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May 1st 2007 Tuesday
you will see me...

Hello there!!!

Back from Vegas!!!!

go to May 2007 for the pics....

April 23rd 2007 Monday
you wont see me...

Threw you the obvious and you, Flew with it on your back, a, Name in your recollection, Down among a million same, Difficult not to feel a little bit, Disappointed, and passed over, When I look right through, To see you naked but oblivious, And you don't see, Me

But I threw you the obvious just to, See if there's more behind the, Eyes of a fallen angel, Eyes of a tragedy

Here I am expecting just a little bit, Too much from the wounded, But I see, see through it all, See through, see you

'Cause I threw you the obvious to, See what occurs behind the, Eyes of a fallen angel, Eyes of a tragedy

Oh well, Oh well, Apparently nothing, Apparently nothing at all

You don't, you don't, you don't see me, You don't, you don't, you don't see me, You don't, you don't, you don't see me, You don't, you don't, you don't see me, You don't see me, You don't, You don't, You don't see me at all

April 20 21 22nd 2007 last fri-sat-sun
I’m going to be in Vegas for a bit few days, do’n that pool thang. My next entry will be next week some time, peace. CLICK the numbers, FOR SOME HISTORY > 03, 02, 01, 12

Pizza time

After Remo got all runny-d'uh-table on me
I dined with JQ


Saranii, got all get'n d'uh ball in d'uh hole
not on me though

dukey ladies
like to play pool

Shoot it


CLICK the numbers, FOR SOME HISTORY > 03, 02, 01, 12

The long track

Jae, for brunch, lunch and cake...
Then I lost a leg

"When you got my feeling move'n, like, all around inside, and they-aint-any-kinds of words, to describe-dem-feel'ns, then, I'm just too cool, to tell you how much I love you, dats all....see..." Jae said somtin like dat.


Broken man hole ...

The whole getting dumb-numb thing, booze, drunk, fun. Is not quite what it was before. Sure, its fun, to drink, I know all about, youth, birth, very young. Ya-know, it seems like this year so far, I’m boozed up as much as I am not. Its getting so, that, the get high on liquor thing, is turning into just another state of mind; or attitude, its not up, its not down, its more like a subtle personality side step adjustment. It is not an escape anymore is what I’m saying, writing, blogging; whatever. Which is fine, really, but its kind of nice to at least have the option of forgetting for a while, about, work, people, places, moments. But now, with the drinking, work, people, issues, those little things, I am trying to put aside in the mind for awhile, in my drunken state, is moving, not in that,‘forget for awhile place’ in my brain, instead, it is moving to my stomach, its not hunger. I kept it simple, these last two days with the booze, I drank, I got buzzed and kept it as a light buzz, even still, its not like before though. So what’s the point? Any way, I think it’s better to be happy and fed before you get lofty, than it is to not be. I’m going to be in Vegas for a bit few days, do’n that pool thang. My next entry will be next week some time, peace.

CLICK the numbers, FOR SOME HISTORY > 03, 02, 01, 12








April 20th 2007 about Thursday night


Mikey Shots


Sushi is good for the, huh, belly?


it owns you...

Even if she, is, all these things, things, you prefer not to be a part of, if she has one thing, one quality, so subtle, so un-noticed by most, but only by you. That one thing, washes all the other things, things you perfer not to be a part of, away...

Mind you I'm not talking about Supadra, or anybody else in the entry below. This was just a thought, I had watching the matches last night.

Pool can really expose things about you, thnigs you'd rather not anyone else see...



Olga. Do'n the Willi-Eye Brow...




Sean Morgan. Alaska

Horse's with no name...

Brian, Smith
Helen and some Booty.







April 19th 2007 about Wednesday. Get ready
Mojito, Practice, ABC

It all about staying down

Supadra stays down on her shot
Supadra finishes her shot by staying down....

Just go down

....So does Gail

always stay down

Gail breaks
Dont come up.
Tony T tells me about people who have no out.
You cant describe depth in words.

J and me havwe a very high self esteem

I ate Sushi with Jason down town

I realized today... I give people, out's, many times.



Supadra goes down, on the shot.

J tells me, she thinks, some blogs, are a form of mental masterbation, I think, J doesnt like my blog.








April 18th 2007 about Tuesday Late night
Chalk Line

Happy and friendly one day... dead the next ...

The pill worked

As Michelle lay dead, still holding her Cig, James Strikes a convo with a passer by.

SFMC, Strike First Music.

There was a alot of death on Tuesday...

Becca and James

Living dead girl

...The night started out ok, then suddenly, people started to drop dead...

Hey, what kind of pill is that?

