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January 29th 2007 Monday Morning, I think back. Monday night I look ahead.
"When you play one of us, you play all of us"...
For the first time in the history of the team name Get in the Hole. We won the first week of the new season. Please, don’t think-I-think this is a good start for us or I am making a passive-aggressive statement of a gloating nature. Nor am I saying it is a bad karma that we got four wins ether, it’s just that, this has never happened to my team before, ever, in any of my (our) years; even when we were named Rumble fish. Every team that I know of, who gets a head start in the first couple of weeks of a new season, some how or another always ends up not placing, or struggling for third place, why? Let go my Ego? The dark side of over confidence? Lose of team momentum? Sitting in the vanity chair in front of the mirror to long? Who knows; that’s just my years of experience on the NYC APA. Hm? I could be wrong; this could be a good thing. It could be that some team some were in the world, won, every week in their division and their player’s handicaps never moved up or down, what a dream. I will never ask my players to sandbag or throw matches. ---
Though, I think, the APA Handicap system could have an element of inadvertent design of an unpleasant result, of course this was not done on propose. Any team with all eight players with big hearts and ambition for a win, all players getting along with each other, respecting each other and its management from both captain and co captain might be doomed simply because the one thing we are suppose to do for the big win will cause us to fragment due to ruling technicality; 23 points. No matter what, when everybody on the team gets along, synergy, with that inevitable win, will get broken up, due to the rulings. When you play one of us, you play all of us, the APA advertises and pushes us to develop teams this way (having a 25.000.00 dollar incentive) but at the same time, the rules are designed to break us apart if this actually happens; maybe, I could be wrong. But when players handicap goes up, and I expose my line up with the very first player I throw out into the breach cause the only possible players that can following the first player due to the 23 point rule, tell me, am I wrong?

Things are getting strange in the underground

I think we might have something here


Captain Larry of Los Macho's

"When you play one of us, you play all of us"



on the break

"Dont ever make someone a priority if you are there option"

Just looking back .... not so far back though....

Monday Morning

New season starts and I think...



The Hole




"One person does not a team make"






January 28th 2007 Sunday. About Saturday.
Oops... I leftThe battery from my camera at home

I am resisting the erg of my of late winter whiskey sopping. It’s been a few days of my useal bumbling and stumbling around like a weekend russian cowboy and I feel good. I think it’s almost out of my system. I mean I’ve been drunk since last November. I am going on day four with no booze in my system.

I'll subsitute my Whiskey for Sushi for now

If your wondering...The snooker pics are from my Cell phone.

So I played some snooker last night. First, some nine ball @ BBC, then went off to china town for some Snooker. Second time I ever played it in my life; Snooker. It’s a very relaxing game. Though one who engages in the sport must know one has no room for sloppiness in there approach and stroke on that kind of table (Snooker table) if they intend to win a match or even a game. Man; after a few hours on the football-sized table, I will never view a nine-footer pool table the same way again. After playing Douglas a few rounds of snooker I played on a standard size pool table with Jason, it was like a bar table, it was so so small, and the ball are so close together and huge and primitive. Now, Just because the table is smaller does not mean the game is going to be easier. Yes for sure, you will pocket a ball across the entire span of nine foot table a great deal easier, smoother and more confidently with a much higher probably of getting it in the hole, but you still would have to play with the same amount of respect you would apply on Snooker table. Wow! Man! I never thought I would look a nine foot table like a bar table; ever! Later that night, I went to the bar and the bar table was like a toy. With all the balls compressed together? It’s a whole different game to me now; I was still not missing a shot though. But my position and shape was less to be desired, LOL. Yet still, I found myself trying to compensate for size and weight of the balls. Did I mention I wasn’t missing?

How you look at any pool table is a state of mind.

Hi My name is William Fuentes, and Im not an Alcoholic.. A pool aholic maybe










January 26th 2007 Friday. About Thursday Night.
D'uh Hitman

Sometimes you shoot not to win...But just to shoot.

The Hit

Execution is key…. When done right, getting the ball in the Hole is the inevitable. The inevitable shouldn’t be the goal. The discipline in your execution should be.


