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Tuesday March 15 2005
.....The last couple of days...

Team Rumblefish/GET IN THE HOLE did well but we didnt make the points we shouldve. I won my match but the team didnt win the day: That's ok. Get in the hole is a good team....My Sunday team is tide for first place my Tuesday team is in second place and my Monday team is in 5th place out of a 14 team division...William's APA life for now is doing ok....


Monday March 14 2005
6:00pm.....Silly people ...
Some people are real silly...and dumb...It looks like I am going to have to be the 800 pound Orangatang...yet again...


Sunday March 13 2005
Lindsay, William and Williams man purse...
Im going home...for sleeping...yay....


Sat March 12 2005
And the beat goes on....

Playing pool is not practicing; Practicing is not playing pool...literal awareness of how you make the shot later develops natural instincts...if you shoot without thinking then this will show you what is the quality of your game. If you shoot with full awarness and delibretly try to make the ball in the hole and miss? Then you need to do literal practice and not just play with out thinking. Now go and Kill Bill....

On work, Off Duty, On the Skin, Off to Puru.....A pic of speed, snow on the tree, look up to the sky look down at my steps in the snow on the way home...


Thursday Friday 3/10/11/05
Stuff...i have been a little busy....with life

March 10 2005…
My day was a long working day

I spent the whole day working, then I went to the pool hall and watch the cosmic thing called “not so on my game’ playing happening to a lot of the regulars…It must be a moon thing. I saw Silvia there and she was just like an intriguing the moment I saw her… she had my full attention for about 5 whole minutes…then I left…I went to the E bar and hung out doing my thing like always at the E bar. Then something happened later in the evening that was very disappointing…. Something that bought me back to earth. Something that made me question why am I so surprised when I shouldn’t be…I am a jackass… for having taste in something I shouldn’t have. My ego is now getting the best of me…it has been doing this for a while now. I think maybe it has always been a little of how I judge others, this is bad. Stupid William, Well…I shouldn’t beat my self, I am feeling a little silly and stupid right now. Resentful too. I am a silly boy, I am dreaming, I tend to dream about things that I know will never happen…duh…that’s why it’s a dream. Stupid William…stupid for feeling stupid. I am so not in my standard frame of mind. I will get past it….
March 11 2005…
5:30pm. My hard Drive is missing…

I am off today but I need to go into my job for a hot sec and see if I left my mini hard drive on the desk. Anyway I slept most of the day, which is good, I should’ve cleaned up a little but I was lazy in bed, I need to fix my website a little more and check to see if all the links are working. I didn’t have any alcohol last night, which is good.
I got my hard drive…it was plugged into my computer at the desk…
I’m at the Bar and Ronnie is playing Michael Jackson…again, I loan him my ibook witch has over 2 days of music and he is still playing the same 17 songs over and over again, Why William? Why? I give the dude variety and still he limits the sounds. Some people have limits…I am a member of Mensa ya know. 142 is the IQ I walk around with…that’s genius level thinking, still I cant get Ronnie to not play Michael Jackson on Friday night.
Spencer gets into a fight with AJ over pool…. Spencer leaves the bar…
I am board out of my skull…. watching people get drunk while I am staying sober…I haven’t had a beer in an almost a week. I feel pretty good.
In chess/Pool… to know if you are naturally an offensive or defensive player is not that important, to know if your opponent is offensive or defensive is not the important ether, too play your opponent while truly knowing what he or she is-is critical. You shouldn’t be offensive or defensive when you play your opponent. What is slightly important is you should know what he or she is, whether it’s offensive or defensive or nether; only then you have the advantage. I learned this today.

March 12 2005

I also learned for so many years I have been trying to show what I know to many people what I have learned on the table of small motions. “ Thats hard to do…I don’t feel comfortable doing it this way” this is what others say to me…a lot…so never mind, I will keep it to myself with no animosity and no steam inside, just let it go and let them do what they must and only know. Some people are just not meant to know… some people have limits, I will feel fortunate I have not meet mine yet… but we all have limits, we all have a certain capacity we must abide and not exceed that capacity…not put to many eggs in the basket. How does one come by a large basket? Hmmmmm, I must think about this for a while.

Gmail-me |


Pics of Monday and Tuesday
The girls were being girls Jessies MoM has got it going on and Julie turned into a giant. and it was 30 dagrees out side, with snow and rain....Wow and to think it was just 66 dagrees 24 hours before...Team Stick it in lost today 1 of 5...whats going on?
Tuesday Night

Monday Night
E bar was up in smoke, it seemed like a fire with all the smoke in the air but it was the boiler room over heating and burning...the fire department came and saved the day... But if ya-ask me, In my opinion Val was the one that was smoking that night....HmmmmmmmMMmmmMm
Monday night Team Get in the Hole won 3 of 5.



