Ron Burgundy:"It's a formidable scent. It stings the nostrils. In a good way."
Brian Fantana:"Yep."
Ron Burgundy:"Brian, I'm gonna be honest with you, that smells like pure gasoline."
Brian Fantana:"They've done studies you know. 60% of the time, it works every time."
Ron Burgundy:"That makes no sense."

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Feb 26th 2007 Monday Morning. Sunday TRICUP 2007 real!!


Team Get In The Hole and Team Pocket Aces

APA Tricup 2007

Onward to the finals...

Keep it simple…

Woke up. 8am. Went to the match.

Managed all my players in the best position on the field, Main objective? To achieve advancement en route for the finals coming this June 2007. The match was nearly 12 hours, we won, both teams.

As long as everybody knows their position and bearing no animosity toward they’re others, then the only opponent is the other team.

Team: Get in the hole worked well together. It was getting a little bumpy towards the end there, but, that is expected after 10 hours of non-stop pool dealings; at least from most pool team captains. As a captain, organization of your players, can sometimes be like divisions in your troops; first wave second wave and so on. Your archers are in an elevated position and your infantry is in the front lines, then finally, you save your best for last in any war game portfolio. 

Somewhere in the middle

Earlier in the matches, Douglas remembered to keep it simple in his second game. Susan was a terror to her opponents on both her matches; practice makes points. Captain Serafina was juggling between two teams, her application was both in mental and physical; I think Serafina is learning game transitional modes, captain? Or player? Can one manage players’ games and manage their own game at the same time? I find myself completely drained after just watching my player’s shoot there’s.

Already on two shots, makers and powers.

It was looking bleak when we lost the fourth in the second round. Serafina’s team, (Pocket Aces), had just won on the table next to us, afterward, they came over to our side (team Get in the hole) and the energy went up a few notches, it was a great night. Everybody shot well; it was a good APA NYC Tricup event.

On the hill in the fifth

J.Q, made a spectacular break, making 5 high balls and one low, 5 plus 1, that equals six balls getting in the hole; wow. Though, J.Q was three balls away from the final hole after his spectacular break, he began to opt for low balls anyway, I am not sure? But I think? Douglas talked him into sticking with high, I think, why do I think? Cause I was swing one down to calm my nerves. So, J.Q proceeded in making the final three in the best way he can, J.Q succeeded. Team Get in The Hole is going to the City finals.
Sunday Afternoon
Sunday Evening

Happy Pete

Eight on the break
Pocket Aces

Keep it Simple

Were did all this snow come from?








Feb 23nd 2007 Saturday. About Friday Night
Take a gander
Friday Night





Pit Stop


Maria on the move
Mark puts his hand in the way


Captain Jim
Hello Again Alex Gomez


Hi, I'm Alex Gomez








Feb 22nd 2007 Friday. About Last Thursday night
Take a gander
Thursday Night
More Pool and Shots


Nine on the Break Brian
...Under the pink

... ...


Thursday Dinner
Happy Bthday Emi


I cant even begin to tell you what was flooding back.



Everyone looked great. Made me think about iHop and denny's though...











Feb 22nd 2007
“Never make anyone a priority if you are there option”
Tuesday Night
Pool and Shots

Wed Night
Its dead here its alive Here-hear

Very metaphorical on Wed night. The E-Bar was very lively. Then I went to B-Fly, and It was very dead. No pool peeps no-noth’n, I've never seen the B-Fly like that before, just a nice bartender, a smoke’n hot drunken chick and my cup of coffee with half and half; did I mention there was no sugar.

I am not kidding you, when I write this… Late last night (Wed), I got off the train, continued on my way home; I came across a pussycat. Black, large, cold, head crushed, body surrounded by dirty ice and snow and very dead.

I took it as a sign from my recent events; whenever I come across death, it’s always a sign, relevant of contemporary moments of my silly-emo-states these last few weeks.

This morning, on my way back to the subway train, on that same block, just on the opposite side, I saw a pussycat. Black, large, beautiful wide green eyes and very much alive, climbing up and thru a fence, It looked at me for just a quick moment, showed no apprehension, or any kind of reaction, what so ever, of my noticing it’s brilliance, cats often do show quick tense reaction when one suddenly stops on the street, call’s to-it-ta-give the cute pussycat stroke and attention.

I had to do it; I had to be to be absolutely sure that I wasn’t crazy. Whew. I found myself reassured, oddly. This morning already knowing what my day was going to result in, resulted in it. Thank the stars it wasn’t any worse, could have been better, still its not so bad.


I am warm inside; also, I like my depth, I loath part time relationships, it gives me a headache. It’s so shallow, so misleading; so unreliable. Thru out the day, I kept thinking this motto I have been coming across in random places in and out of the Internet.


“Never make anyone a priority if you are there option”








Feb 20th 2007 Tuesday Morning... About Sat and Monday nights
One step back.....

Mark feels shame...again...