All that racking

Made me hungry












January 25th 2007 Thursday. About Wed Night. APA, The American Pool Players Association
Wed APA Awards for Summer 2006

Thursday: 10am. It tried to snow...oh well...

Stuart Sheer

Spelled my name wrong

Wed night

Mark was hungry





"A player who has-ta-beat his own drum about how skilled he is

most likely does not have much to beat"





January 24nd 2007 Wed. About Tuesday Night. APA, The American Pool Players Association
Tuesday APA Play off's Second round

Ace vs Ace... Oh whatever...

Michelle's not on any of the Ace bar teams, but was there to watch, I just put the pic up of her cuase I thought it looked nice.

Congrats Pocket Aces, for winning week two of the January 2007 APA season playoffs quarter finals.

Now I have to hope we dont meet each other in the final 8 of the APA city finals 2007, being that almost half the team (Pocket Aces) is team GET IN THE HOLE.










January 22nd 2007 Monday night. APA, The American Pool Players Association
Monday APA Play off's. Second round
Team Get IN THE HOLE wins the Playoffs...

Get in the hole played tonight with a thing Pete calls synergy. We pretty much all acted as captains, all even, for the last few weeks. All agreeing on the line-ups, the match ups and the option we created with what and whom we had available. And what we had available was all eight of us, a whole  or hole team, respecting, agreeing and working together and putting our best efforts to reach the common goal for this evening. All egos aside. I hope we can keep up the pace to the end of the goal.

Synergy or synergism (from the Greeksynergos, meaning working together, circa 1660) refers to the phenomenon in which two or more discrete influences or agents acting together create an effect greater than that predicted by knowing only the separate effects of the individual agents. It is originally a scientific term. Often (but not always, see Toxicologic synergy, below) the prediction is the sum of the effects each is able to create independently.

Captain Jim Forster, a grand and noble captain indeed.










January 21st 2007 Sun. About Friday and Saturday night

Double Combo Triple Carom on the 4,3,2,1,6 with a bank masse.

Eight in the corner.

Leave your money on the table.

Shoot Stick....

I know I said I wasnt...But I did anyway.s

And I woke up ok...But that still does not mean its ok.

Sat night
I dont remember taking these shots
But they are nice anyway.

knob creek and pizza

This is one big ass table.

Get In The Hole

Friday Night
Looks good...










January 19th 2007 Friday. About wed & thurs
Wed: Played a little. Ate a little… Abby does not mind if her husband has a hooker on the side. Pool is not really free at the E. Update; Ronnie owns the bar and the pool table so Ronnie still owns all the team spots at the E-bar, all of-em. Public-relation-managerial-tactics-is-a-critical-science-for-small-business-profit and productivity. Unless you buy lots of beer.

Thursday: Played a little, no, more to the point, paid 8bucks to rack and watch JQ play. Then afterward, I ate so much, no matter how many shots I did, I could not get drunk, what a waist of money.

Apparently lt snowed last night

Pool & corner hooked her on the last shot

Abby is pretty Hot Mild when it comes to relationships. Wed.

Must of gotton cold last night, cause it snowed.
Someplaces just wont let go of christmas.

X2 I ate...yes I did .... Thursday

Not enough for me









January 17th Wed 2007. About last Tuesday night. APA, The American Pool Players Association
APA Playoff's round one

Captain Serafina Shishkova

Nice Shot

Adrain and adrain-beta-test









January 15th 2007 Monday. Also about Saturday and Sunday APA, The American Pool Players Association
APA Playoffs Round one.



Los Macho's

Captian Alison Mcbain is the best


I know what time it is

Susan Sunday Drill's

You people are a bunch of booze hounds


Just becuse something looks pretty

doesnt mean its going to be satisfying.

The sushi was great

but the meal was a wee-bit skimpy for my taste.

Early evening sushi

Long practise makes for hungry bellies

Sat Late night...

...fried sushi

Rich complete's it

Pia pours it

And I drink it

George saves the day...agian



The return of Pauline









January 12th Friday night 2007
Booze, Birthday and Cake

Good shot Rich |

Happy 27th Brotha-man


The Curry knocked the drunk right out of me.

