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Thursday March 31 2005
I am eating...again the mill with a little chill but on the nill...that is all...about the Will...peace to ya matha like a bratha...uh...was that hip enough for ya? Later

ps: I hear Captain Julie is going to give me a black eye like she gave Peter for sucking it real big this season....

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WED March 30 2005 2:30pm
At home with the flew

I am in bed In a puddle sweat and my head is pounding...I got some kind of flew bug thingy...I have been like this for two days already...The Flew sucks....Did I mention Alexa is the best...

ps: People saw me in my Pajamas again when I went too throw out the trash today.....

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Monday March 28 2005 4:30pm
The last couple of days

Today is Monday, the day after Easter and I have the flew or something like it. My body aches, my tonsills hurst and my head is like a hot air ballon. other than that everything is ok.. I guess.

Happy Easter...
Beer, Pool and Sushi
Practice makes a ball
Saturday night Sunday Night....Just look and speak but dont touch
Ronnie was getting some on Saturday night (or trying too)....Boy its a good thing hes single...or else his girl would be real mad that he was on every girl that walked thru the door all weekend....
Kim makes hats, I like Sushi, And i dont know what to write...
Wanting to get good....
Ruff ruff
The Fairy and the Gargoyal
Ice ice baby
The Winners
Ice cold delivery
Pool and Sushi
I like Yuko
Its really hard to stay away sometimes
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Friday March 25 2005 3:30pm
Good Friday

Today I will try to not have sex, eat meat, drink booze, and swear. I will pay my respects to the man who got his ass kicked by the Jews. At least according to Mad Max Mel Gibson...

Good Friday 9:42am
On the subway going to work…the train is slow. The last few weeks have been very educational. People are strange. Some people, you can be friends with for a long time and then suddenly… disappointment. Not in the seemingly way this word is used often but the word being used it self. This word disappointment has come up a few times in the last month or so from and too people who supposedly care for each other. I have been watching this from a far and I have been put in the picture about the way people play.
3:30 pm
I noticed I am rarely in a mode I feel relaxed with…. Lately I have been involved in silliness and stupidity. It’s not in my character to hurt my friends for my own self-worth. Though I have been witness to this for the last 3 months or so…it’s awful. I need to keep away from this.
Something I wrote back in 2004 and still-kinda-pending…
Ok…here it is…
--- dialog---
Can I get a bud?
Here ya-go, 5.50 please.
I work here so I don’t pay for the buds (so I leave a tip on the table; say 4bucks like I always do)
Fine…(gives me the beer with attitude)
---Later that evening---
Can I get two buds and a shot of makers?
Here ya go that’s 14 dollars please…
I don’t pay for the beer so just put this in the jar ( She knows this already still she asks still I leave a 7 dollar tip)
Fine… (She then goes to Ronnie and starts to complains about why is William getting free booze)
He works here!!! You know that already. Just give it too him.
Hey William don’t tip the girls
Ok Ron (I still tip fat anyway till this day)

---End dialog---
The standard door man/ bouncer makes 30 dollars an hour, I checked at… But I am there for the buds and a few blings on the weekend at the E-bar. I am friends with the owner and manager so here is my only infraction since my five years of presence at the “E’… if the beer is $5.50, that’s five dollars and fifty cents for an Amstel, and I leave a four-dollar tip, everybody wins. I do that all night. The bartender is going to get some of the fattest tips she is going to see on her shift all night, I get my fucken-buds, the bar owners gets my assistance for bouncing out the dumb–ass-no I.D having-NYUseless-students-at the door, following with me going into the basement for what ever ice bucket filling keg changing reasons along with what ever else part is involved for beer and booze looking mean at the door drinking congregation reasons, and we are all happy, but for some dumb-ass reason there is this bar tender (who shall be nameless) who would rather try and get away with charging me the full price for the beer and just get a dollar tip for a five dollar and fifty cent beer then just give me the beer and get four to eight dollars in her income jar. Why do I leave a big tip? Because that’s what she is working for, tips. Patrick tells me I tip to big and should make it smaller, ( good looking out Patrick ) Anyway, She makes more money serving me the freaking bud for free than looking me in the eye all ready knowing she shouldn’t be telling me this “five fifty please”, but doing it anyway knowing I am going to follow with “ I don’t pay for the beer I bring about my assistance here for it”. This is obviously not a money issue with her, but a sad little ego issue, an I am in charge queenly issue, a, I don’t want to be cool with William issue. A, I cant stand the fact that William looks like he’s is not doing much of anything thing and still getting an occasional free beer issue. I leave almost the cost of the beer on the counter for the bartenders tip jar instead of the register and still get dirty looks and passive aggressive attitude. She would rather get a dollar and satisfaction for some part of her no one is ever going to see then make a little bling bling for her pocket, People are silly. Still, I look out for my peeps. I will never drink at a bar without leaving a tip; ever.

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Thursday March 24 2005 2:30pm
A Full moon and another day another 50 cents

Hello there from keeping my head above water land...Today I will be disaplined in the art of pool..later dudes...

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Wed March 23 2005 About Mon and Tuesday

Wins and losses..

