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August 31th 2007 Friday Morning
Thursday Night...SFX!!!!


Last I heard, Sound FX was placed in...>

>..... Second-WOHAAA!

Not bad...
For a bunch of nubee's and one veteran.

Dat's-cuase I do have a belly Helen...

But how can-William say that about you?... Yelling out, you have a big belly Ellie!... That so wrong-and mean, Ellie.. How can you be so calm about that?









August 30th 2007 Thursday Morning
A few days ago about two days ago....


Monday, Maya, Mayhem
50 without/54 with.

In the below entry I am not talking Maya...

"Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars"

~Les Brown

Mad William?
What kind of a captain would I be if I didn’t get bothered when my primary players do not showing up when it is most critical? probably the kind of captain you should not be playing for.
“Ring Ring, hey Will, I can’t show up today, I have to blah blah blah, sorry”.
Man, if I had a dollar for every time I heard that, I’d have over 200 bucks. I think in the five or more years I have been in, and captained pool teams in pool leagues, I think, Hmm? I have been absent from a game, because of work, for-maybe-about, hmm? 5 times? Maybe 6, maybe 4? But I can count the amount of times, can you? I’m not showing off or anything about my punctual attendance, but I am a captain. Even with me having a mediocre game or less than that, still, at least I show up when it is most critical, wait, there was also one time were I didn’t show up for match because of a (Camel BoozeCruz), but we (get in the hole) were already locked in for the playoffs at that time.

It’s me, I’m nuts, I have no life, thats what he said....
This thing called, dedication, loyalty and responsibility to your team is something I have always prided myself for, or at least try and stay true to.
I have been on teams, were I sat through out the entire duration of the match, each and every single one, watched my players and team mates from beginning too end, never left early, knowing and sometimes not knowing if I was or wasn’t going to play, never made my teammates an option, It's my choice...

Never make someone an option while you are there priority, this is bad karma.
Never make someone a priority while you are there option. That is my choice.

To quit at the finish line?
I would imagine though, if I were making efforts, through out the entire season, through out the entire year, running in a race to get to the finals with a team I captain or not captain, to then finally make it to the finals, and to only then, at the finals, to suddenly make the finals, an option? To quit at the finish line? wow....

All your efforts, all that time spent racing, to suddenly make it in the end, into a ho-hum ho drum matter at the finish line. That, I can see goes deeper than any words.

Who needs bonus points?

5 zip today....The Oh face!!!! OH! OH! OH!

Bread and a Fried Egg in the middle

Helen fucked up the sheet...Egg

Egg In the Bread Hole


Aki 3'rdee








August 29th 2007 Wed
12Ball- I'll update soon...I have been just busy doing stuff...

Two steps forward, one step back.

Ok, so. I’ve been practicing, simple shots, basic movements of the ball on the table. Doing drills and such. That is the first step.

The second step is the results of your efforts, whatever they maybe, your efforts being, proper practice. I played my match on Monday. My opponent got to the hill, I was under the gun, we needed the win, he was in his comfort zone; a dangerous place for some. I came back on him 4 zip, I got the point for my team, whew…

 Nearly 5 days of practice and a little discipline and dedication to a few hours a day on the pool table got us (team get in the hole) the point. Not that I was intending on just practicing for that particular match, but practice for my over all development of my pool and billiards dexterity.

Then, the step back came. The next day, after my Monday match, I couldn’t make a ball, though I was sticking too what I had learned previous to my last match, there was something, missing, tiny, something I was not feeling it, not getting together, something added, something, that comes up form time too time I never addressed on the table, something, maybe, I brought too the table, maybe? I was uncomfortable, physically, going down on my shot, I could not see the line of shot, I could not feel the natural movements, my muscles involved in my strokes were tight, I was remembering these movements I have so often done over and over.

Even though I new what to do, still, there was something missing. Perhaps, something I did not take notice of. Something that was involved with my recent practicing, something I over looked or was not present at the time of my practicing development.

This is a good thing; noticing something missing, or, that’s been there, always, and I ignored it on some level, for a long time. That was the step back.

