will ever subscribe to the glamorous bullsh!t of eating in some restaurant, that serves meals large enough to barley satisfy an over weight squirrel. Who does this? Who spends $100 dollars or more on a spoon full of whatever.

"The need of my stomach out weighs the need of my taste buds" ~ me

Sex or food? With me, barely a difference.. But, if the food is to small a portion? Well, I guess some people don't mind, but I do.

I’m reading in the newspaper and it says.

Is Paris reformed? I’m thinking, reformed? Reformed from what? Having money? Partying to hard? Not needing to work cause she’s got bling? Being hounded by the media? Her behavior and the whole girls just-wanna-have fun thingy is not a new trendy wave happening with wealthy well to do chicks; or any were in any culture, were talking centuries here. It’s an old song, man; just leave that skinny chick alone.

"One of the advantages of being disorderly is that one is constantly making exciting discoveries"  ~A.A. Milne

I think the only difference between Paris and your average non-famous hipsters in America is, the media attention. Glamorizing this girls whereabouts every second of the day, ya-know, anybody with the kind of fame, a fame-with a foundation of just simply having money, having sex in front of a camera, and hanging with other famous wealthy people, I think, this is going to make them move faster and faster, so, ya-need a car to keep up.

I hear, from time to time, girls, like attention. Occasionally, they like having their photograph taken. Rich, poor or some were in the financial middle ground, they like being in the center of it all, they like diamonds and pearls and all kinds of silly shit that sparkle like a disco ball, they wear it, they buy it, they want mom and dad, boys and girls to get it for-em-blah-blah-blah.

"Hate the sin and love the sinner"  ~Mohandas Gandhi

If the dudes with the cameras, who hang around, take photos and report for money, the kinds of people, whom they feel can nosh tabloid entertainment, and did that (take photos and report) with every emaciated hipster trust fund kid in America, hipster-kids who will do what they want when they wanted, then I think would be an ecological disaster, why? There wouldn’t be enough trees to accommodate the garbage-paper reads for those in Americans who oh so love to patronize and examine.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a big Paris Hilton groupy, I think she’s a very spoiled, slightly juvenile porno graphic person, raised by people who gave her the idea’s as a child, that she can do whatever she wants whenever she wants with no consequence to herself or others around her; that kind of upbringing can happen in any trailer park. I dont know her personaly, so I can be very wrong about her.. Im not gonna lie, I have had my thoughts.

I don’t think America should execute her, just cause she’s doing what most Americans would not mind doing from time to time, if they can afford it and deal with its consequence.

"A society that gives to one class all the opportunities for leisure, and to another all the burdens of work, dooms both classes to spiritual sterility"  ~Lewis Mumford

Nature of man, I think there might be a gladiator media arena thing happening here, and a bit of covets from one side-of a two-sided kind of society we live in.

"Society is doing a great deal for the workingman, for the lower classes; but it seems to me, sometimes, as if it formed associations to obtain for them toys, and then formed other associations to teach them to play with them"  ~John B. Gough







June 25th Monday.
Ice'ee you cee we all see lots of shee's

Lessons and learning.

Discipline, respect, being humbled, predicting a disaster and preventing it from happening, paying money for a lesson, walking in inflated leaving deflated, My stomach was empty on Friday night, so I filled it with some alcohol, a beautiful weekend, I slept well, all I can say about that is; yes I am a captain and yes I will be there when I am needed most, I believe in you brother man, never had a doubt but watching you dance on the edge was kind of scary, I think maybe it was my sense of judgment I thought was in jeopardy, not your skill.

I like Sushi, I ate to many burgers this weekend and it put me in a coma. I ran, threw a frizzbe in brooklen and I’m paying for it in my shoulders this morning, I need to get more exercise, my mind my body and maybe something else, I doubt that but whatever, sometimes I suck...

Did we learn something yet?