Some Dork, always gets in the way

April 17th 2007 Tuesday early evening
willb, illju lieakigen; evereric. 666


Has a drinking Problem

John Cox











April 17th 2007 Monday Night

I’m not going to sit, bitch and moan, at least I hope I don’t seem to be right now. But, I’m going to say this, once again.

“Never make, anyone, a priority if your are there option”

I have thrown this in the face of many people before, yesterday, it was thrown in my face, hard, you would think, I learned this from experience already over the years, but the thing with that motto is, you forget, that, first priority, is an option that is random, too suite the convenience of the choice-maker, not you, who are not a priority. One is responsible for there actions; no matter what. As a pool captain, 5 years, one of my concerns is the result of my actions, during, my organization for team Rumble fish-Get In the Hole. Value is consequence, consequence is not good or bad; though, the austerity of it will never change, no matter what ones raison d'être for it is. If you commit, while, you are fully aware of the consequence of your pretense, weather it be good or bad, benefiting or costly, you, one, are responsible for it, no matter the reason, excuse or unfortunate circumstance forcing ones choice.

“Never make, anyone,

a priority if your are there option”

A motto that works, but not always to your convenience.

Predicting and weighing the consequence of what one decides to do, most of the time, has no time constraint, unless, ones natural instinct is in order for an immediate decision for action, meaning, a car is coming, fast, she doesn’t see it, push her out of the way, do this act, without thinking, can illustrate ones nature; thinking about pushing her out of the way when there is no time to think? Can also be used to get the message of ones nature. If one is able to for see the consequence of ones act, committed with an option attached to time? To change that circumstance of consequence? One is still responsible for their action, even if it is or is not preventable. Ones priorities should always be filtered with consideration of any class of consequences. Maybe this is how one can see, how one is perceived as ether a priority, or an option.

Get In The Hole
April 16th 2007 Monday Morning
This past weekend

The outside layer is thick and soft

The inside is thin and healthy

On Friday. D’uh big sandwich.

Mocha and bread good

I played pool, there was this dude, at ABC, he got on my nerve. Then I left. I like eating, I like drinking, I like people, but I don’t like crowds. I like Mocha once in a blue. A good sandwich and change of pace, once in a green. Ying and yang 8 or 9, its all goes round and round. 256, 256, makes 512, but you need at least, 1000, to get the simple things going smoothly.

On Saturday. Too and fro.

I borrowed my brother’s car, and drove into the city. Did you ever have one of those days were you just don’t feel like applying, or by means of, via, the right application, for bowdlerization particular kinds of mind-state and people-media? Say, act as if, to be ok, with complete and udder bullshit? Tolerance is my middle name, WTF, I detest small talk, the weather, latest sports cast, petty gossip, lately, some days; I just don’t feel like commencing with silly bullshit. Kali, I addressed her beauty first, than her name second. I feel the rain, pending; on Saturday night, up high in the atmosphere, grey, but not low on the ground? He said to me, about her, there is something there but something missing. Jennie, is so far-far away. I was completely free of squabbling with my natural sense of compulsion, for consumption, I think it best, to just stop eating bad food for awhile. I drank, then, Captain Morgan with Naldo.

On Sunday… I'll write about it later....about the rain.

I like people, but I don’t like crowds. I like Mocha once in a blue.

Caroline Pao | * | Robert Salazar *








April 14th 2007. Sat. About Thursday night...

Wall of bling

Cha cha cha | Up shortly

Tony Robles, Mosconi Cup.



The Cookie was mine, not Howies.
Goes places in life? Yeah, like Vegas, ta-lose-u'r loot



Supa and Gina



The Boys

Naldo and the peeps


Youngmi and Shelly




Caroline Pao

Another great moment, for my Holly's hieny collection.










April 12th 2007. Thinking Thursday Morning
24 months later
4/18/05 I distinctly remember saying to Dor,----
"One day, your going to win that vegas pool thang"
All this Internet blog writing has been very restorative to this painting, facing the wall, long contained by time. On the 11th of April 2007, for about a large percent of that day, since my waking up out of bed, my eyes prefer to be, closed, literally, my eyes just close, without me willing it on a conscious level, there is no sleepiness’ ether, they just close. It is like, meditating, everything is quite in my mind, then, I get quick little torrent of back peddling thoughts, then calm comes again, it is weird and wonderful. I have been missing the ball in playtime, but in game time I have not been missing the ball. Jay, the new bar tender, is like the sun, I stared her right in the eyes today, just to see through her windows, and the glare, the light, it was bright, to much for my eyes, to continue staring through the beautiful windows, I do that, sometimes, stare, quickly, in people, just to see there splendor, whats ahead. Jason came over to shoot, Jason is putting the ball in the hole, Larry is good, so is KC. ABC I saw Jackie, I got hungry, I saw Stuart, I went to eat, I saw Jackie, I said that already, its raining outside, I found an umbrella, thanks to the sun for lighting the way. This whole entry is based on this one thought I had today, It came in, and it reeked so badly, like a festering laceration, I shook it off quickly, in just four foot steps on the sidewalk, it was gone, in-between these lines. I can’t find it anymore. Some things in its place, that’s making it, erase; it’s me, Its I, eye, eyes. That’s all that was left. Dorothy is going to Vegas, she won the APA Singles Regional 2007. Eye goe-thru-low I days for months at a time.