Getting past the discomfort, you get when you are shooting is something I must understand. The discomfort I get sometimes when I want to make the ball, might be, something you cannot physically train for, to deal with, when it arises, it might be more about what your attitude is at the present moment at the table; I think that might be it. Tony was at the pool hall. We spoke, afterward, I was a bit more focused on what I was doing exactly and my shot making improved a tiny bit. Or my attitude changed my stroke a bit, influence, inspiration, all that stuff ya-got inside that causes one to feel the reason why the desire to shoot sometimes.

"A friend can tell you things you don't want to tell yourself"

~Frances Ward Weller








August 25th 2007 Saturday Night. About last Thursday

There was such a balance of love and hate, pain and health, good and bad, all I can do, was go to a back seat, hold up my arm, and yell with the rest until the ride was over. I worry about most people, but some others, No need to.

Random... Nice to see ya, wouldn't want to be ya. Though, if it was me, huh? Then I would have done things a bit differently. For sure, I thought it was going to happen all over again. I was scared, I do not know if I have it in me to go back there again. I hate that place, yeah, I am saying it, hate. It took a piece of me and brought me here. Now, it almost happened here, every were you go is the same. It can happen anywhere, to anyone, love and hate and all those things in the middle. It depends on how you want to look at it. People hurt in so many different ways, in ways you cannot see, feel, smell or touch. A touch can be hard, Hard can be insdie and out, pain can come in a forms you can not brace yourself for, and in just a few heart beats, fist beats, it was so long ago like an old song.




Strong like lions

I have been painting, pretty much my whole life, except, these last few years, still I have more painting years behind me than I do-not in front of me. I paint a picture, and I am doing it for hours at a time; days at a time, staring at it so-so long, i lose site. I start to over look, what is really going on there; there, in the/my painting, being in it so-so long, caught up in the stroke but not in the shot. I get frustrated, I cannot see what is it that is needed to make it clearer (the painting), simpler, to see what is really happening there, in the painting, in my painting. What did i want to paint? What have I really painted? Or, what is already there that I cannot see, that I have painted allready. I step back, and look at it, all of it, stepping outside of it (the painting), now I see. Do I really need to apply a touch here, a dab there? No... it is there already, the touches, the dabs. So I leave it alone, alone with its already touches and dabs from days ago.









August 25th 2007 Saturday. About last wed
Last day Soho Blrds. Single nineball finals
Yeah...on Wed evening...It was the Soho Billiards nine-ball single finals. All my teams mates, from both teams, ( Get In The Hole and Sound FX) were competing with each other. Mark, Maya, Helen, and Supadra. My players, my team mates, my killa's, they were battling each other. There was something small, in the air, that made me a little.. Hm? kinda-uncomfortable but not really, I can only imagine the players feelings at the moment. Professionalism I gather, respect for the game and each other; I think. This is what should be exercised.

Asia came in first place, woohoo! Its tuff ya know, But if you are competitive by nature and not by obligation I guess its okay, its just pool, a game, wether you win or lose, your still gonna shoot again anyway, right?

Sling it Bring it
Da-cue of champions


The winner ....
... tater tots

Its on...


get'n down

Maya vs Mark
On the side lines

Paul vs Supadra

Tater tots









August 23rd Thursday, about last Tuesday.


Satya Gummuluri (Vocalist), Sam Barsh (piano),

Maurice Brown (trumpet), Jonathan Kreisberg (guitar),

Adriano Santos (drums) and Matt Geraghty.....>>>

Matt Geraghty Project ...
See some Videos on Viemo.


Jonathan Kreisberg

Satya Gummuluri,


Maurice Brown

Adriano Santos

Sam Barsh








August 22st, 2007, Wednesday.... About last Monday.
Get In the Hole ....

My wisdom tooth is killing me

Mr and Misses

Pretty sweet...

Pete is happy.

He got his first Trophie on team Get In The Hole... Its about time.

...GITH 4-1

We still need those bonus points though....

Eat, Drink, Hug, some good booty and then be merry...