The wrath of Jude

"It takes more strength of character to withstand good fortune than bad" ~La Rochefoucauld, Reflections, 1665
A dizzy'ing match

Getting a Lesson


"I find my joy of living in the fierce and ruthless battles of life, and my pleasure comes from learning something" ~Auguste Strindberg, 1888


"Society is composed of two great classes - those who have more dinners than appetite, and those who have more appetite than dinners" ~Sébastien-Roch Nicholas de Chamfort







June 22nd Friday. About Last Night...
Sound FX. 0.524
"I believe, the company I keep, reflects who I am on some level, and the levels of intimacy I have with that company expresses the depths of my nature" ~ Me, a few months ago. 3/36/07 "Liberation does not come free of regretful feelings and past dreaded experiences, though it is very enlightening, once you realize and admit to it. However, one needs to 'coup de grace', his or hers little imp’s of despair even after enlightenment, even after liberation" ~ Some more of me, a few months ago. 3/36/07
"Denying something you are constantly doing is more of a problem than it is a preference" ~ Better believe I said that sh!t ya-Mother-flower, (WFuentes), on 3/36/07
Click for > A little of the quotes from March 07 said above with love | or just hang with June 21st 07 Thursday night below.


"Too learn something, is educational, to discover something on your own-that which can be learned is divine" ~ Me

Doug POW!

Slam Pop!!!

Anna DavidenkoBoom!
Holly OOH!

Steve, rOoOoOoUSH!

Mike, SWISH!!!


Liz, FooOOOSH!


Howie RubOOOOooMmMMm!
Bam boom pow oof!!!







June 21st 2007 Thursday

Yes... On my way this morning, I find a pirates key, to a chest, or something that's need to be opened.

Another symbolic find...



Last night
I ate...alot.

I ate like a pirate


Maya...gets in with team >
Get In the Hole...

Soho tables, are like no other tables.

Green tea

Olive pits

Larry Knows







June 20th 2007 About last night...
Some Karma

What is this Juice Pia doth give thee?

" Ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge: it is those who know little, not those who know much, who so positively assert that this or that problem will never be solved by science "

Today, June 20th 2007 12:45pm Hung over

Why deny the sanctuary of his plausible deniability?

Rich had some concerns about his Karma last night, I think a few others as well, not too much but some; I think. Well I was drunk, it was my birthday-eve, my brain is old, blah-blah-blah, anyway. I answerd a few questions for Rich, I then stopped my fragmented info fill in for him, and I thought, in my dizzy-drunken state, why deny the sanctuary of his plausible deniability? To fill in his questions, I think would affect my own karma as well; being my intention would not create any good for anyone, despite it seemingly being so, to necessitate my role as a captain and team mate at that moment; then again, in the bar scene? Necessitating anything about ones self is most of the time, info for gossip.

Responsibility does not have a dollar value.

There was a tiny bit more there than just a concern for Karma. I think, one thing here, which might be a must, now, is, Captains, out of the Edge, are being damned, to 'ONLY' do the right and moral thing for there team mates in the future. Not that is was ever in question before, but if you have to ask karma? There ya-go.

As a captain, I have learned, never to leave my obligated responsibility to my teams for a preference of self-indulgence and no responsibility, especially when it is time to step up to the prow and yell.

Some folks think, "Wiliam, you got it right in the butt". I almost left the APA after this past City finals; with my pool team having 5 level 5’s a level 6 and a level 7. It would have been quite macho if my team would have won under those circumstances, of being down two games even before we did the coin toss. Most APA Captains, know, a roster with handicaps's like this, surely, is almost a death sentence for any team in a cityfinal match, but not impossible to acheive.

A kind of ‘How do you like me now’ thing would have been, if there was a win, but, I think that kind of win would have been an opportunity for some to protest the nature of my team stature, which I think is much more important for future opportunity for proper chances to win.

I always consider the consequence, and try to never let it affect my stroke.

The way my team lost in the city finals, answered some questions for some few, as to why my captain Jack sparrow actions in the middle of last season. My fear and attempt to prevent of what was to happen in the city finals happened anyway; jeez. And we lost, but at the same time there was a tiny win. Something, a little more of principal, than just a free plane rid to Vegas.

