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March 31th 2006

Wild things.


One of the main reasons why I left trying to make a living in the art world is the issue that no tissue can dry, and that is dealing with the kinds of people I had to "kiss and put-up with-with of whom I think most average folks on a bad day would rather run over in a Mack truck and then back it up, and just maybe afterward before there remains dries up under the tire use there mashed up bloody carcass as a medium for there next paintings. Seriously there are some real characters in the “I want to get a show in their art gallery” world. These egocentric, retro style, Andy Warhol wanabes’s are fine with me provided they stay a good distance away from me. I try my best too avoid being to harshly judgmental on eccentric people and would rather just socialize with them from a far. Then they can be whom they are hopefully without any circumstance of forcing me to deal with, put up with or interact with in some “you lead me I follow” way.


Complaining about people and judging people are two different things; maybe. Something in the middle would just be a call of what is.


Have a nice weekend...




March 30th 2006

Transformer Lee has got the colors.
I wonder when Ford or even Apple is going to invent a transformer for the USA millatary?

A Lucky find.

I found this guy on sitting on the street. A 1987 Transformer. The character is called a "Decepticon", he has a name "DREADWING". It’s from a cartoon called the transformers. From the rocking 80’s.

Not really one of my favorites but definitely a good one.

But do you really need it?

Lets be honest, you wouldn't normally associate bunny rabbits with cutting-edge technology and superior intelligence. Of course there was that time Bugs Bunny outwitted Marvin the Martian using an Aludium Q-36 Explosive Space Modulator but we're talking real-life here, folks! Maybe that's why everyone here at Firebox has been utterly gobsmacked by Nabaztag. Derived from the Armenian word for rabbit (so we're told), this ingenious WiFi-enabled bunny is set to revolutionise the way WiFi fans receive information about... well, about anything!

Basically Nabaztag is a desktop companion that utilises WiFi technology to fetch information from the Internet and convey it in various charming ways. Confused? You won't be, because you'll soon be relying on this cute little critter to tell you the time, wake you up, read the news, read you messages from friends, check the stock market and give you tomorrow's weather forecast today. Nabaztag can even communicate with fellow bunnies and get married.

A better idea I think is can it (Nabaztag) tell you if other people are jumping on to your WiFi from the outside? Anyway here is the website below...
... ...





March 28th, 29th 2006

About the last few days.

My Fast likes the Windows down.

Make freinds with your fast MOVs

Buy it here

About last Saturday-

-night then Sunday day and then the night and then Monday night dont know were the day went and then whatever after that cause all I know is im glad to be me....


"Hunny its really hard to enjoy the sound of my revving engine with all that yakking"

New felt for the Table

Maya pays a visit

Julie gets ready

The Udon and Eel show






March 24th 2006

The inner game.

Last Tuesday, Wed And Thursday...

Sean Is A Level 6 on the APA....
Sean gets the balls in the Hole.

Calmness does not mean lack of concern; it means the ability to separate the real from the unreal and thereby to take sensible action.”

Judgment is the act of assigning a negative or positive value to an event”“ The initial act of judgment provokes the thinking process”

Man is a thinking reed but his great works are done when he is not calculating and thinking. Childlikeness has to be restored with long years of TRANING in self-forgetfulness.”

Great music and art are said to arise from the quiet depths of the unconscious.”


The inner Game of Tennis by Timothy Galley.---

“It is similar to the process we all use, but soon forgot, as we learn to walk and talk. It uses the so-called unconscious mind more then the deliberate “self-conscious” mind, the spinal and midbrain areas of the nervous system more then the cerebral cortex. This process doesn’t have to be learned; we already know it. All that is needed is to unlearn those habits which interfere with it and then to just let it happen.”







March 23rd 2006

Su Duko .... Sue-Doo-co.

Sudoku (sudoku), sometimes spelled Su Doku, is a placement puzzle, also known as Number Place in the United States. The aim of the puzzle is to enter a number from 1 through 9 in each cell of a grid, most frequently a 9×9 grid made up of 3×3 subgrids (called "regions"), starting with various numbers given in some cells (the "givens"). Each row, column and region must contain only one instance of each number.

... ...

I might be coming down with something. Maybe.

The 23rd 5:30pm... Slowly my body is aching, head swiming, throat hurting when I gulp...yup, it's in the mail...unless?






March 22nd, 23rd 2006

This past weekend.
First. Here are some pics by Champion shooter extrodaNar AnA

Last Monday Night... Missing points. Missing people. Missing something....