Good shot








August 21st, 2007, Tuesday. About this past weekend
Anything with Time on its side, is something you cannot take for granted.....

At this time, I do not think there are any words to achieve most of the desires at the present, we just have to deal with time.

Ya know, going almost to extreme points of your day to day and night to night times, with out causing harm to anyone or yourself, in the way most of us want to live, it is, how most of us do live, in these time.

My brain is babbling and blurbing
My words try and find something stable....

Nothing in life is free. Responsibility sucks most-times. Sometimes, if you wait to long, often the reminders are scary as you get older.

All the time, moving at your own pace, is grand, it is how the independent person lives.

Im blurbing

In my times, a lot of us are like that, I am.

I don't have anyone on my ass about my aliments, my bills, my game, (did I say my game?) and my preferences in my life during these times.

Do not take your opponent for granted at no time, don't take anything for granted during your life time.



I dont have any words. Action is what going on here.

"Action speaks softer than blurbs".

On a clear day
You can see the nevers

The near by pool hall
Fat cat

Stay in form stay calm...
It takes time

Heart burn...

Marks knee...








August 17th 2007 Friday. Time to get some game Fuentes
SFX. Still in fourth, oopps...
About last night.

I think it is time I need to step up something in my, can I say, game, with out that double take and then repeating the word Game with a tone of question? What game?

I need to do it up, or something. Then again, thats wud-I-got ma-killa's 4-ho; damn lazy fuentes, fat and lazy....

I need to start practicing more, I have not done drills or basics for nearly six months, I will this week, all week. Along with watching other players with a thing called game. We are all good at something, real good, but that does not mean we are better than anyone outside of that something we are real good at.

The hierarchy of great skill does not apply in the same way out-side of that great skill. One should be aware of what they are patronizing and respecting outside of what ever it is one is real good at.


Mika Immonen
Michael Yednak

Air Yednak







August 16th 2007 Thursday afternoon about late last night...
APA NYC After Awards 2007
So…it seems I am presented with something of critical nature, but not at liberty to be in detail about it as of yet. But, I am now, with questions that need to be quickly focused on with great consideration. Do I, compromise quality for quantity? Do I give the little necessaries for the larger necessity? Do I, switch from a broad choice of responsibility on my time, for, three times more the broad responsibility on some one else’s time? All for a greater sum. The benefits I have now are without comparison with anything else I have ever had. I don’t have a choice of going back if I make the decision to switch my already comfortable position. You No what they say, you only get asked once, and if I decline the offer, will I get another one? Will I wait years? Its on baby.
Dont remember this ...
Last nights drink bill...$210.00...

So I met Patricia, in person, for the first time yesterday. A MySpace friend for a while, finally met her thru Mark. They been friends for along time.

She has nice feet...

"Remember, if you smoke after sex you're doing it too fast"

Dont ask...
~ Woody Allen

Why are Mark and Pat molesting my trophie?
Prostate Orgasm

Dont ask me...>
Whats going here...>
I just watch from a distance.


Time to go
Dont remember this ether
August 16th 2007 Thursday Morning about early last night...
APA NYC Awards 2007

Give me D'UH MONEY!!!!


The collector


Sui ming Lui

so happy


Howie Reuben











August 15th 2007 Wed Morning
Cherry in the hole


Please... Just enjoy

All I can be familiar with, is…

I’m not going to remember how I got it in the hole. I am not going to remember how I missed getting it in the hole and I am not going to try and recollect as I am shooting, what I am doing.

I’m just going to try and be in the moment, not beat myself up, or pat my self on the back, or wonder with the would of could of should of as I am trying to do the best I can at the moment.

Try and remember these important guiding principle of your match William, and with a little luck along with your opponent giving you an E8, S8, S8; everything should be cherry.

(PPS) Team: Pocket Porn Stars...>
D'uh Money shot
A 5-0 Cherry

Who are you!!!

Platinum Hair Gail
Tuesday night







August 13th 2007 Monday Morning
This past weekend .


Do you think...>
>....The Chef was trying to suggest something?
Like maybe .... Something that has to do with, the way, things are "laid" out, like the food..?