The character, of Captain William Fuentes, who will go to the Edge for his teams, his captainship responsibility, loyal and dependability for his teams, who played hard for him and whom he plays his best for, from beginning to the end, still stands true. My karma concerning last season is on the green line, and intact, along with my dignity and self-respect there is no need for me to ripple the surface, unless there is a real need to make it so. 
June 2006, I think this Karma cirlce might have started here, concerning the above entry , damn hip bone....







June 19th 2007 Tuesday. About MonkeyMondayMondkey Night...
Get in the Munkee


WillY T Monkey's last Monday...

This is the second Monday with monkeys involved. Anyway, after the match, I head for my common path, on the streets of NYC. On the sidewalk there sits under your common NYC tree, a monkey, a Buddhist monkey. Its staring at me (the monkey), its calling out to me from the distance (the monkey), people are walking bye it (the monkey), as if no one sees it (the monkey), so I pick it up (the monkee), I put it in my hand (the monkey) and it (the monkey) felt like, it belonged there, in my hand, it sat nicely (d'uh munkee), comfortably (da-monkie), so, after getting past my amazing find, I continued onward, I hold, no, it sits, the Buddhist monkey, in my hand, while'st I walk down the street. In my walking with b-monkey in hand, I started thinking, is it time? Should I make a move now? Should I, shout out, the hard ugly facts of the recent shift in the tides of my verve? Then, I heard the voice.. Eek eek, Uh oh, a voice, maybe, from, too much Jameson, maybe from to much internet blogging, maybe from; no; not the; not the, the Buddhist monkey. Oh William, ju-crazee-mun, it’s a doll, maybe.. It is a doll, a doll william, a doll.....but finding it, is not like a doll..

When you find something, what-that something is, does not mean thats what it is you found. ~cookie

What Place?
Last night The Buddhist monkey says to me..

One Legend has it, that the Monkey King taunted the Buddha in Tibet that he could do anything he wanted and the Buddha was powerless to stop him. The Buddha tricked the Monkey King into the palm of his hand where he remains today.
....Shh.. just wait and see...

B-Monkey like train....
everyone looks the same

Rob, Shooter

Rob shoots useing Willy Cue ball head





Skin and fur the color of the robes, hands and feet resembling the texture of gold, yup, it’s a Buddhist monkey.

People, are they all the same?

Willy Torres


Captain Dan








June 17th 2007, Sunday..
Daddies day

It's ok.

No harm no foul.  I turned out all right, I think. I know its father's day and all, and I got one, but I really didn’t always have one, well, maybe, only half way have one. His mother, my grandmother. She substituted for his lack of being their when he was there, but not really 'he' being there.

Did I get 'there' correctly, in my last statement?

"He didn't tell me how to live; he lived, and let me watch him do it"

~Clarence Budington Kelland

Liberation from lack of independence keeps you independent from lack of liberation.

The there is their, only when life seems su'-flair.







June 15th 2007 Friday. About Last Wednesday and Thursday...


Get'n out of the hole soon

Danial D

Team Sound FX UH!!!

Rhonda and Hairy

Jason Smith

Friday, I made a wish this morning..

..a big-wish.
Thursday Night. Team 9ball at ABC.

Get In the Pocky

DT from team SFX is on the DL

Bill'L in-da-house knock-em out...

Any day now

WTF Remo

Wednesday Night.

It was about, pool at soho. planet of the apes, Buddhism, Clint Eastwood, autism, religion, politics and beer.

Helen Xina >>>
>> Gives-em Hex on the table @ Soho'B










June 13th 2007 Wednesday. About this past Mumday and Toomsday
The Art of almost war


The nice family (team) sitting across from us... hm?

Tuesday: It's almost like, another team, sitting on the other side of the table, and we were having an eating match. Hm?

Tuesday Afternoon, I eat Sushi.

Why am I racking? Oh yeah, I'm playing Caroline Pao...

My bridge.
Tuesday Night, pool and eats.