Real Happy AnA and Real Blury Julie




What? No Website? Hmmm?


MY Mom And I... Huh? Her Mom and her, I ment to say...


Early in the morning
Its all about Mom
and self

Alexas pants... are bulit for dancing from the hips.

... ...


This is not Voyeurism.... I think...


... ...






March 20th, 2006

In a little bit.
Hello there people of internet land.... ATTENTION PLEASE...... Give me a few more days to show the weekend stuff... I got a head ache right now.

Happy SPD.

These last few days have been the toughest so far this year. I got lots of picks to put up about the last few days (Friday and Saturday) but right now I got a headache. I have once again tried to participate and patronize with the not so usual (like myself) and I can’t do it anymore. Coming to conclusions and then ignoring them, trying to change them and failing can sometimes leave you with a splitting headache. People will here you, listen to you and then judge, to better judge one will need info and input to decide weather you words or actions are based on knowledge or wisdom. Ones age can give that assessment. Ones time around the block will make you or break you. But to keep your action or words open for consideration it is sometimes best that the listener not truly know were you come from; or how long you came from it.


Pity comes in all forms; People, place, or things. We do things sometimes out of pity. Pity is not good or bad; it just simply is. What we do with pity is our choice. What our actions are is our responsibility. Today is the first day of spring. Today is the day to spring forward and leave whatever is we do from moment to moment behind. Regret is what it is, with regret being just simply…well… regret; what we do with it will help us or hurt us as we spring forward. My life of late has been filled with possibilities and things that simply just are. No real tragedy has befallen me but what a time I had. The unexpected should always be expected. 

About last Thursday....

It was one of those I was thinking of myself days.

Because I’m cheap and crazy and delusional. And I need help. At least that’s what I told recently.

Cheap and crazy and a liar

I’m cheap and crazy; I guess. I was born cheap and crazy; I guess. I was raised cheap and crazy. My grandmother raised me to be cheap and crazy. I grew up in the ghetto cheap and crazy; I guess. I now I left. Boy that was cheap and crazy. Or so I was told I was cheap and crazy and a liar. I wake up, I labor, I play pool and drink then I go to bed and do the same thing six, seven days a week.  That’s cheap and crazy. I try my best to not hurt any one, even if I have to do and say little white lies during the course of the days, For example: Sometimes I make thesome of the folks on my website seem a little trimmer there skin a little clearer, there life a little more on the eye candy side, just a little, I’m a portrait artist this is what I do. I'm so crazy.


One who say’s “I don’t have anything to eat” while standing in front of an opened refrigerator door filled with food is one who will never really eat.







March 15th, 16th 2006

Ok now Im waiting.
My Server was for four hours...Man thats like an eternity in internet years

SFMC Productions

I’m not lying when I say The other day I found about six hundred Dollars worth of clothing and walked away with about four hundred dollars of it. Almost all of it fit my frame perfect; I left the other stuff behind cuase it was just a little to small for me. Hugo Boss, Bill Blass, Some Italian pure silk something shirts, Calvin Kline, Tommy Hilfiger, Timberland boots, Armani scarf. A few real expensive sweaters. A lot of hot gay skinny boy wear; man, I must a had some good karma coming to me cause there’s no way I could’ve afford to splurge on all that shit at once.

Kyle broke my break cue on his break. My favorite cue fell apart today. At least I found nice clothing afterward to mend my breaking heart. Still lost a friend though, I guess its was its time. Bye break cue you have been loyal and true.

Hugo Boss

Bill Blass


Calvin Kline

Tommy Hilfiger


March 15th 2006 - Sorry about the slow Updates lately

I know its within the norm of my misleading over glmorized life style on my website that I update my site twice a day 5-6 days a week only now that too see that recently I'm only doing it once a day 4-5 days a week. Things have been really busy for me. Saint Paddies day is around the corner And I gota be bouncing all kinds of ruff necks in and out of my bar in a few more days. So Im just polishing my peace maker, gathering my peeps and doing my usual maintenance's on my Myspace, Friendster and other social internet accounts. Im also learnig and updating my knoledge base internet stuff. Other than that I hope you all get laid with really free from infection people you can take home also to meet your mom and your dad....well; maybe not dad. let him stick to the mags.

Ps My server will be down for a few hours on the 16th of march so bare with me. This is the first time in the history of My Website in the last three years.







March 14th 2006

I know a few Game killers Myself...