Click image to make image bigger

We won on Monday Get in the hole slowly creeps up...Click image to make image bigger
Handsome dudes Handsome games | |
Eben Team is Good!!! His team got Five zip on us last night... Eben tells me later that his team was in dead last place last season and it looked bleek for a little while untill he did a few minor movement and managing for his team, now there dead in first...WoW. Click image to make image bigger
The peeps...Click image to make image bigger
Tracy tells me something I never heard anybody else say in my entire time here on the APA... Afterward I sudenly didnt feel that alone anymore ( My ideas about team spirit). When it come to commitment and dedication for the team Trace feels the same as I do... It made me want to ask her to join my team, then again if she did then what she told me wouldnt be true coming from her...

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Sat / Sun March 20 2005
Short weekend - Life and Something else......
We won on Sunday.... The team is good.... we still need some tweaking though....

Saturday night wasn’t too hard...I work with beautiful girls all day all bad can that be?
The young go into battle head on while the experienced learn to be patient and let the young learn from their mistakes...

Some people learn the hard way... Some people like the hard way.... Some people are the hard way

You’re only as good as your last game.... so sayth those who feel comfort in denial or fear...

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Sat March 19 2005

Working on Satruday.....

Yes I know Alexa
Ok...if we gota work then lets work....
I worked on work day started at 5:00am and ended 4:00am sunday morning...its a good thing im single...cause if I wasnt my spouse would be so neglected with the way I live...
Working on Sat Morning Sucks...


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Friday March 18 2005

About last night Happy Saint Patricks Day!!!..

Bag pipes need a good blow

Drink me

Living moment for moment, minute for minute will last for hours day weeks and years
Green on the inside
Tawney + Saint Patricks day = Somenight
If lindsay was a boy, she would be named Alex....
AJ? so you didnt want to wear green..ok ill make you wear green...
Working hard
Not working at all
Beer will not keep or make you skinny.

Jenna, Cin, Cat, Dave, Eric, Linds...


Thursday March 17 2005 1:00pm...At the desk...

Happy Saint Patricks Day!!!..

(Here is an An enrty I wrot last saint Patricks day 2004) 4am. Going back to my place from E-bar. Wed night / Thurs morning
I am sitting on the train right now typing on m y ibook and yup… I am drunk. Saint patties day. It’s like Christmas for the alcoholics. I was at the bar, drinks all night. And I closed it. Lots of booze hot wings and friendly women. What more can a guy ask for. A good catch? Molly? I played pool and I gave Ronnie lots of tunes. There was a bag piper there. Weeeeeee. I thought bag piping was a Scottish instrument? Cindy worked hard so did Molly as well. Sui was there; he was drunk when he walked in and then fell asleep on the couch, woke up later then started playing pool. He wants to join my team. He’s good. Michelle was beating everybody up on the table. AJ likes to talk smack during his game. I’m crazy. I have to be at work in the morning and im leaving the bar 4am. Sandra came to visit. Weeeee. Nichole wants to join my team. Boy, Rumble Fish is getting popular. And I was going to quit.
I am tired. My eyes are baggy and my skin is green from the stoggs. I need sleep. It’s 4:33am in the morning and I am on the subway going home only to get up in a few hours to go to work; Whata-ya-gona-do. Ok, now I’m cranky.
There is a guy sitting next to me not minding his business and reading my book over my shoulder. I hate that shit. Mind your business. He is still looking at my book and me. Now he is reading my book. I’ll give him a dirty look. I know I write so people can read it but I still find it annoying while I’m writing somebody is reading it. I had a slice of pizza for breakfast, it is now digesting badly as I sit on the train to work. There is a woman in front of me wearing 350 dead animals. This made me sick.


WED March 16 2005

Quiet Bar.... The eve before Saint Patricks

Nell.... Jess... Adrianna... Stress ball free...

Dart board girl made me lose to Abby...Dart board girl much goddess looking....
Consistancy is a key element to making the ball

I did it again, I took walk through the Bronx (old version 2.0) just to see and be in awe.... It was good, running for my life just kidding, This part of the boggie down reminded me of how lucky I am...How Lucky I took it with me and not let it take me with it...theres a certain dignity and feelintg of acomplishment when you come from hard knocks and still dont knock hard on others later in life....But still... I think I knock harder on my self than anything...It's not so could be worse...there could be no trains to take you away...


WED March 16 2005
.....It gets a little wacky here on tuesday...
Say hello to the South Bronx

.... I had to walk this amazing wonderland today to get to work because the east side of NYC this morning had no subway transportation.... Oyvey. To Think this is were I grew up as a kid, hung out in abandon building, old train yards, ran from the cops, played ball, got into fights, smoked before I had two digits in my age, made friends I will never forget and see again.... from a kids point of view this is not such a bad place but when ya grow up a little...well, It kind of makes ya think who you are and whacha made of...Ya can take the man out of the ghetto but ya cant blah blah blah...whatever I liked were I grew are who you are no matter were you stand live and breath....Ya gota do what yagota do in a place of dimensions and pathways and long roads...Subway roads...The Bronx is full of trains stops and train numbers... Pick a number and you could end with a different life.... My number is the six...six ball six train.

Team Stick it in won four of Five.... mean Mr Ropper and Crissy were at it again....Crissy played her game and did well...We won four out of five last night taking the second place spot in our division...afterward we got a little wacky...not as much as usual... but enough...AJ is Fab-u-louse-o

People change....Seasons change.....Talking Smack is wack....Saying your on will put you off....Telling people there bad will make them good....Beating your own drum will be a bad tune.....other than that everything is cool...

.......................Ouch....Toothpicks feel sharp on the male testosterone....

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