Douglas needs to

throw out his T shirt

Whats the Big Deal?















The Babe
Sat Night

Happy Birthday


Dela.... looks pretty damn good...








Feb 18th 19th 2007 Sunday, Monday Morning. Just a few words and a few more Pics of recent
Happy New year

There are times in your life when you need your friends, loved ones, family, comrades and such. It is moments like that; moments in your life, wren’s life and death are involved; you need your people around. I think that is when one will start looking at faces and placing the ideas of what you need with that face; that is a mistake. Here is one particular error that comes to mind about that mistake, when one has a temporary distortion in there rational due to distressing issues, while trying to deal with or get over that distressing issue. You forget who some people really are. And then you are despondently or wickedly remind what shallow is. But it is also the knock in the head that happens when diving into a shallow pool that will bring you back to your senses.

I deserve better, at least that is what I was said too, it was nice to hear that, I needed that, I needed to hear that. I think I do deserve better. I get adversity, every now and then, and I am not talking about pool, I’m talking about life, I’ll take the challenge. I do not easily quit, maybe I should apply this stubbornness to my pool game sense, the only problem with that is (pool), it’s that, sometime, when you win, you lose, and vise versa. Sometimes when you play in a match, and then lose, you’ve really won, not so much winning the point, but winning the respect of your colleges; this is something you do not seek to do, always make your best effort to win; people admire and get inspired by the heart and determination of one efforts than they do when one gets a point. Not seeking enlightenment and then getting it is what strive is without making a strive for it.

Nell Tear


The Glenster

Burger time


Washing it away


They Finished it

or I would of finished it

...Attention every one

Happy Birthday Ronnie

Pretty Furry








Feb 16th 2007 Friday. About Thursday Night.

Tony Robles is good

Mark feels Shame...

Caroline is good

Get In The Hole

The Coach


Olga and Gail




Gail Glazebrook and Naldo

Captain Heath

Naldo Shoots

Yungmi and Jude

Olga's pants

Jack Attack

She's Just Hot

Its cold outside. Im warm inside. A little to warm.

I need to take the cues of others. I must learn a new game.








Feb 15th 2007 Thursday. About the last few days
Here it comes...again... and again

Wed Morning ...Sometimes its just not worth it....

Did you ever feel like your headed for a brick wall? The only time I felt this way before is when I was turning 20, then 30, then 40, and now? I don’t even want to say it, that number 50; oops. I woke up heated today, today-on Valentines Day, a Hallmark day. Don’t know why on the outside, but on the inside? Maybe, some were deep I already know. I lost a family member about a week ago, even before I new him or her, It broke me and my brother inside, I’ve been broken before, it took me years to rebuild, still to this day, I am not the same as before; I never will. I think the drinking might be changing the chemicals in my brain. To start acting like a 25 year old, now? I think I need to face some Facts here. My heart is broken…again. Always this time of year. I felt like beating people up on Valentines Day, love not war I keep thinking to myself. It’s a good thing Ronnie didn’t have the old J available. Or I might of finished another bottle, not that-that is enough 2 make me fall down, I am already down. I wish I new what to say to her. I see her and I get so-so speechless, did you ever stare at the ocean and know when her wave is going to break on the rocks?




The Big Game

Tuesday Night






The Coach

Michelle shoots



Waiting for the trian











Feb 12th 2007 Monday Early Morning 4am....then at night
Here it comes...again...

I would not be happy meeting a team in Vegas that plays on a table like this and with a rack like that.

Greg Meaney: "Hey, Waterboy! Is your girlfriend gonna save you again?"
Bobby: "Oh, no, sir. I'm gonna take matters into my own hands. You'll see."
Greg Meaney: "Bring it to the Hole! You're ass is mine! Whoo! Whoo! Whoo!"
Bobby: "You sound like a big choo-choo train."


NYC will never win Vegas as long as NYC is competing with NYC.

“I heard he’s not happy being a Level 5”.

“He wants to be a 6”....

... For every level 5 in NYC that wants to be a level 6, there is a level 3 some were from redneck-vill USA who shoots like a NYC seven waiting in Vegas to kick his heiney. That’s right, I said heiney.

I find lots of objectionable things about APA handicap system, but, it is the people; sometimes, that can even be more objectionable, yes, the people. The emerged ego of the people. Not a person on a team, but people. People in clumps make a ghost ego that start to linger about the mojo of the teams in NYC. Most captains know what I am talking about.

Then there are those guys, those guys out there, way out there. Out there in the grand old USA, some were in the middle, away from any large body of sandy beaches, blue waters and ocean liners. There’s a dude, missing a tooth, but not missing a ball, who plays like GOD or Efran Reyes, and he or she will only be a level 3 maybe a 4, never having anyone complaining in his or hers community, like a big flipping baby, “oh! You just ran the a table, your not a 4”. One reason? The state of redneck-vill, u-know, that trailer Town Park in the woods, were everything is built out of pool table parts, only have 20 teams in it, with 8 million players in a state that can populate 10 million people, and they all now each other, and they are friends, and they are related; like cousins.