My Eco System.






August 10th 2007 Friday
D'uh Come back.

Wa-d'uh-F@k-r-u smiling at !!!

~ Emily D ~

Douglas M


weeping pipe
Thursday night. > Douglas does the amazing on Thursday night. D is rated a B, his opponent is rated a C+. D gives his opponent one game on the wire, and it is a race to 8. Guess what, the C+ gets on the hill, with D only having two games still on the wire, and then, D comes back. wow. That is not easy to do. D is good. This is a turning point for Douglas.
Friday Morning. > It was raining when I woke up, my back hurts, Its been hurting me since last Sunday, still everything is all good today. I think about how things can be better, or, how they can be worse, I feel good, grateful. On the way to the train, I find, in the rain, two blue balls, different sizes, different places, then find a tin foiled crucified sculpted human figure gummed to an add on the train....>
Susan, sThinking
Body language....
>.... I do my thing at my desk; today is friday August 10th 2007. At my desk at the end of the day, I think about getting a big bottle of Jameson, calling some buds and just getting toasty at home this weekend. then I think, drink, hm? Were did I come from thinking that for a quick second.









August 9th 2007
getting over it like a gangsta part two...

Marian Wright Edelman:
"You're not obligated to win. You're obligated to keep trying to do the best you can every day"

Oliver Wendell Holmes:
"Greatness is not in where we stand, but in what direction we are moving. We must sail sometimes with the wind and sometimes against it -- but sail we must and not drift, nor lie at anchor"

look, its Helen!!!! Yay!!!!



John Kenneth Galbraith:
"There are times in politics when you must be on the right side and lose"


Make'n moves

Marie Ebner von Eschenbach:
"Conquer, but don't triumph"

Holy sh!t, everybody showed up today!!!
Stay cool

No AC today. Played in 85 degree weather in the bar... 95 outside; no escape baby, the whole night was like melted ice cream...

What the f@4K is this Will?...>

>...Huh,, my sample, d'uh....






August 6th 2007 Monday Morning
getting over it like a gangsta

This entry does not refer to Me or Masha....

Here's the top eight list of suspicious behaviors: there are more but these are the top eight; so far.

1. A change in the voice's pitch.
2. A change in the rate of speech.
3. A sudden increase in the number of "ums" and "ahs."
4. A change in eye contact. Normally, one makes eye contact one-quarter to one-half of the time. If suddenly, at the convenient moment to lie, he's staring at you or looking away, beware.
5. Turning his body away from you, even if just slightly.
6. Suddenly being able to see the white on the top and bottom of a person's eyes, not just the sides.
7. A hand reaching, even if momentarily, to cover part of the face, especially the mouth.
8. Nervous movement of feet or legs.

Of course, in order to notice a change, you need a baseline. So you must first watch the person when talking about innocuous issues.

A Mixed Signal
Also look for mixed signals. When someone's telling the truth, her words, her face and her body language are all congruent. For example, if a person is honestly saying that she likes you, her face is usually relaxed, offering a gentle smile and warm eyes. Her body is calm and open. But when she's lying, something is usually inconsistent. In the most obvious case, she may be saying she likes you, but she's not smiling. She may even have a clenched fist. Better liars can muster a smile, but it doesn't look natural. Even better liars can put on a convincing smile, but their eyes aren't smiling. Still better liars can control their entire face, but their bodies seem closed or cold. Look for mismatches between words and body language.

When you've gotten a signal -- a change in body language or a mixed signal that the person may be lying -- ask for more information about the same topic. Are those same lying signs apparent? That can confirm your suspicion.

Of course, there's no foolproof way to detect lying. Some people are terrific at covering themselves up, especially if they are naturally emotionally flat or have practiced their lying skills over many years -- certain political leaders come to mind. But if you look for behavior changes and mixed signals at lying-expedient moments, you will improve your BS detector.



By themselves, each of these behaviors can just be signs of stress, or even a person's natural mannerisms. One can occur by chance, but when two or more of these behaviors suddenly appear at a moment when lying could be expedient. For example, when you ask a salesman how reliable that used car is, it suggests he's lying.
This entry does not refer to Me or Masha; cause of course, wev'e-never-lied to each other over the years, nope, not at all, nope, nope, na-ah...nope.