"We didn't lose the game; we just ran out of time" ~Vince Lombardi

I think it is, for sure, that I do not have a mind for pool right now.

There has been some changes in my life recently, that has been bought to my attention, and have made me realize that some things are not for certain.

People, do not really change, they sidestep or become bigger versions of what they are already; over cooked.

With age comes wisdom, with time, comes results. Time stands still when one is waiting. Strait pool is a great time for patients.

43 balls to your 200, who will get there first?

Decisions, I am full of decisions these days. Deciding what ball I am going to make or take? This might be effecting my decisions outside of the felt.

Consequence, weigh the consequence, these are my ultimate decisions these days.

Caroline Pao

Helen decided to stay in the Barrel today...

Monday Night
Monkey's in the Hole

Competing against irish snooker player level 3's and 4's...

is always a nice treat..

and great for the APA!!!


The amazing Mr. Redhead.


The team has got his back..








June 12th 2007 Tuesday
This past weekends APA City Finals

Team: More luck than skill

Looked like skill to me, Jim's Winning Shot.
Whew !!!

Team: Hard breakers
Bitter sweet Vic.

Team: Get in the (we were down two matches even before we started the team match) Hole ...

Team Get In the Hole's roster for the city finals.

  • William, Level 5
  • Pete, Level 5
  • Mark, Level 5
  • Serafina, Level 5
  • Adrian, Level 5
  • Douglas, Level 6
  • JQ, Level 7
  • Susan, didn't make it, level 4

NYC APA By laws for city final matches, only allows teams to make 15 points in three matches, 19 points in 4 matches and 23 points in 5 matches. Stuart gave me out's and options. I picked the right one.

Oh well.. Maybe we should have been called team >
> More skill than luck.


Tense moments
Drink anyway


Hard core
Wet willy


Peter Aben


Round one goes too more luck than skill
Shoot it


Nice teeth


A Holly fan


Holly's number one fan.

Angelica brings it
Jeff, Adrian, Stuart

The game is a foot





Zen, works.






Brings it


Round one

Drink more

Stuart Sheer
Now that's a clean sheet..



Holly brings it ...

Peter explains

The big shots


If it was not for Robert the bold, none of this would have been possible.

Captain Adrian Marrs.

Douglas level 6, Mark level 5.

Captain Jim


And then, I was thinking..More?

That handsome dude that stood here for two days in a row.

Team Get in the Hole, Down two games, even before the coin toss.

The Art of war







June 8th 2007 Friday
About Thursday night.

This is not what I paid for !!!!

Waywardness, can be, a sign of an austere kind of disposition.

When you are needed the most, or clearly see that you are needed greatly, it might be at that moment, the decision you make can be a sign of what kind of person you are or want to be perceived as; dependable or other.

What you see and pay for is not always what you get.

Also, when you look in a mirror, what you see is not always what others see or want to see. How you handle situations can be a appraise of ones dependability. Putting yourself before others is a selfish act, putting others before you is a selfless act, dark side, light side and so fourth.

Most captains agree, being a captain of a ship, or pool team, does not leave much room for selfish behavior, with out it germinating in some odd way out of control in the long run, and then finding yourself sinking with a dead crew and the rats. I’ve seen it before, even before I joined the league years ago, sometimes, captains do not reflect the quality of there players, and vise versa, though I strongly believe in the old saying, birds of the same feather and blah blah blah.

It might be, ones judgment, that makes the difference between a team of misfits and a team all having the same nature. I often ask myself, how did I come across this player and how did I not ask this person or that person not to join my team? What you see is what you get; not what you get; get with a little extra something to covenant with.

"Life is never more fun then when you’re the underdog competing against the giants" ~ cookie.

"Respond intelligently,  even to unintelligent treatment" ~ cookie.







June 7th 2007 Thursday,
About Wed night.
"We are more often treacherous through weakness than through calculation" ~Francois De La Rochefoucauld
"There's more to the truth than just the facts" me

Just a warm up

And then
I can eat, and thats a fact

"It matters not what road we take , but rather what we become on the Journey" cookies

"Repition is the mother of skill " cookies

Dont miss Supadra

"A player who conjugates a verb in the first person singular cannot be part of the squad, he has to conjugate the verb in the first person plural.