Wed About Monday and Tuesday 3/9/05
Lao Tzu
Be gentle and you can be bold; be frugal and you can be liberal; avoid putting yourself before others and you can become a leader among men.
The Grudge….
Grudge pool is not cool, playing for reasons of revenge and pay back is lame and detrimental for your game. Kenny kept bringing up some old game I played, with some dude a few seasons ago that was kind of significant; the dude won the match silly. He won the match even before we got started, being my team was gone when we started the match; I was done on the inside. Anyway I played that same dude In the following season in week two and won the match, later in that same season on a different day I played him again and won the match, that dude is not talking to me anymore because I beat him twice. Or just won twice and not really beat him; however you want to look at it, I got the point for the team and that dude felt not good about it. He took it kinda hard.
The dude is being silly, just like Kenny is being silly. Kenny still reminds me of that significant first match I played with that dude and how I lost to him, along with how I need to get him back for losing to him, but I played him twice afterwards already and won twice but Kenny ignores those events I remind him off, why? To try and manipulate me in using a the "grudge thing" as a constrain for winning my next match. This is not cool; this is not pool, at least not with me. Using the "grudge thing "as a drive for a win is ruinous kismet. Some people need to win to feel like a winner. I'd rather win the crowds feed back on my preformance than the match most of the time anyway.
Season one and two; team Stick it in made the wins for the triannuals and now we are going to the for this third I always said...
Two steps foward one step back this is how progress works according to Za-Zen...this might be the season I step back...maybe...its still early to tell...But I will do my best and not let my peeps down
People play pool for different reasons and I need to remind myself about that. Some times people drag their animosity for others on to the table. Sometimes people need to get closure, and they do it on the pool table. Its terrible when the one person who gave you something you don’t want to lose is also someone who you are gnashing your teeth toward 90% of the time your with, its even worse when you need them around and they know it and they passively aggressively attack you in places you wish you never let them visit; like your ego for one thing and your feelings for another. Boys are silly and they don’t like it when some girls are bigger and more advanced then they are. But girls are sillier when they patronize silly boys with egos the sized of Montana.
This is week 8 of the spring season and I have already played 12 Matches... Take it easy Fuentes...easy...easy APA system not a perfect system.
It’s a never-ending cycle of silliness of the sexes. I think if there was less talking during critical moments and more action taking place during critical times then there wouldn’t be all this silly discovering of true character, damaged ego’s, loving feelings, betrayal, lying, cheating, laziness, William and Peter losing there matches and AJ turning into Mohamed Ali. What a wacky world we live in…. Go see the movie the Hustler and then you will know about character and hopefully get a new perspective on pool and the reasons why we rise and fall so many times.
Lao Tzu
A leader is best when people barely know he exists, not so good when people obey and acclaim him, worse when they despise him....But of a good leader who talks little when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say, "We did it ourselves.
Remembering your losses more than your wins is just as ruinous as remembering your wins more than remembering your losses...Just let it go and enjoy the fact that you can play again and again and again...A win will only as last until your next challenge then its back to getting that whatever it is your looking for when you play pool; if your even looking...According too the public in the baseball allmanac 1997, your only as good as your last game, it doesn’t matter how many wins or losses you get. Even if its three MVP’s 6 trophies 5 plack’s and a Tic-Tac. People will question your skill if your having a bad season….


Sat Night and Sun More


Me want these Sneekers

ps: My Sunday team got five of five!!! ya baby we rock!!! | gona go shoping now....later


Saturday 3/5/05
About Friday Night| Happy Birthday Steve!!!! | Ya Bastard, why didnt ya tell a us!!!!

Dorothy will soon "GET IN THE HOLE" with Rumblefish

Gmail-Me | PS: After I took the pic above of Dor and her meal...she finished it off like a wild animal who hasnt eaten for days and days and days and days.....


Friday 3/4/05
About Thursday Night - Daisy Dead Petals, Peanut Butter & Jelly!!!!!
I got some good news today...This might actually change the conditions of my life; at least for right now. In the mean time I’ll just post up last night’s wackiness and social function....
Jessica's Boggies looks like green and yellow Jelly

Rush: Give us a some Peanut butter and Jelly time

Jen...Jen...Jen...Jen...Hmmmmmmm? Rush, Rush, Rush, Rus,h Rush, Hmmmmmmm?

Before Wed Night 7pm
The lilies are dead even after that dude said they would live twice as long if you put a penny in the water…the leaves fell off 24 hours later. Maybe the flowers were only going to live for 12 hours? Maybe…or maybe we let a miss informed man miss inform us on how to preserve life longer.
After Thurs night 7pm
We are destined to past no matter how much we try and last …. What ever…give us a peanut butter any Jelly shot will ya Rush and Mitch?
Erics Eyes!!!!! Dam him His Eyes....Dam them to Peanut Butter and Jelly hell!!!

Just alittle about last was alittle wacky but under control | Gmail-me


Thursday 3/3/05
For the millionth time and about Wed night

Billy has a good four head.... the bar....again...pool...again
Finally got the Hood Hound Homie..... On-line, the whole collection is $7.95 but I think I spent about 20 dollers randomly paying 50 cents in the vending machines through out the city for months....I got the whole collection now...I'm somebody....
Take my sword, please...