D is back









January 11th 2007 Thursday. About Wed, Thurs and Friday-day. My Rice Crispy told me too....
Go to The Root of the matter

My Quizilla test of the day Results ... Which Tarot Card Are You? You are the Justice card. Justice preserves the harmony of the world. Working with opposite forces, Justice does not seek to criticize or condemn but rather to accept. The idea behind the card justice is that opposite forces are complementary; you could not have good without evil or light without darkness. Justice's position is to make sure that if a thing is out of balance, the weight of its energy is realigned with its opposite force. This card is also a card of humour, for it is in pointing out contrary positions that humour is often found. The attitude that is found in the humourous person, being able to shift perspective and flow with an instinct, is important in the maintenance of good balance. 16285 other people got this result! This quiz has been taken 528350 times. 6% of people had this result.

Thursday night

Team 9ball


Thursday Jan 11th 2007 2:15pm. The Root of the matter.

It was dying…No matter how many time I watered it moved it took care of it, this plant did not want to seemingly live. The out side of the plant appears to be fading. Issues like this need to be handled carefully. They need tending to in a professional and adult manner. The out side of it appears to be dead or dying but the inside has something inside of it that wants to live, I can tell. It’s hurting, it broken, so you try to trim the edges. Dust the leaves, spray bottle-sprits the body with misty love and attention. Talk to it, hang with it, give it drinks, changed and exchange dirt once in awhile; Ya-know, that whole love consideration thing. But it wont changed, it won’t budge, nothing is working, it is in its downward spiral of wilted ness, eventually death will occur. So I decided to go to the root of the matter. Everything in life always stems from a root. I took the roots of the plant and replanted elsewhere. These roots are strong, I can tell, I can feel it. It has always been in my nature to see the subtleties of life, people, places and things. People hate me for it, people love me for it, friends, family and so on. I have used it in my art, in my game, in my ways. I always feel better when I drink a tall glass of water. I think I might spend this year going to the root of the matters.

It doesnt want to live on the outside

Start at the roots.

My Rice crispy told me too

Wed Night











January 10th Wed 2007. About last Monday and Tuesday

Nice cold day....

For Best results, STICK IT IN the fridge

No party today, AwWwwWwww


This device has not been authorized as required by the rules of the Federal Communications Commission. This device is not, and may not be, offered for sale or lease, or sold or leased, until authorization is obtained.

iPhone combines three products — a revolutionary mobile phone, a widescreen iPod with touch controls, and a breakthrough Internet communications device with desktop-class email, web browsing, maps, and searching — into one small and lightweight handheld device. iPhone also introduces an entirely new user interface based on a large multi-touch display and pioneering new software, letting you control everything with just your fingers. So it ushers in an era of software power and sophistication never before seen in a mobile device, completely redefining what you can do on a mobile phone.








January 8th 2007 Monday. About Saturday...

Happy Birthday Yuko and Congrats |

Year of the Piggy... Year of the Dart...

Food food food and free booze...




Afterward, somebar hoping with Mitch and worked at the Ebar. Today I made my first tip.

Oh..Cut It "OUT" Patrick.









January 5th Friday night 2007
Again... into the breech


A heavy Mexican meal for lunch, followed by pool, wine and that freaken over the top rug, ugh!

Wine is fine

But lickher is quicker.





Sometimes we come to conclusions in moments that seemingly have nothing to do with it, your conclusion that is.





January 5th Friday 2007 About hursday
Were is my Beautyfull cold cold winter?

Is this the closest to snow in NYC am I gonna get from now on?

I’m walking down the street going towards my new Billiard and Bar spot and find myself opening my coat and my unzipping sweater and saying “whew its nasty warm out here”…then I get frosty the plastic man

I have a theory… Polar caps melting, centuries of bomb testing, colossal explosions from war year after year. Earthquakes tidal waves, floods. Yes with these massive shifts on the planet and weight transfer on the corners of the world. I do believe, the world calendar is not aligned with the planets new unnatural alignment on its axis. Even a half a mile shift can throw our calendar off by months. I predict in February we will have a long cold snap the kind we should have had already in December. I hope. I really do hope, cause right now I feel like crap. It is so warm today, so unnaturally warm. I do miss the breath of Jack Frost and the jubilee of his little sister.