We. We want to conquer. We are going to conquer. Using the word "I" when you're in a group makes things complicated. ~Wanderley Luxemburgo, 1999

Dirty Pool
Tell that guy, to pee on your own time...

"To hustle has been part of the game of pool since it's begining" me

Cornbeef and Hash







June 6th 2007 Wed, I'd rather eat Sushi.
About Tuesday night.

Lucky Monkey, Michael.

Mark and Pete, Tuesday, practice.
Pete, so positive.

"The belly rules the mind. ~Spanish Proverb"

"The way you cut your meat reflects the way you live. ~Confucius"

How about the way you cut the ball?
And then Gail thinks, Hmmmmmm.







June 5th 2007 Tuesday
About Monday late night,

Aki, Asahi

We got booty.

Laid Back.

1st day



Get In the Hole
Abby, good look'n 24 hrs a day.


Robert, knows what time it is.

Red Strip

Amstel light

Helen, Mark: Get in the hole.
Team: Gith

I got hammered on Monday; my buds seem to like getting me drinks these days. My Team Get In the Hole played today, and it was fun. I crashed at E, M and now A’s last night. We spoke, it was interesting, and Aki is a very none-judgmental person, kinda-Zen.

I was flicking ashes all over the place, at E, M and A last night. Early in the evening, Pete says to me, I hear your making people frozen these days, waiting to see what my next move will be, Helen tells me, I hear I got to be careful about how I play with you will, I hear, this is the team though. I say, I am a captain that will never let you down.

I have poetry; I have bits and pieces I have written, about things, not so grave, kinda silly, but very moving. Stuff about hustling, and flowing. I want to yell and expose. But I think I will just wait, and deflate, or maybe just not say anything at all. I mean, what’s the point? Its not like a I got a taste for it, I mean, why would I put my heart into something I know is not really for me anymore. Maybe for others, who need a place to be, to feel needed or wanted or to be a part of something, even if that something is for personal reasons? I have a responsibility. People are very for giving, people are very shallow, people are very stubborn.

Faith is something, when you have no choice, when your done and done all you could have, nothing left, but faith. Faith should not be used to accommodate your preference or choice. Faith is all that’s left, all that you are left with.







June 5th 2007 Tuesday
About last Friday and Saturday night.

Steve Lipsky

I will have something to say, about, being a captain,-

- and the responsibility it comes with, later on, in this text box next to Gina, who is the captain of team NY dolls that took her team all the way to Vegas and won, the whole thing.

Vegas BCA 2007



Gina M Kim


The moon shows >
> people who love...

...and people who love people >
> and people who love to drink.

I forgot her name, but she's burning hot...








June 4th 2007... About last Thursday.
A new season at ABC, Team Sound FX (SFX)


Jason Smith

Danny: aka the Wizard.

Captain Jim


Team: El Suseo

SFX: Danny Tam, Douglas M
SFX: Helen
SFX: Mr. PJ >
> Peter Jhonson

Kiss Kim >
>Team WTF, did you notice? The two new players.

Helen, hm?
Team: Get In the Hole

Olga >
Team Olga Wonderland

SFX: Douglas

That's Michelle, cause I know your wondering.










May 30th-31st 2007 Wed/Thurs

Here is something I wrote back in Jan 9th 2006

Communication can be spoken in more ways than one. Words, aren’t the only way one can say something to someone. Action speaks louder than words. A flower can say a million things and a verbal answer can say one thing and mean another. If I am running and I say I am walking; what am I doing? Or what am I really saying? Am I running, walking or lying about the truth? Sometimes too expose the truth one must first take action by walking into the dinning room, then pull off the new tablecloth to see the old scratched up and worn out worktable underneath.

NYPT in D'uh Hiyous

Birthday Girl
Lappy and Rog

who wants it?

Danger Girl

Almost full


Got a little pro on him

go to july07-2007..


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