Last seen, last friday 8/3/07. But before that, 6/30/06

"Leadership is action, not position"

~Donald H. McGannon

Will-Will work for food? Yes...







August 5th 2007, Sunday.
in bed with G4 TV

I caught ill on Wed, then I was bad on Thursday, and barley made it out of bed on Friday. Over the years, booze, mediocre restaurant food and beer have brought down my immunity defenses. Age and lack of sleep, is catching up to me. Time, has been good to me, and for now, I am great full for the kind of health I am in for a man my age; though I think I can do better for my knees, back, teeth and hair. I was in bed all weekend, for the first time in years, I was actually home on a Friday night in bed by 9pm. The next morning (sat) I got on my computer. I wanted to see if I got this ill at around the same time (Aug) in the last few years of my life, so I backtracked in time through my blog. Very easy to do; all I did was click. I checked, and yes. I got ill in every August, since 2004; wow. This must be something I am doing to myself? Or, not doing, that is causing this timely recurrence. As I analyze my health through my blog, I notice all the beautiful people in the pictures as I scroll down. I have known, so many, and still do through out the years. All those brief, wonderful moments I oh so glamorize on my blog, kind of put my headache at ease, seeing, that my life has been spent with interesting and wonderful individuals; good people. Although some of them, now, to this day, I am finding, not so…so.. I don’t know how to say it with out coming off as silly or judgmental. Still, I am grateful to know them all, past and present, and even more greatful to keep meeting more amazing people today. In life you can know thousands but in the end if you think who is/was your best friend, you, will only think, of just one. Life is a journey, if you think you know what to expect on the next turn, you are in for a surprise.









August 3th 2007. Friday
SFX...hack hack...

"The part in practice that is getting you tired is probably the parts that need the most attention. How do you practice not getting bored?" from 8/19/07

...look, its Helen
Sound FX
Leave her good Gomez....
look its Helen...again...
you can do it...

"If one is doing something and feels there is nothing wrong about it, than why would one feel bad about doing it? Why try and hide it? Or not mention it? Or even pretend it’s the right thing to do? If it’s the right thing to do why state it with hesitation? Or why show no hesitation if you see the scratch anyway?" : from 8/19/07

So much love...

"Fishing for control.

Controlling, manipulating, trying to get a reaction; what ever. When a stranger is jerking around you, or, jerking you around, sizing you up for whatever reason, when one, is presented with an unexpected, sudden, emotional-one-sidedness, after ones criticism just stay cool. All coins have two heads. Attempting emotional control of someone, flipping his or her coin, hm? I, myself try not to give patronige, to some, who try and flip my coin, unexpected moments of comfort or distress.

If your coin is being flipped, or one is attempting to flip your coin, stay in the air; don’t land. When it’s shallow, when one is attempting, all there is left, is the attempt, which gets exposed for what one really is attempting. Its tricky, you look like an idiot when all there is, is what you were doing to get a reaction.

Sometimes people will say things to get a reaction from you, any kind of reaction. They will say inappropriate things, during inappropriate moments, or see an appropriate moment for the inappropriate mouthing-off. Seizing the moment to get an emotional response or reaction is the best opportunity for a many things for those with emotional issues.

Control is comforting and reassuring. Some people would rather be looked at as a definite something then rather vague or confusing or unstable someone. A definite, can be anything. A definite moron, a definite nice guy, a definite bore, a definite fun guy, a definite whatever. It’s the only way some people know how to function with others; being definite. Remember, you can expose someone, anyone for what they are by simply just letting them do all the talking; or dancing. Too much talking, tends to volunteer more information about your true nature-a-lot more then you would like exposing. A lot of politicians do this, jealous-siblings, family members, co-workers, colleagues and other people you have some sort of public, privet or personal relations with. Less is more, silence is golden, and action speaks louder then words. If one’s mouth is the only action one can produce for a reaction, then yes, you don’t have to react, they have reacted for you." from 8/05

Hey, your'e Helen Xina, arent you?