Two eight on the breaks. Thank you Gigantic Pockets on pool table, Thank you!!!

Prakash Puru . com

The pockets at Amsterdam Billiards are very forgiving, the middle pockets are so wide you'd think a bat was going to fly out of it any second. the pockets are two and a quater balls wide.

Game time






Sometimesour best ideas come when we are not trying to get one.





January 3rd Wed 2007
Recovery. Booze and Pool do not go well together





Sometimes I write things in my blog entries that having to do with the images then again some times I do

its called sloppy blogging...sorry folks.





January 1st 2007 About The Eve of 2007
The good the bad and the its ok

It’s not me. Its you. December 2006. Lasting note about this past year.

This past year (2006) ... I got rejected, the boot, pink slipped, kicked out, made second too, MySpace-defriended, leftbehind, and fouled out. By four different women. Beautiful, tasty, gorgeous, elegant, loving, talented, enchanting looking young women. Four of them, four women, and if you like, you can believe that it was one per season, Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall; though, it is not true, it still sounds even. But what is true is each one was definitely a force or nature, earth, air, fire, and water. I got keelhauled, walked the plank, booted, burned, blown away or whatever you want to name denunciation. That’s ok, that’s my taste, and I only go for the best and never settle for less, my self-esteem just wont let me.

I just don’t settle for less. My dear If we were just friends or lovers or more of one thing and less of the other, vise versa or barely new each other, and we are no longer the way we were, that’s ok, cause it always ends up the same way with my Karma anyway. And what is that “ always ends up the same way Karma-thingy” you might want to know? Hm?  I will leave that up to you my dear, but have no fear nor shed a tear, for me. Cause I’m ok and I know you are ok to cause you have discarded me. Still I am almost sure, Its not me its you.

Yeah I know, when I say its you, I am disregarding some critical reasons for our end here, like, I’m a rock head, stubborn, got a big mouth, kinda Helter Skelter spooky sometimes, kinda drama-queenly sometimes, kinda too nice sometimes, kinda annoyingly laid back during situation that I should not be sometimes. Got to many friends or not enough, got to much propaganda on the Internet about me. Maybe my hygiene is not up to your likeing, maybe my stomach is not up to your standards of flatness, maybe I'm not the right color, race or creed. Maybe I’m not the right height, maybe I eat to much, maybe I did not spend enough money on you or maybe I spent to much, maybe I’m not bad enough for you, maybe I’m to spontaneous for you or not enough, maybe I’m not enough of what you need or want or not sure. But always know you are not the perfect ether.

I am what I am, at first I was ok but after awhile I wasn’t that ok, but I’m still the same with or with out you; I am a little scared about that. What you saw is what you got. What I saw is what I got. I miss my grand mother.


New Years Eve
Look Familar?

Red Ear
Cheese Pie

In my Jameson whiskey goggle drunkenness....

I start to check out the maddog’s goods for a bit, just a bit, hey I’m a dude, I’m drunk, its  d’uh maddog, it’s ok, sorta,

but, I then notice and say out loud

“Hey nice outfit and your ears are red…

D'uh Goods
good shot







December 30th and maybe the 27th 2006
About the last week or so

You know those moments. When you are in communication with another person, and the conversation you are engaged in has a panorama to lead to more adult conversations, debate with rebuttal and/or congregation? You know? Later get together, or whatever value, level of game, mission or engagement? Which then leads to more of a possible bounding partnership-communication of sorts? Do you know those moments? I get them a lot, so much that I can already predict were we will go if we start with the silly small talk. After a while of this repeated offense of the my intellectual psyche, I just stay quite not really ignoring you, but avoiding drab clichés of human verbal commerce with no gain or lose or any kind of development. Does this sound crazy? Maybe to some.

Motive will always disturb the outcome of most communiqué. Experience will always be a tool for an anticipated verbal outcome with no gain or consequence. But it is still always up to you with how far you want to make any kind relationship go.

Corner Amsterdam almost ready

George Saves the day

Douglas wants to go

The way of Earl the pearl...Mustach, trailer and everyting...






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