Eye goe-thru-low I days for months at a time, like looking, seeing thru Smoke

a Shot`

My eyes are burning looking in you too long. Thats a good thing.




"People take what they want, when they want it, but don’t know how to put it back when they are done with it"




April 11th 2007
About Tuesday Night

Poor man's Sushi

Dont make me Mad!!!!!


Lasting impressions

If you’re in the right, or feel you are in the right, then why would you stand down? Action speaks louder than words, most always, in my opinion. Maintain your dignity, and self-respect in tense matters. In the long run, that will be, what the majority of your peers, friends and loved ones will recollect, when something in past is evaluated for ones considered wisdom during a game of scrabble. I make efforts to avoid creating embarrassing visual impressions of a scene to be remembered, later, when it comes to my maturity, responsibility and professionalism, being judged during my adult life, or least I have tried not to get embarrassed. I have once or twice, thrown a fit, cried in public, break a hole in the wall, shatter glass or have done something physical or verbal, that will have a longer lasting impression, then the reason for making that impression in the first place. Emotions, never to tamed by logic, but can be controlled with wisdom.


Tina Vasquez

Heather plus one

Heather Hatt


Baby Hatt


I have once or twice, thrown a fit, cried in public, break a hole in the wall, shatter glass or have done something physical or verbal, that will have a longer lasting impression, then the cause or reason for making that impression in the first place. Emotions, never to be tamed by logic, but can be controlled with wisdom.









April 10th 2007 Tuesday. About Monday Night.

These two Pics. June/April 2006

What you are, and how you are perceived can sometimes be two different things.

She looks so serious, he looks like a peaceful, calm looking man. He looks broke, candy colored clothing, looks pop punk. That dude looked kind of like a thief, he’s got game? He does not look like he’s got game. That’s Grady Mathews? Man, with his rep, I thought he look a lot more, well, I can take that guy. Shoes can tell a lot about a person, at least I think, what kind of a person, would want to be uncomfortable all day just to look good? Unless, looking good dilutes the-my feet hurt feeling.

Looking out the window, bar, sidewalk, sunny day, spring, busy street, killer on Monday night, me, AJ. If she were 20 pounds lighter I’d nail her, oh yeah; hm? If she was 30 pounds lighter… wait, if she was 30 pounds lighter? If she was 30 pounds lighter, do you think she let you nail her? LOLJ. Sometimes people would say, “I’d go for that person”, but would that person go for you? Who ever is your taste, or type, you state in some random moment in conversation, you, might wonder, are you their type? I wonder, if I’m that guys/girls type? This is a less narcissistic scrutiny without hurting yourself to badly. If, you are attracted to someone, who is, you feel, is your type, step back, looking at the bigger picture, you might also consider, would they say or think the same about you? You start to look at your cloths, your hair, your skin, and your self. Taking notice of this might help one see, how they are perceived, by familiar outside eyes. What if you’re engrossed with their character? Blue on the outside, green on the inside, green, your favorite color, but think blue is to easy, less challenging for a satisfying success for you’re metal, one-dimensional. He hates her, he loves her, he loves to hate her, and he hates being in love with her, so not her type, still… I was in a relationship once, the outside was wonderful, but the inside was, well, challenging, no consequence for failure, really. I always love a good challenge, “love a good challenge”? Love her or love the challenge? Only when the reward is a lot better than a free trip to Vegas. I wonder why I don’t look like my preferred standards? For some, it is a self-esteem issue? Maybe it is easier to set yourself up for a fall than it is for a flight, flights can be cancelled.

Get In The Hole

Monday, Mark


Anja, Jay, J's Dude friend

Dougals, Pete, Petes dude friend.










April 8th 2007 Sunday
Frozen Eggs

Happy Easter.

Crack, like an egg.

It snowed today, in the afternoon, sunny and cold-it still snowed. The first person I thought of, during that strange moment, snow, flakes in the sun, on and Easter afternoon, cold and crisp, white flurries move quickly in the cold breeze exposing the sunrays of the cold Easter afternoon.