Hi Helen, watcha do'n?
Helen, stands there, look'n bad ass.. ok you can move now.

...wait a minute, Is that Helen?

"Embarrassment and humiliation usually affects people in some way in the matters of growth, moving forward or change. It all depends on what the embarrassment or humiliation is or was, but nonetheless; it does something to one. To keep embarrassing yourself over and over and never be effected by it is well… this might indicate there is something old and deep inside that is festering. Maybe a good kick in the ass will pop it out of ones mouth.

I'd rather stand comfortably than sit uncomfortably. Squeezed between two stranger on a crowded subway train is so regular a behavior of most NY'rs. The fact that I can stand on my two feet is enough to alleviate the whole tired foot thing."

from 8/04/06

Well god damn... it's Danny Tam.
Hey its Ron Parks Jr
Happy, happy, joy, joy.
Hey its Naldo, ten years later
Dont get to close... you might burn..

Hey fever ... sick as as dog...

So ill, I couldnt even stand straight up.

Still did what I had to do...

Olga, Mike
hes good...
Gomez, Alex








August 2nd 2007 About Tuesday/Wed nights
"Dont knock it till you try it", has got to be one of the most bullshit quotes ever in the history of mankind.

Brenda Bush

Whiskey Ward










August 1st 2007 About Monday night...
I gotta go wii

Dark Horse

Sometimes, your physical skill of pool is the not part of your game that does not need to be addressed; you can have all the talent of cue ball manipulation you need to have a formidable game. Sometimes it’s the inside parts of your game that need to be address. Inside the head, the heart, the spirit…

Pete does the Wii on the floor river dance...

I think I need a shrink…

There is no consequence, when taking potluck shots or executing wild fancy ball manipulation during a friendly, no real prize getting-game of pool, as appose to an actual match. You’re on your last ball, everyone you have a decent amount of respect for there pool game is watching, you go for some three-rail bank shot aiming for the side pocket, and just miss it by a hair, all those around you watching yell “ Oh! Nice try, nice try, almost, it looked great and your stroke was good, but it might have been the rail that robbed you”. Only Then after you get pats on the back, hear whispers in the dark corners of the bar about how good you are, hear friendly laughter and get offered beer or whatever drinky-drink is your poison.

But, If you attempt the same kind of shot in an 7:00pm APA pool match situation and it’s a critical match, you really need the point, your team needs the point, and everybody is watching you, your down on your shot, at that same moment you are thinking, how you were talking smack about someone’s else’s game previous to this moment, you are being watched by all of your colleges, and you go for that same three rail bank shot to the side pocket I exampled earlier, and miss it by a hair, those same people around you I exampled earlier watching will say “, what! What are you doing! Wrong shot dude, wrong way, not even close, you banged the shit out of that ball, and no, it was not the rail it was you”... Consequence; affects.

I think one way, to shooting the same way in a real match as you do in a mock match, is, to be confident, without being cocky; let go your ego. If you see yourself shooting well when there is no consequence, and then shooting-not so well when there is even a tiny bit of negative consequence then maybe you need to address something in your---hm?

What a gay night
Helen Xina
Code Monkeys

Layla Kayleigh

Got the Physical skills for the feed

Pia is into it!!!

Pia Wii's...
Pia Wii's all over the floor..
Matt Rocker, rocks out his Wii








August 1st 2007

I ate the remainders of the cake as well as a few healthy pieces before hand.

And the next day, well.. at least it wasn't orange cheese doodles this time... such good times, goodtimes...

Happy Birthday Naldo...22 years old today
Ice cream cake taste great

Good times the next day, thanks Gail, good times...







July 31th 2007. Last Friday Night..

The big Lens

I was already drunk, when I shot these.
The fella Girl-rella gals

Gail Glazebrook

Vellvet under ground...

I dont remember...
Waited to long



Gail Glazebrook VS Ga Young Kim

Big Money Match


Im still spinning


I chugged a beer...


Still hammerd.
D'uh Peeps...




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