Then there are those other states in the middle of some were-vill USA, ya-know. That family of pool players, holding hands on their way back home, coming from a family outing of pool playing at the local pool hall bar and grill. The papa pool player opens the door to his home built of Brunswick and Olhausen wood. Walks into the living room and see’s somebody been playing pool on his pool table chair! Then the mama pool player says “hey! Somebody’s been playing pool on my pool Kitchen-table!” Then little Timmy runs up stairs, see’s his Smonis quilt and mattress dinged up and says” hey somebody’s been sleeping in my pool Table bed”. Anyway, I seriously doubt NYC will ever get the big win in Vegas as long the Handicap system is managed by different opinions of what truly is a level of any number from state to state. According to the APA a three only makes three balls a majority of the time on the table a four makes four and so on.

Ron Burgundy: I don't normally do this, but I felt compelled to tell you something..... You have an absolutely breath-taking... heiney. I mean, that thing's good...... I wanna be friends with it.

[Veronica just sits and stares at Ron]

Ron Burgundy: I wanna say something. I'm gonna put it out there; if you like it, you can take it, if you don't, send it right back.......... I want to be on you.

[Veronica turns and walks away]

Ron Burgundy: ? Wait. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. I... I wanna be on you.

[Ron is still confusedwhy as to why Veronica got up and walked away]









Feb 10th 2007 Saturday. About Friday Night
Hammered, Again...

My Chemical Romance.

I drank so much of the liquor named Jameson on Friday night-and-yet; still, I was able to stand on my feet and function like a normal drunk. Despite the fact on Thursday night I got wasted and ate lots of garlic knots and pizza 2am in the morning attempting and get over it. It didnt work, I was bealching garlic for the remaning of the night, But at least I didnt have a hangover cuase I was still stoned on the booze 4 hours later. I have been told that one can barely tell if I’m hammered, inebriated, wobbly, Geroge’d out or whatever you want to call drunkenness, that is strange I find, Its all good. I probably wont drink until next weekend anyway. And beside, if I can survive -4th-of-July-2005- I can survive a bottle of the old J anyway.

I did it again... I drank so much I cannot really remember what happened exactly. I love my camera.



Cheese and Whiskey

"Love can be Automatic, but sometimes its not an automatic orgasm"










Feb 9th 2007 Friday. About Thursday night


I dont really recall most of these moments


Some people just cant miss a ball



I barely remember taking this shot

Or even going to eat

Hungry and hammered
I ate...alot of garlic knots and a Cicilian









Feb 8th 2007 Thursday. About Tuesday night
Drink it
Aki knows how to take a picture with my Camera. 80% of the shots below were taken by Aki.

Aki Shots


Aki Shots

Aki Shots

Not Aki shots


Eric gives me the "you son a bitch" finger

Aki Shots Of Pia

A little Aki, Willy shot

Get Mac. It pays...









Feb 4th, 5th 2007 Sunday. Super chips Sunday . Monday GET IN THE HOLE.
Me am drunk in Erics Living room
I knew the Bears were gonna lose. Especially after getting a touch down in the first play of the game Jeez! Talk about premature pointalation. Getting a point in that aggressive manner will only lead to a downward spiral of point quality right afterward; unless you get a touch down on every play. The Coltsnow had a strive to survive while the Bears egotistically stride to one-up there own success so early in the game. Anything less than a touch down? is. Well? less than a touch down. Blowing your load so early in any game/match most of the time will lead to a lose in the end.

mm mm good

Monday. Get In The Hole.

Voyeurism? Maybe..









Feb 3rd Saturday night....
Happy Birthday Gail

Gail and Tony

Happy Birthday Gail



Eat it, drink it....

Strawberry Cheese cake

Yeah, there all hot.

Tony Does His First Whiskey Shot
Shoot it

Form is essential for a good shot

Some folks

Just know how to shoot very well

Keep your stroke in mind


So fine Caroline


Gail Glazebrook




Sharking aint so bad sometimes












Feb 2nd Friday Late evening.
Douglas got hit by a car

On the way ovet to meet me and Mark for a game of Snooker. Douglas gets hit by a Car.

I almost lost my shit in the pool hall when I called him and told me he was in the hospital.

I'm gettting smoked by Mark on the Snooker table and wondering at the same time... were is Douglas and Susan? I knew something was wrong. I felt it.

Mark Mallari


Snooker is good

Dont fret William.









Feb 1st, 2nd, 2007 Friday. About Monday, Tuesday, Wed, Thursday
....More or less.

Pool time


Captain Gail

Captain Molly

ABC Thursdays. Team Nine Ball

Team WTF


Play time

Chris is good

Bill is Good

Monday, Tuesday


Ada mada PIA


Team Stick It In

Adrian is the MVP



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