It’s so-so heavy; I'm like a junkie. I am a junkie; I need my fix, so bad, is this closure? So cold. I don’t chase, I’ve done it too much in my youth, he never came around, like a spy, fatherless. If I keep myself busy, I forget, drown myself with people places and events, keep moving, keep busy. Times goes by, time will tell. Happy Easter to you…

All he did was gamble, play poker, drink and play pool. If you don’t react to other peoples emotional reactions, maybe you are disguising old emotions that might not be relevant to their immediate reaction, you’ll over react or not react at all if you do respond with a little feeling. Cold. This is what a therapist friend of mine said to me yesterday on line, at about three in the morning. I don’t need a therapist, cause I don’t hold in my emotions, much, I let-em out, my feelings, when I feel it is appropriate.

Hit the 57

On good friday, I ate a burger, so did Jason...

Then I got ill... Geezus, I wonder why?

Why do some women think men are jerks when they don’t take their criticism personal? Or any kind of personal criticism from them, personal? Oh, I see, I’m removing myself to feel superior, cause I’m scared to show or feel emotions. One who is witnesses to or involved in a traumatic incident in childhood can experience heavy stress in common emotional communication later in their adult life during social connections; personal or not so personal.

In my youth, my father was not around much, so I didn’t get much fatherly attention when I was younger, but, when he did give attention, it was not very bonding, in fact in was kind of stupid, criticizing. He moved and lived on his own terms, timing, pace and speed, with out considering the consequences of how it would affect others, who were involved with him on intimate levels, like my mom, like his children, like me; cool. My grand mother subsituted for my dad. I miss my grandma.







April 6th 2007 Friday
About last wednesday and thursday april 4th 5th 2007.. your mamma

The first step towards improvement is to admit you need improvement.

Zen, fire, zire.

"How much is a win or a lose really worth if your still going to play again afterward anyway"?

You will always be judged, if you play in a manner that is highly admired or loathly undesired, if you win or lose, no matter the judgment, one thing is for sure, your still going to play.

Michele Li, Dress Up Baby!/BCA, Kiss of Death, Ladies BCA

Beauty happens very quickly, sometimes.


Its not easy being green.


Liability is not always conventional.

Keep going


For lunch?

Chicken Catch-a-Tori

Food and drink





For dinner, Chicken Tandor Combo
with Abby







April 5th 2007 Thursday
About last Tuesday april 3rd 2007

Thumb in pocket

It was all just a blur.

My last two Tuesday matches drew blood...

Tie, Silk, soft and gentle, feels good to the touch, corduroy is ruff and strong, soft on the inside of the loops, tuff on the out side of the silk, what a lucky star i am...

Julie in pants





The bad awsome shot

Pete, maybe next time dont wear a bra... An inside joke.

I can recognize beauty, so much, I forget were and when I'm-at-and-am, she can be, so, devastating, It is like, a sudden trip, to a place, were the only place is her. Sometimes, a woman can be devastating for just random moments at a time, a man will Stick around, waiting, for those, tripy random moments.
Happy Drink

Forget what you know when you start over.

Some of my closest friends are women, I think my website is cock blocking me. The last date I was suppose to go on, cancelled on me after she went on my website. "Hey listen, I was on your site, very interesting stuff, huh, can I call you back about this friday?" ; she never called me back, didnt even pick up her cell ether. It could have been because of the things I write, or it could have been of the pics I take, maybe a combo of both, who knows. Just give me a happy glowing fuck'n drink, and get the ball in the hole.
3 feet and rizeing

Jumping, yes I’ve Jump, at 13.000 feet. Julie, she Jumped, at 3 feet. The difference? 10.000 more jumps and she'll catch up...

My darling Julie.... This is not a formula, or a cure, it is a philosohpy. Start over from the begining when knowing to much is making you forget what you already know.

Mr. Method and the Maddog








April 4th 2007 Wed
About Last Sunday night and Monday Night april 1st and april 2nd 2007

Monday night

Get In the Hole

It turned out to be an early evening, we did well, so we went to eat afterward...
I ate... Sushi
I like Sushi
Go In the Sushi


On Sunday Night
It was a Dance-Dance
Super Nova!!!
Someone here is real good
Tony's got the skills, Gail is- Uh?-
- Oh I get it, Roll up the sleeve's
Now there rock'n...


Sunday Night

Eat and play
Happy Birthday Tony!!!

Dance and Bump

Play and eat some more

Miss Mee

Psychic Sara, gave me the answer, to a question that has been burning in me for months now....

Time to dance








Tuesday April 3rd 2007
About Last Friday Saturday night. march 30th, 31st 2007


Tim Dirrenberger

Julie, what are you doing here?

Then Sushi

I ate, a lot, of Sushi....

Birthday Girl


Mr and Jameson


David Burns







March 30th 2007
About Thursday Night

Holy Hooly Hienie

Holly, Hollie, Holee, Holley

I'll have something deep to say about Julie's game another day

In the mean time, just watch out for wannabe quick Witty Wills

Dont feed the Animals






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