Team Get in the Hole...
Has a penguin in it.

Nice and clean today....

Thats the second 5zip we got this season.

Somebodys asleep and it aint the other teams.







March 13th 2006

This past weekend...
... ...

More practice please

Shot only once this past weekend. Need more practice

So little G.

Ok so now im going in...g'night everyone.







March 10th 2006

Something I read Early today ....

Whenever we blame anything other than ourselves we are giving away our power. If I blame the patriarchy for whatever is wrong in my life then I cannot right the wrong until I fix the patriarchy. I do not have the power to do that. I cannot control how the patriarchy (or anyone else) acts. If I truly believe that something or someone else is responsible for any unhappiness in my life then I cannot get better until that something or someone starts to act in a manner that is more acceptable to me.

All relationships command some sort of power exchange. A taken in hand relationship, in my opinion, is one in which there has been a clear, concise power exchange with both participants fully aware of what is given up and what is gained. Contemplated this way it appears quite clear to me that Taken In Hand relationships are more honest and much healthier than the 'norm'.

For some more of this stuff click here







March 8th 2006

"If you listen to your conscience, it will serve you as no other freind you've ever known". Loretta Young

"Bliss in possession will not last, Remembered joys are never past". James Montgomery

"In youth we learn; in age we understand". Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach

"A person soften there troubles by generously solacing those of others".

"Surround yourself with people who lift you higher". OW

"Learning with out wisdom is a load of books on a donkey's back- a wise ass". Zora Neal Hurston.

"When you do not understand something, to recognize that you do not understand it--that is understanding". Analects

"You'll never do a whole lot unless you're brave enough to try". Dolly Parton

"You may be disappointed if you fail, but you are doomed if you do not try". Beverly Sills

"Risk! Risk anything! Care no more for the opinions of others. Do the hardest thing on earth. Act for yourself. Face the turth". Katherine Mansfeild

"A ruffled mind makes a restless pillow". Charlotte Brone

"Noble deeds and a hot baths are the best cure for sadness". Dodie Smith

"Advice is what we ask for when we already know the answer but wish we didnt". Erica Jong

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March 8th 2006

Monday and Tues Knowledge Vs Wisdome...

Call Ray Vs Stick it in.

Michelle brings it home.


So I was watched Ed’s match this past Monday and thought to myself. I have a long way to go in pool. Here are a few things. I will never treat an opponent any less then I would treat myself. I will treat and respect everyone equally during a match as best I can. I will not slowly turn a friendly match into arrogant behavior, or at least I will try to notice when this happens so I can stop. I will not expect a win or a lose from myself or any of my players or there opponents. As I would treat myself I will treat others in the same respect; I said this already. Mannerism is important. Friendly or non friendly can easily be turned in ether direction for or against in a match. Don’t take your opponent for granted.

Level 7 or 2 it all will do the same in a match when you start to attack the balls that go in the holes. Mannerism is my downfall during a match sometimes. Being confident is one thing but being cocky is full of cocky.



Here are some cool pool links G found. (MOV WMV)-files

Monday and Tues Knowledge Vs Wisdome... My Monday team played one of the oldest teams in the APA and my Tuesday team played one the youngest newest team in the APA. Needless to say Wisdom wins the day.







March6th 2006

A few nights ago ...

Massive Attack.

Sometimes we do things out of the ordinariness’ of us when under the influence of love, booze and cold winter weekends.

Its not so bad, how can love be bad?

Yup, it was pretty cold outside but pretty warm inside.

Professional meeting.

G wins her first Qualifier.

Napoleon Dynamite,

had us both at the edge of our seats.

Make up match.








March3rd 2006

A few nights ago ...






March 1st 2006

About last Tuesday and ASH Wednesday

Harty Vegatarian

Cheesey people

... ...

ASH Wednesday night ...

Raven Bar 194. Good bye old freind we will meet again.

Raven has always been one of my all time favorite bars in NYC. Man... This sucks.

On Fire. Up in flames. Gone.

The Entry below was from-
-February 15th 2006. That was last time I played an APA team match there.

Tuesday night... ...

... ...







Feb 28th 2006

About last Monday Night...

Team Get in the Hole did the ol' hibbity dibbity on Monday.

Hot on Monday it was, with a winning night. Then Jennie sucks on Wasabi Peas like there peppermint tick tacks. Not a tear is shed as she does this. That’s kind of hot, in the mouth.

... ...

... ...

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