Gmail-me | The G means Google not Gay so you guys can stop with the offers please. I eat Sushi not Chicken I don’t sword swallow.
I like my women dark looking but not necessarily skin color more Dark inside too out dark/sightly/Gothy but not to Gothy, like closet goth/Rock-n-rolly but not like from Long Island Howard stern rock but more like PJ Harvey-ish/suicide girly/Wonder Womany looking sorta athletic but not obsessive with health more like a little above average athletic Dark hair (no mustache please but must speak Klingon) Ya gota have a brain but if you have a brain and sound like Jennifer Lopez don’t call me, unless your a mute who looks like her and speaks sign language with your hand and feet, or is not scared to say to little napoleon’s like men or the kind of men who like to touch women with out permission “Get off of me Dude before I smack you into next Tuesday!!!”

Don’t touch without permission. When a women or man can exercise his or her right of permission to touch with out fear then this is a women or man with high self esteem, not that this was the issue with the Gmail thing to begin with but I am getting Gmail letter of people suggesting how they want to touch me. Yuckkkk….


Wed 3/2/05
Team Stick It In wins 5 of 5!!!!!!
The L Word
E bar got a little hot late in the evening
Rachel: Man... This Lip Stick sure does wonders .....

Serafina wins a match against a Level Two and I watch Julie Wins her match against a level Seven!!!


Body Language

Action speaks louder than words.....
The Night Moves On and so do the points

Always moving...never Stoping....Michelle


Tuesday 3/1/05
Sunday and Monday night Oscars, Snow and Pool

Gmail-me | Rumblefish won yesterday 3of 5.... | This should put us in 4th or 5th place


Monday 2/28/05
About last Thursday Friday And Saturday.....

3:00am in the Morning NYC. It was Snowing and I called Sam...She tells me the weather over on the west coast is amazing...And she was pissed drunk on wine and happy-ness....let it snow William

The last few day of February....
Look ma no hands...Your boy is doing ok....Tell Peggy Sue back home fuck off....
Oh my...arent we the heavenly creatures...
Michelle beats up on civilians on the pool table again

Bye Marco.....

You played wellll...sort of...

Michelles got game
The peeps are here and...well... there here
I must gaurd the gate while Ronnie plays Maddona and Micheal Jackson over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over....
The Pussy Cat
Titties and beer are ok if you like Titties and beer
The Captain calls
Whilma is wack....Jane is Hot....and Delma needs to get some real bad....Right mr pigon, who road the train from 125st too 42nd...who then walked offthe train and went strait to the exit!!!
Pics of Sam taken November 2004


Sunday 2/27/05
My 24 pocket
I was getting ill Friday night, and Sat night I wasn’t much better but I new I wasn’t going to make it for my Sunday match. So I stood home on Sunday and let the team do its thing. Ring ring hello hey will were short a player do you know what we should do? Where’s Eli? I don’t know? Where’s Rich? I don’t know? Where’s is half the team? I don’t know? Ok, ill show up. Its 6:45pm the match started at 4:pm. So I take off my Pjs and take a cab to the 40th st ($25 ride) my team is on the third match and we are up bye two games. My head is pounding and I am running a fever. Just when I sit down the bar manager decides to tell me that my team needs to bye more beer and drink and less coffee. The manager decides to get into a small argument with one of my players because he took a nap on the bar stool with his head resting on the bar table during the first match, the manager feels this is not aproprate for a bar to have sleeping customers. I started to ref the fight and I break it up bye buying a Gunness ($5.50 cents plus tip 7.50) and I chug it down with already three Sudafed’s and Night Quill running a muck in my blood system, then he byes me a shot as kind of a sorry about the testiness earlier cause I’m a cool guy and he didn’t mean to get grumpy and loud bye the pool table during my players match (another $2 tip for the free Makers shot.) My head is floating and all I can think of is not ten minutes here and already I spent $39 dollar’s and 50 cents not to mention the 20 dollars I spent shopping for food earlier and 10 dollars on laundry; $69 so far. Did I also mention I bought xxxxx Flowers as a no hard feeling about a few seasons ago? I also bought coffee from Starbucks for three of my teammates at some point during the evening; $81 dollars I spent in less than two hours and I all got to show for it was a me losing my match in the end. My head was ringing every time I bent down to take a shot and all I kept thinking about was xxxxx watching me shoot, great teeth lovely hair sexy voice, still looks beautiful still smiling the same smile. I feel bad about what happen last summer. But when you have a two player on your team conspiring to kick off half the other teammates when your not looking then you have issues to deal with if your going to try and be the best captain you can be. Two much drama for my taste. My head was pounding on every shot with thoughts of making posistion for the next ball along with questions about my impulsive actions in the past with the irony or Karma that came along with it later in the seasons. Not to mention the nearly $100 I spent in just under three hours. I don’t have regrets about anything but sometimes I wonder about my emotional thought process as oppose to my logical thought process. Right brain thinkers go figure. Time for the Oscars. Million Dollar Baby is my prediction!!!!
Gmail-me | The G means Google not Gay so you guys can stop with the offers please...
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